Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 Too Little Too Late

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. staff writer

After several months of testing, Microsoft announced today that Internet Explorer version 7.0 is now available for download. In the past, I’d typically get pretty excited regarding any new release from Microsoft. That’s no longer the case.

As a writer for and someone who uses computers excessively I have to admit that I’m relying on anything Microsoft less and less. I saw the news earlier today that IE 7 was available for download and the question for me now is where do I put it?

planetc1 I count six active computers in my home (there are two of us) which is probably not typical for most users but for us it is a move in the right direction since we’ve had more in the past. It was probably last December or in early January 2006 that I became frustrated with IE 6 and began installing Mozilla Firefox on my machines. It started with one, just in case I didn’t like the way things were going. I was new to tabbed browsing and it did take a few weeks to get the hang of it. Looking back, and now in October 2006, there is one laptop on my shelf still running IE 6 and one notebook computer in the kitchen with the same. Just this past weekend I was getting ready to install Firefox on one, we’ll see what happens this weekend.

I have a feeling I’m not alone. I really don’t like installing new software especially when I’m very happy with my current software. Since Microsoft still has the greatest share of the internet browser market it might not be such a big deal to them, but for me, I’m hesitant to install anything that may mess up my current operating setup. Microsoft’s director of Internet explorer product management has promised that installing IE 7 for Firefox users will not make Internet Explorer the default browser. My thoughts still lean towards, do I need it?

As someone that does a lot of work on the Internet I have to eventually install it somewhere so I can monitor its effectiveness when visiting our network of chiropractic websites. Other than that, I’m not planning at this point to move away from Mozilla.

Microsoft is beginning to look more and more each day like the practice of medicine. We’re told we can’t live without it, it will enhance our experience, and we will be better off with it, trust us. All the while, the masses are moving in another direction (Mac, Linux, Open Source, Chiropractic) and embracing a lifestyle that is less cumbersome, not burdened down by antivirals and a mass of preventative measures that just seem to degrade our entire experience. Sorry IE, you are a little too late for me.

For those that want it, here is the Internet Explorer 7 homepage…

And to be fair, here is a link to Firefox… @ 6:51 pm | Article ID: 1161319893