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26 Mile Plus Sunday Running Marathons

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The 2009 Boston Marathon runs on Monday (420), April 20th, with some 25,000 plus people be taking to the streets, testing their will against Heartbreak Hill (mile 20ish), and racing to the finish line in historic Boston. It’s one of the few US marathons taking place on a Monday, instead of the traditional Sunday morning event.

silver-black-shoesIt’s not the only Marathon that runs on a Monday (in Boston the Marathon may as well be a holiday since schools and many places close for the day), the Los Angeles Marathon has decided to move their normal running date of mid March to Memorial Day in May (May 25th, 2009 is the next LA Marathon).

We’ve covered quite a few Marathons on Planet Chiropractic, and I cannot recall a single race that didn’t involve chiropractors as participants, as volunteers, or as biomechanical engineers for patients running in particular races. For whatever reason, Marathons and Chiropractors, go together well.

I’m not running Boston (I doubt I would qualify) and I’m not planning to run LA in May (at least not the 2009 race), but I hit the beach today for a run in the sun, and will likely hit up another half marathon or 10k before the year is out.

I provide chiropractic care to many runners who frequent the beach (we’re coastal so no surprise there) and I’ve expressed thoughts on running marathons in previous news posts. While the races have been run, I’ve put together a Sunday Summary of marathon coverage we’ve reported on in the past, from NYC to Honolulu.

New York City Marathon 2008 — On Sunday morning, November 2, an estimated 39,000 runners of every pace, ability and marathon experience level, will run 26.2 miles through the streets of 5 New York City boroughs. In addition, more than 2 million spectators are expected to turn out to cheer on family, friends, and fellow runners. The 2008 New York City Marathon, presented by ING, will start in Staten Island at the base of the Verrazano Bridge, and finish in Central Park.

Chiropractor Vincent Malba runs New York Marathon — After having covered news related to the 2008 NYC Marathon we were tipped off to the involvement of one chiropractor who was extremely excited about participating and promoting chiropractic. Dr. Vincent Malba ran the 26.2 mile journey through all five boroughs of New York City, with a chiropractic shirt on his back. We contacted Dr. Malba to ask him what the event was like.

2008 Pasadena Marathon — Despite Southern California fires burning in Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda, Sylmar, and surrounding areas, the city of Pasadena is expected to host its first marathon on Sunday morning, November 16, 2008. The race is expected to begin at 6:30 a.m. Event organizers are consulting with local air quality experts, as well as health and fire officials, to determine whether there should be last-minute adjustments, or even a cancellation of the Pasadena Marathon. Race related announcements will be made after 4 a.m. on Sunday morning (race day). The inaugural Pasadena Marathon was canceled due to smoke and ash in the air from local California wildfires.

December 7th is Marathon Sunday — This weekend was a time for marathons, half marathons, 10ks, and other foot races, all across the United States. From the Memphis marathon to the Las Vegas marathon, runners across America hit the asphalt for 26.2 miles, raising money for charities, and achieving personal health and fitness goals nationwide.

2008 Charlotte Rocket City Dallas & Honolulu Marathons — Marathons taking place this weekend across the United States include the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville Alabama, the Thunder Road Marathon in Charlotte North Carolina, the White Rock Marathon in Dallas Texas, and the 2008 Marathon in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Alabama Marathon and the North Carolina Marathon took place today, Saturday December 13, 2008. The 2008 Dallas Marathon and Honolulu marathon events are scheduled for Sunday morning, December 14th. For those running and volunteering, we put together a list of marathon sites, along with links for marathon results and photos. Here is to running and being healthy!

2009 Pasadena Marathon — A crowd of over 8,000 runners, walkers and cyclists will hit the streets of Pasadena, California, Sunday morning to compete in the 2009 inaugural Pasadena marathon, half marathon, bike tour, 5K and fun run/walk. The 26.2 mile full marathon and 13.1 mile half marathon will begin at 6:30 a.m. in Pasadena, CA. Weather forecasts show a 70% chance of precipitation and possible thunderstorms, but race events will continue rain or shine.

Los Angeles Marathon & Chiropractic — (2006) I have been running for years, so it is only natural that Los Angeles runners continue to show up in our chiropractic office. Most of those that are referred by fellow runners already have an idea of my philosophy towards the sport. I still get new people coming through the front door that don’t know about my excitement for running.

