Month: November 2008

25 Chiropractic Pages URLs

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Chiropractors are expected to keep tabs on how many new patients their offices get each week, how many total visits the office had for the week, what were over-the-counter cash collections, etc. Keeping logs is extremely important for any business, and paying attention to what’s going on with your chiropractic website, is important as well.

Moments ago I took a screen shot of the top 25 pages accessed during the month of November. I won’t review all of them, but I’m going to highlight about 10 (out of the over 20,000 different pages accessed) pages. We look at log files for various reasons, I’ll get into a bit of that as well.

The information above may not make any sense to you, but it’s part of my November wrap up summary, and if you want to learn what people are searching for in the world of chiropractic, it will help to pay attention.

There was a lot of traffic to the web site during the month of November. Traffic was double that of the month of October. Topping out the most pages visited were people checking out classified advertisements, followed by people reading chiropractic news articles. 3rd most popular pages were the chiropractic seminars and events, followed by a visit to the homepage.

So looking at the top four, we have classifieds, news, seminars, and the homepage. After that, there is lots of activity in search, visits to the information pages, more search queries, and finally the media pages. The fact that there are so many search queries going on tells us we have a considerable amount of work to do in organizing content so it’s easier to find. That’s an important reason enough to be checking your site log files.

Amongst featured articles, assessing the salary of a chiropractor, continues to be popular, and results in lots of e-mails from practicing DCs and perspective chiropractic students. It’s impressive to see RSS feeds climbing in the logs, since only a year ago, they were not being accessed so frequently. The what it’s like to be a chiropractor in Los Angeles article continues to be popular with visitors to the site. An update on that post is overdue.

Lots of browsing taking place through the news archives (10 years worth of content) and direct browsing of the news pages. A post on pregnancy and chiropractic was popular for the month of November, as were visits to the godaddy girl Candace Michelle Playboy related post. Pretty safe to figure which demographic is visiting those pages, and it’s likely not the same group of people viewing both posts.

A chiropractic Christmas tree post from December of 2007 is suddenly popular again. That one will probably get a lot more traffic in December 2008. The particular tree shown in the photo is being lit this week at our LA based chiropractic office.

Nice to see so many searches for local chiropractors taking place. Perhaps there will be another chiropractors post taking place before May of 2009. I’d like to see that happen.

Finally, the office design article received a considerable amount of traffic as well. Photos and videos of chiropractic adjusting areas and other related office design posts would be nice to see in 2009. I’m thinking of incentivizing some chiropractors to share photos from their office, since there’s really some spectacular looking (and functioning) facilities out there.

Righty oh, that’s it for the November log round up of what’s hot, and what’s not.

November 2008 Month in Review

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

2008 November is the month the United States elected their 44th president, but that’s not the only event that took place during this historical autumn month. There were marathons (and even canceled marathons), parades, music awards, green car awards, devastating fires in the state of California, and numerous other events. We saw chiropractor income reports, chiropractors running marathons, questions on chiropractic practice, and other topics hitting the homepage of This post serves as a round up for the month of November 2008.

The 2008 New York City Marathon was run on Sunday morning, November 2, and the 26.2 mile race stretched across five New York City boroughs. New Jersey Chiropractor Vincent Malba ran in the race, with a Oklahaven chiropractic T-shirt on his back. The New York City event was the same morning of the nation’s 2008 daylight savings time change and there were undoubtedly those individuals arriving for the race an hour early, and I suspect there was at least one unfortunate someone arriving an hour late.

Electric Mini Cooper(photo: checking out the all Electric Mini Cooper at the LA Auto Show)

On November 1st we took a look at Obama McCain Keyphrases Used On Search Engines and something that will never happen again. I mentioned in that post that hindsight for search is 2020, as I was not expecting October website traffic to include so many politically related terms such as obama chiropractic, obama and chiropractic, obama on chiropractic, mccain and chiropractic, and chiropractors for mccain.

Early in November we had a chiropractor income report that showed chiropractic collection data for offices in 2007. The last few months have shown the fastest increase ever in practices for sale, listed in the classifieds, now totaling over 800.

On November 3rd, we were doing our part in helping people in the United States figure out where to vote. Once that information was established, election Day morning was focused on educating others as to what times the polls closed across the US. And like a million other news web sites, by late Tuesday evening we had news that Barack Hussein Obama had been elected 44th president of the United States. We stayed on target the following Wednesday morning with a summary post of chiropractic ads for November 5th.

