Month: April 2001

Full of Shit

To: My Cherished Co-Travelers On The Principled Path
From: Stew Bittman, D.C.

For much of my life, my ego had full command of my thots. Like a crazed sea captain, it terrorized the high seas of my consciousness, filling them with fear and self-loathing, making awareness and love walk the plank. I drifted with the tides of the external conditions I was manifesting; charging on without compass or anchor through calm and tempest. Life was unfair, meaningless, scary, and only sometimes fun. My heading was ever turned toward the direction of making someone like me. A jealous captain, I spent much time and energy judging others as to his or her potential to be threat or friend. I deemed many to be my betters, and placed them on pedestals, while simultaneously despising them for having things I apparently lacked. And myself for lacking them. Many others I labeled as less than myself, and I recruited them to be part of the crew so I could feel better about myself. In this way, I spent three and a half decades, strapped to the mast like Ulysses hoping to escape the siren’s call, my ears deaf to Innate’s call.

When I awoke to the fact that my ego was not me, and only a bunch of electrochemical activity in my brain at that, it became the hated enemy. Some other “I”, or so I thot, began a seek and destroy mission against public enemy #1. This other “I” blamed all the lack and self-sabotage and underachieving that was my life on poor ego. Limiting my power, keeping me small and afraid, impersonating a person, and many other items were on the indictment. This “I” mutinied and gained control of the rudder. Now I was on a different trip. My spiritual path. Now I spent much time and energy judging others as to how far along that path they appeared to be. I now had different reasons to beat myself up, constantly acting differently than a “spiritual” person acts, you know- patient, accepting, loving, stuff like that. And, I frequently noticed, the view from the bridge appeared to be pretty much the same as it was before. It finally occurred to me that this other “I” was possibly a new and improved I, but was indeed one and the same. I dreamt of a different I. The one I was beginning to really know I really was.

The years pass faster than the sheep I used to count when I was younger. And my dream somehow has just about caught up with my life. After all the work on self-awareness, all the searching and the questioning; after all the growth and discovery and revelation that our magnificent principle has brought to my life, this is where I’m at: I am full of shit. And so is everyone else. I simply cannot escape the truth of it, and it brings me a deep sense of peace, and a blissfully satisfied smile. I am not my ego, and I no longer hate it. Full of shit it most certainly is, and it is part of me, and part of this dance I do between heaven and earth. Part of being human. And it’s OK. This truth affords me the gentleness and humor with which I now watch the unfolding of my existence. I am most assuredly entertaining. I now spend much time and energy having compassion for others because I know they are full of shit, too, and I allow them the space to clean up their own, while I help remove interference to the manifestation of their highest selves. I do the best I can at being true to my highest self. I work toward spending more time and energy serving, loving, and being. I meditate with the intention of gaining more awareness of my thots. I surrender to a deeper and deeper understanding and knowledge that I and the Father are One. I use my ego to keep me motivated, and I use my shit to help me serve. I am full of shit, and it’s all perfect, because Innate is the captain, and the horizon looks almost unbearably beautiful from here.

Did you know that Dr. Stew has created a book of his writings? You can click here to get more info and purchase it online via a secure server.

Also, you may be concerned about the language used above. If I had posted this last week I may have edited it but during the weekend, Dr. Joe Strauss reminded me of the four words B.J. Palmer said would kill chiropractic… “What Will People Think” – Dr. Mike @ 3:01 pm | Article ID: 988668119

To Walk On Fire

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

One of the many experiences I encountered during the past four days of my chiropractic journey was a firewalk. The firewalk was held as a part of the New Beginnings weekend and was hosted by my dear friend, Dr. Jay Handt.

It was to be my first firewalk and I wanted to share in the experience as fully as possible so I offered my assistance in preparing for the event. First of all, don’t try this at home. As Jay stated many times throughout the day, the fire and the risks are very real. One must be fully prepared before setting out to host such an event.

