Month: March 2009

April 1 Conflicker Worm Conficker Virus Threat

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

April Fools Day is perfect for unleashing a nasty computer worm payload on your PC, and it’s no joke. First discovered in October 2008, a computer worm, referred to by some as a computer virus, is set to strike on April 1, and it has created quite a concerned buzz on the Internet.

Antivirus Software to keep PC Computers SafeDepending on the source, the virus is being referred to as the Conflicker or Conficker worm, and it’s also being searched as a Microsoft virus, since it’s designed to infect PCs running Microsoft Windows.

The conflicker worm is expected to unleash its payload on April 1 and from what I’ve researched, experts aren’t in full agreement as to what the worm’s intentions are. Antivirus software manufacturers are recommending people visit their websites for free anti-virus downloads, conflicker patches or even a conficker removal tool.

Again, the worm virus is expected to strike operating systems running Microsoft Windows on April 1, but it’s no April Fools’ Day joke, as the execution of code from a remote location potentially allows hackers and the creators of the april fools computer virus to access computers that are infected. To make matters worse, the virus can spread to other computers on a home-based network or business based network, and it has the ability to attach itself to portable memory devices like USB memory sticks or flash drives.

Today would be a great day to back up your critical PC data, if you’re not already doing so regularly, just to be on the safe side.

One of the easiest ways to know if you’re PC is infected with the conflicker worm is to visit a major antivirus software web site like,, or the Norton Antivirus site.

If you cannot access any of the above websites, there’s a possibility that your computer may be infected with the conflicker worm already. The april 1st virus conficker worm reportedly blocks Microsoft updates as well. It’s a good idea to check settings on automatic updates and be sure your system patches and upgrades are all up to date.

Visit any of the major antivirus maker websites and download a free conflicker detection tool or removal tool to patch your Windows system. I find AVG Free is a great free antivirus download to keep your PC running clean of spyware and viruses. Chances are though you already have some form of antivirus software installed so be sure to check that it’s up to date and properly patched.

Visit as well as the Conficker computer worm security page for additional details. @ 11:24 am | Article ID: 1238523900

Yellow Pages Related Searches

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Last week when I posted Definitely Not the Yellow Pages I thought for sure I’d find dozens of previous articles I’d written regarding Yellow Pages and Advertising that I’d written over the past ten years. Much to my surprise, I didn’t locate many, but I did grab a screenshot of recent Yellow Page keyphrases and rounded up some archived YP posts.

yellow-pages-keyphrasesThe screenshot shows 14 related search terms all based off the search “Yellow.” These are the terms and brands people are seeking when performing search queries.

Position #8 is the straight keyword but all the rest are directly related to the industry, a good reminder that “yellow” is still on top of consumer mind share for local.

In August 2007, I conducted a traffic summary on 5 Yellow Pages Local Directory Websites, and at that time, at&t’s owned was getting the largest share of web traffic. I’m overdue to revisit all 5 sites and see where YP traffic stats are for 2009.

While it’s old news, the sale of an Online Local Search Phone Directory in September of 2007, has me wondering what such an asset would sell for in todays market. Is the recession affecting the selling of local directory domains either negatively or positively?

Chiropractors have long run ads in Yellow Pages, those days may be nearing their end, Chiropractic Yellow Pages December 2004 was amockup ad sent to my office by a sales rep. Nobody is delivering mock up YP advertisements to my office so far in 2009.

Being in a large metro, you’d maybe think YP ads would do real well, but that’s not always the case. Split Metro Yellow Page Advertising was something we visited in 2007, and I still think tracking calls is the best way to go.

I’m not crazy about the waste produced by all those bags of yellow pages either, and we’re at a point in the office where not even a single old copy is left lying around. In my opinion, there’s no point to, since we have online access for staff and patrons and many local search answers are just a click or two away.

Practical April Fools Day Pranks

By Daria Belov

April Fools Day 2009 (April 1) is nearly upon us and we’ve been planning around the office what the April Fools prank this year is going to be. You can just do the snakes in a jar routine, a good April Fools joke takes some careful consideration, in order to get the desired result. Our lost money prank from last year worked well, so feel free to use that one in your place of business, if you’ve come up with no ideas.

April Fools Day Pranks(photo: April Fools!)

In 2008, Dr. Dorausch put together a good guide on Preparing for April Fools Day Jokes. Much of the info is still relevant (aside from presidential election pranks) so be sure to check it out.

