Step #15 To A Hundred A Day

By Dr. Rick Wren

Step # 15 to a Hundred a day is actually Advanced Success Principle #5 (Always stay on time). Staying on time applies to both in and out of the office. Many of you make a habit of being late to everything you do. This is a habit of a “Loser” not a “Winner.” Start being on time to everything you do in life, especially the office.

You should get to the office at least 30 minutes before you see patients to start preparing yourself mentally for each and every visit of the day. You should study the schedule and start visualizing each and every visit. You should also visualize the things that are not on the schedule, such as walk ins.

When your patients can get in and out the front door for a regular visit in 20 minutes or less, the practice is ready for growth. When it takes longer than 30 minutes to get in and out the front door the practice is shrinking. So staying on time with each and every visit is very important for growth.

I encourage you to start timing how long each patient is in your office. What we do is put the #7 in front of the time on each fee slip as the patient signs in. For example the time now is 5:34 PM so the number on the fee slip for the staff to review is #7534. The staff and the Doctor knows what the number means, but the patient should not be conscious of time any where in the office. The Doctor should review the time before each adjustment and see if the patient is going to get out in less than 30 minutes. I was shocked on how long the patient was in my office, when I started this about 20 years ago. You will be surprised too at first. Your staff will not be surprised, because they have been looking at those disgruntled faces out front all along.

We also have patients sign out, so they too pause for a few seconds at the front desk. This allows us to interact with the patient before they run out the door, if we need to. On the sign out sheet, we also mark the times with a #7 in front beside the patient at each hour on the hour. For example the last patient seen just before 5:00 PM, will have #7500 written beside his name. This allows us to see how many patients we are seeing each hour and to review periodically how long patients are in the building.

I would say that 80% or more of you are consistently late. This makes for mediocrity, so lets stop being “Mediocre.”

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