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Life West Presidential Inauguration Photos

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

This was a historic event in chiropractic and I wasn’t going to miss it. On Friday, August 5th, 2011, the Presidential Inauguration of Dr. Brian Kelly (as the 2nd president in history of Life Chiropractic College West) took place.

inauguration dr brian kelly life westInauguration of Dr. Brian Kelly – Life Chiropractic College West

It was a gala event, with chiropractic presidents, organization presidents, chiropractors, students, staff, and other dignitaries, all dressed to the nines. It’s not everyday I get to photograph chiropractors dressed formally, so my camera was flashing like a paparazzi’s. It brought back memories of when I photographed the dedication of the Life West Campus more than 11 years ago.

Frank Sovinsky Cathy Sovinsky Gilles LamarcheFrank Sovinsky, Cathy Sovinsky, and Gilles Lamarche

Always looking sharp, I snapped a shot of Frank and Cathy Sovinsky (photo from earlier in the day) with equally well dressed Gilles Lamarche, of Parker Seminars.

Bill DeMoss Mary Jane Matt HubbardSoCal Chiropractic Represents

I wasn’t the only SoCal Chiropractor visiting the bay area on this occasion, as I saw Drs. Darrell Crain, Phil Yamamoto, Howard Fleischer, and others, as I made my way towards being seating for the grand event. Mary Jane and Dr. Bill DeMoss (from DCS in Orange County) were in fine fashion for the evening, but Billy didn’t wear his top hat. Also looking sharp, San Diego Chiropractor, Matt Hubbard, did a great job as MC during the weekend events.

Brian Kelly Inauguration Chiropractic PresidentChiropractor Brian Kelly Presidential Inuaguration

The event proved to be a great experience for chiropractors gathering in fellowship and celebrating the welcoming of Dr. Kelly as new president at Life Chiropractic College West. In the above photo, Dr. Gerry Clum can be seen to the right (in gray), with Dr. Guy Riekeman (president at Life University in Marietta, Georgia). That’s Dr. Brian Kelly (delivering his inaugural address) at the podium.

Chiropractors Eric Plasker Life WestChiropractors Post Ceremony

After the inauguration, chiropractors gathered on the 2nd floor at the Oakland Marriott for food, drink and more celebration. Dr. Eric Plasker (center) visits California regularly as his 100 Year Lifestyle program is closely associated with continuing education programs put on by CCA.

Ruth Ribley Chuck Ribley John HofmannRuth Ribley (Sunshine Ruth) and Chiropractors Chuck Ribley and John Hofmann

For me, one of the highlights of attending events like these is getting to spend quality time with your mentors. Pictured above are 3 amazing chiropractic individuals, Ruth (Sunshine) Ribley, Chuck (River) Ribley, and John Hofmann. Dr. Hofmann was one of the first chiropractors I’d ever here speak. He left a lasting impression.

The words Service, Giving, Loving (and other feel goods) were spoken throughout the weekend, not only from podiums, but while at lunch and other meetings. I recall hearing Dr. Jay Handt at three times using the phrase “You cannot out give the giver.” It’s no coincidental accident that that’s been the foundation of Planet Chiropractic since it launched in the 1990s.

Jay Handt Liam Schubel Kathi HandtChiropractors Jay Handt and Liam Schubel, with Kathi Handt

More on mentors and amazing people, Kathi Handt is an amazing individual, and I had a great time seeing her and Jay (the Luau was fun, thank you) while in Oakland. And Jay, I was at New Beginnings in October 2010, so not a year yet (but almost).

Dr. Liam got to experience the Planet Chiropractic paparazzi as well, as he ended up in lots of photographs from the weekend, but not as many as for the Sharon Gorman fan club.

well dressed chiropractorsWell Dressed Chiropractors

I’m about to board a flight to Los Angeles (blogging in the OAK Airport), so I’ll update names and details on this post when I’m back online, I another set or 3 coming later in the week as well.

Presidents from other chiropractic colleges attended the event, and like I said earlier, it was great to have so many mentors and positive influentials in one place.

More to come.

Life West Wave Photos 2011

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I ran around all day with my camera (and had fun doing it) taking photos at the 2011 Life West Wave event which was held at the Oakland Marriott hotel in historic downtown Oakland (love the local architecture). Here’s a quick set of photos from yesterday, plenty more to come.