Thinking about potential pranks and jokes? Some may remember last years Project Virgle Space Program announced on April 1, by Google and the Founder of the Virgin Group. The entire stunt The Adventure of Many Lifetimes (the first permanent human colony on Mars) is still viewable online.

Putting together something like that could take lots of work, and sometimes you need a prank that can be put together quickly. Last years Chiropractors Assistant Discovers Thousands in Trash brought many laughs to a local chiropractors office, and it’s an easy fools prank to duplicate.

It’s very simple really, all you need is a paper bag, some scrap paper, and a pen to write the April Fools! note to place inside. The rest is all acting. Now, pulling off pranks in a place of business can be extremely tricky, no need to get yourself added to list of currently unemployed. Be sure to clear any pranks (kinda spoils the fun) with anyone in the office that may not take the joke so well (like your boss).

For the Lost Money April Fools Prank a bag was filled with paper and a note on top that read April Fools. When people came in for their visit the staff nonchalantly brought up the topic of finding all this money. Depending on the person being pranked, the story was modified, in hopes of peeking the persons interest. The goal was simple… get someone to open the bag.

Maybe not the prank you’re looking for, but it was easy to setup, repeat, and execute. Have a happy April, and be alert on Wednesday! @ 1:28 pm | Article ID: 1238444928

Marked Pelvic AP Lumbar Spine X-Ray

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I was looking at some xray photos today and I came across this AP Pelvic Lumbar Spine X-Ray. It was taken with an analog xray system and I took a photo of the film while it was up on a viewbox.


Unlike the LMFAO Cervical Spine Xray post I don’t have any easy to remember lessons on this film, but it is marked and I figured I’d share some of the information viewable.

First off, who can tell me if this is male or female? Remember that from radiology classes? You’ve probably already noticed there is no Left (L) or Right (R) marker on the film. It’s cropped, this was a full-spine xray.

First, the markings in red. We’ll call EX4 side left and refer to IN4 side as right. Measurements below EX4 read 116 and measurements listed below IN4 read 120. Notice the lines drawn from the top of the left femoral head across to the right femoral head?

The 5 lumbar vertebra are marked on this film. Right side corner 1-2-3-4-5. Spinous processes are marked and measurements are listed as follows…

1st Lumbar: 20 & 21
2nd Lumbar: 22 & 21
3rd Lumbar: 22 & 24
4th Lumbar: 25 & 27
5th Lumbar: 29 & 30

Thoughts chiropractically, biomechanically, listing wise or xray wise on this film? Does anyone recall who created the marking method used here?

DRX9000 Classifieds Spinal Decompression & XRay Equipment


DRX9000 lumbar unit, Free Xray equipment, Associate Positions, Fully Equipped Offices, Office Space at Wellness Center, and bundles more in todays chiropractic classifieds collection of chiro advertisements. No Tesla Model S Electric cars, but lot’s of equipment and other items of interest for chiropractic industry professionals.

Marked Pelvic AP X-Ray(photo: Chiropractor Marked Pelvic AP X-Ray)

DRX9000 lumbar unit — 2006 practically new spinal decompression unit. Low use. Includes all belts, straps and pillows necessary to provide excellent care. Take over the existing lease (half paid for) or buy it outright.

North Pinellas, Florida Family Practice — This family practice is located in the quaint seaside village of Tarpon Springs, FL, with frontage on a main road (Alt 19). The practice has been established over 8 years and is profitable. There is x-ray on site, with an adjustable bucky to take vertex views. Techniques utilized are: Cox flexion-distraction for decompression, Thompson drop, Div/full spine and Arthrostim. Other equip. includes IST and EMS. Major medical/cash practice. Doctor works 4 days/wk. Office staff willing to transition. Lease is currently month to month; however, owners are willing to sign 1-5 year lease for new owner. Medical condition forces relocation; eager to work out a deal.

Hill Elevation tables — 2 Hill elevation tables 24 inches with cervical, thoracic and lumbar drops, ankle elevation and extension, foot pedals for elevation at both ends of table, blue with beige base, bought new in july 2007,220 volt, one for 2800 euros, both for 5000 euro.

Hawaii practice for sale — 26 year all cash family practice collecting $520,016.00. Dr take home before taxes $300,145.00. This clinic is located on one of the most beautiful and pristine islands in the world. Numbers keep growing each year. Low overhead. High net cash flow. No Stress. Easy to put away money for early retirement. This clinic is open 12-1/2 hours weekly – allowing plenty of time to play, relax, and enjoy the journey. This is paradise and is as “good as life gets!

