Include details to increase ad views

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s all in the details. When posting to chiropractic classifieds, some people write some terrific and descriptive advertisements. Others only post a few general sentences. Over the years I have noticed a significant difference in ad performance (measured by page views) when comparing detailed ads to plain Jane vanilla style ads.

Let’s take a look at some practice for sale ads and see if we can include more detail…

Chiropractic Office in Seaside California
Interested in surfing or golfing on your lunch? Clinic for sale 1 mile to Monterey Beach and 10 min. to Pebble Beach Golf course in beautiful Carmel CA!

There were other details mentioned in the ad but including information about surfing and golfing is a plus. Mentioning Monterey Beach and Pebble Beach Golf are even better as they are recognizable keywords most people can relate to.

This ad is geared towards chiropractors seeking to live and practice in Carmel which is a beautiful beach community. If one wanted to get really detailed they could mention recreational possibilities along the Monterey Peninsula. I’d mention the abundance of parks, availability for camping, recreation trails along the ocean for roller blading and running, and many sports activities such as tennis.

Let’s view another…
Santa Cruz Mountain Practice for Sale
Must see unique location in beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. Commute community to Silicon Valley. Great visibility on main street. Established 18 yrs. Cash practice. Diversified and Cox Flexion Distraction Technique. New Cox 100 table with auto long axis decompression still under warranty. Perfect start-up opportunity for motivated doctor who wants to live and work in this beautiful mountain community.

Nice and detailed. Mentioned techniques practiced (network patients may not want pettibon care), source of income, time in business, and equipment. This is great stuff, I can get a good idea of what this office would look like. Remember, not everyone knows where these locations are. One could include more details related to location… Silicon Valley is the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California.

Here is one in Pennsylvania…
Northern York Pennsylvania – Attractive office situated beside major Interstate. Family care practice with low rent/overhead. Currently operating only 3 and one-half days. 50% cash, 50% insurance-based. Awesome staff. Doctor must relocate for family.

Let’s get some details on the Interstate. What towns does it connect? What major landmarks are along the Interstate?

Last one…
Wellness-Based Chiropractic Office Chicago
…a successful, lovely, warm, quaint, wellness-based Chiropractic office is now for sale in Chicago, IL. We educate our patients on subluxation and the causes of health and wellness. Located on the north-side of downtown, the practice has been successfully established for 2 years with very little advertising. This wellness oriented practice has many features…not to mention the best patients in the world.

With this ad you know what you are getting. Not the place for a personal injury chiropractor or someone who has no education in wellness care. I’d like some more details on location. Mention some landmarks in the area and get specific when naming businesses surrounding the office. Costco, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Golds Gym, if you have them near by, include information in your ads.