November 2008 Month in Review

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

2008 November is the month the United States elected their 44th president, but that’s not the only event that took place during this historical autumn month. There were marathons (and even canceled marathons), parades, music awards, green car awards, devastating fires in the state of California, and numerous other events. We saw chiropractor income reports, chiropractors running marathons, questions on chiropractic practice, and other topics hitting the homepage of This post serves as a round up for the month of November 2008.

The 2008 New York City Marathon was run on Sunday morning, November 2, and the 26.2 mile race stretched across five New York City boroughs. New Jersey Chiropractor Vincent Malba ran in the race, with a Oklahaven chiropractic T-shirt on his back. The New York City event was the same morning of the nation’s 2008 daylight savings time change and there were undoubtedly those individuals arriving for the race an hour early, and I suspect there was at least one unfortunate someone arriving an hour late.

Electric Mini Cooper(photo: checking out the all Electric Mini Cooper at the LA Auto Show)

On November 1st we took a look at Obama McCain Keyphrases Used On Search Engines and something that will never happen again. I mentioned in that post that hindsight for search is 2020, as I was not expecting October website traffic to include so many politically related terms such as obama chiropractic, obama and chiropractic, obama on chiropractic, mccain and chiropractic, and chiropractors for mccain.

Early in November we had a chiropractor income report that showed chiropractic collection data for offices in 2007. The last few months have shown the fastest increase ever in practices for sale, listed in the classifieds, now totaling over 800.

On November 3rd, we were doing our part in helping people in the United States figure out where to vote. Once that information was established, election Day morning was focused on educating others as to what times the polls closed across the US. And like a million other news web sites, by late Tuesday evening we had news that Barack Hussein Obama had been elected 44th president of the United States. We stayed on target the following Wednesday morning with a summary post of chiropractic ads for November 5th.

There was news of the 2009 DCS California Jam taking place Rock Concert California Chiro Style in Orange County. Billed as the World’s Biggest Chiropractic Party, this March 7th event promises to be off the hook Southern California style.

Early November also marks Veterans Day and we posted information regarding various Veterans Day Parade events taking place throughout the US. This year, Veterans Day 2008, fell on a Tuesday, and many government facilities (and US banks) were closed for the day.

Less than a week after the presidential election, Obamania in Obamerica was becoming apparent in search results. There is no Obama White House dog as of yet, but terms like Obamapractic and Obamapractor now exist in search results.

The targeting of online sellers continued to receive press in Novembers operation fraud post. What at first was news being posted for users of planet chiropractic classifieds, is now being read by users of classified advertisement web sites across the globe. We continue to receive e-mails from individuals with reports of being targeted by the same scammers. Feels good to know we’re getting the message out there.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008, were the 42nd Annual CMA Awards. I know several chiropractors that work very closely with country recording artists, and they were pretty excited about the nominees for 2008 CMA awards. It’s a great feeling knowing you’re connected in some way. We even stayed on target for Post CMA Day Chiropractic Ads even though I was traveling all week, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kudos to the news team for keeping things going in my absence.

Also taking place in the month of November were announcements of new board members to the Parker Alumni Association and answers to questions about practicing chiropractic.

While we posted news regarding the 2008 Pasadena Marathon & Bike Tour, it was canceled due to fire related conditions in Southern California. I was up at 4am to check on the marathon status, and ended up creating a Los Angeles Air Quality Alert and SoCal Fire Map as a result. It became one of the most visited pages the website had ever received in a 24-hour period. While the weekend fires were burning in Southern California, Mom bloggers were all aflame across the Twitterverse, with outrage and opinion on a pain reliever advertisement targeted at parents that wear their babies. Related press continued on for several days.

Ford revealed the 2010 Mustang on Tuesday, November 18th, and related searches quickly eclipsed are typical searches for chiropractic related terms. For some reason, the Planet Chiropractic news of the Ford Mustang and LA Auto Show, ranked very well in search engines, for the days surrounding the muscle cars introduction to the public.

On that same day was chiro industry news regarding Council on chiropractic guidelines and practice parameters. There was also news that generally practicing Medical Doctors were unhappy with their jobs, with more than 60% surveyed saying they would not recommend the practice of medicine to those considering it as a career. Less than 24 hours later there was news related to DRX9000 Decompression Tables and other high and chiropractic equipment going into bank repossession and the auction blocks. Surveying those chiropractors as to recommending the field as a career choice, probably wouldn’t result in high marks either.

We all want to do our part in creating a greener environment, and I was attending the LA auto show the morning the Volkswagen Jetta TDI was announced as 2009 green car of the year. I had the opportunity to drive a micro car and several others, and gather information related to economics and auto safety. The 2009 smart was a fun vehicle to drive.

Turns out November is a busy month for marathons, since not only did we have New York City marathon coverage and Pasadena marathon coverage, we had news related to the 2008 Philadelphia Marathon. That event took place on November 23rd, and it was a qualifier for the 2009 Boston Marathon. The 2008 Seattle Marathon was held this morning in the state of Washington, but our staff has been off for the Thanksgiving weekend, so no coverage from that event. For those searching, you should be able to find 2008 Seattle Marathon results and 2008 Seattle Marathon photos here.

Besides the 2008 Country Music Awards, November was also the month of the 2008 American Music Awards. And while we’re on the subject, 2009 Grammy nominations take place in the month of December. Watch for many of the same artists that appeared at both the CMA and AMA Awards to appear at the Grammys.

In other chiropractic news, was acquired by Planet Chiropractic, which builds on our dedication to deliver free chiropractic directory services. We are doing our part in assisting consumers to fuel chiropractor’s busiest day of the year, which thankfully is not Black Friday.

The very best of health to you, and wishing you all a spectacular December! @ 12:48 pm | Article ID: 1228078145