Twitter Search Brings Local Marathon Online — There’s been much discussion the past few weeks regarding the micro blogging service Twitter as a real time search engine. While the debate continues (I say it’s a human powered search help tool) I’ll keep “searching” the real-time events I’m interested in. For me, Twitter has become the first place I go to find the latest up to date information, and a runners marathon in Pasadena, CA, provides an excellent localized example, of why I love it so much.

Nike Women’s Marathon San Francisco — San Francisco: Massive crowds gathered today in San Francisco’s Union Square district in preparation for Sundays October 21st Nike Women’s Marathon. Thousands of women were getting registered, receiving foot massages, back rubs, pedicures, and getting treated to beverages such as Jamba Juice smoothies.

2008 Philadelphia Marathon — An estimated 18000 runners are expected to participate in today’s 2008 Philadelphia Marathon, which starts at 7am at 22nd & Benjamin Franklin Parkway in the city of Philadelphia, PA. The event is sold out and weather is looking perfect for the race. Current morning temps are expected to be in the low 40’s with around 50% humidity. Skies are expected to be mostly cloudy throughout race day. The Philadelphia Marathon is considered a Boston Qualifier, and it’s likely a number of qualifiers from Philly will head to the 2009 Boston Marathon.

Chiropractic Non-Profit in 2009 Chicago Marathon — This year’s Chicago Marathon will feature its’ first Chiropractic running team. Non-Profit Chiropractic Organization (NPCO) is excited to announce its’ participation in the 2009 Bank of America Chicago Marathon being held on Sunday, October 11, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. As a Contributing Charity, NPCO has committed to recruiting a team of 70 runners to “run with a vision.”

For those of you in SoCal, watch for 2009 OC Marathon race info (May 3), LA Marathon 2009 (May 25), and San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon (May 31), all taking place during the month of May.

Twitter Blog Mentions To Date

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Now that Oprah and Ashton Kutcher are talking about Twitter, I guess more people are going to be increasingly getting in on the conversation. I wasn’t sure when I first started mentioning the microblogging service on Chiropractic Blogs so I did some searching through the archives.

Looks like I first made mention of the service on November 4th of 2007, in a post about the 1 Second Film Project. I’d been using Twitter for a few months before that time, but I wasn’t too active in posting tweets. It was the BarCamp 4 Los Angeles event in November where I came face to face with 100+ other Twitter users, that weekend changed my perspective and attitude regarding 140 character potentials.


I had another twitter account (created sometime in 2006) but sometime around November 07  I switched to the @chiropractic account. That’s been my primary account since. There’s a Twitter account for this blog but I’d have to search for it since I’ve not checked it in a while.

OK, not that you care, but after those dates of Nov 07 I found the following posts in my Twitter search…

Cell Phone Use in the Office – Wow, back in 2007 people were using Twitter in my office, we’ve got a bunch of tech nerds in Los Angeles (that is for sure). Funny enough, we have totally abandoned the Cell Phone Policy in our practice, mostly because almost nobody talks on their phone while in the office (they know better). Today, I’ll walk into an adjusting room and someone will be tweeting away, checking email on their Blackberry Storm, of playing with some iPhone App. I’d say they should be relaxing but I’d likely be doing the same if the situation were reversed.

Blogging SOAP Note Taking Laptop Stations – SOAP notes are notes chiropractors make on charts (or computer screens) when seeing patients. Back in December of 2007 I mentioned I don’t include subluxation information in my tweets, and that’s still the case (mostly). Twitter for me has 1) been a way to communicate with friends in search and social media 2) been a way to share meaningless stuff 3) follow what’s going on around the globe.

Chicago Airport WiFi not Free – Who knew that wifi at Midway Airport in Chicago wasn’t free? I don’t think it is still, since I recently got a meesage from someone saying thanks for the post, since they couldn’t locate Free WiFi in the airport either.

Running to Blow That Writer’s Block – A brief mention of Twitter in that post but it mostly talks about what a few of us do for clearing out writers block when it sets in. I did go running today and came home with great ideas for new posts. I love that feeling.

Following Twitter Tweets Beyond 10 Pages – The tutorial and information in that post from January 2008 is basically useless since Twitter has updated page design which includes a “more” button at the bottom of the page. A much better user experience thanks to the change.