Life West Wave Science TrackLife Wave West Science Track

The day began with continuing education from Chiropractic Science Master Dr. Dan Murphy. The room was packed. Dr. Murphy speaks across the globe on the science of chiropractic and he is a presenter not to be missed. Always loaded with energy and highly recommended for chiropractors (and other health care professionals) seeking advanced knowledge of the human nervous system.

Dan Murphy Packed BallroomDr. Dan Murphy Chiropractic Science Track

It was early Friday morning in August and Dr. Dan Murphy was speaking to a full house gathered for a weekend of chiropractic education and fellowship. Seeing so many excited people so early in the day I knew it would be a terrific weekend. Day one did not disappoint.

Chiropractors Sharon Gorman and Jay HandtChiropractors Sharon Gorman and Jay Handt

Two of my favorite chiropractors, doctors Sharon Gorman and Jay Handt, found me following them around most of the day like chiropractic paparazzi (they are worthy). Sharon Gorman has written many articles for Planet Chiropractic and the two of us use to put on Chiropractic Seminars in the early 2000’s. Sharon still hosts Focus Chiropractic events in both Atlanta and Pennsylvania. She currently practices in the state of Georgia and she is very active promoting Life Chiropractic University in Marietta, GA.

Dr. Jay Handt practices in New York City (Central Park West) and he loves referring his celebrity chiropractic clients to me when they visit Los Angeles (thanks Jay!). Dr. Handt is amazing, he’s got a great practice, great family, rock solid philosophy and superior business skills. He’s very passionate about his role in life and chiropractic.

Dr. Handt is also very active promoting Life University and he is a board member of the New Beginnings Chiropractic Movement in New Jersey. Every chiropractor should attend New Beginnings at least one time, there is little in the profession that even comes close to the experience, love, and energy found at NB.

Pediatric ChiropracticPediatric Chiropractic by Drs. Claudia Anrig and Gregory Plaugher

I love seeing chiropractors publishing books and Pediatric Chiropractic by chiropractors Claudia Anrig and Gregory Plaugher looks like a great read. I am a huge supporter of chiropractic care for children of all ages and I do feel every chiropractor (myself included) would benefit from continuing our education on the subject. Kids need chiropractic too (and so do adults, and parents, and grandparents, and pregnant moms, and even my yellow labradors).

Patti Giuliani Matt Hubbard Jeanne OhmChiropractors Patti Giuliani, Matt Hubbard and Jeanne Ohm

Three more great chiropractors. Dr. Patti Giuliani is a regular speaker at New Beginnings in New Jersey. Dr. Matt Hubbard serves patients at Convoy Chiropractic in Kearny Mesa (San Diego), California. Here’s a video of him at work in the office. Jeanne Ohm is a chiropractor near and dear to my heart. Like Sharon, her energy is enormous, and along with an amazing team at the ICPA, she gets an incredible amount of work done for the profession and future of chiropractic. Jeanne Ohm has also contributed a number of articles to Planet Chiropractic over the years.

Cathy Sovinsky and Frank Sovinsky

I want to be more like Dr. Frank Sovinsky when I grow up. Frank is one of a kind and is always inspirational. He has authored two books that I know of, Life, the Manual and The E-Myth Chiropractor (I’ve got to get an autographed copy). Both books are available via Amazon (I do not get referral commission, just get them both). Dr. Sovinsky is also an advanced Activator Methods practitioner, guest lecturer, and coach of chiropractors and people that want to better their lives. An amazing human spirit. Cathy is just lovely, undoubtedly an inspirational source of Franks awesomeness.

Chiropractors Brian Kelly and Timothy GayChiropractors Brian Kelly and Timothy Gay

Two powerhouse chiropractors in the state of California. Dr. Brian Kelly is the man of the hour, as yesterday was his official Life Chiropractic College West Presidential Inauguration (which was a spectacular event highlighted by Dr. Kelly surprising us with a jazz trombone performance). Dr. Gay is a Chiropractor in Solana Beach, CA and he is very active in the state. Dr. Gay is on the Life West Board of Regents and he’s also active with the California Chiropractic Association (CCA).

OK gang, more photos to come!

