End of Days For Chiropractic Profession?

Is it time for chiropractors to begin marketing themselves as manual therapists in order to fit in to some medical model? Is the profession predominantly in favor of peddling muscle relaxers and other pharmaceuticals while performing colonics and doing foot baths? Have the colleges gotten so far out of touch with the rest of the industry that churning out student failures has become the primary business model? The doom and gloom train has left the station but someone forgot to send me a ticket.

7 Different Chiropractic Adjustment Methods

It’s often been said that there are as many different chiropractic techniques in the world as there are chiropractors. While some will claim to adhere to specific adjusting styles and protocols, the great majority of practicing DC’s adapt and modify various approaches towards optimizing one’s health, resulting in a uniqueness that sets every chiropractor apart from one another.

Chiropractors and Authors on Planet Chiropractic

It’s been over nine years since Planet Chiropractic began organizing news articles appearing on the website into an archived format. A reporter for a national newspaper recently asked me if I knew how many authors have provided articles to Planet Chiropractic and I didn’t know the exact answer. I estimated it was around 100 that have been published. I decided to do a search today through some author archives and I still don’t have an exact number of authors that have been published but I do have a much better idea than I did before the question was asked. What I discovered were submissions from approximately 70 chiropractic authors, a dozen non-chiropractors, and 14 organizations, including three chiropractic colleges and three national chiropractic associations.

Two Spines Must Be Corrected To Allow Total Healing In The Patient

It was astonishing, and disappointing and fascinating at the same time. For the past 6 weeks I’d been adjusting a patient who had suffered a severe injury and I had finally succeeded in totally clearing his spine of subluxations and restoring motion and function, when I innocently asked him to tell me about the fall that caused this spinal problem. As he proceeded to describe the injury in detail, his spinal muscles began to tighten and I watched the same subluxation pattern strongly reassert itself…

Healing Potential of a Skillfully Delivered Spinal Adjustment

We all know the Healing potential of a skillfully delivered spinal adjustment given at the right time in the right place. But have even we in subluxation-based Chiropractic actually been selling this profession short? We know the power of the spinal adjustment when it comes to healing dis-ease and disease conditions in the human body, but is it also possible that this same spinal adjustment can actually change human behavior?