There was news of the 2009 DCS California Jam taking place Rock Concert California Chiro Style in Orange County. Billed as the World’s Biggest Chiropractic Party, this March 7th event promises to be off the hook Southern California style.

Early November also marks Veterans Day and we posted information regarding various Veterans Day Parade events taking place throughout the US. This year, Veterans Day 2008, fell on a Tuesday, and many government facilities (and US banks) were closed for the day.

Less than a week after the presidential election, Obamania in Obamerica was becoming apparent in search results. There is no Obama White House dog as of yet, but terms like Obamapractic and Obamapractor now exist in search results.

The targeting of online sellers continued to receive press in Novembers operation fraud post. What at first was news being posted for users of planet chiropractic classifieds, is now being read by users of classified advertisement web sites across the globe. We continue to receive e-mails from individuals with reports of being targeted by the same scammers. Feels good to know we’re getting the message out there.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008, were the 42nd Annual CMA Awards. I know several chiropractors that work very closely with country recording artists, and they were pretty excited about the nominees for 2008 CMA awards. It’s a great feeling knowing you’re connected in some way. We even stayed on target for Post CMA Day Chiropractic Ads even though I was traveling all week, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kudos to the news team for keeping things going in my absence.

Also taking place in the month of November were announcements of new board members to the Parker Alumni Association and answers to questions about practicing chiropractic.

While we posted news regarding the 2008 Pasadena Marathon & Bike Tour, it was canceled due to fire related conditions in Southern California. I was up at 4am to check on the marathon status, and ended up creating a Los Angeles Air Quality Alert and SoCal Fire Map as a result. It became one of the most visited pages the website had ever received in a 24-hour period. While the weekend fires were burning in Southern California, Mom bloggers were all aflame across the Twitterverse, with outrage and opinion on a pain reliever advertisement targeted at parents that wear their babies. Related press continued on for several days.

Ford revealed the 2010 Mustang on Tuesday, November 18th, and related searches quickly eclipsed are typical searches for chiropractic related terms. For some reason, the Planet Chiropractic news of the Ford Mustang and LA Auto Show, ranked very well in search engines, for the days surrounding the muscle cars introduction to the public.

On that same day was chiro industry news regarding Council on chiropractic guidelines and practice parameters. There was also news that generally practicing Medical Doctors were unhappy with their jobs, with more than 60% surveyed saying they would not recommend the practice of medicine to those considering it as a career. Less than 24 hours later there was news related to DRX9000 Decompression Tables and other high and chiropractic equipment going into bank repossession and the auction blocks. Surveying those chiropractors as to recommending the field as a career choice, probably wouldn’t result in high marks either.

We all want to do our part in creating a greener environment, and I was attending the LA auto show the morning the Volkswagen Jetta TDI was announced as 2009 green car of the year. I had the opportunity to drive a micro car and several others, and gather information related to economics and auto safety. The 2009 smart was a fun vehicle to drive.

Turns out November is a busy month for marathons, since not only did we have New York City marathon coverage and Pasadena marathon coverage, we had news related to the 2008 Philadelphia Marathon. That event took place on November 23rd, and it was a qualifier for the 2009 Boston Marathon. The 2008 Seattle Marathon was held this morning in the state of Washington, but our staff has been off for the Thanksgiving weekend, so no coverage from that event. For those searching, you should be able to find 2008 Seattle Marathon results and 2008 Seattle Marathon photos here.

Besides the 2008 Country Music Awards, November was also the month of the 2008 American Music Awards. And while we’re on the subject, 2009 Grammy nominations take place in the month of December. Watch for many of the same artists that appeared at both the CMA and AMA Awards to appear at the Grammys.

In other chiropractic news, was acquired by Planet Chiropractic, which builds on our dedication to deliver free chiropractic directory services. We are doing our part in assisting consumers to fuel chiropractor’s busiest day of the year, which thankfully is not Black Friday.

The very best of health to you, and wishing you all a spectacular December! @ 12:48 pm | Article ID: 1228078145

Chiropractic Morrisville

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Morrisville chiropractors can be added to the list of mixed results when it comes to local search. There is an e-mail forwarded by chiropractors regularly when looking for referrals in different parts of the country. I noticed someone the other day was looking for a chiropractor in Morrisville and I wondered to myself “where is Morrisville?” (Mrs. chiropractic says Indiana)

Turns out finding a chiropractor in Morrisville is more difficult than searching for a Cleveland chiropractor (Cleveland school versus Cleveland location), since there are multiple locations. Take your pick, there’s Morrisville New York, Morrisville Pennsylvania, and Morrisville North Carolina, there may even be others.