The wood after it was stackedStacking Wood
Since our firewalk was to be held in a parking lot, sod was laid and then the wood was to be stacked upon it. With the wood, we prepared three pentagons, using a combination of oak & ceder. Both are hard woods, according to Jay. I took to the task like a young child having the first opportunity to assist his big brother in a backyard project. At one point Jay had said to place a wish with each piece to be stacked. I smiled inside as I was already pouring my energy and wishes into every step, giving grace for the opportunities presented to me all weekend.

After the wood was stacked, newspaper was placed in every crack and crevice. We discussed permits and Jay stated that they differ from state to state and county to county, but they most definitely are needed. After the wood was stacked and our work area was cleaned up, we headed back inside for several hours of chiropractic philosophy. I was already very excited. The energy of the day, the preparation for the walk, the thoughts of the evening, all had me wrapped up in a state of euphoria. I remembered thinking… I was set! That would change.

As night approached, we came closer to the event. Jay was to take to the platform and prepare the group before we all went out to light the fire. During the presentation, I slowly began to fall from my state of excitement. This was not what I had expected, as I was now not feeling to be in the zone that I have often wrote about here. We went through a series of exercises, one of which included writing down our goals and aspirations.

The flames rise as we all step back.Igniting our Spirits
The group headed outside and after forming a circle, the fire was lit. I had prepared to take a few photos and the first was not a problem. In the time my camera was ready for the 2nd photo, the fire had exploded into an inferno. Everyone was suddenly driven back by the immense heat that burst from the flames which widened our circle. It was as if the fire roared to us, “I am fire, I am real, and I burn.” The wishes we had written were now to be tossed into the fire, a simple task in thought that was made much more difficult due to the heat and wind the fire was creating. We headed back inside to complete our exercises while “fire tenders” remained to prepare the walk.

Inside, we participated in an exercise that was to shake me completely from any state of confidence I thought I had. Paired up with a partner, we were to express our greatest fears as they laughed uncontrollably in our faces. I had not met my partner until that moment, and I was not prepared to shed myself in front of this individual for fear of what they might think. (more on those words later) I was brought to the realization that I had many fears, among them, a fear of being burned. I shared what words came out as my partner looked directly into my eyes and laughed. She laughed at it all. When we were done, we were introduced and I learned she was not a chiropractor, had no clue who I was, was not planning to walk, was there with a friend, and could care less about my silly fears. I felt silly, I realized many of my fears were silly, and I was now having a whole new perspective on things. It was time to walk.

We all headed outside. The walk was ready and a group of DCs were drumming at the edge of the flames. We walked in a circle around the fire and the energy rose. Since it was my first time I was not sure what was to come so I walked the circle and waited for a sign. Suddenly, someone walked across the red hot coals and I knew it was time to go. I was ready, feeling a sudden surge of excitement as there were only a few to go before me and we were right there. I could see the fire at the feet of those in front of me and then they stopped. They stopped and I heard the spoken words, “are you going to walk?” It was only seconds but it triggered a realization in my mind.

Before the walk.I have goals and a vision for chiropractic. I also have fears, and those fears have sometimes lead to hesitation and procrastination. After more than two years of often 15 hour days creating an environment that would allow chiropractors to bring forth the message of chiropractic via this medium called the internet, I realized I had been burned many times. But getting burned was not my greatest fear. My greatest fear was not surrendering myself to the mission I know I was intended to complete. Thank you all for the reminder and the lesson.

We are at the final yard, and some in our profession have set up obstacles to keep us from seeing the vision through. Getting burned along the way seems like such a small price to pay when we have the power to unleash mankind’s imprisoned potential and bring forth greater good to this world.

I have many photos as well as video from the firewalk at New Beginnings. I will have them available to you soon and will replace this text with instructions as to where you can download the images. @ 9:20 am | Article ID: 988647641

Children at Risk

Medical Mistakes More Serious for Children

According to articles in yesterdays Yahoo News and, a new study finds that, “Nearly one out of every 17 medications ordered by doctors for infants and children in the hospital is incorrect.”

According to one article, researchers suggest that until medication errors can be routinely prevented, parents need to be much more vigilant about the care their children receive in hospitals. Parents should be aware of all the drugs a child is taking, along with the doses and schedule of those drugs.

