Chiropractic King of Media Stopped Watching Television

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m back.
Hey it’s my website, I get to write about anything I want.

Some of my thots, rants, raves, and mumbo jumbo of the day…

I stopped watching television about two years ago. The first six months were a struggle but now it’s no longer a concern of mine. Amazingly the universe has filled that void with lots of other activities (like writing). I do watch movies, plenty of them. I just don’t watch TV. Now, you may see me write about chiropractic on television (which I’ll be doing soon) but that does not mean I watch it. I like getting my information the internet way.

I was about to write that I don’t read chiropractic publications and I was trying to remember when I stopped doing that. I realize it’s been seven or more years since I have done so. What? Back in the 90’s when I started Planet Chiropractic I decided I would stop reading chiropractic publications so I would not be biased by them when writing articles. I still get a copy of DC mailed to my office, my team is instructed to shake it (in case there are insurance checks stuffed in the pages) and then throw it out.

Just the other day I happened to be in the front office when the mail came and I glanced at the front page. Some college president was suing some school. I tossed the paper immediately. Do I really need that information in my head? For me, it’s just useless stuff that serves my space no purpose. (just like this stuff may be for you) I realize these publications have to fill their pages with something but come on doctors, couldn’t you find something better to do with your time? And hey, you should NOT be reading this stuff during adjusting hours.

Now for your staff or team (I like team, in our office we are TEAM ADIO), I found this website can be a great tool. I have given my team members words to look up on planet chiropractic and asked them to put together articles for the office. This has worked great because they end up reading lots of stuff while gathering information on specific topics. Remember docs, you can use articles in the office (please read our terms) but you cannot reproduce our content, especially on the web without written permission.

So where have I been?
I’ve probably received a million penis enlargement emails (still no results) since I last posted articles on a daily basis, but I intend to get back into it at least weekly. Or maybe I won’t. I am working on something I learned from Dr. Stew Bittman about getting my thoughts, actions, feelings, and words to all be congruent (or at least remotely similar).

In order for my thoughts, words, actions and feelings to be remotely similar I am going to piss some people off. I am also going to be using some profanities (I’ll try and keep them in context) in my text so that we can all get the story straight when we need to.

I rarely ever curse but that was not so when I was a kid. There was a pre-teen period that I was a trash mouthed New York punk. I don’t want to force my ways on everyone else but sometimes I’ll be using words to tell the story as it happened. Like when I adjust someone (we have open rooms) and in the excitement they yell “holy fuck.” You may not think that is funny or is inappropriate or whatever, in our office we find it hysterical. I want to share some of those stories.

We hear some of the most unsuspected words come out of mouths after an adjustment. I don’t want to water it down with “golly gee” and “hey that was swell.” I just had a thought that when we are adjusted we have that brief moment when our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions are one in the same. Lot’s of folks in my office yell “Jesus” to which I often reply, yes Jesus is here too.

OK, so much for that. There is too much to get into at this time. We’ll cover this stuff another day.

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