Month: April 2008

DiscForce and other bulk e-mails

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m starting to have fun going through the bulk mailboxes for one of our chiropractic servers. It handles e-mail for dozens of chiropractic web sites. Now that we’ve got more aggressive filtering out spam, it’s easier to see when people or bots are targeting every e-mail address on the server.

In previous posts I’ve written about spam e-mail targeted at chiropractors and it’s been covered in the news. There was a popular niche industry post and an article focused on decompression spam e-mails.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, it’s not the pay day loan e-mails or notifications that I’ve won the Irish lottery e-mails that bug me, those are easy to block. It was the unsolicited e-mails coming from companies marketing to chiropractors, who for some reason must be thinking it’s OK to spam every chiropractic e-mail address they can scrape, since the e-mails are being targeted inside the industry. I bet this happens in real estate, dentistry, and all sorts of other small business niche markets.

Well, if you’ve read the previous posts, I’ve began taking screenshots of the spam showing up in our bulk mail folders. I give all e-mailers the benefit of the doubt and assume they are innocent until I notice multiple copies of their e-mails appearing in the bulk mail addresses of numerous accounts I own (or I see other violations like no option for unsubscribing). I can assure you I have not subscribed to receive any of these unsolicited e-mails.

discforce spinal decompression Brett haugen Alex

This is pretty funny stuff, and pretty sad at the same time, as two of these solicitations don’t even offer anyway to unsubscribe from the mailing. Shame shame. Jeremy Bodechon wants me to call him toll free to get more information on taking my practice to the next level. The e-mail includes information about spinal decompression and it’s signed best regards by two chiropractors, rather pathetic.

Wonder when I subscribed to their list? I wonder why there’s no opportunity to unsubscribe from the e-mail. Surely there must be some mistake. Looks like the mail came from a godaddy account, will contact their abuse department.

Another comes from someone marketing their newfangled noninvasive, nonpharmaceutical treatment device using FDA approved nanosecond bio-energy technology, that will enhance my practice. At least a link was provided for unsubscribing.

Elizabeth Blase sends me an e-mail for a Aura Therapy Patch System. I wonder if Elizabeth is even a real person. There was no subject in the e-mail and no mention in the body of the e-mail on how to unsubscribe. E-mail was sent from so we’ll will be contacting their abuse department. From policy on electronic e-mail You may not use the Service to send bulk, commercial or unsolicited (“spam”) email messages. If I get a response from Cox I’ll make mention of it here.

A Brett Haugen sends me unsolicited e-mail regarding strokes, and it turned out to be marketing information. At least he used a service that allowed me to unsubscribe all the e-mails on our server (have to go through one by one). Probably purchased a list from some party that’s been scraping chiropractic web sites.

Alex Niswander sends me an e-mail as if in reply to something I sent him. I hate when spammers do that. Whole bunch of affiliate code tracker ID information in the keywords used in the e-mail I received. I wonder if Midwest Software, LLC knows someone is sending out unsolicited e-mails to chiropractors? I give them credit for providing some PHP code for list removal. Something I found interesting was that their e-mail list was labeled “April17_DCs” which could refer to a group of chiropractors e-mailed on that date. Would make sense since that’s the day I discovered it in the bulk mail box.

Who will be next to spam unsuspecting chiropractors? I’m sure there will be a follow-up post to come.

DCS CalJam Orange County Performing Arts Center

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The Dead Chiropractic Society California Jam kicks off in Costa Mesa, this Saturday, April 26, 2008. A look at the play list of music and videos gives a hint that this is like no other chiropractic event on earth. Where can you go to a professional continuing education seminar and listen to Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC, Lenny Kravitz, and more? At DCS, the music is part of the message.

Dead Chiropractic Society California Jam
The California Jam, put on by the Dead Chiropractic Society, is only one of a number of chiropractic events taking place during the last weekend of April. May events begin next weekend, but this Saturday is all about the science, philosophy, and art of chiropractic.

A group of headbanging chiropractors is going to raise the roof in Orange County. I’ll be in attendance, kicking out the jams with my brothers and sisters. Additional Dead Chiropractic Society seminar information is here and the DCS California Jam Schedule is as follows…