A doctor in one of the articles states, “The parent needs to be aware that hospitals are dangerous places.”

Parents should be much more vigilant about their child’s healthcare whether it includes hospital care or not. A focus on one’s health can help to keep one out of hospitals and away from dangerous drugs. Fatal Medication Errors
Yahoo News: Children at Risk for Medical Errors in the Hospital

Update: Two more links are available since this article was first published.

Nando Media: Medical errors said to be 3 times greater for kids
MSNBC: Hospital errors common in kids @ 5:29 am | Article ID: 988201753

The “Golden Age” of Chiropractic

Ushering in The “Golden Age” of Chiropractic
by Sid Mouk, D.C.

Opportunity #3
(Our philosophy is incredibly powerful and our top adjusting techniques have been clinically tested and thoroughly proven.)

The great new wave of “Healing Philosophy” that is sweeping the western world is exciting and exhilarating. However, like any big happening on this planet, it does need strong leadership to bring out its fullest potential. At the present time, this new thinking seems to be searching for leadership and, so far, no clear leader has emerged. Chiropractic is in the perfect position to lead this forward thrust into the brave new world of Healing where the perfection of the body and its self-healing abilities are not only known and appreciated, but always used as the first step in the healing of any sick patient — with drugs and surgery being used only when body tissues are so damaged the patient’s Innate cannot perform it’s God-appointed duties in time to save the patient’s life.

Perhaps the teachings of Dr. Jim Parker can again aid us at this time in the history of this profession as we move toward our rightful place as the leader in the world of Healing on this planet. He reminded us that the essence of our being and the one thing that can transform our lives (profession) is the power of Agape Love. Love for our patients, love for this profession, and love for ourselves as we pursue this powerful objective through the minefields of medical ignorance and prejudice. He spoke of having Faith, Confidence, and Belief in what we do and who we are — and of the pride we should all have for having been chosen to be a part of this great profession at this time in it’s predestined history. He told us how to become not just a doctor but also a Healer (what he called “Healing Consciousness”.) Because of what Dr. Jim and so many other pioneers in this profession did and taught, we now have the opportunity to prove their sacrifices were not in vain — but were absolutely essential to the forward thrust Chiropractic is now poised to make in the world of Healing. We owe so much to these early pioneers in this field who were willing to stand up to persecution at the hands of the medical politicians and even go to jail for the sake of giving their patients the Chiropractic care they so desperately need. We stand on the shoulders of these giants as we ascend the ladder of Holistic Healing to the position that Chiropractic is destined to be — the very top of the world of Healing!

The words of the early Chiropractic pioneers now echo through the corridors of this profession: “Serve for the sake of serving, Give for the sake of giving, Love for the sake of loving”. They’ve done their part; it’s all up to us now.

Dr. Sid Mouk
Baton Rouge, LA
[email protected]
225-924-6533 @ 5:28 am | Article ID: 988201721

Chiropractic Fun Times

Sharing Fun Times At Dailey Chiropractic
By Super CA Lynne

We feel that when a patient steps through our front door it should be the most important part of their day. And with that in mind we go to extraordinary measures to make sure it is. Below are a few of the events in our office that helps to make us different.

In March we hold our “Winter Getaway Week”, for all of us who can’t get away to somewhere hot we bring the sun here. We decorate our office in a luau theme with fish, netting, beach towels and tropical plants all around. We hang travel posters everywhere of the places we would like to some day see. We wear our shorts and flowery shirts and have a Caribbean party all week long. It’s a blast! Sliced oranges are on the counter for our patient’s to enjoy, while they listen to their favorite Beach Boy tunes.

August is the month we have a “Patient Appreciation Day BBQ.” We invite our patients to come bring their families and let us cook lunch for them. We have hamburgers, turkey sausage, ice tea and lemonade (it always amazes me how many people can eat when it’s free.) We hold the BBQ between 11:30 and 1:30 on a Wednesday. I’m not sure who has more fun, the patients or us taking command of the BBQ grill, needless to say, by the time we are done we are covered in grease and smell like smoke. What a great way to get a tan on your lunch hour. We get patients to bring their lawn chairs and we have it in our parking lot.