West Palm Beach (Suburb) — West Palm Beach (Suburb), Florida, Practice For Sale: 11 year chiropractic and physical therapy practice collecting $531,540.00. Dr take home before taxes $246,220.00. Open 3 days. 419 new patients. 4,941 total visits. Well equipped and staffed. Clinic located in upscale – chic community. Sale also includes 3 months of marketing program. Current DC commutes from North Carolina. Must sell. Pix available.

Associate Wanted Ft. Myers, Florida — Licensed chiropractor wanted for a busy multi-disciplinary clinic in Ft. Myers, FL. Paid vacations, paid holidays, 401(k), health insurance, dental insurance. Be part of a team that includes medical doctors, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and a pain management anesthesiologist.

Free Xray equipment — Picker G – 300,Film container, multiple cassettes. In perfect working condition. Moving, need to remove from premises soon. Can send pics.

Zenith hy-lo’s, electrical stims, vibra & arthrost — Zenith Hy-lo’s (4,non-Manual) Gonstead Cerv. Chairs, 2 RichMar Interferrential units w/stands, Mettler 706 Ultrasound unit w/stand, blood pressure units, Vibracussor & Arthrostim (Dr. Brimhall), Dynatron Unit, Universal UniMax 325 X-ray w/auto processor, Anatomical items, G-5 Massagers, Gonstead side-posture benches, various file cabinets, office furniture, exam table w/head support, Executive chair, Erchonia Cold light laser, & other items too numerous to mention. Call for quotes. All items negotiable.

Office Space at Wellness Center — Office Space at Wellness Center in Austin, TX. Beautiful Office, Great Location, Laminate Flooring, Lots of natural light. Tastefully Furnished lobby, restroom, and kitchen.

Chiropractor needed SE MD — Desirable resort location, busy family practice, M-F, full or part time flexible hours, salary range $1000-$1500/week, benefits package negotiable dependent on your needs and experience.

Hard Working CA/Xray Tech who LOVES Chiropractic! — I am hard working CA/XRT who’s on his way to be a DC via LACC. I can do consultations, exams, xrays, ROFs, marketing, power points, ad design, web help, e-marketing, patient orientations, office flow, and the basic fundamentals of running a successful practice!

Salaried Associate Position Hays, KS — $50,000-$60,000. Busy Multidisciplinary Decompression Practice, is seeking a D.C. for our new location in Hays, KS. $50K-$60K, plus bonus plan, paid malpractice and CME. Excellent health insurance, retirement plan, paid vacation and holidays included. No weekends required. We will train the right individual. Active Kansas License required.

Myovision 8000 FOR SALE — Static and dynamic. This is a great opportunity to get started with using this equipment in your office at a low cost. The office is going into nutrition and I no longer need it. This is the Myovision 8000 stat/dynam. It is about 5 years old. I have the vista software with it. Also included is a professional portable stand for screenings. The catch- no lap top included. Because of this the asking price is $2500 for both.

2 Activator tables for sale — 2 Soft Tec Tables for sale. I am changing the approach of the office and I no longer need them. Both are in great shape. I am asking $750 a piece for them. Any Q’s call me.

The above content is of a time sensitive nature. Individual advertisements may no longer be available if ad has expired or user has deleted their post. Visitors can browse and view all active classifieds and/or subscribe to the classified RSS feed, which updates with the latest advertisement posted, several times per day. @ 8:56 pm | Article ID: 1238126214

Question Concerning Chiropractic Schools

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

A Biological Sciences student at Marquette University asks questions about choosing chiropractic colleges to attend. Questions are important to get answered before enrolling in any long-term educational program. The more knowledge and understanding one goes in with, the better suited they will be for success upon graduation.

Chiropractor leg check functional postural assessmentThe question I received via email is as follows…

Hi Dr. Dorausch, I am a Biological Sciences student at Marquette University. I read your article on and I was wondering if you could help me clarify some doubts that I am having pertaining to how to go about beginning a chiropractic career. I’m in the middle of researching Chiropractic Universities in order to decide where to apply, the question is if there are certain schools that are more recognized or respected than others.

As to what I have found so far, what I mostly see is Palmer, Palmer Florida, Palmer West and also Life University. I have been researching these schools and Palmer seems like the best bet, Life also gets great reviews but I am more inclined towards the Southern California Institute of Health Sciences dual degree program in DC and master of acupuncture and oriental medicine.