08:00 am – 08:50 am Registration

08:45 am – 09:00 am Opening Ceremonies — Won’t Back Down – Tom Petty — Never Give Up Video
09:00 am – 09:50 am Dr. Bill DeMoss (Philosophy)
09:50 am – 10:40 am Dr. Rob Schiffman (Philosophy)
10:40 am – 11:00 am Break
10:55 am – 11:00 am Revolution – The Beatles Revolution Video
11:00 am – 12:40 pm Dr. James Chestnut (Philosophy)
12:40 pm – 02:00 pm Lunch Break
01:55 pm – 02:00 pm Children of the Grave – Black Sabbath — Vaccine Video
02:00 pm – 02:50 pm Dr. Brian Porteous (Technique)
02:50 pm – 03:40 pm Dr. Monika Buerger (Technique)
03:40 pm – 04:00 pm Break
03:55 pm – 04:00 pm Junkie – Ozzy Ozbourne — Addiction Video
04:00 pm – 04:50 pm Dr. Eric Plasker (Philosophy)
04:50 pm – 05:40 pm Dr. Patrick Gentempo (Technique)
05:40 pm – 07:00 pm Dinner Break
06:55 pm – 07:00 pm Love Revolution – Lenny Kravitz — Love Video
07:00 pm – 07:50 pm Dr. Don Harte (Philosophy)
07:50 pm – 08:40 pm Dr. Dennis Nikitow (Technique)
08:40 pm – 09:00 pm Break
08:55 pm – 09:00 pm For Those About To Rock – AC/DC — Adjusting Video
09:00 pm – 09:50 pm Dr. Ben Lerner (Philosophy)
09:50 pm – 10:40 pm Dr. Fred Schofield (Philosophy)
10:40 pm – 10:45 pm Closing Ceremonies — A Beautiful Day – U2 — Video of Thanks

X-Ray CEU Info: Due to a large volume of x-ray attendees we have moved the location from the DCS Clubhouse and the Seaport Marina Hotel to the Wyndham of Orange County. The address is 3350 Avenue of the Arts, Costa Mesa, Ca 92626. The date will be Friday April 25, 2008 from 4pm – 9pm. Please plan for traffic. This is located right across the street from the Orange County Performing Arts Center.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions at (949) 250-0600. Thank You!

The Dead Chiropractic Society
Orange County Performing Arts Center
600 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

See you in Orange County! @ 2:06 pm | Article ID: 1208812007

Dead Chiropractors and other May Events

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There’s a few chiropractic seminars and events going on during the month of May, which I wanted to bring to your attention. First, before April wraps up, Southern California Chiropractors will be gathering together in Newport Beach, California for the one and only California Jam being hosted by the dead chiropractic society.

After you’re done partying in the OC area of Southern California, you can had up north to Sacramento for the 2008 Legislative Conference which is taking place on Tuesday, May 6, 2008. The event is taking place at the Sheraton Grand and it’s brought to you by the California Chiropractic Association (a.k.a. CCA).

Sheraton Grand Sacramento
1230 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

For more information on the CCA event contact Michelle Bancroft at 916-648-2727 extension 136.

Chiropractors Teaching ChiropractorsThe CCA also has a number of license renewal seminars taking place throughout the state of California. The next one on the agenda is taking place in Fresno, on May 3 and 4.

I noticed I put together a similar continuing education list back in May of 2007 so this may be getting to be a cyclical thing. Two recent news posts worth checking out are the ChiroMania seminars post and the KiroTastic seminars post. Both feature information regarding conferences taking place throughout the planet.

Speaking of the planet and places outside of the state of California (not the center of the universe) is an upcoming event in May put on by chiropractor Marc Hudson called the ChiroEurope May Extravaganza. This looks like one of the greatest events in chiropractic, and I’d love to be attending, but I have other places I’ve committed to be during that time.

I’m back speaking in La Jolla on Monday, and then I’m in Long Beach, California Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday I’ll be in Marina del Rey and Friday I’ll be in Venice. Saturday is the DCS thing in Newport Beach, and I’ll be there for that. The Brentwood spine group will be meeting without me, but I’m hoping to stay connected via Skype and my laptop.

Looking forward to some good times this entire week!

Student Loan Market Crunch was Big News

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I didn’t realize the news regarding education and the student loan crisis in the United States was as big news as it turned out to be. There was a student loan article appearing on planet chiropractic this past Thursday, and I caught a chuckle when I noticed it included with hundreds of related news articles from the day.

student loan market crunch screen cap

I was in the office seeing patients on Thursday and I noticed a familiar face when I went to check news for the day. The person in the image (shown in the screen grab) works in my chiropractic office and it was funny because I was sitting just a few feet away checking stories of the day on Google News.

We get caught up in posting chiropractic lifestyle information and I don’t think there’s been enough covered in relationship to topics like paying off your student loans. I noticed back in July of 2006 there was a single post regarding the increase in interest rates on student loans and there was only one post about student loan consolidation.

We’ve covered topics like choosing chiropractic schools, student programs, opportunities, seeing yourself as a success, and student organizations. The topic of getting one’s loans paid off deserves greater attention.

After I graduated I consolidated my student loans (but interest rates were lower in the 1990s) and then I set up an auto pay program that withdraws funds directly from my business account so that I wouldn’t have to think about writing checks each month.