In December, we hold our “Gift of Love and Patient Appreciation Day.” On this day Dr. D. donates his time and all patients are asked to bring an unwrapped gift in lieu of their regular payment. All gifts go to our city’s Christmas Baskets program for the less fortunate. (if a patient forgets to bring a gift we take their usual payment and donate that.) The office is warmed by the sound of Christmas carols, warm cider, and great Christmas snacks. Our hearts are warmed by the smile on the faces of the Christmas Basket people when we drop everything off.

A birthday celebration is held September 18 in honor of the first chiropractic adjustment. We decorate the office with balloons and have a huge cake for everyone. We give away Chiropractic First books (a great educational tool and very inexpensive) and spine key chains.

We have a back to school draw for a T-shirt for the kids too and a coloring contest.
“Chiropractic Kids Adjustment Club” business cards have been created, (the ones you make yourself from Business Depot) we put a cute kid’s design on them. The card reads: “Bring this card every time you have an adjustment. After 20 adjustments, you will receive chiropractic T-shirt. What a great way to let your friends know you’re under chiropractic care.” On the back of the card are the numbers 1-20, which we stamp each time the child has an adjustment. This has caused a lot of excitement in our office. Now, we have had some parents say, “It will take our kids a year to get a T-shirt only coming once a month.” My response, “recent chiropractic studies have shown in order to maintain optimal health, everyone should be checked on a weekly or bi-weekly basis”, (our office offers a reduced weekly and bi-weekly wellness plan fee, for patients who are committed to their care and to telling others about chiropractic.) So, as with everything in life, it’s all about choices.

These events are only advertised within our office. We don’t really do any outside advertising. Our greatest source of referrals is our patients. To celebrate our one-year anniversary in our new office we had a week where patients could bring in all their family members who were not under care for a complimentary Thermography scan.

Thanks for letting me share with you. These events just make our office a little extraordinary. We like our patients to look forward to coming to see us. They feel good here and then they tell others and then we grow.

Chiropractic is Life!

Super CA Lynne
Ontario, Canada @ 11:01 am | Article ID: 988135268

PVA Equals Knowledge

By Dr. Rick Wren

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I started consulting with Chiropractors at Parker Seminars back in 1985. I started noticing that I could guess about how many and which success principles the Doctor was using in their practice based on their PVA (Patient Visit Average). PVA is figured by taking the total visits in a month or year and divide it by the number of new patients. Example, 400 visits in one month divided by 20 new patients equals a PVA of 20.

PVA of 20 means that the doctor educated all of his/her patients enough that they got a total of 20 adjustments in their whole life. That means that some got a fifty adjustments and some got only one adjustment in their whole life.

The average PVA in the U.S. is about 12. So this means that the average chiropractic patient learns enough that he makes sure he receives 12 adjustments in his whole life.

The success principles utilized the first 3 days in the Chiropractor’s office can take you up to about a PVA of 30. These are the principles we discussed in my last 3 articles (links are available below). The principles that are utilized passed the first 3 days are the ones that usually take you above a PVA.

The most common success principle that is not done and affects PVA over 30 is “Always Re-exam and Re-xray and Have a Written Report of Findings.” You have to regularly Re-exam and occasionally Re-xray to re-establish rapport the whole patients life or they will forget why they are still coming out to your office. If you use a subluxation station it is easy to accomplish this task. For those of you who do not own a subluxation station, below you can access my exam form and my exam report script.

My exam form is unique. You can compare 4 exams at a time very easily. Once you read the script, you realize that my reports only take 3 to 5 minutes per patient.

Can you imagine going to an Orthodontist and he tells you he can totally straighten your teeth in six weeks and it will only cost $500. That is where Chiropractic is today when Patients are told “All you need is 12 visits.” But the same Chiropractor has already had 100 to 500 adjustments given to himself.

Let’s all start telling the truth and let the patients decide how much health they want.