According to Google, a straight search for Morrisville returns Morrisville State College in New York as the number one result. Listing number two is for the town of Morrisville in North Carolina. Further down the page our results for Morrisville government in Pennsylvania. The bottom of the search page has a Google map box, but only for Morrisville, NY. Not off to a good start in the local search department.

Chiropractic Morrisville – Even when we get specific with search terms the results aren’t so clear. Local business results for Chiropractic near Morrisville, NY are returned first with a map featuring three listings. Those offices include the following…

Catania Chiropractic Clinic – 36 E Main St., Morrisville, NY 13408 (315) 684-7866
Hamilton Chiropractic Health – 23 Broad St., Hamilton – (315) 824-2504
Swick Chiropractic – 132 Albany St., Cazenovia – (315) 655-8008

Only one of those locations is technically in Morrisville. Besides the 3 map listings, there were sponsored ad results for Chiropractic in Morrisville, North Carolina and Raleigh, NC. Following the sponsored listings and the map, there’s 4 organic search results for North Carolina locations.

Dr. Steven Avitabile
1000 Bearcat Way, Suite 101 – Morrisville, NC 27560 (919) 532-1000

Integrative Chiropractic
4089 Davis Dr., Morrisville, NC 27560 (919) 468-5622

Dr. Brian Avitabile
1000 Bear Cat Way, #101, Morrisville, NC 27560 (919) 532-1000

Amethyst Chiropractic
148 Morrisville Sq. Way, Morrisville, NC 27560-5703 (919) 463-0021

If that’s not confusing enough, there’s also results for Pennsylvania. Wait a minute, scrolling down the page further, I see there’s a Morrisville, Vermont. Don’t want to leave chiropractors in the 05661 area out in the cold. I’ll list the PA results as I found them, followed by the results for Vermont.

Dr. Gina Genin – 316 W Trenton Ave., Morrisville, PA 19067 (215) 295-9013
Dr. Richard Berkowitz – 301 Oxford Valley Rd., Morrisville, PA 19067 (215) 369-0320
Morrisville Chiropractic – 632 Crown St., Morrisville, PA 19067 (215) 736-8089

Winters Chiropractic – 65 Portland, Morrisville, VT 05661 (802) 888-1060

Morrisville Chiropractic – Reversing the search strategy did not change things much, as I still got Morrisville, NY as the primary map results, followed with pretty much the same mixture of city address listings from above.

Morrisville Chiropractor and Chiropractor Morrisville also brought back a New York-based map. Kind of stinks for the chiropractors in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Vermont.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen four different states represented in local search results, West Valley Chiropractic continues to return results for Minnesota, Nevada, Washington, and four different parts of California.

So what’s a local chiropractor to do? Being listed in the map works on the local level, but it will do little to help one’s office be found when performing broad searches. My first advice would be to go granular and include more details on the pages of your chiropractor website. For example, Morrisville chiropractors in New York, would be wise to mention other nearby locations, such as Syracuse, Hamilton, Pine Woods, Oneida, and Cazenovia. I’d also mention that Route 20 runs through the town. The more granular ones information, the easier it’s going to be on the long tail search.

So for Morrisville, NC I’d mention close proximity to Raleigh-Durham International Airport, the city of Raleigh, Cary, Macedonia, Durham, Apex, and others. Offices may even want to mention geographical landmarks like Lake Crabtree, William B. Umstead State Park, and North Carolina State University.

Get the picture? I suspect there’s an additional Morrisville somewhere in the US, that I’ve missed. Let me know if there’s a Morrisville near you.

Support Your College Alumni Association

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m cleaning up my home office desk after Thanksgiving and I found a letter about becoming a lifetime alumni association member for Cleveland Chiropractic College (Los Angeles or Kansas City). I remembered wanting to bring this up before, but don’t recall doing a complete post. I really think it’s important for graduates of chiropractic schools to support their alumni associations. I didn’t necessarily feel that way at the time I was graduating, but 10 years later I can say that I’m quite thankful for my LA based chiropractic education, and I hope that many generations of incoming chiropractic students have the same or better opportunities than I did when attending chiropractic college.

