Medical Profession & “Business As Usual”

Ushering in The “Golden Age” of Chiropractic
by Sid Mouk, D.C.

Opportunity #2
The Medical Profession Is Still Doing “Business As Usual”

Basic thinking in medicine seems to have always been that the human body is a poorly designed mechanical structure that is prone to breakdowns and attacks from without (with several unneeded parts such as the tonsils, the appendix, the gall bladder, the uterus after a certain age, etc.). The MD’s tend to think of themselves as the only ones who can repair this easily broken-down machine and protect it from these ever increasing attacks coming from the environment. The majority of medical doctors in this country still believe in and practice this absurd philosophy.

The world of healing and life philosophy is changing rapidly but the medical profession is changing very slowly (as usual) and the world is not willing to wait for it to change. The MD’s, with a few exceptions such as Andrew Weil, are still doing business as usual — apparently hoping against hope that the world will “come to its senses” and come back to their way of thinking. They’re going to be sadly mistaken and, at the rate they’re going, they will inevitably be washed into the backwaters of healing by the incredible tide of change that is sweeping this planet. Most MD’s continue the gross overuse of drugs and surgery and we see the results of this tragedy throughout the US, especially in every nursing home. People on 8 to 10 or more drugs, simply existing without any dignity while their body rapidly breaks down (quite probably more from the toxicity of the drugs than from old age), they progressively lose control of their bodily functions, and their minds go off into la-la land — and we are told that this is all a part of the “aging process.” No Way! The medical profession as a whole has not learned that the principles which served them well in applying First Aid do not work and will never work in the treatment of dis-ease or disease. They end up continually “chasing symptoms” — which is often needed in First-Aid work to save lives — and, as a result, their patients become grossly over-medicated (we once worked with a patient who was on 16 different prescription drugs–and was getting sicker every day.)

Not only do we continue to see the tragedies of the nursing homes and the worsening health of all the people in this country, but it is reliably estimated that 120,000 to 200,000 people die each year in the US from the taking of prescription drugs. Not from taking the wrong drugs, but from the taking of drugs that have been prescribed for them. That’s the equivalent of a fully loaded 747 airplane crashing with no survivors every day of the year. Can you imagine the public outcry against the airline companies if that were to actually take place? And yet, the public remains totally unaware of this situation and, as a result, never makes a fuss about it. However, it’s only a matter of time before this kind of information does get to the public.

There has also recently been a stir in Congress about the large number of medical mistakes that take so many lives each year in this country. MD’s are working with powerful poisons (drugs) and mistakes can so often be disabling and/or fatal. How sad if even one person dies because they were prescribed a drug that was not even necessary and then a fatal mistake was made in administering it.

We all realize one thing, the drugs of the medical establishment are poisons — plain and simple. At a recent surgical conference, it was revealed that the need for liver transplants is increasing rapidly in this country — and that the major cause of this dramatic increase is the taking of large doses of Tylenol. And yet we now see the big drug companies being allowed to advertise directly to the public on TV in an apparent attempt to pressure MD’s to prescribe even more drugs for their patients.

So the majority of M.D.’s continue to be a part of the problem (if not the entire problem) and not a part of the solution to the problem. The world has passed them by and most of them are not even aware of it. Which leaves the leadership of the field of Healing wide open for the Chiropractic profession. All we have to do is to “Listen” and “Learn” the powerful philosophy of Chiropractic and the healing techniques that this profession has to offer, and then JUST DO IT!!! The world is waiting for us.

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