LLL, Dr. Rick Wren (Founder of the Society of Chiropractic Masters and Parker Team Teacher)

Downloads Supplied by Dr. Rick Wren

The Exam Form in PDF
The Exam Form in Microsoft Excel
The Re-Exam Document in Microsoft Word @ 5:27 am | Article ID: 988115257

Student Opportunities Abound

Chiropractors Speak at Life University
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

When I was a chiropractic student, I took advantage of as many chances I could get to spend time with some of the great chiropractors in our profession. Recently, a group of eight chiropractors representing the Florida Chiropractic Society spoke at Life University. I was on hand for the event (the only non-Florida DC to speak) and it brought back many memories from my student days.

Before the event began, I looked around the room at the DCs that were to speak and I wondered if any of the students had any idea as to how many years of collective chiropractic experience was present. While student life is busy to say the least, events like these help to shape your direction in chiropractic and offer much needed inspiration while attending school.

Craig Berko, D.C.Dr. Craig Berko
Dr. Berko is the Director of Marketing & Strategic Alliance for the FCS. He is also the Society’s Lobbyist. As a student, Dr. Craig was one of the founding members of Club Chiropractic, an organized group of chiropractic students that was formed to insure that chiropractic students would have greater exposure to chiropractic philosophy while in college. This was the same group, on the same campus, that I became involved in as a chiropractic student. Craig was therefore instrumental in the creation of Planet Chiropractic as this is the fruit of the seeds planted by my chiropractic mentors.

Dr. Daniel Abeckjerr
Dr. Abeckjerr spoke about the FCS and answered many of the students questions regarding the practice of Chiropractic in Florida. As I listened, I heard so many of the same questions that were asked when I was a student. Questions however, that students really should not give too much concern. The “hoop jumping” is just that and really has very little to do with you as a chiropractor.

Dr. Armand Rossi
Dr. Rossi is a 1976 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, and is currently practicing in Margate, Florida. He is known by many as a former instructor of Pediatric Adjusting at Life University. Dr. Rossi talked about practice and the joy of seeing several generations of chiropractic patients.

Dr. Joseph Accurso
Dr. Accurso is a master of chiropractic. He has an incredibly effective way of getting the message to both DCs and students. Dr. Joe is the man behind “Saturday Night Live”, a monthly chiropractic philosophy program that has been spreading across the U.S. and Canada.

Ed Cordero, D.C.Dr. Edwin Cordero
Dr. Cordero is one of Florida’s finest. I often refer to him as my “favorite Florida chiropractor.” To the students, Dr. Cordero talked about passion. Having a passion in one’s life makes all the difference, go after the things you are passionate about.

Dr. Paula Hedgelon
By the time Dr. Paula spoke, the room was full of emotion. Dr. Paula made it very clear to chiropractic students that you must be focused on the vision. If your attention is on the small stuff such as taking boards, you may miss out on the big stuff, such as changing the lives of the people you touch.

I’d like to thank the FCS and Life for allowing me the opportunity to share the message of Planet Chiropractic with the students. If you are a chiropractic student: stay focused, attend principled events, and fellowship with others. Your efforts now will pay back in great abundance in the years to come. @ 2:05 am | Article ID: 988016723

Another Airport, Another Coincidence?

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

During the past four days at Dynamic Essentials in Atlanta, I had not prepared a single article for the news (other than in my head) although I had every intention of doing so when time would allow. Those of you that have attended DE know that such thoughts of “allowed time” are rather fruitless since after the day begins, the energy and emotion takes over and one can typically just let everything go.

By Friday afternoon I had realized that I really needed to be listening rather than talking (I had a chance to speak at Life on Thurs., more on that later) or doing anything else for that matter. While lately, I have been striving to make more time for myself, I have become aware that I had not been going into the silence as often and deep as I could and should be.

I have written in the past about the (almost odd) clarity that many of us experience in our lives after an event such as DE. I say “almost odd” since I have found that when you begin to think the experience you are having is “odd”, it typically ceases to exist and the experience is gone.

