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Pro Photographers in Your Office

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I emptied an online folder today that I was canceling a yearly subscription on. I found some photographs in there that I had not seen since they were uploaded back in 2006, which motivated me to create this post (can’t just let photos sit on the hard drive). I use chiropractic photos regularly for marketing, postcards, news articles, etc. I’ve had photos that I’ve taken appear in magazines, newspapers, numerous websites, and even CNN. While I consider myself a hobbyist and amateur, I know the importance of having good quality photographs available for others to use. You cannot always take your own photos, and if you want good quality stuff, my experience has shown that hiring professionals is well worth the investment.

Chiropractic Care Los Angeles California2006 Photo Shoot – Los Angeles, CA – ADIO

Chances are (especially if you’re practicing in a place like New York City or Southern California), there are numerous professional photographers that are already clients in your chiropractic practice. I’m fortunate that several professional photographers are regulars in our office (and there’s probably three times as many video professionals), so when the need arises, I’ll typically ask for advice on hiring. Back in 2006, I had a world-class photographer offer to do several photo shoots in the practice on a weekend (these photos are from that shoot). The rewards have been tremendous.

Chiropractic Education Los AngelesTop Chiropractic Schools Los Angeles

There’s been the frustrating situations where chiropractors have used pictures of me for designing their websites (don’t you think you’d want a photo of yourself on your own site?) but there’s not much point chasing them down and bitching about it (although none have asked permission or offered a link to any of my chiropractic sites). End rant.

Even though these photographs are now four years old, there’s plenty of opportunities to still use them today. We’ve also gotten a really great system down for shooting photography and video in the office. We have had video crews as large as two dozen people, and we’ve done photo/video shoots with individual photographers. The office itself has been used several times now for other businesses to shoot video as well. I like to think we’re a good neighbor to the social media and Web community.

Los Angeles California Chiropractic AdjustmentHands-On Chiropractic Adjustment

A photograph like the one above could be used by many a chiropractor, especially if they want to photographically demonstrate chiropractic technique or a chiropractic adjustment such as a lumbar spine side posture setup. We’ve had chiropractors occasionally e-mail, asking if they can use photos, but more commonly we receive inquiries from other website owners, journalists, news agencies, and such. We’re perfectly happy with that, and we do whatever we can to accommodate the needs of content creators seeking good-quality chiropractic images.

I don’t mean to infer that there are not great photographers outside of Los Angeles and New York. Thanks to the Internet and social media, I’ve met scores of great hobbyist and professional photographers, living all over the world. Getting a pro-quality photo shoot done inside a person’s chiropractic office (or any small business for that matter) is probably far easier than you may think. Keep your local photographers employed, schedule a small business photo shoot this summer.

How to iPhone Chiropractic X-Rays

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

This is both for chiropractors and chiropractic patients. Those of you that are chiropractors who take x-ray, chances are you have already done some experimentation with digitizing analog x-rays. The most common technique I’m aware of is to place the analog x-ray on a on a lighted viewbox, turn the flash off on the camera, focus and hold very steadily, and snap your photograph.

Everybody has different techniques, but I’ve found that having lights off in the room, and not allowing too much light coming in around the x-ray (meaning the film should cover the entire viewbox) help to get better quality images. However, I discovered an easier way for myself to make “digital copies” of my x-rays using my iPhone. If you haven’t already done so, this simple technique may come in handy. See this hand x-ray as an example.

Right Hand X-rayRight Hand X-Ray

A hand x-ray (my right hand) is what’s shown in the photograph (it’s the same one as seen in this hand x-ray). It’s nothing amazingly special (except that it’s my hand) but it was taken with my iPhone. I think it’s a pretty good quality image, and that’s what I’m getting at. Many people have complained that their iPhone lacks a flash for taking photos, but in the case of photographing x-ray film on a viewbox, it’s perfect for the task. Not only did I get a good quality image with a single camera click, the phone automatically stores location data as well. Basically, if you upload the photograph to a site that can read the EXIF data, it will include location. That can come in handy.