Mexican University New Library Photos

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Planet Chiropractic News today had an article about Parker College of Chiropractic president Fabrizio Mancini and a university library in Mexico opening and being dedicated in his honor. I was sent 3 photos related to the news but only included one in the article so I wanted to share all 3 here.

dedication ceremony UNEVE bibliotecaPhoto 1: Biblioteca Dr. Fabrizio Mancini. The outside of the building looks great, very cool to see Dr. Fabrizio Mancini on the outside wall in large golden lettering.

Fabrizio Mancini Jose Angel Fernandez GarciaPhoto 2: Dr. Fabrizio Mancini unveils UNEVE’s new library plaque as UNEVE’s rector, Jose Angel Fernandez Garcia observes. Again, Dr. Fabs name is on the wall, and he’s smiling in his traditional fashion.

UNEVE library chiropractic studentsPhoto 3: Dr. Fabrizio Mancini speaks about the library with some of UNEVE’s chiropractic students. Great looking place and I LOVE those Quiropractica shirts. Good excuse as any to make a trip to Mexico and visit.

Grouse Grind Hike at Grouse Mountain Vancouver

A 2.9 km (1.8 miles) trail length with a 933 m (2800 feet) vertical rise makes Grouse Grind in Vancouver BC a perfect one hour (ish) cardio workout.

When mentioning to a client, that I was traveling to Vancouver for Canada Day and some hiking, he said “you’ve gotta do the Grouse Grind hike at Grouse Mountain.” I’m glad I listened to him as it was the perfect start to my Vancouver hiking weekend. Hop on bus 236 to Grouse Mountain and join me…

Grouse Mountain Bus Route236 Grouse Mountain Bus to Grouse Grind from downtown Vancouver was a good choice. I opted to use the Metro transit system (Translink <- site has lots of maps) while staying in Vancouver, versus renting a car. I’m glad I did. The transportation system in Metro Vancouver was spectacular for getting to all my destinations. To hike Grouse Mountain, I boarded an early morning bus near the Marriott Hotel in the Coal Harbor area, with the 236 dropping me off within a few hundred yards of the Grouse Grind trailhead.

Grouse Grind Trail Baden Powell TrailThe Baden Powell Trail and Grouse Grind trail signs are nearby the trailhead. Once you’ve reached the Grouse Mountain parking lot, it’s easy to locate the Grouse Grind Trailhead, since lots of people seem to be heading in that direction. If you don’t see it at first glance just ask around or visit guest services.

Grouse Grind Trail Posted SignsAttention Hikers – New closing and opening times for the Grouse Grind trail will be posted and take effect (see photo). I am sharing the above photo because I discovered (unfortunately later) it’s really important to pause before heading up on the trail and go over your hiking plans (especially when traveling as a group).

I am an avid and active hiker, and living in Los Angeles, I most frequently hike Mojave/Colorado desert (like hiking to the rock of faith) and mountain terrain over long distances. Don’t let the seemingly short distance of the Grouse Grind fool you, it can be extremely dangerous, if proper preparations are not made and precautions not taken.

Hiker Responsibility Code Grouse MountainFollow the Hiker Responsibility Code and know your limits. On the day that I hiked, the weather on the mountain had changed dramatically for the worse (and it was July!). By the time I had reached my return to the parking lot, there were several paramedic vehicles at the trailhead, with emergency teams racing up to make rescues. Stay safe and have a plan.

Notice to Hikers Grouse MountainThe Notice to Hikers regarding exclusion of liability and assumption of risk appears at the main fence and along the trail (once that I noticed). This sign alone should be enough reminder for people to review their safety essentials and hiking plans and to take the climb seriously. I put my camera away at this point, and didn’t take it back out, until I reached the top.

Downhill Travel Prohibited Grouse GrindDownhill Travel Prohibited was the first thing I saw when I reached the top and that was where my disappointment set in. My intention was to return the way I came, but that apparently wasn’t permitted (although I saw people doing so), so I decided to explore the Grouse Mountain area (it was raining) before returning to the parking lot on the sky tram.

