Spiritually, Emotionally and Chiropractically

By Drew Rubin, D.C.

Sometimes, just when we think we haven’t got a clue as to how things are going to work out, innate provides. Have you ever examined your life as it zigs and zags, wondering, “how did I get here?” I don’t mean physically in the place where you are sitting or standing or sleeping, but here at the place where you are spiritually and emotionally and chiropractically. How did you get here?

Innate has been on the job. How did you find your office space, your mate, your CA, your first patient, your 1000th patient? How did all this happen? Some people think life is a series of coincidences, or that they are being pulled around in life by a force called fate. They show up and whatever happens to them just, well, happens.

That’s not the philosophy BJ Palmer lived by. He practiced an art of connectedness to source that emanates through his Green Books. He recognized the power of becoming one with this source, the fountain of all love, creativity, and abundance that exists in the universe. “Get the big idea… all else follows” was not solely based on the idea of chiropractic as ‘the big idea.’ It was a reconnecting to innate that he implored us to do. He wished us to understand that, if we can free up our innate intelligence and our ability to talk to the ‘wee small voice inside,’ then we will be lead by this intelligence to all the right people, places and things in our life, at the perfect time.

People are coming to our offices to learn this, to be a part of something bigger than a backache. They are searching us out not for simple pain relief but for another way, a better way to live.

`There are thousands of families and individuals in all of our practices who have caught the idea that there is a different way to live life altogether, one at which they are at 100% of their potential, all the time, subluxation-free. I even watched my father pass away quietly, without fear or pain, in his sleep, because with chiropractic on his side, there is even a different way out of this earthly plane. There’s a different way into this world, there’s a different way to live, and there’s even a different way out.

Innate is on the job. Look around you as spring begins. The flowers are popping up and the buds are sprouting on the trees. How did they get there? Yes, you can argue that someone planted them, or that a seed somehow managed to find its way into the soil, but I believe in a divine intervention for everything. There are no coincidences, just lessons, teaching us daily, ever moving us towards the source of all creation. This entire universe was created by a big bang, in which all the matter of the universe stemmed from. If that is true, and we are created from energy, from the nothingness into the somethingness in a millisecond of intention, then, as Dr. Wayne Dyer states, all of the energy contained in our bodies dates from that very moment of the creation of the universe! The abundance of the universe is ours to connect to, if we so desire. How? Listen to the wee small voice. Get the big idea. Feel the power of the entire universe in your fingertips. Transfer that power to others, through your thoughts, words and deeds. Love being a chiropractor. Know that all is well.

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