Breast-Feeding & Good Health

According to a recent Yale University study, breast-feeding a child for one year can reduce a mother’s risk of developing breast cancer by about 50 percent compared with women who never breast feed.

An epidemiologist at Yale strongly advised that mothers breast-feed their babies, stating, “it’s for their own benefit.”

Another recently published study found that women who breast feed for two years or longer had about half the breast cancer risk as women who breast feed for less than six months.

And a third study suggests that breast-feeding may cut an obesity risk in kids, helping to produce leaner adolescents.

Reduced risk of cancer, better immune protection for children, decreased risk of obesity, the list goes on and on. Breast-feeding was as nature intended and it provides many benefits science has yet to become aware of.

If you would like more information on breast-feeding, there is a ton of information available on mothering magazines breast-feeding discussion board. Click here for more information.

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