Garden State Education Mobile Unit 1970s

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Here is another historical newspaper clipping featuring chiropractic education in the 1970s, in the state of New Jersey. I recently posted similar photos, one was from an auxiliary fashion show, and the other from a 1973 fitness pageant. There are still a few more photos in the collection to upload. All are related to a 1970s chiropractic movement featuring chiropractors from the Garden State Chiropractic Society in New Jersey.

Garden State Education Mobile Unit

The photo features a vehicle that looks like a converted delivery truck, something like a Grumman delivery vehicle I would have expected to see operated by UPS. The newspaper caption reads…

TO TOUR STATE – This mobile unit will travel throughout New Jersey bringing to the public free information concerning the benefits of Chiropractic Health Care for all ages. Standing with unit is Dr. Raymond G. St. Miklossy of River Vale. The Women’s Auxiliary of The Garden State Chiropractic Society is sponsoring a Men and Women’s Dinner Fashion Show on May 20 at the Cameo Restaurant, Garfield. Men’s fashions will be presented by Zimmerman’s from Rutherford, Women’s fashions by Bell-Ann from Totowa. For Tickets, contact Dr. St. Miklossy at 666-0290.

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  1. The Garden State Chiropractic Society was started circa 1970, by 8 dynamic chiropractors, then disgusted with the medical direction in which our profession (in NJ) was heading. In a few short years, this group turned the state around chiropractically, and had dozens of the most successful chiropractors in NJ (and the nation) actively promoting pure chiropractic in the manner you see displayed in these memorable old photos. Our programs and activities were too numerous to mention here, but our group comprised the nexus for revival of pure chiropractic in the country and the model for many state orginazations to follow……Some great chiropractic stories are hidden in these photos..thanks for publishing them…Lou Panuccio, DC

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