Marketing after 30 Seconds of Superbowl Fame – This Feb 2008 post was a great example of twitter in use for me. I got help from several respected SEO experts on the topic of personal brand marketing related to the superbowl.

Nerds Are Taking over Hollywood and Santa Monica – There was a news reporter in Los Angeles that predicted Santa Monica would grow as a tech community, he was dead on in his prediction and timing. Not too much Twitter discussion in the post, merely a brief mention, along with other tech tools I’ve used over the years.

Blogging is the way to get traffic to my site – Don’t read that post if you’re an Internet Marketer, it’s stuff that’s way basic and you already know it. Only mentioned Twitter once while doing an interview with Andrew Warner, the post is a transcribed portion of the interview.

Going to be more press in upcoming weeks – Anyone that thinks Twitter is a waste of time is going to fail on trying to get that message through to me. A single simple tweet made in early 2008 resulted in a full page USA Today story for my ADIO Chiropractic office in Los Angeles. That was a MONEY day for sure.

Business Card Karma May 2008 – Almost zero business cards in my home office now since everything that comes through the door gets scanned and saved digitally. Mention of twitter only because I wanted my next business card to include a twitter chiropractic profile on it.

Realtime results for Chiropractic on Twitter – By May 2008 we we’re getting a bit more involved in Twitter activity for blog posts. I began doing some address based testing about that time and a related post was made. Most information like what’s in the post has more value when it’s discovered than it does a year later, mostly due to algorith changes and changes in how Twitter functions.

first chiropractic appt ever was awesome – I love this about twitter (I loved it then and I love it now) since I get a glimpse into realworld discussions taking place worldwide. Whether the conversation be positive (in this case it is) or negative (amazingly rare) I get to see what’s going on globally. Very cool.

Blogging from the LA Auto Show – Again, brief mentions of twitter, but I don’t think I’d have been invited to the Auto Show in Los Angeles had it not been for the 140 character platform.

FLU SHOT Survey: Getting one? Got one? No plans to get shot? – A very interesting tweet for sure. I didn’t ask a group of chiropractors (very few chiropractors were active on twitter at this time), I asked in general and got back some interesting results. Notice we heard hardly anything about the flu this year? It barely made the news amongst all the fear discussion of our nations economy. When the markets get good again, we can go back to pushing the poisons.

Potential Keyphrase Ranking with Twitter – This one was very interesting as I had some SEO ppl say it was worhtless to try and gain local knowledge regarding twitter. What? Worthless to test and see what kind of results come back? I don’t nearly talk about chiropractic as much as I could and I’ve had a number of conversions for chiropractors (either myself or others) via twitter. Interesting indeed, and some of the resulting pages ranked high on page #1 for months. Hmmmmmm, I likes it.

Ultimate Man Purse for Valentine’s Day – No twitter discussion here, just a mention regarding the service and spending our days using it. I’ve got one more post to link and then I’m out, I’m seeing a timeline of mentions but less posts that go into microblogging detail.

Constant Content Creation Drives Traffic – Several mentions of twitter in this post, Friday nigth and preparing for week of content creation ahead (did that again this weekend and it feels good). Create fresh content, use Twitter to get feedback from others, sprinkle your posts with love and good information, rinse and repeat.

I skipped a few posts but I honestly thought there would only be 5 or 6 tweet related posts made since 2007, I was mistaken.

20 Crazy Word Combos

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Checking website stats is a funny thing. On a chiropractic blog you’d expect to see results for terms like chiropractic, chiropractor, and other things directly related to the field, but there’s so many seemingly unrelated words that bring visitors… to all websites. I like the process of discovering what those words are.

black-high-heeled-leather-pumpsThe photo to the left will start us off. It was taken as part of a functional leg length assessment but that’s not what people see. What many see is a pair of Black High Heeled Leather Stitched Pumps and that’s what they may be searching for.

That’s why when you create content it’s always important to be as descriptive as you can, don’t forget locations and be sure to use granular terms.

