Andy Panda Visits Chiropractor Woody Woodpecker

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

More photos from around 1998. I suspect these were probably made in the 1970s or 1980s and I don’t remember how I ended up getting copies of them. Both show Woody woodpecker checking the spine of Andy Panda while he’s lying face down on a chiropractic adjusting bench. One image is of far better quality. I may have the original copies of the drawing somewhere in my stacks of chiropractic media. Do kids today know who Woody woodpecker is?

Chiropractor Woody Woodpecker and Andy Panda

Andy Panda lies face down on a chiropractic adjusting bench (kind of looks like my Galaxy adjusting table) while Woody Woodpecker checks his vertebral column. The second photo shows different background, including a clipboard and a chiropractic diploma on the wall. Wouldn’t be surprised to find out there were other images similar to these made for a series of marketing materials. Would make nice postcards.

Getting Adjusted with Woody Woodpecker

If anybody has more information regarding these two photographs, feel free to leave a comment.

3 thoughts on “Andy Panda Visits Chiropractor Woody Woodpecker”

  1. Hello, I love this photo, I’m a chiropractor in NJ and would like to have one for my office. How can I get a copy or know where to get one of these?

  2. From my certificate of authenticity, “MCA/Universal Animation Art and Fascination St. Gallery have jointly created this “Chiropractic Woody” limited sericel. Woody has reached new heights in his profession to become the chiropractor to the stars.

    This limited edition of 1000 sericells features the one and only zany red-head Woody Woodpecker adjusting his bes buddy, Andy Panda.

    To produce a sericel, a hand-cut master screen is prepared for each color from the original art. The printer applies color seperately, one color at a time, in perfect registration.”

    MCA/Universal Animation Art
    1996 tm & ? Walter Lance Productions Inc.

    The two different backgrounds are not part of the sericel just Woody, Andy, the adjusting table, logo in the bottom right hand corner and the number/1000.

    Hope that helps!

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