I’ll talk to some other chiropractors and find out what worked for them and then share it here. It would also be good to hear from some current chiropractic and non-chiropractic college students to find out what types of rates that are paying on federal and private loans, and what kind of debt they’re coming out of school with.

April advertising round up Chiro-Ads

by planetc1 classifieds

This may be the last chiropractic classified advertising round up for the month of April. Normally we have these posts on Sundays and Wednesdays, but you may not notice classified advertising posts in the news again until May 4, 2008. Whether you are seeking Chiropractic Products and Equipment for Sale (like a Lloyd Portable Adjusting Table) or Practices for Sale and Job Opportunities (like an associate position in Michigan), this post is a compilation of the most recent advertisements placed in the Classifieds section on Planet Chiropractic. Featured are selected ads that were placed before Sunday, April 20, 2008.

A note for that one person who is even remotely considering posting or updating advertisements. This is the Internet, and it can be a crazy place. There is no need to post your email address inside the body of your ad (unless of course you want spam from whacked out nut jobs and phishing scams hitting your inbox). If you the need for speed and desire fast notification of posted classified ad information, point your RSS feed reader at the RSS feed Planet Chiropractic uses for classified ads.

little fishy kids chiropractic table(Photo: Little fishy kids chiropractic table. Browse through the chiropractic tables for sale to find similar items.)

Chiropractic Account Clean Up & A/R Recovery — Billing Consultants specialize in Chiropractic Account Clean up and A/R Recovery. We are experienced, certified and our rates are very resonable. References are available upon request. Chiropractic is our Passion!

Website Designer — Web Designs offers custom websites, web hosting, domain registration, small business advertising. Let us create your vision… connect your business presence. Custom designed websites that fit your budget.

THULI Double Cushion Drop Pieces — THULI Double Cushion Drop Pieces (used very little)- $60 new, will sell for $40 or $110 for three plus shipping.

Torque Release Technique Adjusting Table — Lloyd Portable Adjusting Table (Integrator Model). $510 new, will sell for $325 plus shipping- never used in the office, only a little at home.

Webster Pediatric Adjusting Instruments — Adjusting Drop Ped-Piece (used just a few times- like new)- $165 new, will sell for $95 or $180 for two.

2 Chiropractic Tables For Sale — I’m selling 2 tables, a Thomas table, blue navy cloth table, low height for 5’8 or shorter doctor. Has tilting head piece, solid wood construction and in good condition. $200
The other is a flat bench Winco, solid metal construction, grey vinyl, again good for shorter doctors, 5’9 or less. $200.00. I’ll let both go for $350.00. Pictures available.

Seeking Opportunity — I am a 2006 graduate of SCUHS (formerly LACC) in southern california, and have spent the past year working in a very busy no-fault clinic in Brooklyn, NY. I would like to slow the pace down and get back to what made me want to be a chiropractor in the first place, healing. I am now Colorado licensed and insured and looking for the right opportunity either as an associate/independant contractor or a good office location with space to lease.

Mercury X Ray Unit For Sale — Mercury Modular XRay Unit. Aproximately thirty years old. In excellent, working condition and currently in use. Includes all equipment shown and full set of cassettes. Passed all HARP and OHIP inspections each year. Seldom used. Asking price $5000 or Best Offer.

Professional Medical Building — Office Suite contains 2 offices, conference room, waiting area and administrative area. Tenent pays rent + utility only $1500/Month (Negotiable) Building is located on the intersection of Piscataway, Dunellen, Township of Middlesex and South Plainfield. Best suited for small business office. Join existing tenents – Doctor and Dentist. High visibility.

Beautiful space for rent for Chiropractor — We are looking for Doctors, Chiropractors, and accupuncture profesionals to rent beautiful office space in the Wishire district. Beautiful views of L.A. Must see!

Associate available in BadAxe Michigan — Associate position available in rural suburb of Detroit. Family Practice, Full Time, Great set up 2500SF Apartment available. Pay and benefits are all negotiable. For Quality of life.

Seeking an Exam Doctor Position — Enthusiatic learner with leadership qualities seeking to ascertain an exam doctor position in a chiropractic establishment that values patient care and embodies professionalism. My aspiration is to be employed with a chiropractor who desires to mentor/train a protege in all aspects of managing a chiropractic office; especially chiropractic technique and insurance billing.

The above content is of a time sensitive nature. Individual advertisements made no longer be available if ad has expired or user has deleted their post. Visitors can browse and view all active classifieds and/or subscribe to the classified RSS feed, which updates with the latest advertisement posted, several times per day. @ 5:10 pm | Article ID: 1208736680

Chiropractic Mission To Haiti and the Dominican Republic Continued

This post is a continuation of mission news coverage authored by Chiropractor, Peter Morgan.