Grouse Mountain Grouse Grind SkyrideThe Grouse Mountain Grouse Grind Skyride will return you back to the parking lot, but there is a fee, I believe it’s $10 one-way. I encountered numerous people at the top of the trail that didn’t know downhill travel was not permitted and also didn’t know there would be a fee to use transportation back down the mountain. I don’t mind that there is a fee, but hopefully there is now some sort of sign clearly posted, near the beginning of the trail.

Grizzly Bear British ColumbiaWatch out for grizzly bears on Grouse Mountain. You won’t see any grizzly bears along the trail (at least I don’t think you will) but if you have the time while up on the mountain you can take a walk over to the grizzly bear habitat (it’s fenced in). There is also a lumberjack show in the summer time, which is nearby the grizzly bear area.

Grind Timer Program Grouse MountainThe Grind Timer Program on a Grouse Mountain TV screen was a very cool sighting for us techies. I noticed a marker at the trailhead where it looked like people were activating timer chips. When I got to the top and saw this display I discovered what the purpose was for. What an excellent way to measure one’s performance for hiking the Grouse Grind. Notice the posted times are from about 43 minutes to 52 minutes. Depending on your endurance and your pace (and the amount of people ahead of you) you could finish in under 30 minutes (extremely fit) or take more than an hour and a half to complete the near two-mile all uphill hike.

Canadian Flag Grouse MountainCanadian Flag at Grouse Mountain underneath where the aerial tram boards to take you back down to the parking area. Look for the huge flag on your exit and take the tramway back down (don’t forget anybody from your party up on the mountain).

Hope you enjoyed the trip. In my next hiking post (it may be a while) we will visit Lynn Headwaters Regional Park and a trip through a Vancouver rainforest to Norvan Falls.

Vancouver Canada Travels

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Back in July of last year, I was in Vancouver for Canada Day, along with a few days of hiking and visiting chiropractors. One of the photos from the trip appeared in my 2010 iPhone review photos and a few appeared on my Michael Dorausch blog related to beer drinking (some great microbreweries in Vancouver). I found a bunch recently still on my phone.

4wd mitsubishi delica4WD Mitsubishi Delica

I’m posting this photo of a Mitsubishi Delica four-wheel drive vehicle since I think they’re really cool. I saw a few in the Vancouver area and I only recall ever seeing one in the US. Not a common vehicle here, I guess they’re a lot more popular in Canada, and in Asia.

No idea why we don’t have these in the US market but they appeared to be a perfect camping vehicle to me. The crystal lite roof on top was a bonus. Only thing I can think of in the US that comes close to these are modified conversions of Ford vans (think they’re referred to as Sportsmobiles). I imagine they’re way more expensive than getting one of these imported four-wheel-drive camping vans. For now, I’ll stick to 4×4 adventures in my Jeep.

Granville Bridge Plaque VancouverGranville Bridge Plaque – City of Vancouver

The Granville Bridge Plaque is showing signs of weather, but the views from this point are pretty magnificent, it’s worth visiting the area on foot. We put in about 30 miles of walking around the city of Vancouver, and it was a really enjoyable experience, especially since there were so many great places to eat and drink at.

The names on the plaque are showing quite a bit of wear from the weather (especially the names in smaller fonts at the bottom) but I love finding signs like these when traveling. Thousands of cars cross that bridge daily but few people probably know who designed and supervised its construction. Bridges are just cool in general (bridges in New York City are among my favorites).

custom foot orthotics signCustom Foot Orthotics sign

I forgot the name of the district where I saw this custom foot orthotics sign in a chiropractor’s window. It was really close to where the torches were for the Olympics in Vancouver and I was in the neighborhood on Canada Day so the office was closed. I can’t recall seeing an office in the US advertising foot orthotics in the window, but I don’t doubt their existence.

Other than those two signs (I noticed later that chiropractor sign is separate) I don’t think there was anything else on the windows as far as advertising went. Looked like a clean office in a business district. I would definitely go back to visit since pretty much everything we experienced in Vancouver was lots of fun. Oh, I just remembered the neighborhood, it’s Coal Harbor. Go visit the chiropractor there before you go walking all over the city.


LA Marathon Photos 2011

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Everybody loves a marathon (except maybe preachers and priests because people can’t get to Sunday church service) and the city of Los Angeles is a perfect place to run one.

road closed la marathonRoad Closed LA Marathon

The LA Marathon (as well as other city marathons) often results in massive road closures. It takes huge effort and coordination to organize an event like this. Congratulations to Marathon organizers and volunteers for their dedication to putting on this annual event.