From the letter there is a brief list of bullet points as to what chiropractors receive when becoming a lifetime member. Regardless of what’s being offered, I think more chiropractors should make the effort to reconnect with the schools they graduated from. The Cleveland lifetime members receive complementary registration to all future coming home relicensure seminars, invitations to alumni lifetime member events, recognition on lifetime member plaque (there is room for more names).

The money chiropractors give goes towards first trimester welcome programs, student scholarships, assisting the school alumni, support for student chapters of the California Chiropractic Association, American Chiropractic Association, and the International Chiropractors Association (I was a student President representative of the ICA when attending school in the 90s).

There’s more that chiropractors receive but you get the general idea, don’t you? For Cleveland Chiropractic College I would call Michael Brown, who’s the executive director for student and alumni relations, at 323-906-2196, and get more information about becoming a lifetime alumni member for either the Kansas City or Los Angeles campus.

I don’t have the details, but I’m fairly certain Life University in Atlanta, Georgia has a lifetime alumni membership. I recall my good chiropractic friends wearing very expensive white dinner jackets at Dynamic Essentials events in Georgia, and I am pretty sure that’s related to alumni functions.

Palmer College of Chiropractic (in Davenport, San Jose, and Port Orange) has alumni programs as well. I’m fairly certain that Parker in Dallas, Texas also has an Alumni Association, with related alumni events taking place at various Parker seminars throughout the world.

Sherman college in South Carolina is happy to have alumni support as well, in fact I’m sure all of the chiropractic colleges in the US have alumni associations and related programs. Giving back to the school that helped nourish your success in chiropractic, makes good sense to me.

2009 Seminars and Conferences post in December

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

December is a good time for chiropractors to plan in advance what seminars, conferences, and continuing education events they will be attending in the 2009 season. I’ve noticed increased activity for 2009 seminar schedules from Parker, New Beginnings, Palmer, Schofield Chiropractic Training, the ICPA, Cleveland Chiropractic College, and others, posting 2009 schedules to the chiropractic seminars pages, earlier this month. For those that have them listed, we’ll probably put together a 2009 round of at the end of December, so chiropractors can make travel plans in advance.

Among my personal list of must attend events, are the 2009 DCS California Jam taking place in Orange County — California, the 2009 Parker Las Vegas seminar (at the Las Vegas Hilton), the New Beginnings for a New Future conference in January and February (although I’d personally wait until April since California has warmed my blood), April 2009 Schofield Chiropractic Training in Las Vegas (Westin Hotel has been awesome for SCT seminars the past few years), and the 2009 Sunshine Tour in Deerfield Beach Florida (taking place in February March). That’s only events for the first three months of the year, I’ll check through the database and highlight my personal favorites.

Hallway @ ADIO Chiropractic in Los Angeles

You can’t go wrong with Parker Vegas, New Beginnings, Palmer Homecoming, and Sherman Homecoming, as they are all great events. Since I’m a lifetime alumni at CCCLA I’ll do my 2009 continuing education there, but I plan to be going to at least one other chiropractic college homecoming event in 09.

As far as chiropractic adjusting technique goes, I noticed there are Thompson and Logan sessions, Koren Specific Technique sessions, Short Lever Adjusting sessions, Pediatric Adjusting sessions, Gonstead sessions, and even MUA certification (manipulation under anesthesia) sessions.

There are seminars taking place in warm climates, cold climates, awesome hotels, small business type hotels, Mega Vegas resort hotels, and a few events in places like Hawaii, the Bahamas, Cancún, and others. I’ll pull out all the resort type events and create a separate post for those. The Schofield training events rock for location, since they are often held in the Phoenix area (nice weather – HOT – almost all year round).

Here is the SCT MoChihChu 2009 schedule in PDF format, if you are putting on chiropractic seminars in 2009, you’re welcome to e-mail your 2009 schedules in PDF format, and I’ll be sure the staff get them posted somewhere on the blog pages. Adding seminars continues to be free, and it suggested that you do listings on your own. We will do our best to promote them from there.

Black Friday Factory Outlets across the USA

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Since nearly every chiropractic office in North America is closed on Black Friday, we surveyed chiropractors nationwide, to ask about their favorite premium outlets across the nation. From Tanger outlets in Pennsylvania to Cabazon Outlets (near Palm Springs) in California, we’ve put together a pretty good list of stores and locations. Chiropractors that participated have their locations mentioned as well. Thanks everybody and have a safe 2009 Black Friday weekend adventure. We don’t need Black Friday injuries now do we?