Now on to Haiti…

Jason O’Connor, DC, from Antioch, California was the primary chiromission organiser of the Haiti expedition and led the brave team of Chiropractors. David Hecht, DC, from New York was another mission leader, and John Palmer, Chiropractic Student at Life University was the student leader. There was a lot of uncertainty on both sides (Haiti and ChiroMission) as to how this was going to work, said Dr. O’Connor. I was organizing with people who have never received an adjustment, and who do not know what Chiropractic is. I have never been to Haiti. I do not speak Creole. I was nervous and apprehensive regarding our physical safety. I was concerned about the sanitary conditions. However since our mission was so important, I was willing to try. I trusted that the God would see that things would work out. We were pleasantly surprised!

Medical Doctors and residents at Morillo King Hospital

Photo: Dr. Todd Herold and Sr. Jason O’Connor telling the chiropractic story to Medical Doctors and residents at Morillo King Hospital

The expansion to Haiti fits nicely into ChiroMission’s desire to bring the benefits of Chiropractic to people who cannot afford healthcare. During the last ChiroMission trip, in October 2007, Dr. O’Connor was introduced by a Dominican friend to Rezene Tesfamariam, Director of Plan Haiti. Plan International has donated $350,000 toward the construction of a kindergarten at Institution Univers, as school of 1,500 students in the town of Ouanaminthe, Haiti. Understanding the objectives of ChiroMission, Rezene introduced Dr. O’Connor to Hugues Bastien, the founder of Institution Univers. That’s how it all began, said Jason. I just wanted to help in any way that I could. For me this is a perfect match”my love for the Dominican people and my love for Chiropractic”all wrapped up in an effort to serve and make things better for others. Having lived in the D.R. for two years, I know how poor the country is. I knew that Haiti was even worse off.

Looking back on the trip, one can recognize some great lessons of life. Things usually look ugly before they get better. Dr. O’Connor and his team almost decided to turn back when they got to the border and were told they couldn’t take their rental car across. They were weary, hungry and sweaty from their long trip from Puerta Plata to the Hatian border. Not to mention nervous, anxious and apprehensive. They were receiving lots of offers from “strange” strangers to watch their rental car while they went across the river to Haiti. Images of returning to a dismantled vehicle, or no vehicle at all ran through their minds. We couldn’t reach our contact person Mr. Hugues Bastien on the phone. We were stranded for hours. We were stuck! The team told stories about their time waiting. Little children were coming from Haiti begging for money. Several of them approached the car windows and we could see their skin riddled with all sorts of skin diseases, teeth that were decayed to the roots, and wearing filthy rags for clothes. We could see across the border to the outskirts of a very poor town, very sparse vegetation, and garbage everywhere.

Don’t give up! The team reported that their minds began looking for every reason not to go forward. But, just as they were beginning to make plans to leave, they received a call from Mr. Bastien. He confirmed the fact that they couldn’t bring the vehicle across the border. They felt even more insecure when he told them he might have a place where it could be left. When Dr. Hect asked if it would be safe, Hugues just replied, Trust me. Followed by an unsettling laugh.

œWe really had no other choice, so we left our car, and the keys, and the team hopped into Hugues’ 4 wheel drive van and crossed into Ouanaminthe. The chiromissionaries were so happy that they endured the hardships and carried on with the mission. We would have missed out on a great opportunity to serve and the people who were expecting us would have been severely disappointed. Jason O’Connor also described the organization of the Medical Center. They had scheduled appointments with the people, just like a regular office. They had scheduled 100 patients per hour, and people showed up consistently throughout the day. We worked non-stop over seeing all the scheduled patients plus walk-ins for the days that we were in Ouanaminthe. A good 12+ hours of solid work per day for each member of the team.

To help with the language barrier, the chiromissionaries had help from translators who delivered the Chiropractic story to educate the people as they waited. Emphasis was placed on the vitalistic principle That the power that made the body, heals the body. The facility at Universe Medical Centre was built for all types of health providers, who can come and donate their time and talents to help the people. There is a huge need for help. The team was told that there is only one health provider in the region, a medical doctor. Only 25% of his time is actually spent seeing patients because of the administrative responsibilities he also carries. The 3 story Medical Centre is right off the town square, and is currently scheduling visits from doctors from other nations.

The team also expressed admiration for Hugues Bastien. Hugues is one of 12 children. He is a well educated gentleman receiving an advanced Engineering degree in college His family immigrated to the United States. All of his brothers and sisters continue to reside in the United States, but Hugues had a dream to build a educataional center in his home town. The educators at the center would teach children how to prepare for opportunities, how to create oppurtunities and to take advantage of oppurtunities when they come along. Little by little he began to build the school. In the beginning he saved money by working as a taxi driver in New York. Slowly but surely he worked and toiled on his dream. Finally Mr. Bastien’s dream came to realization. Now there is a stunning educational facility that has 1,600 students. This was the first time that any Chiropractors had visited the town.