I inspected 20 phrases that were traffic drivers during the month of March, and summarized them into one list. You may never know what’s going to drive your traffic (but you’re better off having a clue).

feel good words – Ppl love words that feel good. In 2007 I put together a list of 101 words like blessed, charismatic, dedicated, delightful, and others that lean on the side of positivity. It’s long been a popularly searched post.

naked massage – All I can say is there’s some real odd searches going on and I found nothing on this site related to nude massage. I figure folks are seeking out photos of or locations for getting naked massage. I’m having the feeling more are interested in a naked massage therapist vs. the standard naked person getting muscles worked on (with a towel covering private parts of course).

tushy massage – Apparently now we are in the gutter. I had no idea this was a term associated with a whole range of NSFW (not safe for work) websites. Needless to say there’s no content fitting the tushy category here so we’re likely not making those searchers happy.

manipulation under anesthesia – The often fought about and ever so controversial MUA or Manipulation under Anesthesia. One article from 2007 has continued to bring traffic for the term. Some I’ve spoken to think chiropractors practicing MUA should be jailed and sent to prison and others say it should be expanded into a greater scope of practice for chiropractic medicine. Will have to revisit this topic on another date.

victoria secret models names and pictures – This is one of those longtail keyword posts that you never know about. Hard to predict people will perform that search but the result is a nice set of models showing off beautiful postures from the 2008 televised show in Florida.

man purse – LOL. I bought a “man bag” from Tumi around Christmas time and geek friends have been making fun of it ever since. Interestingly when I open it up and show there’s a laptop netbook, camera, flip video cam, phone, and other electronics inside they decide they want one as well. Every tech guy should have a Man Purse.

obama’s dog’s name – Did the President ever name his dog? Last I heard the family choose a Portuguese water dog as the breed but I still don’t know what Obama (or his kids for that matter) named his dog. Sure we’ll get that one added in the comments.

chiropractic marketing – That’s a fairly general keyword phrase when it comes to chiropractor marketing ideas. Again, a popular 2007 post on 23 ways to market while in practice (very popular among non chiropractors as well) is the top hit.

candice michelle – A name that’s popular in the world of WWE and chiropractic, I noticed 12 or more posts on this blog related to a Santa Monica chiropractors wife Candice Michelle. Since she shows up at chiropractor events and parties it’s hard not to include Candice and Friends in posts.

chiropractic marketing ideas – A longtail version of the marketing keyword above. Just shows that more than one phrase may be responsible for site visitors. Remember, constant content creation is where it’s at.

tattoo – Wow! We get a good amount of traffic for that singly inked keyword. That’s one I think we could capitalize on, since so many women come to offices sporting tattoos in the lumbar spine region.

used chiropractic tables – I still get emails from people wanting to know if I’m selling the chiropractic table shown in the photo with that post. That was nearly 2 years ago and it’s long gone. However, It’s been a popular term that ends up with ppl going to the chiropractic classifieds to view tables and equipment for sale.

used chiropractic equipment – This ends up on the same post. Very important for those doing keyword research. Notice the difference between tables and equipment, one will usually do better than the other, but both drive traffic. – I LOVE seeing that a search for this IP address is being conducted and people are ending up here. We experienced a scammer attempting to defraud people and all activity was pointing back to that IP address. Turns out there’s now a bunch of search results related to spam and scams associated with that IP.

patriot memory stick – Most likely people are looking to price compare or get reviews on the patriot memory sticks. At the time I posted I had purchased an 8gb stick but I’ve since gotten a 16gb and 32gb stick. I like them because they feel tough (these usb sticks are housed in a rubber casing).

chiropractic office design – This one is interesting. There’s a detailed post on office designs for chiropractors on but the blog post is getting traffic as well. I get quite a few emails regarding offices and how they are setup. I think all chiropractors should take photos of room layouts and share them with one another. Great for developing new ideas.

what does rss feed stand for – Never assume everyone knows the basics. Reading that post today I think it’s time to update it and explain in greater detail what RSS stands for. I mentioned Really Subluxated Spine but that’s not what people are searching for.

chiropractic business card – Top result for the business card search is a post showing 2 card designs. There’s actually plenty of business card related posts on this blog, including one with my contact information.

plastic bones – When kids go to medical school or any other schooling where anatomy is taught they usually work with plastic bones (real human bones are less common nowadays). This was another topic where I noticed several posts discussing bones made of plastic. The plastic spine keychains image has actually gotten my new patients, go figure.

cervical spine x-ray – LMFAO because this one is indexed as an image search. It’s a great lateral cervical film but I hope nobody is taking the markings seriously, even though they would be anatomically correct and it’s a great way to remember structures for exams.