Today (Sunday) I was feeling odd because for the first time in a long time I felt I was not having that experience to the level I have had before. Sitting outside the Waverly hotel and preparing to head back to the airport 4 hours early (to get work done) I decided to give the rest of the day up to god. I then simply waited outside the hotel for something to happen. Moments before a shuttle appeared providing airport transportation, some of my DE buddies walked through the door and I knew in an instant is was not heading for the airport. (at least not directly)

Several hours later, with a belly full of Atlanta’s finest fried chicken along with some home made apple pie and ice cream, I was en route to the airport thanks to Dr. Jimmy Galgano. While we were eating lunch, Jimmy had said that he “knew” we were supposed to spend some more time together, he said he knew it before he left for DE.

On the way to the airport I thought that perhaps I was once again not aware of my connection and after an emotionally stimulating weekend I thought I really would have enjoyed some time for meditation and reflection but work needed to be done. Inside the terminal all lines were moving swiftly except for one. It was the line I was to be in and I knew it was going to be a long wait. The news came quick, my flight had been delayed at least up to four hours and there was not much I could do since all passengers needed to remain in line for re-routing and ticketing.

While I observed others become visibly angry, I smiled inside since I knew I would have plenty of time for meditation and reflection. Thank goodness for my trusty mp3 player as I had spiritual words from the Dalai Llama (is that spelled right?) and good pair of headphones on hand. While the airport mat not be the most appropriate place for meditation, it served it’s purpose at that point in time.

Two hours later I was about to be the next to be helped and I had an incredible calm feeling that all of this was part of a greater plan. It was a fine 2 hours that seemed to go by in minutes. The flight was delayed so my next experience was to enjoy a relaxing meal in an airport Chili’s since I still had 2 hours before boarding.

I headed for my departing gate knowing I needed to call home so that my girlfriend would not need to pick me up since I was coming in so late. The cell phone was at home and I had not brought along a calling card so I needed to manifest a phone call to Los Angeles quick. A pay phone would have worked but I currently was focused more on thoughts of my friends. I was thinking about the children of chiropractors and how wonderful expressions of life they are. (Did you ever notice that when you are in “the zone”, several thought processes seem to happen at the same time although science says one cannot hold more than one thought in the conscious mind at a time?)

What if we are to give our mind up to god? What if we become that hollow bone and the only thought, the one thought, is to have no thoughts? That was the state I was in as I looked forward to see Dr. Dean Sottile about to board his flight home to New Jersey. A friend was wishing him of with a kiss and I walked up and said I would have a kiss as well and may I use his phone to call home while we were there. (we had a similar experience just a few months ago)

At that moment in time everything seemed to be just perfect, my suspicions are increasingly leading me to believe that every moment in time is just perfect and as it should be yet we are not always aware of this.

As I sit here now, I remember as I was walking that I was thinking about how much love I have for my friends in chiropractic. I would like to have many more friends in chiropractic but as Dick Santo just said on Friday night, “we really only need a few good people in order to change the world.”

Did I manifest the appearance of my friend for an opportunity to express the love I have for him? Did I manifest the extra hour delay I was just notified of so that I could finish writing this article before boarding?

Will I perhaps manifest a complimentary round trip ticket from America West so that I may be with my friends in May for the FOCUS Chiropractic Philosophy Weekend? If so, they will need to add my name to the speakers line-up since my topic will be something that Dean once told me about these experiences that continue to occur… “life, it just always happens that way.”

An update:
I am now on the 5th day of my chiropractic mission across North America, I am in Tempe, Arizona until tomorrow and I am having a great experience. @ 1:59 am | Article ID: 988016353

The Chiropractic Position On Vaccines

By Tim O’Shea, D.C.

Now there’s a scary title. An audible inbreath from those bastions of chiropractic academia who are trying so hard to maintain the obsequious appearance of cooperation and subservience… Please let us play doctor too… we’ll be good… we’ll be a drugless profession, but you guys are the real masters of the universe… So would you mind referring us your back pain cases, please?

Don’t worry. We all know there is no chiropractic position on vaccines. Even though certain schools and certain national organizations have come out overtly in favor of orthodox vaccine policy, so far such pronouncements are arbitrary and unilateral, and reflect only the opinions of those in a position to expound them.