Another facility is also nearing completion; it will be able to house teams of 50- 60 doctors who could stay for a week or longer. With Hugues’ engineering background, he has taken his vision and turned it into reality. ChiroMission was able to share in his joy as the fruits of his labor are beginning to show. Speaking on behalf of the ChiroMission team, Dr. O’Connor, stated We were tremendously blessed by what we received from the experience in Ouanaminthe. We went with one purpose, to give of ourselves. We will never forget this!

Back in the Dominican Republic the 30 teams were stationed all over the country. Many of the chiropractors were on their first mission trip but they all prepared for an incredibly powerful week of love and service, giving God’s greatest gift to man “chiropractic”. Chiropractic to so many people that may not have ever had the opportunity to experience a chiropractic adjustment. Teams were located in mountain villages, in city ghettos, in orphanages, nursing homes, prisons and villages that were devastated by a recent hurricane. Some teams adjusted as many as 1,000 people in a day. The average team adjusted 400 people a day. Almost every team adjusted all the students in each local school. All types of people presented to our teams. Their were new born infants clutching their mothers breast, their were people over 100 years, people with hatchet wounds, people on crutches and wheel chairs, priests, pastors, ministers, curios passerby’s would wander over, an endless procession of people with all kinds of ailments. However the chiropractors analyzed and adjusted solely for the purpose of removing nerve interference. As DD Palmer stated “Our mission is to reunite the physical with the spiritual”. Each adjustment was accompanied by a hug and the love just poured forth. People cried, laughed, smiled and grinned after they get adjusted, however they all respected the sacred art of adjusting the spine. The damaging effects of vertebral subluxation are easily identifiable in the DR. The ChiroMission Foundation is doing it’s best to bring chiropractic to the DR on a permanent basis. ChiroMission foundation also raised over $5000 dollars on this trip and it was donated to the Casa de Oracion.

Look at what is in our Horizon. 600,000 people around the world need to be served in the next three years. We need your help.

Thanks to Joe Vetere, DC we have at least 15,000 people in Trinidad to adjust in January 2009. Get this: Dr.Vetere has a weekly radio show that airs in Trinidad. ChiroMission will have a one minute radio spot on the air every week in Trinidad. They will keep airing it until we get there in January. We will be in serving in several Trinidad cities: Port of Spain, Chaguanas, Couva, San Francique and Mortuga.

Thanks to Joe Vetere, DC we have over 100,000 people to be adjusted in churches in Mexico. Thanks to Joe Vetere, DC we have over 45,000 people to be adjusted in Jamaica. Thanks to Joe Vetere, DC we have over 40,000 people to be adjusted in in Agentina. Thanks to Pastor Soto we have over 45,000 people to be ajusted in Guatamala.

Please join us on our next ChiroMission:
October 2008-DR/Haiti January 2009-Trinidad April 2009-DR/Haiti

The following is our tentative schedule.
July 2009-Guatamala
October 2009-DR/Haiti
January 2010-Jamaica
April 2010-DR/Haiti
July 2010-Mexico
October 2010-DR/Haiti
January 2011-Argentina
April 2011-DR/Haiti

If you are interested in the trinidad trip please sign up now. We only have room for five more doctors and ten more students.

“Are You In Mission Mode?”
Visit our website at

7 Different Chiropractic Adjustment Methods

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s often been said that there are as many different chiropractic techniques in the world as there are chiropractors. While some will claim to adhere to specific adjusting styles and protocols, the great majority of practicing DC’s adapt and modify various approaches towards optimizing one’s health, resulting in a uniqueness that sets every chiropractor apart from one another.

prone chiropractic adjusting - positioned facedown(photo: female lying face down in a prone position on a chiropractic adjusting table equipped with a cervical drop head piece)

We’ll get to techniques such as Gonstead, Palmer upper cervical specific, NUCCA, Grostic, Activator, and others on some other date. This is a weekend edition and todays about spreading the good news of multiple different schools of thought on chiropractic care.

1) The MindSpine Adjustment — According to Dr. Sid Mouk, correction of a spinal subluxation removes interference from the patient’s nervous system thus allowing Innate Intelligence to do what it does best, which is healing the physical body (assisting the power that made the body to heal the body).

2) The Attitude Adjustment — A super chiropractic assistant in Canada reminds us that some people may start off as real a-holes when they first begin chiropractic care, but they seldomly stay that way.

3) The Focused Adjustment — Thinking about your car payment, your next round of golf, or what time your lunch break is, is no mindset for the focused chiropractor. In the article, Dr. Mouk mentions that the energy of our thoughts is powerful and everlasting. He talks about Dr. Clarence Gonstead and becoming one with the bone, visualizing the correction of subluxation as a chiropractor adjusts their patient. It behooves us to learn to use our minds in ways that are for our benefit and for the benefit of our patients.