AP Lumbar Spine X-RayAP Lumbar Spine X-Ray

I’m showing another x-ray for an example, this one is a close-up on an anterior to posterior lumbar spine x-ray (aka AP Lumbar). Like the hand x-ray taken above, I took this photo with my mobile phone. What I had not mentioned yet, is that for both images, I did a conversion to black-and-white before uploading (should have done that with this cervical spine x-ray). That’s fairly easy to do with nearly any photo software. I noticed converting from color to black and white helped increase the contrast on the photo. While x-rays themselves appear to be black and white, chiropractors know that sometimes the film appears to be in shades of blue or shades of amber (for contrast, the x-ray shown here includes shades of greenish blue). This simple conversion helps pull out the color and makes for a better quality image (in my opinion).

Lateral Lumber Spine X-RayLateral Lumbar Spine X-Ray

Here’s one more image, an x-ray of the lumbar spine taken from a lateral position, aka Lumbar Lateral. The image is not as good on contrast as the hand shown at the top, but that’s based more on the soft tissue surrounding the vertebrae and lack of contrast on the original analog film. I already mentioned it’s easy to photograph an x-ray using one’s iPhone, I also mentioned that the image will include location data as well. This can come in handy for the person visiting a doctor’s office or health care providers facility, who wants to make a quick copy of their x-ray or x-rays. Don’t forget the black-and-white conversion, here’s one showing amber tones, I don’t think it looks as good as B&W.

It’s not the kind of thing I’d recommend for clinical study, or method of transporting film so that a radiologist can write a report, but it is a quick and easy way for a consumer to have a copy of their x-ray film (with the original never having to leave the office).

Imagine that was your hand x-ray and a doctor had just put it up on a viewbox to show you that your fingers were not fractured. You could take a quick photograph with your iPhone (no worry about flash) and have a pretty nice copy lickety-split. Now you can take that same image, and e-mail or text it to someone that may want to have a look at it. Lets say for example your significant other is a chiropractor or orthopedic doctor and you are on the other side of the country thinking you may have broken one of your fingers. Let’s just say I have first-hand experience in such situations.

Southern California Chiropractor Photos

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

They may not all be Southern California chiropractors, as they are chiropractors nonetheless, and the photos were taken in Orange County California (which is southern for those of you who have never been to this part of the world). Let’s start with chiropractors Darrel Crain and Damon West. They are both graduates of Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, and the three of us were classmates in chiropractic school.

Chiropractors Darrel Crain and Damon WestCalifornia Chiropractors Darrel Crain and Damon West

Dr. West was quite the class clown, and he was also quite a photographer and artist. He rendered this drawing of a kid stoned out on class 2 narcotics while we were attending chiropractic school. Damon practices in Sacramento California and Darrel practices in San Diego. Next up we have four more California Chiropractors, except that now Dr. Russell (chiropractor on the far right) has moved to Seattle and is practicing in the state of Washington.

Chiropractors George Gavin Scott RussellFrom left to right: Chiropractors George Khoury, Gavin Carr, Scott Sawyer, Russell Kun

Dr. Khoury practices in Livermore California and he has participated in provided tips on living better in Planet Chiropractic articles of the past. Dr. Gavin Carr practices in the Palo Alto area of Northern California but I’ve seen him most in the desert of Arizona. Dr. Scott Sawyer practices in Santa Cruz, which isn’t that far from Palo Alto, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Dr. Russell Kun use to practice in the San Lorenzo area of northern California but he moved to Seattle Washington. He’s practicing in the Capitol Hill area and is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College West.

DCS Orange County 2010 Chiropractic Photos

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Here is the first set of photographs from the 2010 Dead Chiropractic Society DCS Chiropractic extravaganza at the performing arts center in Orange County California. The 2010 Orange County event rocked as expected, and plenty of chiropractor turned out for continuing education and fired up chiropractic excitement. Consider this round one of photos from DCS 2010.

Atlas Flag ChiropracticChiropractic Atlas Flag

The first cervical vertebrae replaces the stars on this chiropractic flag piece of art. There were quite a few pieces of artwork around the Performing Arts Center, all with a chiropractic theme. I noticed several variations of this flag piece of art and I really liked the way this one was done.

Scott Van Horn and Clinton Jones, DC

On my way over to the CCA booth to take photos of CCA sales director Scott Van Horn I was introduced to former Minnesota Vikings running back ( turned chiropractor) Clinton Jones. The three of us talked pro football for several minutes and Clinton told some really cool stories about his days with the Minnesota Vikings, playing college football for Michigan State, and his trading to the San Diego Chargers, which eventually led him onto the path of becoming a doctor of chiropractic.