OK, that’s plenty of terms that seem to have no relationship to one another but all end up getting people to come and visit (if even briefly). Have a super day!

Constant Content Creation Drives Traffic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

What’s a geek chiropractor to do on Friday night? Well, I came home from the office (a rocking week serving Los Angeles) and cleared an 8′ whiteboard in my home office, so I could set week ahead goals on it.

I showered, weighed in (195), posted next 7 days of workouts, vitamin intake schedule, and plans for 9 blog/news posts to be completed. I love setting goals. More than that, I love checking those goals off the old school way (check marked and erased).

tweets-mike-gvI sat down to get started on the first post, paused to tweet what I was doing, and then spotted an interesting coincidence.

Look at the tweetdeck screenshot to the left, @garyvee tweeted regarding content at exactly the same time as I did (@chiropractic).

Thanks to @adamstrong for bringing that to my attention.

What I liked about this was here was someone else (on a Friday night nonetheless) essentially answereing the question I get asked MOST when I met people. “How do you create so much content?” has got to be the top question I get from people starting out.

daily content on your blog/vlog/podcast/site is a necessity for victory ( making money) don’t let up and never stop! – @garyvee

I’ll give the credit for the daily content creation motivation to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. I believe I once heard Arnold say something in the nature of… “if you can focus 15 minutes a day to a task, in 10 short years you can become an expert.” So in 1999, one of my goals became to develop fresh content daily, and to develop skills so that much of that content could be created in about 15 minutes.

I’m actually getting near the 10 year mark (chiropractic news archived content since June 1999) and I can confidently say I finally feel like an expert (although I’m excited to continue learning) in creating and posting content.

A BIG thing I learned over the years is that not everyone is interested in daily topics on chiropractic (not even chiropractors) and I had to get creative in order to continue growing. One of the best examples I have of getting creative was a post (written in ~ 15 minutes) related to the 2007 Van Halen Tour with David Lee Roth.

Van Halen became a hot topic that weekend, and being a huge fan, I wanted to get a group of nationwide chiropractors together to volunteer tour services. Nothing that incredibly creative actually.

Well, a national reporter seemed to think it was, and I soon found myself being questioned as to why a chiropractic site ranked so high for the term Van Halen. That questioning resulted in a full page spread in a national print newspaper, an article on the homepage of CNN Money, and several related news web site posts.

Use a Top Story and Tie it into Your Site

How do I do it? I’ve honestly forgotten how I did it when I first started, but that was over 3000 days ago. I’ll tell you how I do it now. Today, I cleared the whiteboard and laid out the general topic headlines of the 9 posts (to be completed within next 7 days).

There’s news about a recording artist and her chiropractic care, a pro cyclist and her chiropractic care, one on search keywords, a how to article, a post regarding upcoming holidays, insurance billing codes, and one on shoulders. Not all will be completed, but in the process I’ll come up with ideas for a next set of posts, and I’ll likely have 6+ done by Sunday night.

That does not mean I’ll spend the weekend inside on the computer. No way, I live at the beach for a reason. There’s running time, family time, dog time, movie time, and other time too. Only the posts that require significant research should take longer than 20 minutes each to complete, and fortunately, nowadays I’m not the only one creating content.


Chiropractors Having Fun and Loving Life

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s an odd thing, most of the chiropractors I know love what they do. They may not be crazy about every little detail but in general they are pretty darned happy with the choices they’ve made and the service they provide. I like that. Something to be said about individuals that on the weekend, do what they do during the week, because they enjoy it so much. I’m talking about living life, you may as well live it up!


That’s Arizona Chiropractor Dr. Fred Schofield getting his spine checked while attending DCS in Orange County. You mean chiropractors get adjusted? I find that a funny question but people bring it up frequesntly when I mention I’m on my way to see the Chiropractor. Personally, I find a great question for new patients to ask their chiropractor is “Who adjusts you?” If there’s hesitation in answering I’d consider going elsewhere.