4) Seeing the Adjustment — Dr. Mark Schulman does what all continually improving chiropractors do, he sees his adjustments. He is constantly defining and redefining his adjustments, so they can become as near to perfect as possible. He knows that the right adjustment, given that the right time and place, can bring change to a person. Dr. Mark reminds us that adjustments from the heart are those that a patient deeply seeks.

5) The Hugging Adjustment (or the after adjustment hug) — Chiropractor Stew Bittman, in South Lake Tahoe California, developed his wonderful habit of basically hugging every person that he adjusts. To him, he reports that it seems as natural as a flowing river; adjustment and hug, adjustment and hug.

6) The Unconditional Adjustment — Another chiropractic assistant brings up the reality that sometimes people come to a chiropractic office for one or two visits, never to show up again. She makes the great analogy that providing one with a chiropractic adjustment is like getting someone an awesome Christmas gift. Not being happy if they don’t return, is like getting mad at them when you find out they didn’t use the gift as often as you had wished. She reminds us that though a chiropractic adjustment may never get the recognition it deserves, it will still have served the person receiving it.

7) Career Saving Adjustment — And while one may never know the magnitude that one chiropractic adjustment will have on someone’s life, a career saving adjustment may be enough of a motivation to continue moving forward, unconditionally and without hesitation. It was January 2003 when NHL record holder, Andy Van Hellemond was featured in the Washington Post. According to the news article, a chiropractic adjustment had saved the NHL hockey Hall of Famers career.

I’ll get more coverage on full spine chiropractors, upper cervical chiropractors, instrumentation based chiropractors, knee-chest adjustment chiropractors and pediatric chiropractors. I hadn’t mentioned the amazing adjustment or the Chrane Condyle upper cervical lift technique, which was developed by a chiropractor in the 1920s, you can check out those links if interested.

The Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical chiropractic technique was featured in a recent television broadcast involving a testimonial from Montel Williams in where he talked about a significant improvement he had experienced in his overall health, after receiving that specific method of chiropractic care.

Love your spine and make an appointment with your local chiropractor. Don’t forget to bring a family member or friend. It’s a great way to get your chiropractor smiling, while showing those you care about, a chiropractic way of life. @ 5:57 pm | Article ID: 1208653053

Chiropractor Map Results and Blended Search

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I saw a domain for sale today and it prompted me to begin searching for some local chiropractic related terms. One thing led to another and I found myself searching Bakersfield Chiropractic. I was amused to discover a post from planet chiropractic news displayed within the search results but what I found really neat was a few examples of blended search which provided an opportunity to put together this hopefully educational post.

I captured three different screenshots with the first one being displayed below.

Bakersfield chiropractor link

The search I performed included results for an article appearing on Planet Chiropractic from February 18 of 2008. Notice just underneath the snippet (…which features one of his three daughters talking about the benefits of chiropractic care.) is a link to a map along with the address for a chiropractic office in the 93312 area.

This next screenshot shows what the search result looks like when clicking on the + (plus sign) that appears to the left of the map link. Results open within the search page and here is what is displayed…

displaying map for Bakersfield chiropractor

I don’t know about you, but I find it very exciting that one can get information for local businesses directly within search results, without having to trudge through directory web sites, or even having to leave the main search page.

If I was consumer searching for this particular chiropractic office or an office in the Bakersfield area, I’d likely get this map link (or something similar) within the blended results. Two options I think are really great features is the option to get directions or to expand the map view. Very cool stuff.

Out of curiosity I modified the search term and Google kindly delivered two different examples of blended search, stacked right on top of one another. I marked those with red arrows. Let’s take a look below.

Bakersfield blended search results

The first result was for a YouTube video featuring one of Dr. Ryan’s daughters. The second result was the same as is shown in the screenshot to the top of this post. The two different examples of blended search here are video and mapping. In my opinion, the search experience for the end-user is much richer as a result of blended (a.k.a. universal) search. In my search results I was provided with an opportunity to learn more about this local chiropractor (thanks to the displayed video) and or view a map to the office, all without leaving the search page. If it wasn’t the information I was seeking I could continue going on about my searching activities.

You may be thinking that this could suck for Planet Chiropractic since the user is provided with an opportunity not to leave the search page (and therefore not viewing content on the web site). It could suck, but I was looking at this from the perspective of the end-user (who happened to be me) seeking an easy way to discover information, not the webmaster bending over backwards for site traffic.

I’m liking blended search.

Mission To Haiti and the Dominican Republic

by Peter Morgan, D.C.

