Rock Concert California Chiro Style

By Daria Belov

Some people may find it hard to believe, but chiropractors can party as hard as any other group on the planet. By party, we don’t mean get chemically induced and crunk, we mean letting loose and having a good time. Rather than getting over medicated to the point of numbness and dysfunction, the chiropractic community feeds and fuels on the energy that drives this universe. Okay, so there’s some alcohol and caffeine involved at times, but for the most part, when chiropractors talk about being Fired up, it’s an expression coming from the inside, that’s being projected outwards. With that said, one of Chiropractix biggest concert events is scheduled for March of 2009, it’s going to be a wild and off the hook ginormous party.

Dead Chiropractic Society California Jam 2009 - Orange County - March 7, 2009 (photo: DCS California Jam 2009 promotional flyer)

The 2009 California Jam is taking place at the Orange County Performing Arts Center in Costa Mesa, California, on Saturday, March 7th. The event (more information here) is being billed as The World’s Biggest Chiropractic Party.

2008 was the first time chiropractors gathered for a California Jam event and the turnout was sensational. After the event, organizers held numerous meetings with attendees, and it was determined the only thing missing was a live rock ‘n roll performance to close out the energy of the day. I suspect that’s why 2009 is marketed as Unleashed.

At first glance, the flyer looks like a promotion for a major rock concert, maybe Van Halen or the Black Crowes, and that’s because this is no ordinary gathering of chiropractors.

More than 3000 are expected to attend, so it is strongly urged that you get your tickets ASAP. We’re talking a full day of inspirational, razor’s edge, balls to the wall, all guns blazing discussions of chiropractic in 2009 and beyond. The event will feature a major rock ‘n roll performance. This is a reserved seating event, which means the tickets you purchase will be marked with where you’ll be sitting at the event. That’s uncommon for a chiropractic conference, but as was mentioned, this is an out of the ordinary extravaganza.

Many of the speakers have spoken at the DCS clubhouse in Newport Beach California, and those speakers include Seal Beach Chiropractor Dr. Brad Glowaki, Dr. Claudia Anrig, South Africa born chiropractor Dr. Fred Schofield, Dr. Tim O’Shea, Dr. James Chestnut, Dr. John Babich, New Jersey raised chiropractor Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Chicken Soup for the Soul author Mark Victor Hansen, Dr. Mark Kimes, and Dr. Bill Demoss.

Earlybird prices for tickets are as follows: DC Tickets $299 – Student Rates Available! Earlybird prices expire December 1, 2008. This is a reserved seating event. The sooner you purchase your tickets, the better you’re seating at the center. Call 949-250-0600 for additional details.

There will be no LMFAO x-ray review, the continuing education program is taking place the Friday before. Subscribe to planet chiropractic RSS feeds for the latest news regarding this event. There’s going to be lots of it.

Photos from 2008 OC Chiropractor Conference @ 1:57 pm | Article ID: 1226095043