Ask either of these 2 beautiful people who is adjusting them and you’ll get an answer. Harry (on the left) manages the office at Dr. Suzanne Frye’s Antelope Valley Spinal Care in Lancaster, CA. That’s Santa Clarita Chiropractor, Dr. Carolyn Griffin, on his right. Dr. Griffin was featured in a 2007 Planet Chiropractic Five Fantastic Female Chiropractors post. She is fantastic, and I’ve been sending all my Magic Mountian area friends her way.


On the flipside of Orange County is the San Clemente area. Chiropractor Tim Swift takes good photos and it was great catching up with him while at the OC event. Dr. Swift was featured in a Meet a Chiropractor series last summer. He’s also sommeone I’d recommend going to see.

Looks like I’m going in 3’s now, w/3 photos in the OC Valley post and the 3 Amigos (but not 3 photos). A few more photo posts to go, I appreciate those that take the time to share what’s going on when I see you at events. Keep on Smiling!

3 Amigos in Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Why would 3 chiropractors travel from places like Seattle, Illinois, and Ontario Canada to Orange County California? Because SoCal Rocks! Seriously, it’s impressive to see chiropractors travelling such long distances to attend events like the 2009 DCS Orange County event that took place last week at the Performing Arts Center.

Big deal huh? Understand this, these chiropractors (and all the rest that attended) were not getting professional credits for chiropractor continuing education, they were not learning secrets of online internet marketing, and they were not there to visit local amusement parks. Why travel the distances? Because these (and other) chiropractors are passionate about what they do. They are turned on enough about their lives and profession that they desire to gather with others in celebration of what they do.


This is one of many photos Planet Chiropractic took of groups of chiropractors hanging and smiling together. Orange County is not the only place DCs get together for events like these, Chiropractors on the East Coast have been gathering in Florida, New Jersey, and other areas for many years. Again, not for license renewal and continuing education, or the latest money making secrets, they get together because they love what they do.

On the left in the photo is Bolingbrook Chiropractor Dr. Jeffrey S. Garofalo, of New Life Chiropractic. I like the term “New Life” as it reminds me of playing cowboys and indians as a kid. If you got shot dead you could always shout “new life” and get back in the game. Get adjusted by Chiropractor Garofalo is like getting a New Life opportunity in real life. He’s that good at what he does.

Center in the photo is Seattle Chiropractor Lawrence Clayman. I’ve picked on Dr. Clayman the past few years since he’s been raising kids and I spend money on gadgets he chooses not to buy. He does choose to continue learning more about why others have chosen the industry of chiropractic and he is extremely passionate about what he does. Dr. Clayman runs the Roxbury Spine and Wellness Clinic on Roxbury Street (Seattle). A Day at the Roxbury would do you good.

On the right side is Dr. Ruminder Birk, Vaughan Ontario Chiropractor, and I think he travelled the farthest distance of all the chiropractors I know in attendance that weekend. Should he receive a medal? I don’t know, but he should certainly be recognized as chiropractor in the community that is fired up about his life and work.

Ever hang out with people that hate their jobs, hate their lives, and feel like crap all the time? Can’t say that I come across those types to often. Thankfully, that’s a good thing (imo).

These, and the other chiropractors that attended, deserve recognition for their weekend commitment in doing what successful and forward thinking people do in order to stay focused on service and enjoyment of life.

I noticed these were some of the same DCs attending the 2008 April Roundtable event in Las Vegas and I also noticed April 2009 is right around the corner. 2009 Roundtable is on the agenda and the Planet Chiropractic Crew is on schedule to be in Vegas April 10th – 12th (Easter Weekend). Looking forward to outdoing the 2008 event!

Your Marijuana Site LOL

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

An interesting and funny email arrived in my gmail inbox today. It was headed “Your Marijuana Site” and included a link request to another site. My Marijuana Site? WTF?

marijuana-sweetleaf(photo credit: gecko.juice)

The email begins…

As I was surfing around msn , I discovered your website: I am trying to add as many informative websites as possible to my site. Which in turn will benefit my users as well as provide you with relevant traffic to your site. I have a website with about 5,000 – 7,000 people on it per day who fit the same demographic as your site.

That was followed by a request to link back (reciprocal link exchange) to the homepage of the referring site.

I found this sentence rather amusing…

Some website owners do not like when other sites link to them so I thought I might ask for your review.