The ChiroMission Foundation led a team of 32 chiropractors and 31 chiropractic students to the jungles and remote villages of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The 60+ were accompanied by a PBS film team and the world book of records. ChiroMission has brought the healing power of Chiropractic to hundreds upon hundreds of Haitians in the town of Ouanaminthe and thousands upon thousands of people in multiple Dominican Republic cities, villages and hill top towns. The Chiropractors had more than 30 teams. Each team consisted of a chiropractor, a chiropractic student and a mission guide. Dr. Herold and Dr. Doornick led 25 of the teams in Imber, Luperon, Caberette and the Puerta Plata region of the Dominican Republic. Dr. Morgan led 5 teams in Santiago, La Vega, Ranchito and San Francisco de Marqoris. The rippling effects of this Chiropractic pebble dropping into the pond are just beginning.

Dr. Todd Herold, Dr. Peter Morgan and Dr. JC Doornick with President Leonel Fernandez(photo: Dr. Todd Herold, Dr. Peter Morgan and Dr. JC Doornick with President Leonel Fernandez)

Dr’s JC Doornick, Todd Herold and Peter Morgan, cofounders of the Chiromission Foundation also had a meeting with the President of the Dominican Republic Presidente Leonel Fernandez. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the formation of a chiropractic school health center in the Dominican Republic. The Doctors made a special trip last January just to meet the president. Every day for 10 days during January their meeting was canceled. Finally after ten days the three ChiroMission cofounders met with the Presidents cabinet, the Secretary of Health and the Secreatary of Education but not with the President. On the eleventh day the three chiropractors had to fly back to their practices in New York.

The three cofounders returned to the Dominican Republic during the last week of March 2008. This was one week earlier than the rest of the 60+ ChiroMission team. Their purpose was to educate hospitals, schools and pastors about chiropractic. They also had to prepare for the mission and for the arrival of the 65 chiropractors and students. On Sunday March 30, 2008 out of no where they recieved a call. Dr. JC Doornick tells it best…

Basically, we got “The Call” yesterday while sleeping at our hotel. President Doctor Leonel Fernandez Reyna of the Dominican Republic was to be at a press conference at 6pm to inaugurate a brand new hospital that we are working with to implement chiropractic and proactive/preventative health care. Dr. Todd Herold who is one of the cofounders of ChiroMission has a brother in-law that works security for the President and facilitated the “meeting.” Well, we basically waited 4 hours because he was mobbed with press and his motorcade was slowed down by traffic. Next thing we know, Todd’s brother in law shows up and grabs us by the arm and insists we follow him. We DID! All of a sudden these doors open up and we begin walking into an enormous Press Conference with thousands of people in attendence. As we marched into the large arena with music blaring, people were chanting “Presidente Leonel, Presidente Leonel. People were reaching, grabbing and trying to touch us as we proceeded up to the deus. It felt like 110 degrees as the press were taking pictures. This was a nationally televised event and we realized that we were walking into it with the President and his cabinet. Unbelievable!

We stood in the front for another two hours with the secret service agents in a private viewing area. PS: Todd and I gave them all adjustments while Pete photographed! After, the President was whisked away, we were maneuvered through side doors by security and we found ourselves in a private area where our meeting and the following picture was taken. It was now midnight as the President mentioned in perfect english how excited and thankful he was of our work here and it was awesome! Pete mentioned to him that we wanted to build a chiropractic school here in the Dominican Republic and he responded by saying “Go for it” The next day the three cofounders along with mission leader Jason O’Connor, DC lectured to group of over 50 medical residents, recent medical graduates and the heads of several medical departments at Morillo King Hospital in La Vega, Dominican Republic. The lecture was an introduction to chiropractic. The group explained the chiropractors role as primary health care providers centered on vertebral subluxation detection and correction. They discussed the possibility of bringing chiropractic to the country on a permanent basis. The Dominican Republic government and medical profession have embraced the concept 100%. The ChiroMission Foundation has been in contact with two major U.S. chiropractic schoolsin regards to an international outreach program in the Dominican Republic.

Now on to Haiti (this story is continued on the blog)

Peter Morgan, DC, is the immediate past presdient of the New York Chiropractic Council and cofounder of the ChiroMission Foundation. He has participated in many chiropractic missions over the years and is presently writing a book called Mission Chiropractic. @ 11:25 pm | Article ID: 1208586339

Use a Top Story and Tie it into Your Site

The following is Part #4 of a 4 part audio transcribing (part #1 is here, part #2, and part #3) of an interview with Michael Dorausch, founder of Planet Chiropractic. The audio was transcribed from a phone interview which focused on marketing and tips for building traffic to one’s website.

Andrew: Okay, can you tell me some of your success stories. Let’s start with the one about Van Halen that Brian Deagan was talking about.

