7 Summertime Stories from Chiropractic Days Past

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Here’s a summary of seven summertime articles from the past, all posted during the summer, from as far back as year 2000. Summer time should be getting all of us outdoors for increased activity and enjoyment. You don’t want to spend your days sifting through 10 years of chiropractic news content when I can be pulling out juicy bits of information from years past, while you kick back and relax, basking in the glow of July’s rich sunshine. Of course you are welcome to browse through archives on your own,  but then what excuse would I have for this post today? I like the number 7 so here we go…

stew-bittman-thot-september-2001Chiropractic History 2001 – Chiropractor Stew Bittman is enjoying some reading. In the photo above I believe Dr. Stew is reading wedding vows or something he prepared to read out loud at a wedding. He married two young chiropractors on September 8, 2001, which is just three days before his birthday. Let’s begin with a summer article from Stew Bittman, authored in July of 2003.

All You Wonderful Service out There — The article was fitting for a summer post. Stew writes about his dog Blue, who had a fearlessness for jumping into raging Tahoe rivers, in order to fetch a stick. My labrador Zoey shares that same zest for life (now at 11 1/2 years old she’s not fetching much) and I love that a chiropractor to time to write about stories of his dog. There’s much more to it than that, read the article, it’s a summertime gem.

Proud to be a Chiropractor — Stuff like this should be required reading for all of those in chiropractic school. Also from July of 2003 and posted about this same time of the month comes an article from Dr. Sharon Gorman, a chiropractor practicing in Pennsylvania, who dedicates much of her time to promoting the principles of chiropractic and helping others stay motivated. Sharon asks some important questions about being passionate and on purpose with life. After all, for many practitioners worldwide, chiropractic is a lifestyle, not simply an occupation.

Healing Gratitude — From July of 2002 is an archived article from a Dr. Sid Mouk, chiropractor in Baton Rouge Louisiana. There’s plenty of Sid Mouk articles to be found in planet chiropractic archives and I’m always enjoyed his perspectives on chiropractic philosophy. The July 2002 article tells the story of an old-time chiropractor from Chicago, who is one of the most incredible healers he had ever met. I really enjoyed reading this article seven years after it was initially posted, it’s about that time that I stopped watching television, something that was in a way suggested in the post.

Dolphins Surfing Marina del Rey Waves — From July 13, 2006 is a post I wrote after returning from a run along the shoreline of Marina del Rey, California. I still enjoy writing that beach route and still enjoy seeing dolphins at play. There is a smidgen of summer time chiropractic philosophy slipped into that post, check it out.

Telling The Congregation — Wow, it was eight years ago this month that I traveled to New York City from Los Angeles to attend the baptism of New Jersey chiropractor Dean Sottile. Thinking back on that weekend I don’t recall traveling to New York for Dean’s baptism but rather, I was heading out to Pennsylvania for a Focus Philosophy weekend with Sharon Gorman and friends. Dean was my ride from Newark Airport to Pennsylvania and on Sunday morning I became the local news photographer for A congregation of 3000 witnessing the baptism of a very fine chiropractor and human being. That was quite a day and an exceptionally motivating and humbling weekend.

When Opportunity Meets Preparation — From July of 2001 comes a post from chiropractor Bruce Parker and his words of wisdom on preparing oneself for life’s glorious opportunities. In the post Dr. Parker talks about the difference between buying lottery tickets and preparing oneself for success in life. Yes, it’s summer time and we’re enjoying the longer days and shorter evenings, but there’s still time in our 24-hour days to focus on preparation. Several years later I was on a cruise ship heading to Mexico, putting on a life preserver during a safety drill, when standing in front of me I saw Dr. Bruce. Talk about preparation meeting opportunity and being in places where others share similar energy. It’s a joy!

The Gerry Factor & Life West Photos — He still has it, Dr. Gerry Clum, president of Life Chiropractic College West is still one of my favorite leaders in this natural healthcare industry. Wow, this month marks nine years of the celebration that was held to dedicate the opening of a new Life West chiropractic campus in Hayward California. It was a warm July day in Northern California and it felt as though everybody in chiropractic was on hand for the dedication of the new school. Many congratulations to the folks at Life West and the fine Doctors of Chiropractic that have graduated from that institution.

May your summer be filled with chiropractic lifestyle excitement and abundance!

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  1. I met Dr. Sharon Gorman for the first time last week while she visited a mutual friend in the hospital. I had the pleasure of speaking with her about Chiropractic Philosophy and what she intends to do to help those students graduating as DCs. Her purpose is ever present and she truly wants to help as many people as possible be successful in practice. She is one of those truly gifted people who can instill purpose in you during casual conversation and she allows you to reach your own conclusions and come to your own realizations of your duty not only as a chiropractor but as a human being.

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