I was wondering if you, being successful in this field and obviously knowing how this all works, could advise me or give me any recommendations as to which universities to pursue with a major interest. This is of great importance to me due to the fact that through my research I have seen that where one studies chiropractic influences a great deal in the type of chiropractor one becomes and the quality of service one would be able to provide.

This career perfectly balances my two passions, which are service to others, especially the ability to provide people with better health and quality of life, and also my own quality of life and I would like to give myself the best opportunity that I can to be the best that I can be in this field.

My reply… This is a great series of questions. Here is someone seriously researching chiropractic programs and not just choosing one because it’s down the street from their house.

I think that any of the Palmer Schools or Life Schools would be a good choice for most seeking to become chiropractors. You mention Southern California Institute of Health Sciences (SCUHS) and an interest in the acupuncture program. If dual degrees are important to you I’d lean towards attending SCUHS. I normally would recommend another school, but you may have very different interests in practice than I do, and I don’t want to ignore that.

Living in Southern California is typically more costly than living in Davenport, Iowa (or living in Atlanta or Florida). Not that any of these cities are bad places to live, but California weather rocks! Atlanta, Davenport, and Florida get very hot and humid in summer months, go visit Iowa in August if you don’t believe me. SoCal has traffic, and lot’s of it, so that’s not a plus. Finding apartments and roommates nearby the school in SoCal should not be an issue, as it’s situated in a residential area.

If you can afford it I would suggest this… Visit California (choose either North or South) and check out the two schools in the area. Palmer West and Life West are Northern, CCCLA and SCUHS are Southern. You can drive from LifeWest to Palmer (or vice versa) in less than an hour (depending on traffic). You can drive from CCCLA (Los Angeles) to SCUHS in less than 2 hours (25 miles apart but expect LA traffic). This way you’ve visited at least 2 campuses in the state.

Besides that, plan to visit either Palmer in Iowa or Life in Marietta. Everybody thinking about a career in chiropractic should visit at least one of these 2 schools, if even to learn more about the history of chiropractic. Life University has a beautiful campus, and I believe housing nearby is affordable, I’m not certain on rental rates near other schools.

If you choose a school like SCUHS remember this, while you may get education in acupuncture, you may have to train on your own to get a specific education in chiropractic adjustive technique. Inquire regarding the curriculum, there’s no Upper Cervical taught, no Gonstead, no Sacral Occipital Technique, as I believe the school focuses on a single method of diversified style hands on adjusting. While it’s extra work, if you choose any school that only offers 1 or 2 techniques, get yourself signed up for “adjusting clubs” like Gonstead or others. From what I recall, the Gonstead club in SoCal is terrific, and in participating, you’ll be exposed to many exceptionally talented individuals in the field.

That being said, I know great chiropractors that have graduated from SCUHS (formerly LACC), one of them being Stew Bittman. The reality on adjusting in chiropractic is that you’ll have to practice far more than what hours are taught while in school. All the colleges are more concerned about students passing state and national board exams, skills to get people well will be on you.

Visit schools, talk to chiropractors (that are successful), ask about curriculums, meet students, and get your questions answered. Build a plan to be successful and work that plan, the rewards can be extremely gratifying (but you have to work to get there). Most importantly, get adjusted and experience someones office from the perspective of a patient.

Be sure to check out these somewhat related posts…
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You can view all US chiropractic schools and get contact information for any you may want to receive intro packages from, or are planning to visit. @ 11:30 am | Article ID: 1238092262

The United States Insatiable Appetite For Illegal Drugs

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Mexico City Wednesday stating that an “insatiable” appetite in the United States for illegal drugs is to blame for much of the violence that has ravaged Mexico in the past year. Thousands in Mexico have died while rival drug cartels reportedly battle for smuggling routes and drug distribution territories. Wow, I agree with Hillary Clinton, almost.

Hillary Clinton - Georgia Democratic Party Assembly(photo: Hillary Clinton – credit: Nrbelex) Yes, the United States has an insatiable appetite for drugs, but we are fooling ourselves if we think it’s only illegal drugs our next door neighbors are polluting our great nation with.

The reality is, drugs are drugs, whether smuggled or prescribed, and the sooner we stop pretending that’s not the case, the sooner we can collectively begin working on a solution. This isn’t about legalizing marijuana or arguing about the health risks in our cocaine nation, it’s about someone in United States of America leadership, who’s had enough of the war on drugs lies, standing up and saying “We have a drug problem in America, and today we’re going to do something about it.”