Parker Chiropractic College Pres. Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

This photo was taken from about six floors up, nearly in the rafters of the Orange County Performing Arts Center, above a crowd of chiropractors, chiropractic students, and chiropractic office staff listening to Dr. Fabrizio Mancini gave a spectacular talk on the principles, science, philosophy and art of chiropractic.

Adjustors Live Rock ‘n Roll

Taken from way in the back, The Adjustors take the stage for some live rock ‘n roll. The entire chiropractic program was intermixed with rock ‘n roll music, compelling educational videos, and two different live rock ‘n roll acts. No one in chiropractic does anything quite like they do it in Orange County California. As chiropractor Ian Grassam said when speaking to a sold out Southern California crowd of chiropractors in 1997 (the event took place right down the street from this one) “if you’re going to be a nut, you may as well be a big nut.”

2010 Chiropractic Assistant and Chiropractor Award Photos

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Not only was the 2010 Parker Seminars in Las Vegas a spectacular event for chiropractors to attend, there were awards given out recognizing top chiropractic assistants and chiropractors of the year. 5 different chiropractors from across the globe received Chiropractor of the Year awards while at Las Vegas Parker, and three chiropractic assistants were presented Chiropractic Assistant of the Year awards. With as many chiropractors and assistants that are providing services across the planet, being selected for this prestigious award is quite significant, you don’t get one by resting on your laurels.


Brandi MacDonald and Fabrizio Mancini

Brandy MacDonald of Southside Chiropractic in Edmonton, Alberta receives her Chiropractic Assistant of the Year award from president of Parker College of Chiropractic, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, while in attendance at the 2010 Las Vegas Parker Seminars.

Naomi Chance Fabrizio Mancini

Naomi Chance and Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

Also receiving a Chiropractic Assistant of the Year award was Naomi Chance of Chance Chiropractic Clinic in Fort Myers, Florida. A third award went to Charlee Crouse of the Spinal Clinic in Durant, Oklahoma.


Chiropractor Bill DeMoss of Newport Beach

What likely comes as no surprise to chiropractors in the state of California, Newport Beach chiropractor Bill DeMoss (Billy D) was among chiropractors receiving the prestigious 2010 chiropractor of the year award, presented during the seminar weekend. Bill DeMoss has worked incredibly hard (on the front line and behind the scenes) to preserve and promote chiropractic principles in the state of California and beyond. He as unquestionably done more to effectively promote chiropractic in the state than anyone I’ve seen during the past 15 years.

Congratulations to all of the chiropractors and chiropractic assistants that received awards this year. Your dedication and persistency towards promoting chiropractic and its principles is appreciated.

Parker Seminars 2010 Las Vegas Photos

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Chiropractic in Las Vegas for 2010 got kicked off with a bang when Parker Seminars rolled into the Hilton Casino and Hotel on January 14-16. There were thousands of chiropractors in attendance, and the energy at Parker Las Vegas was as stellar as it’s always been.

parker-seminars-2010-las-vegasParker College of Chiropractic Booth

The exhibitor floors at Parker Seminars are always packed with vendors from all walks of chiropractic life. The Parker Chiropractic College (shown above) booth was displayed elegantly and staff working the booth were even active on twitter throughout the Vegas seminar weekend.

cla-chiropractic-leadership-allianceCLA – Chiropractic Leadership Alliance with fresh new look

Some of the vendors at Parker Las Vegas, like the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance, had a fresh new look to their booth display. The clean white set up made for an attractive booth, a change from silvers and blues seen in CLA designs of the past.

parker-seminar-stageParker Seminar Stage in Las Vegas

To my knowledge, Parker Seminars in Las Vegas hosts the largest stage for chiropractic giants to speak on. The above photo shows legendary chiropractor, Dr. James Sigafoose, speaking to a packed house in one of the many conference rooms. Lighting for this particular Parker weekend was fantastic. I really thought the natural accents and backlighting added significantly to the experience of listening to and watching speakers communicate the message of chiropractic.

james-sigafoose-parker-las-vegasChiropractor James Sigafoose

As bold has he ever was, Jim Sigafoose described his vision of chiropractic, his message of chiropractic for the masses, motivation for chiropractors, and his being thankful for a life in chiropractic. Sigafoose has long been one of my favorite speakers in chiropractic, his Saturday morning talk was reenergizing.

jeff-spencer-jason-deitchChiropractors Jeff Spencer and Jason Deitch

I came across several movers and shakers in chiropractic while walking through the exhibit areas and moving in and out of the speaker rooms. Two such powerhouses were doctors Jeff Spencer and Jason Deitch, both are pushing the envelope on wellness inside and outside the industry. These guys are leaders in the world’s wellness revolution.

