Barcelona Chiropractic School Project Receives Over 1M in Donations

By Lynn McAvenia

This is Lynn, Marc Hudson’s wife. Together Marc and I produce the ChiroEurope seminar series. Last weekend we finished the 6th annual Chiropractic Spring Extravaganza in Mallorca, Spain. And if you were there you know that once again it was a huge success. Speakers and participants all went home with a new and deeper commitment to chiropractic. This was our best seminar ever, by far. The results are unanimous: everyone who attended raised the energy in a way we have not seen before, and on top of that the speakers were phenomenal.

Of all the great things at the seminar, the most amazing was the energy and love that got pumped into the Barcelona Chiropractic School project. In just one short hour, the future of chiropractic in Europe transformed! Everyone gave from the heart. In that one hour we raised 675,000 euros! That’s 537,090 British pounds, or $1,046,282. We are ALL blessed to be a part of such a generous and loving profession.

Marc Hudson - Barcelona Chiropractic School
If you do not know already, Schola Chiropractica Barcelona will open its doors to students in September 2009. The program consists of a BsC and a Masters and will be taught in both English and Spanish. The school was officially approved by the Spanish Chiropractic Association (AEQ) and will be fully compliant with all chiropractic educational requirements. The team responsible for making the school a reality consists of a group of passionate, dynamic, mostly young chiropractors practicing in Spain who collectively have an extraordinary vision for the future of Chiropractic. It is an honor for me to be associated with such a passionate group. If you want more information about the school, please contact us. [chiroeurope at barrait DOT com]

You may have heard the silly rumors flying around that the Barcelona school is being bankrolled by an American millionaire chiropractor. (If only it were that easy!) No, we have received no donations from American millionaires. Nonsense like this seems to plague our profession. When I hear this nonsense, it is easy to forget that we are talking about chiropractic professionals, and instead I get a mental picture of little old ladies with constipation and varicose veins sipping tea and gossiping away. Well, the little old ladies are wrong again. The donations come from the chiropractic grassroots, mostly right here in Europe.

We were not sure what to expect when we began asking for donations. Last year chiropractors donated 200,000 euros to the school, and this year we were hoping to match that. As we started the fundraising hour, people began speaking about the school and all our hopes for the future. That’s when the miracles began. Chiropractors, their spouses, chiropractic assistants, and students began standing up and pledging all they could. The energy in the room was electric. Everyone gave with all of their hearts. It was exciting to see chiropractors, stepping up to donate thousands of euros. It was equally moving to see chiropractic assistants and chiropractic students giving what they could.

Have you ever heard of chiropractic assistants standing up and pledging a monthly sum from their salaries to open a Chiropractic school?

No. I would guess that this is the first time this has ever happened anywhere in the world, and we who were there were witness to the miracle.

Students from chiropractic schools (yes, students!) from all across Europe donated to the Barcelona school. I was not the only one with tears in their eyes when a student stood up and said, “I only have just enough money to get a taxi back to the airport, but I promise I will come up with 600 euros for the school before the end of the year. I don’t know from where, but I promise I will.”

In years to come, those of us who were there will be able to tell our children: “I was there the day the miracle happened, and I was blessed to witness it.” @ 8:38 am | Article ID: 1210865915