We have a drug problem in America, not just an illegal drug problem, can we begin to understand that? May I remind you of the stunning investigation conducted by the Associated Press last year (March 2008) that found Drugs in Drinking Water of at least 41 Million Americans? Which of the Mexican drug cartels would we like to blame for that? Must be the ones smuggling acetaminophen, ibuprofen, carbamazepine (an anticonvulsant and mood stabilizing drug), estrogen, painkillers, epilepsy medications, and other pharmaceuticals across our borders.

But these are Schedule II Controlled Substances being smuggled into the US, and they can be dangerous and deadly, causing all kinds of problems for our over burdened healthcare system. You’ll get no argument from me there. Did you know that cocaine was a Schedule II controlled substance? Nasty stuff. Do you know what else is a Schedule II controlled substance? Methylphenidate (most commonly known as the brand name Ritalin) is a Schedule II controlled substance. Isn’t that the stuff prescribed for ADHD?

This is an old link, but in 2004, reports showed ADHD Drugs Outselling Antibiotics in Kids. I’m willing to bet that’s still the case. Remember, not all kids taking drugs like Ritalin are getting it from their trusted pediatrician, they’re getting these drugs on the schoolyard. Must be that insatiable appetite, or maybe we’re collectively Raising Kids To Be Drug Addicts (I don’t blame you – I’m in this too).

“Over 7 million children consume over eight tons of Ritalin every year in the United States.”
That was a quote from 2003, printed in a Johns Hopkins newsletter, and now we have Target and Wal-Mart selling discount prescription drugs, bringing them to a consumer goods warehouse center near you.

“An estimated 5 million to 6 million U.S. children are currently taking at least one psychiatric drug.”
I caught that quote in a 2002 article on drugs, and I’m betting that number has near doubled since. When more than half of all primary school children are taking drugs (not the kind smuggled in by Mexican Cartels) can we really be surprised at a US Insatiable Drug Appetite?

Whether the market be marijuana, cocaine, or drugs one can buy online without a prescription, the reality is Selling Drugs is Good Business. @ 10:07 pm | Article ID: 1238044065

Definitely Not the Yellow Pages

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

“Dr. Mike – there’s a sales rep on the phone, says they’re with the Yellow Pages.” is what I used to hear from my front desk manager frequently. The calls have decreased ( I no longer accept any calls from anyone claiming to work with any Yellow Pages company) but I still get offers in the mail for advertising offline and online in the… Yellow Pages.

Everybody has heard of the Yellow Pages, but who are they really? If you run a small or medium sized business, surely you’ve been contacted by yellow page reps or been pitched to advertise on Yellow Pages Local Directory Websites.

Let’s take a look at some of the mail I get…


In very bold black lettering I’m told Don’t accept imitations which is followed by ad copy that talks about there being only one Yellow Pages. Really? Company is based in New Jersey and what looks like a statement is actually a solicitation.


This one shows the very well know let your fingers do the walking logo, but is it the Yellow Pages? Clearly, in this case we can see it’s United Yellow Pages Inc. That company is based out of Garden Grove (or maybe that’s just a local office).


A letter I received from at&t advertising & publishing. Notice the blue text at the bottom. Is this San Francisco based mail coming from the Yellow Pages? Interesting that they’ve included such information in their marketing copy. Guess what’s inside?


The company (at&t) makes it very clear that they are NOT the Yellow Pages. They do however know own the .com for the domain, a smart move (imo).

Nearly all ad sales I’m seeing related to YP pitches have moved online (nobody is calling about advertising in the books – at least not in our area). Business owners are advised to continue watching out for internet directory scams and to try working w/legitimate entities.

Before advertising anywhere, do your research.

Palmer Chiropractic Homecoming 2009

By Lori Leipold

Palmer Homecoming 2009, Aug. 13-15, Features a Stellar Line-up of Speakers, Up to 23 CE Credits and “Extraordinary Stories from the Field”

BJ Palmer Bust - Palmer College Davenport IowaPalmer College of Chiropractic will host Homecoming 2009 on its Davenport, Iowa, campus Aug. 13-15. The program features a slate of new continuing education speakers as well as familiar faces leading sessions, along with Palmer’s traditional social and networking events. As always, Homecoming includes a vendor expo featuring the latest chiropractic products and services. Up to 23 Continuing Education credits are available for chiropractors attending this year’s event, depending on the state in which they practice and that state’s licensure requirements. There also is a track for chiropractic staff and a Destination Success track for students.

