Dillard’s Fashion Show Photos at Parker Seminars

For those chiropractors and staff that were up early in attendance Friday morning at the 2012 Parker Seminars Las Vegas, there was a special presentation on the main stage. Dillard’s, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, and Parker Seminars, put on a fashion show. It was an exciting way to start off a fabulously fashionable Friday morning in Las Vegas.

Dillards women's swimsuit fashionsDillard’s Summer Swimsuit Fashions

Admittedly, I wasn’t prepared for shooting photographs at a fashion show (I would’ve packed a different lens), but I got close enough to get some decent shots. Chiropractors tend to stand still which makes it easier to take their photographs (will post a set of those later), but this event was moving quickly, providing me with some good morning exercise.

female model in red dress with large handbagModeling a Red Dress and Handbag

The models looked terrific and there were even some celebrity chiropractors in the mix. That was the most special treat, and also quite unexpected. I love how the lighting changed throughout the entire fashion event. There were lots of reds, shades of purple, and the big Dillard’s backdrop.

Dillard's Fashion Models Plus SizeContemporary Spring Fashion

Most of the models were women, but there were also fashions for men, would not want anyone in the chiropractic practice to be under dressed. The men modeled casual clothing, as well as fashionable suits and other attire.

Dillard's Casual Men's FashionDillard’s Casual Men’s Fashion

We got to see daytime wear, casual clothing, formal attire, and evening wear. While it wasn’t a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (those models need chiropractic too), it really was the perfect way to present new fashions at a chiropractic conference. Las Vegas is the perfect place for this sort of event.

Teal Eveningwear With Matching WrapTeal Evening Wear with Matching Wrap

Dillard’s had a large area set up, not far from the main hall, where chiropractors and other attendees could shop the latest fashions while at the conference. Parker Seminars has long been known to host chiropractors dressed in their best attire, and many times over the years, I can recall DCs suggesting to be the best dressed in one’s practice. By showing off fashions like this, Parker Seminars is talking the talk and walking the walk.

Eveningwear That's Perfect for a Parker GalaEvening Wear That’s Perfect for a Parker Gala

There are always parties and other events to attend during a Parker Seminars Las Vegas weekend, the Dillard’s Fashion Show made it easy for attendees to pick out new styles that they could where the same day, you didn’t even have to leave the seminar.

Fabrizio Mancini Escorted OnstageParker Chiropractic University President Fabrizio Mancini Escorted Onstage

The handsome gentleman above, sporting fashionable business attire, is none other than Parker University President and Dr. of Chiropractic, Fabrizio Mancini. The work of a chiropractic college president is never done, with fashion shows and mentoring others as part of the job, Fabrizio is a master at both.

Kent Greenawalt Foot LevelersKent Greenawalt of Foot Levelers, Inc

The gentleman with the fabulous posture and terrific gait (and a beautiful fashion model on each arm) is Kent Greenawalt of Foot Levelers, Inc . He is the brainchild behind the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (a nonprofit organization dedicated to generating positive press for the chiropractic profession). The perfect example of F4CP‘s work is NFL superstar Jerry Rice (a longtime chiropractic advocate) as a chiropractic profession spokesperson.

Female Fashion Model Parker SeminarsMore Fashions for Women in Attendance

Like I mentioned earlier, the colors of the stage changed throughout the entire modeling show. The music was a great accompaniment to each person’s fashions were well described by an announcer. The audience had a cheerful time, the event was upbeat, and there was lots of laughter and applause.

Redheaded Model with HandbagModel Struts across Stage with Handbag

Women love their handbags (no man purse seen in this fashion show) and the model pictured above shows us wonderful walking posture and handbag style. Looks like all the models that participated had lots of fun and I thought the event was quite a success. Very professionally done. Did you know chiropractors have been organizing fashion shows for decades? Here’s a newspaper clipping from one held in New Jersey in the 1970s. I believe I even have a clipping from the 1930s somewhere, featuring a Hollywood movie star.

Gilles LaMarche Parker Fashion ShowDr. Gilles Lamarche – Vice President of Seminars and Development at Parker

I loved how chiropractic leadership was worked into the fashion show. Besides the president of Parker University, there were also appearances by Dr. Gilles Lamarche, vice president of Parker Seminars and Development, as well as others. They all looked marvelous and handled the stage with grace and poise.

Chiropractor Carol Ann MaliziaChiropractor Carol Ann Malizia (F4CP Board Member and Functional Wellness Consultant)

The stunning model photographed above, with two handsome gentleman on each side, is functional wellness consultant, Carol Ann Malizia. Dr. Malizia is a chiropractor and board member of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. This was an all class fashion show, and it was a terrific demonstration of multiple groups working together to promote their brands. Nicely done.

Dillard's Fashion Show Las VegasModels and Chiropractors featured in Dillard’s Fashion Show Las Vegas

You can view a more complete set of photographs from the Dillard’s Fashion Show during Parker Seminars in Las Vegas in this Flickr photo set. While I’m a chiropractor by day (actually I’m a chiropractor all the time), my fashion show photography portfolio has been growing. Oakley summer fashions can also be seen in one of my many Flickr photograph sets.

Terrific job by Dillard’s Fashion, Parker Seminars 2012, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, the models, and everyone else that made the fashion show a success.