Another Airport, Another Coincidence?

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

During the past four days at Dynamic Essentials in Atlanta, I had not prepared a single article for the news (other than in my head) although I had every intention of doing so when time would allow. Those of you that have attended DE know that such thoughts of “allowed time” are rather fruitless since after the day begins, the energy and emotion takes over and one can typically just let everything go.

By Friday afternoon I had realized that I really needed to be listening rather than talking (I had a chance to speak at Life on Thurs., more on that later) or doing anything else for that matter. While lately, I have been striving to make more time for myself, I have become aware that I had not been going into the silence as often and deep as I could and should be.

I have written in the past about the (almost odd) clarity that many of us experience in our lives after an event such as DE. I say “almost odd” since I have found that when you begin to think the experience you are having is “odd”, it typically ceases to exist and the experience is gone.

Today (Sunday) I was feeling odd because for the first time in a long time I felt I was not having that experience to the level I have had before. Sitting outside the Waverly hotel and preparing to head back to the airport 4 hours early (to get work done) I decided to give the rest of the day up to god. I then simply waited outside the hotel for something to happen. Moments before a shuttle appeared providing airport transportation, some of my DE buddies walked through the door and I knew in an instant is was not heading for the airport. (at least not directly)

Several hours later, with a belly full of Atlanta’s finest fried chicken along with some home made apple pie and ice cream, I was en route to the airport thanks to Dr. Jimmy Galgano. While we were eating lunch, Jimmy had said that he “knew” we were supposed to spend some more time together, he said he knew it before he left for DE.

On the way to the airport I thought that perhaps I was once again not aware of my connection and after an emotionally stimulating weekend I thought I really would have enjoyed some time for meditation and reflection but work needed to be done. Inside the terminal all lines were moving swiftly except for one. It was the line I was to be in and I knew it was going to be a long wait. The news came quick, my flight had been delayed at least up to four hours and there was not much I could do since all passengers needed to remain in line for re-routing and ticketing.

While I observed others become visibly angry, I smiled inside since I knew I would have plenty of time for meditation and reflection. Thank goodness for my trusty mp3 player as I had spiritual words from the Dalai Llama (is that spelled right?) and good pair of headphones on hand. While the airport mat not be the most appropriate place for meditation, it served it’s purpose at that point in time.

Two hours later I was about to be the next to be helped and I had an incredible calm feeling that all of this was part of a greater plan. It was a fine 2 hours that seemed to go by in minutes. The flight was delayed so my next experience was to enjoy a relaxing meal in an airport Chili’s since I still had 2 hours before boarding.

I headed for my departing gate knowing I needed to call home so that my girlfriend would not need to pick me up since I was coming in so late. The cell phone was at home and I had not brought along a calling card so I needed to manifest a phone call to Los Angeles quick. A pay phone would have worked but I currently was focused more on thoughts of my friends. I was thinking about the children of chiropractors and how wonderful expressions of life they are. (Did you ever notice that when you are in “the zone”, several thought processes seem to happen at the same time although science says one cannot hold more than one thought in the conscious mind at a time?)

What if we are to give our mind up to god? What if we become that hollow bone and the only thought, the one thought, is to have no thoughts? That was the state I was in as I looked forward to see Dr. Dean Sottile about to board his flight home to New Jersey. A friend was wishing him of with a kiss and I walked up and said I would have a kiss as well and may I use his phone to call home while we were there. (we had a similar experience just a few months ago)

At that moment in time everything seemed to be just perfect, my suspicions are increasingly leading me to believe that every moment in time is just perfect and as it should be yet we are not always aware of this.

As I sit here now, I remember as I was walking that I was thinking about how much love I have for my friends in chiropractic. I would like to have many more friends in chiropractic but as Dick Santo just said on Friday night, “we really only need a few good people in order to change the world.”

Did I manifest the appearance of my friend for an opportunity to express the love I have for him? Did I manifest the extra hour delay I was just notified of so that I could finish writing this article before boarding?

Will I perhaps manifest a complimentary round trip ticket from America West so that I may be with my friends in May for the FOCUS Chiropractic Philosophy Weekend? If so, they will need to add my name to the speakers line-up since my topic will be something that Dean once told me about these experiences that continue to occur… “life, it just always happens that way.”

An update:
I am now on the 5th day of my chiropractic mission across North America, I am in Tempe, Arizona until tomorrow and I am having a great experience. @ 1:59 am | Article ID: 988016353