10 Tips on Living Better in 2008

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

This is the time of year when many of us begin counting carbohydrates, make plans to lose 18 pounds in four days, start checking out the rates on personal fitness trainers and local fitness facilities, begin smoking cessation programs, and even commit to environmental programs that will help us to enjoy a healthier and more sustainable planet. You may not be melting the fat away but 10 chiropractors from across the United States have offered some simple tips on better living in 2008.

Dr. Steven Hansen of Elk Grove California: Cut the Fast Food. Dr. Steve says we have many choices when it comes to good nutrition. One of the most practical tips is to minimize one’s consumption of fast foods. Cut out products like sodas that contain high fructose corn syrups. French fries cooked in partially hydrogenated soybean oil or vegetable oil are still french fries and the intake of such types of fast foods should be kept at an absolute minimum.

Michael Dorausch along the coastline of MauiDr. George Khoury of Livermore California: Lifestyle Exercise. While Dr. George loves the gym he says that many can get bored quickly with the common indoor approaches to chest, back, and biceps routines. Depending on your body style, you level of conditioning and your age, Dr. Khoury recommends incorporating exercise that becomes part of your life. Activities range all over the map and include sports such as tennis, swimming, mountain biking, road cycling, long distance running, hiking, and surfing. He says it’s motivating when his chiropractic practice members are planning their vacations around their sporting activities, seeking exciting and adventurous places for travel. That is lifestyle exercise.

Dr. Michael Moore of Redding California: Get Adjusted. Michael Moore reminds us of the obvious. Regular chiropractic care can be essential to one’s health and well-being. Michael’s 2007 health tips are here and he has been featured in chiropractic adjusting videos.

Dr. Fred Schofield of Phoenix Arizona: Take Vacations. Dr. Schofield reminds us that vacations can provide some of the best ways to re-energize our bodies and sharpen our focus. A constant nose to the grindstone can result in emotional fatigue and physical burnout. Regularly scheduled time off from work and vacations planned in advance are good for the body, mind and soul.

Dr. Suzanne Frye of Lancaster California: Time with Family. There is always work to do and busy chiropractors are no exception. Dr. Frye reminds us that it’s important to take time and interact with other family members. Activities range from group planning of family vacations to taking part in hobbies that two or more family members can engage in together.

Dr. Kathy McAuliffe of Columbia Illinois: Quality Spouse Time. There are many husband-and-wife chiropractic teams. In some cases both spouses are chiropractors. In others, one spouse takes the role of the doctor of chiropractic and the other manages the office. Whether you work with your spouse or not, Dr. McAuliffe reminds us that it’s important to have quality time dedicated to one’s spouse. Vacations are great but the day-to-day moments with one another can really make the difference, says Dr. Kathy.

Dr. Dan Blossom of Vassar Michigan: Help Others without Expectation. One of Dr. Blossoms tips for 2008 is to seek out opportunities to help others. Not in the sense of promoting one’s business, but with the intention that serving can be done simply for the sake of serving. Dr. Dan says that a paying it forward attitude can easily go viral in the community, improving the lives and spirits of many.

Dr. Steven Silverston of Ellicott City Maryland: Breathe. Dr. Silverstein reminds us that sometimes the most basic of activities get overlooked. He suggests taking time to incorporate deep breathing into one’s daily activities. Making an active effort to practice breathing exercises can help increase one’s vitality and promote relaxation. Dr. Steve ads that deep abdominal breathing can be beneficial to the lumbar region of one’s spine (the lower back) by reducing muscular strain. It also helps in promoting more efficient movement of lymph through one’s lymphatic system, an important role in immune function.

Dr. Lawrence Clayman of Seattle Washington: Set Goals. More specifically Dr. Clayman reminds us that it’s important to set goals that can be accomplished. A common goal like losing weight can be more effective and enjoyable when goals are set realistically. He reminds us to seek natural approaches towards getting fit and trim and to be cautious of powerful diet pill ads, promotions of rapid weight loss, and potentially dangerous cleansing formulas.

Dr. Christopher Shafer of Canoga Park California: Affirmations. Dr. Shafer reminds us that what you think about can affect what you bring about. What’s exciting about the new year is many people are conditioned to make positive changes in their lives. Dr. Chris wants us to remember that those positive changes can and should be affirmed daily. Statements spoken out loud like: I am healthy and I feel terrific are great ways to start one’s day. If you’re seeking words to use in affirmations check out Dr. Mike’s list of 101 words that feel good.

Best of health and happiness to you!

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