Gateway Laptop Computer(photo: chiropractic assistant shows off her recently purchased red Gateway laptop computer)

Some of the premium outlet centers open at midnight, November 28th, and there are some people already in line for the hottest deals available. Smithfield Outlets (Carolina Premium Outlets) in Smithfield, North Carolina, is located at 1025 Industrial Park Drive, Smithfield, NC 27577. Thanks to students at Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic for the tip.

Tanger Outlets are located all over North America. Some outlet center locations e-mailed by chiropractors include the Tanger Outlet Center in Washington, Pennsylvania (over 75 brand-name outlet stores). Address is 2200 Tanger Blvd., Washington, PA 15301. There’s also a Tanger Outlet in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Address is 311 Stanley K Tanger Blvd., Lancaster, PA 17602-1467. A third Tanger Outlet location is in Deer Park, Long Island. Thanks to Long Island Chiropractor, John Gehnrich, for the Deer Park Tanger Outlets link. Stores are located at Commack Rd & Grand Blvd., Deer Park, NY 11729. There’s also a Home Depot, Kohl’s, and a Super Stop & Shop. I’m told the Neiman Marcus is a must visit.

Chiropractor Carolyn Griffin told me I’d better be mentioning the Camarillo Premium Outlets in Camarillo, California. There is a Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Outlet, a Sony store, a Timberland Outlet Store, Gap Outlet, a Nike outlet, Adidas outlet, and many more. Address is 740 Ventura Blvd., Camarillo, CA 93010. If you’re not as far west as the Camarillo outlets, there are also the Barstow Factory Outlets located about halfway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The Barstow outlet center is located off the 15 interstate. The address is 2796 Tanger Way, Barstow, CA 92311.

Dr. Steven Silverston in Ellicott City, Maryland mentioned the Queenstown outlets in Queenstown, Maryland. He said the Prime Outlets at Queenstown are located about 10 miles east of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, and the outlet center has over 60 popular brand-name stores. I looked up the address and it is 441 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown, MD 21658.

Dr. Suzanne Frye mentioned there is an outlet center near San Jose, California called the Gilroy Premium Outlets. Stores are located at 681 Leavesley Road, Gilroy, CA 95020 and she mentioned the center includes a Coach Outlet, a Banana Republic Outlet, and many others.

One of my favorite personal premium outlet centers is the Cabazon Outlets on the way to Palm Springs, California. Also known as the Desert Hills Premium Outlets (I think it’s actually three differently owned outlet centers all built next to one another) the outlets in Cabazon are located at 48750 Seminole Drive, Cabazon, CA 92230. There’s a Nike outlet, Oakley outlet, Puma outlet, Guess outlet, Rip Curl outlet, and probably nearly 100 more. This place is massive, and it’s located just off the 10 freeway, not far from Beaumont. Definitely worth checking out.

I mentioned stopping at the Barstow outlets on the way to Las Vegas but there is also the Las Vegas Premium Outlets. Stores are located at 875 South Grand Central Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89106. Thanks to Las Vegas resident and chiropractor, Dr. Matt Mortensen, for the tip on the Vegas outlets. He said he’s hoping to pick up some Black Friday deals on golf equipment. Dr. Mortensen mentioned there is a Coach outlet (chiropractors must like the Coach stores), a Sketchers outlet, an Armani Exchange, a Bose outlet, a Kenneth Cole outlet, and plenty of others.

If you’re looking for outlet centers near you, you may want to check some of the following web sites. Tanger Outlets, Prime Outlets, Wrentham Outlets (Wrentham Village Premium Outlet Mall), Leesburg Outlets (Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets), Clinton Outlets (aka Clinton Crossing Premium Factory Outlets and features a Barneys New York Outlet Store), and Jackson Premium Outlets in Jackson, New Jersey.

Please be safe and have a spectacular Black Friday! Hope you find all the deals you’re looking for. Don’t forget to pay a thank you visit to your local chiropractor on Monday. Offices across America will be open again, and you can tell us all about your adventures of shopping for the best holiday deals. @ 8:39 pm | Article ID: 1227847197

chiropractic planet –

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s come to my attention that there are those on the Internet stuck in some sort of chiropractic dyslexia. While almost no one would ever notice entering the URL works just as easy as entering the term If you click on either one of those URLs you will have noticed that they both direct you to the homepage of Planet Chiropractic.

