SF Bay Chiropractors Advertising Online

Chiropractors in the San Francisco Bay area are using various methods to advertise their chiropractic services online.

I’m here in San Francisco for a WordCamp conference. While I’ve been here I’ve been visiting numerous websites and have noticed a number of chiropractic offices advertising on them.

I’ve seen offices as far as New York and Texas appearing in ads (they may want to revisit their internet advertising approach) and I’ve checked out a few websites for chiropractors in San Jose, Redwood City and the San Francisco area.

While at this conference we were discussing some do’s and don’ts of website design. One of the tips discussed that applies to a chiropractic website is (I’m being serious) if you are ugly as sin or look like you have not showered in a week you may be better off not showing your photo.

If that’s the case (you appear unkempt) it may be a good investment to get your self cleaned up. I only mention this because every once in a while I see a chiropractors photo on their website and they look horrible. However, the ones that I noticed while here in San Fran looked professional and well dressed.

Carr ChiropracticOne nice example was the office of Chiropractor, Gavin Carr in Palo Alto, CA. While this is a small photo, it’s a great picture of him and his family. You can see Dr. Carr, his wife, and three children, and they are all smiling and looking healthy. I’d go to this guy.

Check out your website. Is your photo on it? Do you appear smiling and professional or dumpy and frustrated? By the looks of the picture here I would figure they had it taken professionally. Looks great! For those interested, the office is called Stanford Chiropractic Center and you can visit it here.

Places I found chiropractors advertising local services included: CitySearch, Yelp, Google Search Results, and Planet Chiropractic.