What do chiropractors really think about vaccines? Although it’s impossible to know the exact numbers, it’s more than likely that the majority of DCs are in favor of the standard immunization schedule for their own patients and their own children. How could it be otherwise? Our education was created in the image and likeness of the medical model. Do you remember any questions about the inborn healing capabilities of the human body on state or national boards? Did we ever have to buy any textbooks written by Mendelsohn, E.D. Hume, Scheibner, Richard Moskowitz, Deepak Chopra, Laurie Garrett, Hans Ruesch, Harris Coulter, Antoine Bechamp, Alexis Carrel, Sir MacFarlane Burnet, or even BJ Palmer?

Adrift in the real world, what is the actual value of all that hoop-jumping? What is it that we know that no other profession knows that will make people walk through the front door? Is it the nine pathognomic symptoms of AIDS? Is it the correct antibiotic protocol for bronchial pneumonia? Or when to administer the Mantoux test? Or refer for prednisone?

Well, no. There are other specialists for all that. OK, but what about us? What do we stand for? Crumbs from the musculoskeletal table? Many are grateful for just that. Beyond these types of cases we better refer out, right? Just to be on the safe side. Will we ever get in trouble thinking of chiropractic as a subspecialty of medicine? How about a subspecialty of massage?

So, having learned nothing that would antagonize our duly accredited medicaloid taskmasters throughout the entire course of our education, we think we’re cool now. Only we’re not. Something got lost – something essential: our uniqueness. Our specialty, our worldview, our knowledge – something that BJ knew all about.

To discover this Something, we have to take an active interest outside the medical model. Along the way, somehow we must get that first glimpse of the parallel hidden universe that coexists right beside the medical universe. We have to hear it or see it, firsthand. Can the body really heal itself, or is it born with a deficiency of experimental manmade chemicals which it needs in order to attain homeostasis and survival? Is the cause and cure of disease really within the body, or is that just something those fanatics made us memorize? Is natural health, is chiropractic really a stand-alone health model that can take us through life without invasive procedures or potions, except in the case of trauma or life-threatening infection? A heavy question. How do our leaders answer it in public? I don’t hear many of them even address it these days. No wonder we’re on our own to discover our own secret.

There are basically 3 kinds of people: lazy people, stupid people, and people who seek out their own answers. The first category is by far the largest. In his new book Trust Us We’re Experts, Jim Stauber explains in great detail how conventional wisdom on practically all subjects these days is programmed into our brains through the assiduous scientific efforts of the most sophisticated PR firms in history. These East Coast spin doctors specialize in the installation of the opinions and values of their clients into the public hard drive: they create public opinion. Their clients? The multinationals. The guys who really run things; the people with the money, enough money for five years of full page ads in every glossy magazine. Enough money to control the content of articles printed in newspapers, popular magazines and in professional journals, and to make paid advertisements look like hard news stories. Enough money to bring about new legislation. Enough money to discredit a universal environmental concern. Enough money to control peer review. Enough money to control medical education. Enough money to make rational discourse obsolete. Enough money to do all this and more and still be invisible. Conspiracy theory? Hardly. It’s just the way the world works.

This set-up easily controls the first two groups – the Lazy and the Stupid. There are enough people in these two groups to maintain status quo in education, healthcare, and the retail market by their predictable programmed choices. The first group is too lazy to research beyond what everybody thinks, what everybody is told in the magazines. The second group is too stupid to know there is any other point of view. Only the third group has a chance of finding the truth, after overcoming immense inertia.

Vaccines. What are we taught? That vaccines came on the scene just in time to save civilization from the ravages of infectious diseases. That vaccines are scientifically formulated to confer immunity to certain diseases; that they are safe and effective. That if we stop vaccinating, epidemics will return. That children must be vaccinated in order to get into school. You can have 10 years of university education and still be in the Lazy group and accept everything that is presented about immunity in all your science courses, and think you understand the importance of vaccines. After all, this is real scientific, medical education here, right?