Funny thing is, when checking log files I discovered that some people type the domain using chiropractic first, where as the great majority (96.95437%) type planet first. I think even fewer people realize the domain they get directed to is (instead of or

The “c1” in planetc1 stands for the atlas, or first cervical vertebrae. Most chiropractors are familiar with that abbreviation but the real story behind the creation of the “c1” had very little to do with the bone at the top of one’s neck, and a lot more to do with the bones in my wrists. There was a time I wrote code for many hours of the day (late 1990s – early 2000s) and I got tired of writing the word chiropractic over and over again. In retrospect, I could have come up with some other solution but the shortened C1 version worked at the time.

So for all of you that are inadvertently typing chiropractic before planet versus planet before chiropractic, you’ll still get to the homepage. If that’s not confusing enough for you, try visiting and see where that takes you. HaHa.

I had a nice photo to share but it’s not uploading from where I’m at so I suppose it will have to wait.

Thanksgiving Ads Chiropractic Classifieds for November 26, 2008


It’s the eve of Thanksgiving, and while many people are learning for the first time how long it takes to cook a turkey, Chiropractors are taking the next few days off. Since offices will be closed on Thursday and Friday, you’ll still have time to check out classified ads (when you’re not out seeking the latest black Friday deals). Below is a wrap up of advertisements placed earlier this week, and that’s going to do it for the month of November. This post is a round up of the most recent advertisements placed in the Classifieds section on Planet Chiropractic. Featured are selected ads that were placed before midweek of November 26th, 2008. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

nerve distribution spinal cord spinal nerves brain classic poster(photo: classic chiropractic poster showing spinal nerve distribution)

Pro-Adjuster System w/Business Pkg. — Pro-Adjuster System comes complete with patient care equipment – including Footlevelers scanner (add’l revenue made easy with custom orthotic sales) and patient education software for posture, nervous system, muscles and subluxation components. Business Package has all the included training cds and dvds for practice success, report of findings, new hires, powerpoint lectures packages, approx. 800 Pro-Solutions magazines, 200 Healthy Living books, marketing dvds, and more. Selling practice, buyer doesn’t want Pro-Adjuster.

Massachusetts 5 College Area Practice — Massachusetts 5 College area Practice for sale. Northampton was voted the number one arts town in the U.S. I am looking for an eclectic chiropractor to buy my 19 year old practice. I have all of the statistics, and will support the transition. Are you the type of person who loves working with people, and wants a low overhead practice that has potential to grow even more? If you are, give me a call.

Gonstead knee chest table — One Gonstead Knee Chest Table for sale. Brown color cloth upholstery, non-skid. Wood frame with metal parts. Adjustable angles and height. Comfortable padding. $300,or best offer. Cash or paypal. Pick up only. We don’t handle delivery.

Zenith Hylo Model #210 — Zenith Hylo Model #210,with CERVICAL & PELVIC DROPS, and BREAKAWAY ABDOMINAL SECTION. Adjustable head and pelvic pieces. Ankle rest can be elevated or extended. Great for hot low back patient or pregnant women. Color: Slate blue heritage. This is a classic work-horse! Full price $8900+ . Moving abroad, so asking for only $3300,Cash or PayPal.

Associate wanted — Associate Doctor opening available immediately for a well established, growing Chiropractic Office located in western Pennsylvania. Office located approximately 40 miles north of Pittsburgh. Individual must be enthusiastic, self motivated and have an empathetic “concern for patient care”. The position requires x-rays, patient management, documentation, manipulation, patient exams, utilizing diagnostic procedures such as neurological and orthopedic examinations. Competitive salary, benefit package and unparalleled teaching environment. Experience in Pettibon, Sports Injury and Rehab a plus.

DC Available for Licensed Chiropractor Position — Newly relocated DC from Norfolk, Va available for Licensed Chiropractic position in Georgia! Preferably in Cobb County and/or surrounding areas. Chiropractic specialties include Light Force Specific (thumb toggle technique), Ativator Methods, Thompson Drop, Pediatric Adjusting, and AK. Other qualifications, CMT and 2nd Degree Reiki practioner. I am excited to be back in practice and eager to continue working hard!