Honda LA Marathon 2011 finish lineHonda LA Marathon 2011 Finish Line

It was a huddled mass of medics, TV crews, media personnel, and marathon volunteers waiting for the first runner to cross the finish line. My camera was getting soaked, and I hadn’t brought along any towels or plastic to cover it, so I feared my photography would be done before the first runner broke the tape. In the city of sunshine, the rain was pouring down hard.

Markos Geneti Finish Line LA MarathonMarkos Geneti crosses the Finish Line at LA Marathon

I was watching the big digital clock, while I love LA played through the loudspeakers in the downpour, and at two minutes and 6 seconds the huddled mass broke from the shelter of the photo bridge, to get a closer look at runner number one coming down Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica.

It was two minutes earlier than I had expected to see someone and it wasn’t Wesley Korir. By the time I wiped my rainsoaked lens with a Starbucks napkin (not recommended), Markos Geneti was blazing through the finish line tape.

Markos GenetiMarkos Geneti Wins LA Marathon

26-year-old Markos Geneti of Ethiopia set a new course record by crossing the finish line with a time of 2:06:35. It was the fastest marathon time ever run in California and it was his first marathon. Geneti won $125,000 plus a 2011 Honda Insight EX Sedan. His fastest mile recorded was a 4:44 for mile 23.

Nicholas KamakyaNicholas Kamakya of Kenya (photo left) had crossed the finish line by the time I had turned my attention from Geneti. With his right hand to the asphalt of Ocean Avenue, Nicholas Kamakya paused for several moments.

Kamakya (also age 26) completed the LA Marathon with a time of 2:09:26. It was a fast marathon time, but nearly 3 minutes shy of the record-setting time of Markos Geneti.

In planet chiropractic’s LA Marathon Guide it was mentioned that runners should be prepared for wet weather. With rain already falling in the early hours, few seem prepared (including myself) for the mass downpour and driving winds that persisted throughout the day.

It was as if the elite runners were racing against the storm, with weather and winds increasingly growing stronger, as each of the elites crossed the finish line. The worst of the rain and wind came for those not making the two hour and 30 minute mark.

With a time of 2:29:59, 29-year-old Los Angeles resident Brian Whitehead, made it with a second to spare (the LA resident finished 20th overall). Then the sky opened wide, unleashing rain and heavy winds, forcing hundreds of runners into hyperthermia, while they battled on to the finish. 23,542 runners had registered for the 2011 race, making it the 6th largest total in LA Marathon history.

Several of California’s top runners train in Mammoth Lakes. Taking second place in the women’s division, 27-year-old Amy Hastings finished her first marathon with a time of 2:27:03.

Amy Hastings LA MarathonAmy Hastings of Mammoth Lakes at LA Marathon

Hastings marathon debut has qualified her for the 2012 US Olympics Trials Marathon. She finished 31 seconds after the women’s division runner, Buzunesh Deba, who passed her on mile 21. Twenty three year old Buzunesh Deba finished with a time of 2:26:34, also winning cash, and a Honda sedan.

2011 LA Marathon results for all runners should be available via this link. Congratulations to all the finishers, organizers, and volunteers!

Occipital Bone Atlas Axis Cervical Vertebra

What a great way to make use of your plastic spine models that you likely have in your chiropractic office. This image of a human occipital bone, first cervical vertebrae, and second cervical vertebrae, was made by placing a plastic spine model on a solid color surface (blue or green works well) and converting the surrounding colors to black to produce the image shown here.

From top to bottom (viewing from the posterior) is the occipital bone, atlas vertebra (commonly referred to as C1), and the axis (commonly referred to as C2). Three sets of nerves exiting between the bones are also shown.

occipital bone atlas 2nd cervical vertebrae

occipital bone – atlas cervical vertebrae – C2 – spinal nerves

Images like the ones shown here can come in real handy for use on a chiropractic, orthopedic, or neurological website or blog. There are many image editing programs where you can easily add arrows, annotations, and other information. It makes it easier in explaining bone structure, nerve function or whatever it is you’re trying to get across. Plus you won’t have to rely on those 15th-century images scanned from an anatomy textbook. As an example I have posted this one I created in about a few minutes.

atlas lateral mass axis spinous process

Atlas Lateral Mass – Axis Spinous Process

It’s real easy to add arrows like the ones shown above so that you can label different parts of the spinal anatomy. I’m reminded of when we were in chiropractic college and had to memorize every individual bump and ridge on every bone of the human body. You can’t see the dens (an important structure) of the second cervical vertebra (C2) on this image, but the lateral masses of the atlas vertebra (C1) appear very nicely.

