Life Source chiropractic seminar this past weekend

By Dr. Stew Bittman

I got to see one of my heroes on this principled journey at the Life Source seminar this past weekend, Dr. Will Tickel. Over the years, Will has claimed that BJ actually wrote, “Get the idea; all else follows”–note the absence of the word “big.” And whether or not that’s true, it has got me thinking about things big and small, particularly in relation to events this weekend, which seemed huge, and to the present situation in chiropractic, which often makes me feel minuscule. Right now, writing this while comfortably cruising at an altitude of 35,000 feet, the world looks both big AND small. Big, in that it stretches on as far as my eyes can see, and small, because from here all its details and dramas and stories and glories, as well as its problems, vanish in a sea of brown and white. Perhaps that’s a good metaphor for life: there is simultaneous bigness and smallness in everything.

Indeed, it’s all a matter of perspective. The nature of the universe dictates that regardless of how big something is, there is always something else that is bigger, thinking the first thing is actually small. The same applies, of course, to things that are small. Yes, bigness is big, and smallness is small, and the twain shall meet in every moment. You can’t stop this twain, it just keeps rolling, and when it derails there is chaos, yet when it follows the tracks of principle, it gets me to the church and to Innate right on time. (And if you liked that last sentence, you’re going to love my book, which, believe it or not, will be published and available by the end of August!)

Maybe there’s only one thing that is truly big: God. And, therefore, Innate, and our Innate-based principle. Maybe everything else is simply somewhere on a spectrum of bigness and smallness. So instead of judging big and small, perhaps it would serve the world and me more to be always heading toward the big end of the spectrum. The Big end. From that perspective, big is the idea that a vision, especially when held and shared and nurtured and tested, can grow and flourish in spite of attempts by the world at cutting it off at its roots. Small, on the other hand, is any organization or individual that splinters the vision away from what is big, thru claiming that theirs is the only way. Big is me focusing on Innate and expressing my gifts toward connection and love; small is me thinking about me. Innate is home base in this game of tag we’re all playing, and when we get that idea, all else will not only follow, it will catch up and carry us onward to our dreams. Yeehah!! @ 3:10 pm | Article ID: 1091139019