Fully Equiped Chiro Office Avail for 2 yr lease — Colorado suburb 1200 sqft office space (and all equipment) available immediately for sublease. $2500 month. Phenominal end of strip building location with plenty of parking and visible to 6 lanes of traffic. Doctor moving to new location Dec. 08, 2 Adjusting rooms, large rehab room, xray/exam room, consult room, bathroom and large front desk/reception area-enough for 2 CA staff. Ready to start practice!

Summit 360 Xray, Processor & ALL Cassettes MUST GO — Summit 360 Xray unit, processor and ALL cassettes included in sale. This equipment has been well maintained with cleanings every 6 weeks faithfully. Cassettes include; (8)8×10,(11)7×17,(6)14×17,(2)10×12,and 1 full spine. Located in Denver Colorado practice. Doctor upgrading to digital. Must sell. $9500 obo. Will throw in ID printer and remaining xray film too!

Elevation 4 Drop Zenith Table 4 Sale — Elevation Table with all 4 drops in excellent condition for sale & available now. Located in Arvada, Colorado practice. Slightly used. Upolstery in excellent condition (slate blue color) & just replaced springs and ball bearings on dorsal, lumbar and pelvic drop. Looks and works like brand new. Moving to new practice already equiped with tables. Must sell. $2000 obo

Colorado Practice & Equipment Available Dec 08 — Arvada, CO practice space and all equipment available for immediate purchase & start up. Current doctor is moving location. This is turn key at a very low price! Full visability facing 6 lanes of busy suburb traffic, this practice location has done very well for the past 10yrs (20 total as a chiropractic office). If you’ve been looking to open your practice with a low overhead, this includes everything you need.

Paperless SOAP Notes Made Easy — ChiroWrite provides an easy way to record patient visits and exams so that SOAP Notes and Narratives can be produced easily. Designed to be used with touch screen interfaces such as a touch screen monitor or Tablet PC, ChiroWrite allows the doctor to document patient visits at the time of encounter.

Phoenix (Northwest Valley) AZ practice for sale — PHOENIX (NORTHWEST VALLEY) AZ PRACTICE FOR SALE: 10-year family practice collecting $966,492.00. Dr. take home before taxes $411,875.00. 928 new patients. 22,621 total visits. Explosive community. Well equipped and staffed. Ideal for investor owned opportunity. Clinic employs 2 D.C.’s.

Nashville Associate Needed — Outgoing driven doctor needed for busy Nashville clinic. No experience necessary, but must be focused and eager to learn. Guaranteed salary of $60,000 in year one plus unlimited bonuses and incentives. If interested please send your CV/Resume.

The above content is of a time sensitive nature. Individual advertisements may no longer be available if ad has expired or user has deleted their post. Visitors can browse and view all active classifieds and/or subscribe to the classified RSS feed, which updates with the latest advertisement posted, several times per day. @ 8:33 pm | Article ID: 1227760434

Planet Chiropractic Crazy Search KeyPhrases for November

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

To the search keyphrases for the month of November 2008, are the craziest I’ve seen on the web site, in the past 10 years. It’s amazing how different search results can be from month-to-month. A month ago today the October results showed people were reaching the website primarily with searches for the term chiropractic, chiropractor salary, chiropractic jobs, chiropractic classifieds, and chiropractic seminars. All of those terms relate to the chiropractic profession and stuff chiropractors would typically be found searching. That wasn’t the case for November. Far from it.

I took this screenshot earlier today, and while the month of November is not over yet, I’m not expecting to see too much change in the top 10 keyword list.

The eye-opening thing to notice is that for the month of November there are only two terms directly related to the field of chiropractic. The term chiropractic in position number three, always appears in top 10 search results, and planet chiropractic is often seen in the top 10 results as well. The rest are all newcomers, as there has been lots of craziness taking place, during the month of November.

The daylight savings time change was something Daria came up with after not being able to figure out which weekend the time change was taking place. She did some research and the post was created as a result. Apparently, she was not alone in knowing when to change the clocks earlier this month.

The search for 2010 Mustang is a one-time shot that we will probably never see traffic from again (aside from maybe a little bit in late 2009). I was fortunate to be invited to the LA Auto Show where I got to drive a few cars, and got to sit in the driver’s seat of plenty. I thought the Candy Red Mustang was wicked cool.