Nearly every chiropractor knows the atlanto-occipital area features predominately in symptoms of tension like headaches, often a result of prolonged inappropriate posture, like sitting all day at your computer. There are no ligaments shown in the above images but the model being used showing bone and nerve should be enough to get educational material across. Unnecessary pressure on those nerves is not a good thing.

If you think you’d like to use images like this on your blog or website let me know, I may post an entire set with and without labeling.

Pro Photographers in Your Office

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I emptied an online folder today that I was canceling a yearly subscription on. I found some photographs in there that I had not seen since they were uploaded back in 2006, which motivated me to create this post (can’t just let photos sit on the hard drive). I use chiropractic photos regularly for marketing, postcards, news articles, etc. I’ve had photos that I’ve taken appear in magazines, newspapers, numerous websites, and even CNN. While I consider myself a hobbyist and amateur, I know the importance of having good quality photographs available for others to use. You cannot always take your own photos, and if you want good quality stuff, my experience has shown that hiring professionals is well worth the investment.

Chiropractic Care Los Angeles California2006 Photo Shoot – Los Angeles, CA – ADIO

Chances are (especially if you’re practicing in a place like New York City or Southern California), there are numerous professional photographers that are already clients in your chiropractic practice. I’m fortunate that several professional photographers are regulars in our office (and there’s probably three times as many video professionals), so when the need arises, I’ll typically ask for advice on hiring. Back in 2006, I had a world-class photographer offer to do several photo shoots in the practice on a weekend (these photos are from that shoot). The rewards have been tremendous.

Chiropractic Education Los AngelesTop Chiropractic Schools Los Angeles

There’s been the frustrating situations where chiropractors have used pictures of me for designing their websites (don’t you think you’d want a photo of yourself on your own site?) but there’s not much point chasing them down and bitching about it (although none have asked permission or offered a link to any of my chiropractic sites). End rant.

Even though these photographs are now four years old, there’s plenty of opportunities to still use them today. We’ve also gotten a really great system down for shooting photography and video in the office. We have had video crews as large as two dozen people, and we’ve done photo/video shoots with individual photographers. The office itself has been used several times now for other businesses to shoot video as well. I like to think we’re a good neighbor to the social media and Web community.

Los Angeles California Chiropractic AdjustmentHands-On Chiropractic Adjustment

A photograph like the one above could be used by many a chiropractor, especially if they want to photographically demonstrate chiropractic technique or a chiropractic adjustment such as a lumbar spine side posture setup. We’ve had chiropractors occasionally e-mail, asking if they can use photos, but more commonly we receive inquiries from other website owners, journalists, news agencies, and such. We’re perfectly happy with that, and we do whatever we can to accommodate the needs of content creators seeking good-quality chiropractic images.

I don’t mean to infer that there are not great photographers outside of Los Angeles and New York. Thanks to the Internet and social media, I’ve met scores of great hobbyist and professional photographers, living all over the world. Getting a pro-quality photo shoot done inside a person’s chiropractic office (or any small business for that matter) is probably far easier than you may think. Keep your local photographers employed, schedule a small business photo shoot this summer.

How to iPhone Chiropractic X-Rays

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

This is both for chiropractors and chiropractic patients. Those of you that are chiropractors who take x-ray, chances are you have already done some experimentation with digitizing analog x-rays. The most common technique I’m aware of is to place the analog x-ray on a on a lighted viewbox, turn the flash off on the camera, focus and hold very steadily, and snap your photograph.

Everybody has different techniques, but I’ve found that having lights off in the room, and not allowing too much light coming in around the x-ray (meaning the film should cover the entire viewbox) help to get better quality images. However, I discovered an easier way for myself to make “digital copies” of my x-rays using my iPhone. If you haven’t already done so, this simple technique may come in handy. See this hand x-ray as an example.

