A Thot on Chiropractic Pioneers

By Dr. Bruce A. Parker

I recently watched the movie “Pearl Harbor”, a piece of history that I am embarrassed to say I didn’t really know that much about. Before coming to the movie I did listen to the critics and had decided that the movie (at least the war part) was factually based. As I was watching and the invasion was well into swing I began to leak! Water began coming out of my eyes, I thought I was shot! My nose also began to run and I felt very sad, as I witnessed the massacre.

At that moment I understood why so many people from that generation are so disgusted with the newer less patriotic population of today. Our forefathers gave their lives so we could have the freedom we have today, and for that they were proud.

That was an era when it was cool to be a hero. Giving unselfishly of yourself for the betterment of a cause greater than you.

I then think of the chiropractic pioneers who went to jail for a principle. The chiropractors that were jailed were in most instances jailed for practicing medicine without a license. All they had to do in many cases was to plead guilty and they would have had a suspended sentence, yet they opted to stay in jail because they refused to say that they were practicing medicine when in fact they were practicing chiropractic.

In 1915, a lawyer fought in Kansas for a jailed chiropractor arguing by definition of both scopes of practice his client (the Chiropractor) was not practicing medicine, and the first recognition of chiropractic was born followed by the first license.

Again, that gentleman went to jail so you could have your freedom today. Well, we are now the fore parents (fathers and mothers) of the next generation. In what condition will we leave our chosen profession to those coming forward. Will the principle be intact for them, or will it long be gone, sold for the comfort of today?

Bruce Parker, D.C.
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