Chiropractic Media Releases Result in Increased Web Traffic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

When it comes to sending media releases online, what goes for other industries also goes for the industry of chiropractic. Those that send out news releases and media information, can expect to see an increase in website related traffic. News releases can be seen on Planet Chiropractic several times a week, and sources range from chiropractic schools to chiropractic organizations and nonprofit groups. News releases are sometimes submitted by chiropractors practicing the field, but there is room for how-to learning, by studying what’s being approved when it comes to chiropractic news releases.

What You Think about You Bring about It is easy to think that everything related to one’s business or practice is newsworthy, and in my experience I’ve found chiropractors on both sides of the extremes. I know chiropractors that go on tour with heavy metal rock ‘n roll bands, and they don’t even talk about it publicly, let alone contact the media. I also know chiropractors that may purchase a new piece of seemingly insignificant equipment for their office, and they put together a press release, and submit it to local news outlets.

When it comes to paid press releases, pretty much anything goes, and businesses and individuals alike are free to promote in whatever fashion works best for them. When it comes to promoting releases through an online news resource like this website, a new piece of equipment in a local chiropractors office may not seem so big of an event. That doesn’t mean it isn’t newsworthy. I think chiropractor should take a step back and think how small changes in one’s practice may have larger effects on the community and/or the industry. One example that comes to mind is the converting to paperless records. We see so much information in the news regarding the healthcare industry’s inability to go digital. When a chiropractor successfully converts from an office that relied on paper chart notes, paper reports, paper sign in sheets, at all sorts of other non-electronic media, to a digital-based system, I think that’s pretty newsworthy, especially when one considers all the processes that are required to make something like that happen. If your office has gone from paper to digital, and you want to share your story, send an e-mail using the yellow envelope above, and we will be sending you some questions.

In the meantime, here are some news media results sent to us during the month of April. Take a look and see what’s getting published from sources such as chiropractic schools, chiropractic organizations, and nonprofit chiropractic fundraisers.

From the ICPA (the chiropractic profession’s pediatric organization): Chiropractic Pediatric Association Launches Next Practice Based Research Phase
From chiropractors raising funds in Georgia: Golf with the Georgia Council of Chiropractic
From Sherman Chiropractic College in Spartanburg: Visiting SACS Committee Gives Sherman College Good News
From Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport Iowa: 2009 August Palmer Homecoming Keynote Speakers and CE Credits
From Life West Chiropractic College in Hayward California: Life West alumni adjust earthquake relief workers in Italy
From Life University in Atlanta Georgia: Life University to Host Atlanta Event
From a chiropractic nonprofit seeking to raise funds: Chiropractic Non-Profit in 2009 Chicago Marathon @ 1:21 pm | Article ID: 1242073286