Homecoming organizers are looking for “Extraordinary Stories from the Field” to be showcased during the Thursday evening general session on Aug. 13. Palmer alumni who have an amazing story about a patient (or patients) to share are encouraged to submit their stories online by going to and clicking on the “Extraordinary Stories from the Field submission form.” The College Events staff is looking for five doctors to feature, and in order to facilitate selection, stories should be submitted as soon as possible. For more information, contact Heather Starr at [email protected] or (866) 592-3861.

Some event highlights include the alumni luncheon on Friday, the 25-Year Reunion Dinner on Thursday, the 50-Year Reunion Brunch on Friday, plus class reunions for the graduating classes of 1939, 1944, 1949, 1954, 1959, 1964, 1969, 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999 and 2004. There will be a reception for members of these classes on Friday evening at the FIGGE Art Museum in downtown Davenport. A 25-Year Reunion web page has been set up at for alumni who graduated in 1984 to post comments to fellow classmates. Palmer’s Davenport Homecoming also features the traditional Fellows Reception, President’s Club Reception and the Saturday Night Festival, which includes a fabulous buffet dinner, fireworks and entertainment from Chicago band 7th Heaven, all on the campus plaza at the top of Brady Street Hill.

More information about special Homecoming events and costs to attend, as well as online registration, is available by going to Prospective attendees may also call Palmer’s College Events Office at (866) 592-3861. @ 7:48 am | Article ID: 1237992532

Chiropractor Loving Tweet Style

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

What is it that people are chattering regarding chiropractic care? Ever wonder what’s going on in the stream of various Internet conversations? I like to take a peak now and then to get a glimpse of what’s being said as people go about their daily activities. If you’re expecting text messaging like: OMG my chiro taught me about TONE. 1895 so ROX! or: SubLuxAtion Removal Time :O off to DC you may be disappointed. The local chiropractor may not be in your Fav 5 (they should be!) but that thing often referred to as a spinal adjustment (not by patients) is certainly a topic of conversation.

Chiropractic Tweets on Twitter March 23 and March 24Here I am again using my favorite micro-blogging service to share information in articles. I LOVE getting feedback from people just doing their thing, it’s so much more real than asking people in the office (but I love them too!).

Last week I spoke of Random Chiropractor Twitter Thoughts, where I mentioned that for me, Twitter is primarily the way I communicate with friends, most of whom work in search and social media. This isn’t one of those cases though (more on that below), this is unrelated to my circle of friends.

What I like about the screenshot to the left, is it’s not from anyone who is in my stream, and it’s not anybody I’m actively following. Very simply, it’s 7 random individuals mentioned something chiropractic at some point throughout their day. Let’s see what they had to say..

amen!! I’ve just recently become a convert to chiropractic medicine. – Someone is excited about chiropractic care. Cheers to the office providing services to this individual.

had her 1st chiropractic visit today, and is almost willing to believe a miracle has been worked. – Did she say miracle?! Wow, another happy chiropractic camper, and on a 1st office visit too.

Chiropractic therapy is the shiiiiiiit, best thing about car accidents. – Stick a banner with that statement in your front window. May not be the way you present chiropractic, but I’m fairly certain the shiiiiiiit translates as pretty friggen awesome.

(thought of low blood pressure); oh. i used to have a mild LBP too. went to 30 session of chiropractic last year. feel quite good now. – Low blood pressure, high blood pressure, people are responding well to specific tailored chiropractic approaches to care. Notice the 30 visit mention. Looks like a wellness plan to me.

Wow… my boss adjusted me today for the first time and I feel like I’m well oiled or something… I give a thumbs up to chiropractic. – All I can say is I hope this persons boss is a chiropractor! LOL Seriously, is there any chiropractic staff that is not getting adjusted? If so, I don’t understand, that would be strange.

Make sure you’ve got a good doctor, but Oh, the chiropractic loving! It’ll make you feel soooooo good. – Medical Doctor, Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Orthopedic Surgeon… Make sure you have a good one, I like that advice.

is looking forward to her chiropractic appointment tomorrow – You know what? I’m looking forward to my appointment tomorrow too.

It’s not a huge selection, nothing like Sundays news, Twitter Search Brings Local Marathon Online, where we showed examples how local events like marathons are getting discussed online. But it’s a sampling none the less, and for all I know they could have been talking about your office (if you are a chiropractor) or a chiropractic business in your neighborhood.

Not only is this a great way to get advice on ice, and feedback on who is planning to get flu shots, today we most definitely learned that somebody somewhere is liking this stuff. @ 9:27 pm | Article ID: 1237955248