There was a search for voting polls which was related to the elections on November 4, so that term will likely drop out for the next four years. Not something we’d be targeting as a chiropractic web site. However, I was surprised to see how much Web traffic came our way for those seeking information related to the 2008 New York City marathon. As a chiropractor that’s been an avid runner for several years, we’ve actually covered quite a few posts on five ks, 10 ks, and marathons. In fact, I noticed that in November, there were posts for the Philadelphia marathon and the Pasadena marathon (which was canceled due to fires in Los Angeles County). But neither of those races returned results in the top 10, NYC was far more popular.

We even had news regarding a New Jersey chiropractor (Vincent Malba) running in the New York City marathon. Since that post, we’ve received e-mails from others who either ran the race, or volunteered at the event. I love the energy of a marathon, so will probably continue to cover chiropractic related news on those events.

One of the downsides for seeing such a dramatic change in key phrases is that the bounce rate for visitor traffic to the website in November has increased. Meaning, people may have been interested in an article regarding the time change, a marathon, or the new Ford Mustang, but they weren’t sticking around to check out chiropractic seminars, classified ads, and related sections of the site. Why would they? A large number of people visiting Planet Chiropractic during the month of November were not chiropractors, they couldn’t be, because we have more unique traffic than there are chiropractors on the planet. There has been a trickle effect though, with visitors on the site checking what chiropractors are listed in their state.

That’s it for November keyword phrases. If you’re interested, here are keyword results for October, keyword results from July, results on key phrases in June, and an explanation on story tieing, driving new traffic, and traffic topics.

Boring stuff for many, but I like to post it for the few that are paying attention.

Wednesday is Chiropractors Black Friday

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

We see the same patterns year after year. Thanksgiving week comes and the search is on for Black Friday deals from Target to Circuit City, Macy’s, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and many others. While we are not coming up with new turkey recipes and making travel plans for the week, we are figuring out ways of getting away from the workplace early, so as not to be stuck in frustrating traffic Wednesday night. In that whole mix of things, there’s the visits to the doctor, dentist, local chiropractor, and maybe even picking up the kids from school. After years of Thanksgiving week consumer behavior, chiropractors and other service based small businesses have modified their hours, and closed up shop on Black Friday.

@ the chiropractor(photo: @ the chiropractor)

First off, for those of you that landed here looking for those Black Friday deals, here’s the homepage for Target and Yahoo! has a pretty good 2008 guide for Black Friday deals, with lots of links to stores and products like blue rays, DVDs, and big-screen TVs.

I mentioned a couple years ago that millions will visit chiropractic offices on the days before Black Friday, and that hasn’t changed. We conducted an informal survey amongst chiropractors across the US, and the great majority reported their offices will be closed for the four-day weekend, and the scheduling books were fairly full for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Some Local Chiropractors will experience their busiest day of the year this Wednesday, with patients desiring that last chance adjustment, before hopping on a plane, driving in hours of traffic, or braving the 4 a.m. lines at the local department store Friday morning.

In communicating with chiropractors across the nation (like Dr. Scott Swanson in San Francisco), many said the same thing. When they were new in practice, they stayed open on Friday, but found that patients didn’t show up for scheduled appointments. I’ve got news for those chiropractors. Even if your adjustments are like the hands of God delivering peace and harmony, it’s hard to compete with 60% off on a 42 inch LCD high-definition flat screen TV. Don’t worry, they’ll definitely be requiring your services on Monday.

Of all the chiropractors we spoke to, none are open on Thanksgiving Thursday, but nearly all are available if a situation came up. Talking to chiropractors from New Jersey to California, it was impressive how many told me they share their home phone number and/or cell phone number with their patients. Some even list their home phone number on their website, if they can’t be reached at the office.

A few plan to be open for a half-day on Friday, and even fewer will be open for a half-day on Saturday. That leaves a four-day gap for most chiropractors to relax and spend well-earned time with their families.

So time is running out, go see your chiropractor today or tomorrow, so you can enjoy the following four days focused on Thanksgiving recipes, road conditions and flight delays.

And let’s not forget, no Thanksgiving weekend would be complete without listening to the Adam Sandler Thanksgiving Song. If you love to eat turkey, listen to it here. There is no video but the lyrics appear like karaoke so you can sing along.

Love to eat turkey cause it’s good, love to eat turkey like a good boy should.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone, and thank you for telling your chiropractor about @ 11:09 am | Article ID: 1227640165