Since when is Planet Chiropractic a Marijuana Site? I thought that was odd. Interesting link exchange request though. The link back was tracked to see if I’d follow through and visit the other site. That approach alone could be worth some traffic. Mind you this was an unsolicited email I received.

I did a Marijuana search on the blog and a few posts did come up but I didn’t realize anything was in the SERPs. There was this Drug Free Great T-Shirt to Wear at Your Chiropractors postin which marijuana was mentioned, this Medical Marijuana MD Referrals post regarding local MDs soliciting new patients from chiropractors, this School Kid Saying No to Drugs post (an image I find funny to this day) of a minor stoned on prescription meds, this Popular Keywords in Alternative Medicine Category post (which is simply a summary of top alternative health keywords), and this Miscellaneous Mail before Thanksgiving post regarding marketing materials being received at my Los Angeles Chiropractic office.

OK, more Mary Jane posts than I realized, but most only mentioned the word once or twice. I searched PC News archives and 8 more posts including the term Marijuana where in results.

There was a recent Marijuana Medicine Practices Are Hazy and Confusing post regarding facilities in California, West Los Angeles Marijuana vending machines (wonder how business is for them), and a few other posts that included the green sticky bud ganga term.

Wonder what I’ll get link requests for next, my Vaccines Website?

Ultimate Man Purse for Valentine’s Day

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Ladies, if you have a geeky man in your life, consider a Man Bag (aka Man Purse) or any of the items that go in it, as the perfect 2009 Valentine’s Day gift. Trust me, most guys receiving any of these items, will love you long time.

I’m proud of my Man purse, even though my friends have made fun of it when out on the weekend. I’m not the metrosexual type, so maybe a man bag looks peculiar on my shoulder. However, I am a total geek, and when my manly nerd friends see what’s inside my bag, their comments turn to geeky envy.

Earlier this morning Loren Baker tweeted me a message saying “I wanna check out your man purse…” which got me thinking about the awesome collection of gadgets found in my bag. I realized have never posted anything regarding it, and with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I thought this would be the perfect time.

man purse LOL

Okay guys, here we go with my man fashion show. There are tons of bags available, but this one worked perfect for me. With the popularity of netbooks growing, I think this size of a bag will continue to be a big hit. Ladies, looking for ideas for the man in your life that spends all day on Twitter and Digg? Any of these items should do the trick as a geek guys Valentine’s Day gift.


This particular bag I got from a TUMI store, which you can find in most high end malls across America. There are even TUMI outlet stores at some of the consumer outlet centers. I believe this particular bag is called “Ducati” and it comes in several different colors. Black worked fine for me. Looks kind of manly if I do say so myself.

It’s a nice bag, you can see the zippers and the hole where MP3 earbuds can pass through. But these bags offer much more for the on the go blogger, citizen journalist, or just basically geek guy that needs to have his technology available at all times. Girls, please understand (and I know some of you do), some of these items are as essential to us as lip gloss and whatever else it is that you keep in your girl purse.

Feast your eyes on what comfortably fits inside the typical Man Purse (you can add or remove items as you see fit). Click on the image (on Flickr) to get a selection of larger views.


I think that every man geek should have at least some of these electronics, and the woman that allows us to bring things like these to a Valentine’s dinner is going to have our hearts forever. You never know when you need to get online and tweet your friends. Maybe there’s an actor gong on a major rant or a plane landing on the river. With items like these in your man bag, you’ll be ready to capture all the action and share it with the world.

Okay, here’s a rundown of what’s in my bag. An Asus Eee PC 7 inch laptop (got mine at, which is perfect for checking Internet while on the road. I don’t recommend working with it all the time, but if you’re at a restaurant, bar, or out with friends, and want to surf the net, it’s the perfect netbook PC. Prices on these range from mid $200’s to mid $300’s depending on which options you get.

A Flip Video camera for citizen journalism. The new Flip HD mino is on my Valentine’s list, but I’m very happy with the one I have now. This is an essential Man Purse item, and it’s fairly affordable. Prices range from $89 to $250, depending on which model your purchasing. For those of you seeking some Valentine’s spice, you could even use it in the bedroom.

An iPod (I have the 16gb iPod Touch) or iPhone. Most Man geeks are already going to have one of these items, but the bag makes it easier for us to carry them around. Walking around showing off your iPhone is so 2008, time to keep it in a safe place.