Cambodian Chiropractic Mission Trip Photos

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Last week there was news regarding Life Chiropractic College West and a Mission Trip to Cambodia. The trip featured Life West faculty, alumni, and college interns traveling to provide chiropractic care in Cambodia. Iris J. Murillo, public relations manager for Life Chiropractic College West, emailed a few photos that were taken during the trip. I wanted to share them here.

cambodia chiropractic mission trip 2009Chiropractors, Chiropractic Interns, and lot’s of smiles

I love that people take the time to get photos during mission trips, we get so consumed in providing care that often times some of the little things (like stopping to take pics) get overlooked.

cambodia chiropractor mission trip 2009Hands On Chiropractic Care

Imagine being able to get that Life Giving Adjustment for the very first time? Awesome stuff! Depending on the groups organizing the mission trips, chiropractors may be providing full spine care, cervical spine only care, or a combination of cervical seated care and table full spine care (perhaps depends on ratio of chiropractors to people being served). In past trips I’ve participated in (like Costa Rica) much of the adjusting was seated cervical care. I like the idea of having people on a table but that can be a long day when serving on missions.

mission trip 2009 chiropractic cambodiaSmiling Faces

Chiropractors that participated in this mission will remember their experiences forever, and they’ll have fond memories of the smiles shared by people they met during their journey. If you want to get out of your head space and serve for the sake of serving, there’s nothing quite like a mission trip to motivate you. Congrats to all that invested the time and energy to make the trip a success.

LifeForce 2010 Chiropractic Photos

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m sitting in a classroom at Life University in Marrietta, Georgia and the WiFi here is rocking. Thought I’d post some photos from the weekend before I get back to the office. The campus looks fantastic and I plan to post quite a few pics in the weeks to come.

life running eaglesLife Running Eagles

A view from inside the gymnasium at Life University. The Running Eagles are the official Life University Rugby team and one of the only competing clubs in the United States fortunate enough to have the full support of a university athletic department offering rugby scholarships.

Adam Cantor and Josh HandtChiropractors Adam Cantor and Josh Handt

I’ve known both Adam and Josh for several years now. Dr. Adam Cantor practices in California and Dr. Josh Handt practices on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, NY. The office is nearby what used to be the location for the Manhattan Chiropractic College.

life chiropractic wellness centerLife Fitness Wellness Center

The fitness facility at Life University was impressive to say the least. Huge bonus for those choosing to attend chiropractic school at Life or attend one of the other health sciences programs. I would have loved to have something like this available when I was in chiropractic school.

ian grassam treehouseThe Ian Grassam Treehouse

Above is an inside view of one of the rooms in the Ian Grassam Treehouse. There’s a lot of history behind this place, dating back to the early 1800’s. Chiropractor Ian Grassam was one of my all time favorite motivators. You can still get audio from talks he did while visiting California in the 1990s (I was a chiropractic student at the time recordings were made).

joe lupo hank cousineauLifeForce Chiropractors Joe Lupo and Hank Cousineau

While attending the LifeForce sessions, Drs. Joe Lupo and Hank Cousineau showed other LifeForce chiropractors how they educate their communities and get people excited about becoming chiropractors. They have both been major forces in promoting chiropractic and chiropractic principles across the planet.

Venice Beach Skate Park Photos

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Two things that are really near and dear to my heart, skateboarding, and the city of Venice, California. I was a kid skating Long Island around the time DogTown skateboard paraphernalia (mostly artfully done wooden skateboard decks) begin appearing in the New York suburbs. I figure that was around 1976 or 1977, and in Los Angeles, the skateboard movement had already long been underway.

Venice Beach Skate Park 9 Foot PoolGPS Latitude: 33 deg 59′ 14.37″ N GPS Longitude: 118 deg 28′ 31.33″ W

Today was a historic day in Venice Beach California, with the opening of the City of Los Angeles Venice Beach Skate Plaza and Skate Park. I posted latitude and longitude coordinates above for those of you geeks that want to find the skate park via your GPS gadgets, since it won’t yet show on any map. The park is part of the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks and it’s official address is..

