Motrin Mom Campaign Major Fail in Twitterverse

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There’s been a firestorm of discussion going on today related to a new video campaign by the makers of Motrin. Going to be one hell of a week for those in the reputation management department at Johnson & Johnson, the makers of Motrin. I’m not getting into the Motrin Moms campaign discussion here, visit the blog for my thoughts on the campaign and major headache side effects.

The wearing your baby campaign doesn’t seem to be going too well for the drugs manufacturer. The conversation taking place online has been at a blistering pace, with everyone seeming to have an opinion regarding the video in question.

Wearing Your Baby seems to be in fashion
(Image: screenshot from the online campaign)

Regardless of the topic dies down during the next 24 or 48 hours, potential brand damage has already been done. There’s a growing amount of blog posts appearing related to the situation, and rather than me rehashing what’s being said across the blogosphere, I’m linking out to a number of resources I’ve come across during the past hour or so.

The blog Drums and Whistles has a Motrin v. Moms post which offers a memo to Motrin. It reads… Before you launch an ad on your site that’s targeting mothers of babies, you might want to run it by some focus groups that have…um…moms with babies.

Shake the Salt has a brief post titled Motrin: The Anti-Mom? It includes a link to another site with a transcript of the advertisement.

The insanely amazing Peter Shankman offers a detailed post on the REAL problem with the Motrin ads. Peter offers us a different perspective, and points out the disconnect that’s taking place when people are discussing over-the-counter medication advertising versus a 7.1 magnitude earthquake that’s taken place in Indonesia.

The blog, Crunchy Domestic Goddess, has a post that includes an e-mail from Kathy Widmer, Vice President of Marketing for McNeil Consumer Healthcare, responding to the feedback left on Motrin’s website the previous night.

I like the perspective put into words by blogger Beth Dunn in her post Motrin Moms React. Beth suggests to the ad is kind of frenetic, with an appeal to “moms who wear their kids” in slings, backpacks, and whatnot.

The blog, Green & Clean Mom, has a post titled Social Media and Marketing Lesson for the makers of Motrin: Don’t Mess with Moms! They’re offering advice on what companies, PR firms, and marketing gurus should be listening to.

I think I like a post from Laura Fitton most, she writes about Motrin’s Twitter Moment. Her post includes a video that is a must view for anyone wanting to learn from the nasty side effects resulted in this fail of a marketing campaign.

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