Good-quality earbuds. I have a set of earbuds from Shure and they think they were around 150 bucks. Shure and other companies make some pretty high quality earbuds that range in price is from $50 to $450. I’m not a crazy audiophile, and I find the midrange earbuds work perfect for my needs.

What else is in the bag? We’ve got a laptop, cell phone (in the photo I used my LG Voyager), video camera, MP3 player and earbuds. I consider these the essentials. There’s still room for more stuff without putting a strain on your man’s neck (that wouldn’t be a good thing).

I also suggest getting a mini tripod, just in case you might need one for your video camera or digital camera. By the way, I also keep a Nikon coolpix digital camera in my bag, but I was using it to take photos, so it’s not in the picture.

Things like adapters for SD cards, USB memory sticks, and various cables, are also good items to keep in the bag. That’s not including other things like business cards, a good supply of mints and gum, and maybe a credit card or some cash tucked away in a side pocket. There’s lots of pockets in the bag I got from TUMI, and I checked out a lot of bags before I got this one.

OK, those are my ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for geek men. If you could think of any other essentials, feel free to add them in the comments. chiropractor contact information

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There must be dozens of different ways to contact me. I’m sure the experience is similar for you. Most of us have that primary e-mail address, then there’s the e-mail address used when we want to mark things sent as spam, and e-mail addresses used when not communicating with friends and family. I estimate I have about a dozen different e-mail addresses that get used regularly, I just don’t get a chance to check them on a daily basis.

Earlier this year I had a new business card created that didn’t have any information from my chiropractic office on it. Since we’ve handed out thousands upon thousands of cards from my office, people have often called me for Internet questions, marketing information, or other stuff I wouldn’t consider related to my chiropractic business. So for 2008 I had the new card created.

I used one of those online business card making sites (cards arrived in about a week) to put together this simple card with several ways to contact me. It’s interesting that since I had the cards made I’ve discovered messaging me via twitter is probably one of the best ways to get in touch. You can also send me e-mail but I sometimes don’t check it for several days at a time, especially when traveling. You can call me on my cell phone but I almost never answer it during chiropractic office hours (Monday through Friday). Sending me a message on Twitter however, will typically get noticed (my apologies if for some reason I have not replied to you yet).

Sending information via snail mail is actually still very effective, especially when it’s handwritten. I think that the majority of chiropractors that took the time to personally mail me stuff in 2008, got mentions in the news, posts on this blog, and other types of thank you replies.

2008 Year End Chiropractor Thank Yous

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There’s some cleaning up going on at the planetchiropractic world headquarters in Los Angeles, and I’m being thankful while going through files and documents from the years passed. There are lots of chiropractors to thank, but I like to do some shout outs on names and addresses from time to time. Your continued use of the site and your support is greatly appreciated, many thanks.

The little guy in the image above (n8) used to appear on the homepage of the planetc1site around January 2000. It’s one of thousands of images sitting on local hard drives. We actually took steps recently the move this and other content online, perhaps on the chiropractic media domain.

Saying thank you from planetchiropractic…

Dr. Robert Berry – Annabel Chiropractic Center – 316 East Main Street, Montour Falls, NY 14865 (607) 535-7080

Dr. David Phipps – Phipps Chiropractic Clinic – 100 North Cottonwood, #104 Richardson, TX 75080 (214) 437-5800

Dr. Steven Silk – Wiarton Family Chiropractic Centre – 417 Brown St., Wiarton, Ontario – Canada (519) 534-1330

Dr. Jamie Settimi – Settimi Chiropractic Center – 17800 West Bluemound Road – Brookfield, WI – (262) 789-0576

Dr. Walter Sanchez – 3826 W. 16th Ave., Hialeah, FL 33012 (305) 821-1800

Thanks also to all of the chiropractors who participated in the Cinco de Mayo May 5th chiropractors post earlier this year. The “meet a chiropractor” series came out of that post, and we still have chiropractic interviews to add to the news, thanks to all of the chiropractors that provided feedback.

Some of the chiropractors since the May 5 post were Danella Whittaker, Nick Baker, Scott Swanson of San Francisco, Nicholas Campos, Tim Swift, and others.

Thanks again everybody!