And then one day you’ll be shocked to discover that thousands of medical doctors and scientists throughout the world no longer agree that vaccines are safe and effective. That your “medical” point of view is unscientific, according to many of the world’s top researchers and scientists. That many state and national legislatures all over the world are now passing laws to exclude compulsory vaccines. And the ludicrous position we’ll be in of trying to be more medical than the medical doctors by insisting on this outmoded scientific view of immunization. Opposition to vaccines today is not coming from the chiropractic arena; it’s coming from mainstream science, medicine, and politics. The least we can do is find out about it.

Chiropractic. What are we taught? That chiropractic is an interesting system of cracking the neck and back joints to bring relief from pain. That the real obstacle to total health is some unresolved childhood conflict that resides somewhere in the meninges. Or that if we hook up the right machines to people and find the right ICD code, we may be able to pay off our student loans. That we really don’t need X-rays to analyze the spine – we can just sense the misalignments. That the real power of chiropractic is simply the laying on of hands – general human contact. That our low tech cosmology is inherently inferior to the high tech medical science world of pharmaceuticals and sophisticated diagnostic machines. That physical therapists should be taught to incorporate spinal manipulation into their routine, because after all, it can’t hurt.

And then one day, if you’re extremely lucky, you’ll discover that for thousands of patients out there, chiropractic has literally saved their lives, or at least has given them a new life. And that for thousands of people, after all else failed, chiropractic has been their only hope in life, and their faith in what we do is much stronger than our own. And that chiropractic has brought something to the world that it has not seen before: namely the confidence that the body is a self-healing organism that can solve most of its problems if given the opportunity to operate without restriction.

Is there another profession founded on the idea that in matters of health, people should first trust their body’s own powers? Is there another profession that was originally focused on promoting a person’s full health potential? No one thinks like this today; almost no one. Fear is the tool of the clever that keeps the weak in line – fear of disease, fear of microorganisms, fear of the unknown. Fear is the golden button, polished to perfection by the East Coast PR pushers. They’ve made it politically incorrect to disagree, and we all know which is the most PC state in the Union.

But just because we read something a million times a day doesn’t make it true. And just because our leaders follow along still doesn’t make it true. Physical reality is not really affected. The body is still a self-healing organism; human blood is still sacred. So for those of us who imagine ourselves as members of that third group, the seekers, what can we do? Stop watching TV. Stop reading the homogenized sheep dip Matrix-scripted media. Check sources. Follow the money. At every turn, question integrity. Look at the agenda of the speaker. Come to a rational conclusion. That’s what everyone is looking for today.

I don’t want to hear who thinks vaccines are safe and effective. I already know that. What do you think? Where did you get the information? I don’t want to hear who says chiropractic makes extravagant therapeutic claims. I already know that too. What do you think? Where did you get the information?

This is not really the Age of Information, like they say it is. This is the Age of Too Much Information. The problem is that 99% of it is self-generated, recycling the same spin in endless combinations of interchangeable data. I think it’s an evolutionary product of the ability to Cut and Paste. All this information obviously hasn’t made us smarter, and it sure as hell hasn’t made us healthier or happier. This is a giant Glass Bead Game, a giant Gameboy, an immense Barnum & Bailey smoke and mirrors production designed to steal our money, steal our time, burn away our precious life, and give us unnatural values.

Our only hope for escape is independent study, boring as that may sound. We are losing the ability to formulate ideas – 5 minutes of listening to any radio station pretty much clinches that idea. That’s just it – we have to tune out – we have to stop listening to the Matrix. It’s all the same and it’s everywhere – you know what I’m talking about. We have to find ways to tune back into the universal, and steal our time back for ourselves. Time is our total capital; why waste it being told what to think or how to act by some mass panderers?

Our original blood was good enough. What a thing to say about one of the most sublime substances in the universe. Our original professional philosophy was also good enough. What a thing to say about the most evolved healing concept since we crawled out of the ocean. Perhaps we can arrive at a position of profound gratitude if we could finally appreciate the identity, the oneness, the nobility of an uncontaminated unrestricted nervous system and an inviolate bloodstream. In such a place, is not the chiropractic position on vaccines self-evident, crystal clear, and as plain as the sun in the sky? @ 8:56 am | Article ID: 987609392