Whiners and Wienies – Dr. Rick Wren

By Dr. Rick Wren

Dear Colleagues and Friends, We just got back from a wonderful Parker Seminar in Dallas. It was high energy and enthusiastic. It started out on Thursday with Nationally known Ed Foreman. He discussed, “Life is for Loving, Laughing, and Living not for Whining and Worrying.” Then we closed out Saturday evening with Philip McGraw Ph.D.., who is known from is many appearances on “Oprah.” He discussed “Winners Vs. Losers.” Dr. McGraw really struck a Chord with me with his different approach to a popular topic. He stated that Winners had Vision, Strategy, Priorities, Action, Risk, Truth, Flexibility, Self-Management,Passion, and a Passion based Nucleus.

Let’s take these ten qualities into the Chiropractic office.

#1 Vision
What is your vision for Chiropractic in your office? Is the waiting line over the horizon? Is it World Wide? If you adjusted your patients as quickly as family, you could easily see 100 per day in most cases.

#2 Strategy
You have to have a plan to accomplish your vision. That is why everyone needs Mentors (like you find at Parker Seminars).

#3 Priorities
You stay on task. If your hobbies or interests require daily thoughts, they distract you from your vision. Some Chiropractors vision to shoot ten less strokes is stronger than their Chiropractic Vision. Guess where they have more successes.

#4 Action
You have to take action. Don’t just talk about it. So many times I call Chiropractors after a Seminar and their doing nothing different. “Insanity” is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result.

#5 Risk
You will have to step out of your comfort zone to reach your vision. If you get Butterflies in your gut everyday you will reach your vision much faster.

#6 Truth
There are Truths you can not change or deny. For example, The more you talk Chiropractic the more patients you will see. The doctor has to be truthful and always willing to confront. For example, Patients usually need more care than their HMO will pay for so tell them what they really need.

#7 Flexibility
You have to be flexible to reach your vision, but you tell the truth. Be flexible, but confront when necessary. Be willing to make changes in your plan to improve.

#8 Self-Management
Be self disciplined. Make yourself do the things that losers do not want to do. Such as, be on time, do your reports, and exercise regularly.

#9 Passion
Be Passionate about your vision. Get mad that Harvard Medical School says that 210,000 people die each year from medicine. Get teary eyed when you change someone’s life through Chiropractic.

#10 Nucleus
Surround yourself with a nucleus of people that are passion based. That’s why I love going to Parker Seminars. I love being around people that love what I love.

It is time to ask yourself, am I a Chiropractic Warrior or a chiropractic wienie? There is something we can do everyday to become a Chiropractic Warrior. The question is are you willing to do the things that Losers do not want to do.

LLL, Dr. Rick Wren (Founder of Society of Chiropractic Masters).

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