Right Hand X-rayRight Hand X-Ray

A hand x-ray (my right hand) is what’s shown in the photograph (it’s the same one as seen in this hand x-ray). It’s nothing amazingly special (except that it’s my hand) but it was taken with my iPhone. I think it’s a pretty good quality image, and that’s what I’m getting at. Many people have complained that their iPhone lacks a flash for taking photos, but in the case of photographing x-ray film on a viewbox, it’s perfect for the task. Not only did I get a good quality image with a single camera click, the phone automatically stores location data as well. Basically, if you upload the photograph to a site that can read the EXIF data, it will include location. That can come in handy.

AP Lumbar Spine X-RayAP Lumbar Spine X-Ray

I’m showing another x-ray for an example, this one is a close-up on an anterior to posterior lumbar spine x-ray (aka AP Lumbar). Like the hand x-ray taken above, I took this photo with my mobile phone. What I had not mentioned yet, is that for both images, I did a conversion to black-and-white before uploading (should have done that with this cervical spine x-ray). That’s fairly easy to do with nearly any photo software. I noticed converting from color to black and white helped increase the contrast on the photo. While x-rays themselves appear to be black and white, chiropractors know that sometimes the film appears to be in shades of blue or shades of amber (for contrast, the x-ray shown here includes shades of greenish blue). This simple conversion helps pull out the color and makes for a better quality image (in my opinion).

Lateral Lumber Spine X-RayLateral Lumbar Spine X-Ray

Here’s one more image, an x-ray of the lumbar spine taken from a lateral position, aka Lumbar Lateral. The image is not as good on contrast as the hand shown at the top, but that’s based more on the soft tissue surrounding the vertebrae and lack of contrast on the original analog film. I already mentioned it’s easy to photograph an x-ray using one’s iPhone, I also mentioned that the image will include location data as well. This can come in handy for the person visiting a doctor’s office or health care providers facility, who wants to make a quick copy of their x-ray or x-rays. Don’t forget the black-and-white conversion, here’s one showing amber tones, I don’t think it looks as good as B&W.

It’s not the kind of thing I’d recommend for clinical study, or method of transporting film so that a radiologist can write a report, but it is a quick and easy way for a consumer to have a copy of their x-ray film (with the original never having to leave the office).

Imagine that was your hand x-ray and a doctor had just put it up on a viewbox to show you that your fingers were not fractured. You could take a quick photograph with your iPhone (no worry about flash) and have a pretty nice copy lickety-split. Now you can take that same image, and e-mail or text it to someone that may want to have a look at it. Lets say for example your significant other is a chiropractor or orthopedic doctor and you are on the other side of the country thinking you may have broken one of your fingers. Let’s just say I have first-hand experience in such situations.

Southern California Chiropractor Photos

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

They may not all be Southern California chiropractors, as they are chiropractors nonetheless, and the photos were taken in Orange County California (which is southern for those of you who have never been to this part of the world). Let’s start with chiropractors Darrel Crain and Damon West. They are both graduates of Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, and the three of us were classmates in chiropractic school.

Chiropractors Darrel Crain and Damon WestCalifornia Chiropractors Darrel Crain and Damon West

Dr. West was quite the class clown, and he was also quite a photographer and artist. He rendered this drawing of a kid stoned out on class 2 narcotics while we were attending chiropractic school. Damon practices in Sacramento California and Darrel practices in San Diego. Next up we have four more California Chiropractors, except that now Dr. Russell (chiropractor on the far right) has moved to Seattle and is practicing in the state of Washington.

Chiropractors George Gavin Scott RussellFrom left to right: Chiropractors George Khoury, Gavin Carr, Scott Sawyer, Russell Kun

Dr. Khoury practices in Livermore California and he has participated in provided tips on living better in Planet Chiropractic articles of the past. Dr. Gavin Carr practices in the Palo Alto area of Northern California but I’ve seen him most in the desert of Arizona. Dr. Scott Sawyer practices in Santa Cruz, which isn’t that far from Palo Alto, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Dr. Russell Kun use to practice in the San Lorenzo area of northern California but he moved to Seattle Washington. He’s practicing in the Capitol Hill area and is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College West.