By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m on a roll. Turns out the subluxated fraudbag that targeted e-mails at the classified ad community has been doing so on other web sites as well. We received an e-mail yesterday from someone that was selling a motorcycle in a US state that was contacted by the same individual e-mailing users on our classifieds site.

Thanks to the participation of the community we were able to post information about the suspected fraud. While it’s frustrating for those seeking to sell items to others, it’s motivating to receive e-mails from people that have gained from reading the information we’ve collectively presented. You guys rock!

I got into this in major detail just last week with my 1000 mentions of fraud and phishing but I’m on a roll and I intend to continue posting this info (even if it only helps one other person).

On the topic of fraudulent e-mails when purchasing classified items posted online, here is some communication that should raise flags…

Thanks for the mail and the content is well understood, the information has been receiveed, the check will be mailed out by tommorrow by my creditor and i will notify you with the tracking number of the payment….please note that the check will come with excess funds which will be used for the shipping and handling of the item,all you need to do once u get the check is to take it to bank and cash it instantly and then withdraw the excess funds and have it sent to the shipping company that will be contacting you once the payment is been received by you.

Notice the mention of excess funds, third parties, and shipping companies? This has scam written all over it.

Here is more from the same individual…

Thanks for the mail, the payment will be mailed out by monday, hope u understand that the check is going to come with excess funds so all you need to do is to get the check cashed deduct the funds for the item and then have the rest funds wire to the shipping company that will take care of the pickup of the item, thanks and i hope these is clear to you.

OK, sometimes I have bad spelling too, so that might not be a dead giveaway. But the mention of excess funds and the request to wire money to a shipping company is classic fraud language.

Regardless of what web sites you use for classifieds and / or auctions, pay attention and stay alert to the possibilities that often times the first person contacting you is the fraudulent scammer. They watch for items to be posted on web sites and they move quickly, hoping to separate you from your items before you catch on to what they are up to.