The Ride for Chiropractic

This summer chiropractors may be riding through your town bringing increased awareness of Vertebral Subluxation to the people in your community.

The Ride for Chiropractic North American tour is a cross-country bike journey to raise public awareness and academic scholarship funds for the future of the chiropractic profession – the students.

Drs. Lenny and Lorraine Mazza are biking from Astoria, Oregon to North Brunswick, New Jersey (4800 miles) to combine personal and professional passions – biking and chiropractic.

The tour kicks off in early June and Drs. Lenny and Lorraine will be peddling through Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. A celebration party is planned in North Brunswick, New Jersey in September.

Read Dr. Lenny’s letter below and then visit the Ride for chiropractic website for more info.

The Following letter is from Leonard Mazza, D.C.

Drs. Lenny and Lorraine Mazza Essentially, the purpose of the “Ride for Chiropractic” is to share “Vertebral Subluxation” with as many people as possible through people we meet, through talks, and most importantly through the media. We are planning on contacting the local media in advance of traveling into town for the purpose of having them do an interview and, in turn, telling them about “Vertebral Subluxation.” I am excited about the prospect that thousands and, maybe if we are successful, millions of people will learn things about Vertebral Subluxation that did not know about it before.

People may have heard of Chiropractic but they do not know what we do. That is why we are making this journey. I have no illusions about people flooding into chiropractic offices after we finish, but if they do, wouldn’t it be nice! I do however believe that this trip is a start; hopefully many others in the profession will be inspired to follow suit and start their own event to increase awareness of “Vertebral Subluxation.” Medicine has their “walk-a-thons” for this or that disease, and they are great promotion and money generating events. We need to do the same. We need our own institutionalized events to increase awareness of what we do – Vertebral Subluxation detection and correction. We then need to raise money to fund scholarships, research, and promotion.

If the chiropractic profession pulls together to help promote this event, it will increase awareness and interest in Vertebral Subluxation detection and correction. It is a win for everyone concerned.

In addition, we are raising money to fund a scholarship that my wife, Lorraine, and I initiated called the Samuel and Sandra Berkowitz Memorial Scholarship. It is named for the late parents of an unsung hero in Chiropractic – Dr. Robert Berkowitz. Dr. Berkowitz is a hero to chiropractic because in the early 1990’s when Sherman College was having significant financial difficulty, he loaned his retirement money to help them through this tough time. These were no ordinary loans; they were unsecured loans to a financially troubled institution. The end result is that Sherman College is still here, and thankfully so because we cannot afford to lose any of our institutions. One day when the world wakes up to what we have to offer, we will need each any every institution to meet the demand for detection and correction of Vertebral Subluxations.

100% of the money donated will be utilized for the scholarship fund. Lorraine and I will be covering all the expenses incurred in our journey. Our goal is to raise $200,000 which is a mere $42 per mile for the 4800 miles we will cover from June 4, 2001 to September 8, 2001. Pledges can be registered through the website. Pledges can be made on a per mile basis or for a set amount. I am asking people to think about making a pledge over a five year period. A suggested amount is $500 which would be paid over 5 years, or $100/ year. That being said, we appreciate gifts of all sizes. The pledges do not need to be limited to chiropractors either. There are many patients who desire to give back to chiropractic for all it has done for them. All checks are to be made out to Sherman College with Berkowitz Scholarship in the memo line. Credit card payments are also fine. People simply need to call in their payment into Leroy Moore DC, Vice President for institutional advancement. They can reach him at 1-800-849-8771 x 1241. Be sure to mention the Berkowitz Scholarship when paying by credit card.

The scholarship fund will last into perpetuity because the fund will be set up to use interest only. The scholarship is also set up in a unique way. It will not be given out for academic achievement, nor financial need, it will be given out to those who can demonstrate a track record of service to humanity.

People are welcome to join us anywhere along our route, however on the last day we are hoping to attract 200 riders for a thirty mile ride from Washington Crossing, PA to North Brunswick, NJ. One rider for each of the $1000 we hope to raise for the scholarship fund. At the end of the road, we will have a great celebration of Vertebral Subluxation awareness at the home of Robert Berkowitz, D.C. We are expecting many people to join in on the celebration.

If you have any questions feel free to call, e-mail, or check out our website at:

I want to thank you for this opportunity and for your service to the chiropractic community, its clients, and to all future chiropractic clients.

Yours truly

Len Mazza, D.C.

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