NFL superstar Jerry Rice named chiropractic spokesman

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Widely regarded as the National Football League’s (NFL) greatest wide receiver, and one of the best players in NFL history, Jerry Rice is now speaking to promote chiropractic health care. An advertising campaign featuring the 10 time All-Pro wide receiver, is appearing on newsstands now, with the print publication of the December 15th issue of ESPN The Magazine.

NFL Superstar Jerry Rice
Former NFL superstar Jerry Rice – photo credit kinetic

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) has enlisted Jerry Rice to be a national spokesperson in delivering the message of chiropractic across the globe. The ESPN Magazine features a full-page advertisement with positive statements by Jerry Rice on how chiropractic made a difference in making him one of the most feared wide receivers in NFL history and a finalist for ABC’s Dancing with the Stars program.

According to the F4CP, the advertisement featuring Jerry Rice is the beginning of a comprehensive public relations effort that will communicate Rice’s endorsement of chiropractic care. Similar advertisements are expected to be placed in publications such as Men’s Fitness, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, and Women’s Health. A press release and video for the media will also be made available to newspapers across the USA.

Jerry Rice is considered by many to have been the most productive receiver in NFL history. Rice is also the only receiver to ever play in the NFL after the age of 40. During his professional NFL career, he played for the San Francisco 49ers, the Oakland Raiders, the Seattle Seahawks, and a short off-season in 2005 with the Denver Broncos.

Rice has scored a total of 207 career touchdowns, has 22,895 receiving yards, and has made 1549 receptions. In addition to being the all-time leader in every major statistical category for NFL wide receivers, Jerry Rice has been selected to the Pro Bowl 13 times and has been named All-Pro 10 times in his 20 NFL seasons. He won 13 Super Bowl rings while playing for the San Francisco 49ers, and an AFC championship when playing for the Oakland Raiders.

When it comes to professional athlete advocates of chiropractic care, the name Jerry Rice can be added to the list, along with Emmitt Smith (who won a DWTS competition), Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, John Stockton, and many others.

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