1800 Oceanfront Walk, Venice, CA 90291

venice 90291 skateboardingskateboarding the pool in Venice beach while crowds cheer

Venice Beach’s 16,000 square-foot skate plaza has four main components; a deep pool (shown above), street terrain course, snake run and flow pool.  The $3.4 million plaza’s unique design combines street and vert skating, allowing skateboarders to flow in and out of the different styles. With a maximum vertical differential of up to 9 feet, the deep pool allows for lots of speed in a single entry/exit run. The street terrain course simulates a streetscape environment with steps, rails, planters, curbs and driveways. For an old-school skateboarding experience, skaters can carve from bank to bank through the snake run. The flow bowl provides maximum momentum for continuous multiple entries/exits in a single run.

Old-School Skateboarder Venice Beach CaliforniaWe used to have POP in Venice Beach, but after that burned down, the place became a Dogtown. Now there’s a new skateboard park in 90291.

For Venice Beach locals or those interested in skateboarding in the area, check out my Venice Beach Skate Park photo set on Flickr. You’re welcome to use the photos on your websites or blogs, but I’d appreciate link attribution back to the photo page or this post.

dogtown skateboard deckDog Town

Many thanks to the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, Ruth Galanter and other elected and former council members and Los Angeles politicians, and most especially to the long-term dedication of the skateboarders that got this whole movement started more than 30 years ago. My many skateboard related injuries over the years indirectly played a role in me becoming a chiropractor. Who’d a thunk it?

7 Classic Photo Chiropractic Memories

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Going through some photo archives after having been off-line for the past few weeks (enjoying some summer fun in July time outdoors without a laptop) and I thought I’d post seven classics.

500-patrick-claChiropractic Leadership Alliance Booth – I’m pretty sure this image was taken in January of 2000 even though that’s a Windows 98 logo appearing on the screen. It’s part of a booth set up for the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance featuring Dr. Patrick Gentempo. I estimate Dr. Gentempo has been speaking for more than two decades now in the field of chiropractic. He’s a great speaker who often times puts on a terrific and motivating presentation.


Continental Hotel, Panama – Three chiropractors standing in the lobby of the Continental Hotel in Panama City, Panama. I believe this photo was taken in October of 2000 during one of the CREW chiropractic missions to that nation. That’s Pacific Palisades chiropractor Dr. Luke Cohen, holding up the banner on the left, and Canadian Winnipeg chiropractor Danella Whittaker holding up the banner on the right. Another Canadian chiropractor, Dr. Stephanie, is pictured in the middle.

james-sigafoose-chiropractor-2000James Sigafoose at Parker – Fairly certain this is from the 2000 Parker Seminar a Las Vegas Nevada. It was an incredible chiropractic event, as so many of the Parker Seminars typically are. Chiropractor Jim Sigafoose has been speaking at chiropractic conferences and gatherings for nearly 4 decades. He is one of my all time favorite motivators in chiropractic.

chiropractors-sharon-jeffChiropractors Sharon Gorman & Jeff Ptak – More of my favorite chiropractors. This photo comes from 2001 and was taken in Southern California. Pennsylvania chiropractor Sharon Gorman presents Jeff Ptak with a commemorative plaque , in gratitude of his speaking at a West Coast Focus Chiropractic weekend.

jesus-spain-panamaGod Does the Healing – I’m not certain, but I’m fairly sure this photo was taken in 2004 during a mission trip to Panama. The chiropractor is from Spain and the adjusting was probably taking place inside someplace other than a church. Although Jesus is on the cross in the background, there were plenty of nonchurch settings inside buildings throughout Panama that featured religious symbols.

chiropractor-training-youngstersBorn to Be a Chiropractor – I’m not sure who this very young chiropractor to be is, and I don’t know who that is laying face down on the adjusting table. I do know that it’s my portable adjusting table that I had back in chiropractic college at CCCLA in Los Angeles. Photo properties say the picture was taken in May of 2002 on an Olympus C3030Z. Maybe somebody will recognize the top of the chiropractors head. Cute photo either way.

chiropractic-winning-edgeChiropractic Winning Edge – The properties on the original version of this image say February of 1999. I’m not certain of the original source, looks like something I would’ve created around that time using Photoshop or some other photo editing software. Those are runners from the Barcelona games and I don’t recall the story behind the photo. Still it looks nice though and reminds me about some ideas for making some modern-day chiropractic posters.