The Right Digital TouchMike: Okay, Van Halen was nice. And again this is an example of how easy all of this can happen. So I’m a big Van Halen fan, big rock and roll fan. And I’ve actually worked with quite a few people in the rock and roll industry as a chiropractor, and it’s not uncommon for a band to need a chiropractor at, like the Staples Center or something like that. So it’s not uncommon in our industry that somebody will call and say “hey can we get a chiropractor for this concert, we’re going to be in town for three days.” So my industry knows that.  Well what happened back last year is there were rumors that there was going to be a Van Halen reunion tour. First of all being a fan of the band, I was paying attention to the news and I thought “wow this would make a good story.” And I also saw that obviously there were some other people interested in this as well.

So on February 3rd, 2007, I wrote an article entitled, Chiropractors prepare for 2007 Van Halen tour with David Lee Roth. So that’s really long and very keyword heavy. You can look at it and go “huh”, but it covers the key things I was looking for which was chiropractors, Van Halen, and David Lee Roth. Now the average consumer is not concerned about the chiropractors. They’re just concerned about Van Halen and David Lee Roth. Because this wasn’t just Van Halen. The big news was that David Lee Roth was back with the band. And what we did was we covered the news like anybody else would. We covered the rumors that Van Halen would be reunited, we gave the link to their site, we talked about the official announcement that came out the day prior, it was the 2007 North American tour. And we basically went into that just like any other journalist would. We talked about the band and their history. And it wasn’t until the last paragraph that we talked about the idea that there should be chiropractors present to support this band.

And so, the interesting thing here, Andrew, was this wasn’t something that I got on the phone with their management or they got on the phone with me, this was pure opportunity. This was saying, you know this would be a great opportunity, the chiropractor profession could support this, get behind this band, and volunteer to have somebody available at each of the forty cities. And Planet Chiropractic would be happy to organize that. And so the interesting thing that happened was, we didn’t end up doing it, we weren’t contacted by Van Halen. I don’t know how many people worked with them, but we didn’t organize a big event. But the point was we got traffic. And we got a significant amount of traffic. We were getting as many as 4000 people a day visiting the page just for the Van Halen information throughout the month of February.

Andrew: Just because you included Van Halen, and because it was a hot story at the time.

Mike: Right, just because it was a hot story, and because there wasn’t anything fresh out there.

Andrew: What about for your readers though. They’re coming in and they’re not looking for Van Halen stories, they’re coming to you because they want information about Chiropractors.

Mike: Yes! Our readers were actually very excited about it. Our readers were emailing us saying”we’re in! I’m volunteering.”  I had chiropractors in the state starting to line up saying I’m in, I’m located near the theater in Colorado, I’m located near Madison Square Garden in New York City and if this comes together, I’m in. And what’s nice is we now have even more news. So now we have another follow-up article we can write about the chiropractors who have lined up for this event, so let’s make this happen.

Andrew: Do you have another example of how you were able to use a top story and tie it into your site?

Mike: Superbowl. We did the Superbowl this year and I’ve gotten good at this. You have to remember it’s been about ten years we’ve been using a method like this. It really is just understanding what people are doing. So, we did two things this year for the Superbowl. I paid attention starting on Thursday to see what people were looking for. And it’s amazing when you start studying how basic it is, right?

So here’s Superbowl weekend February 2008, and it’s Friday. Now, on Friday, people were looking for Superbowl commercials because they wanted to find them online. So that was the first thing, I found people were looking for superbowl commercials. But here’s the interesting thing, Andrew, there was something that caught my attention. There were people searching Superbowl location. So I thought wow, America doesn’t know where the Superbowl is. They don’t know if it’s in Florida or if it’s in Los Angeles. And it turns out it was in Phoenix in a brand new stadium in Glendale Arizona. So I went, well they’re looking for where it is, they’re also looking for commercials. And then you had the gamblers, what’s the spread. They were doing searches for what the spread was. And then you had moms going, well, what am I going to cook this weekend? So, they were typing in things like chicken recipes, quesadilla recipes, fajita recipes, burger, barbecue, things like that.

So what I did, a very nice compiled article which became our guide to the 2008 NFL Superbowl. And we covered the schedule, so what time it’s gonna be, what channel it’s gonna be on, where it’s gonna be located, the name of the stadium, kickoff starts at 6:18 pm, we went into the location. We gave links to the websites that had commercials. You know, because we studied that and we found out well, where are all of the commercials going to be hosted after – where will they be on Monday? So we gave a nice list of about a dozen sites that had all of the commercials. Then we had another section that covered the spread and we gave a link to different gambling type sites that covered the spread. And we were very clear to say this isn’t something we’re doing but this is what you guys are looking for, so we’re giving you a resource. And then we covered recipes, and we gave links to places like Frank’s Red Hot, and things like that. Things we figured would be popular. Hot Sauce and Buffalo Wings and things like that.

So a very nice thing, and again the same thing we did in the Van Halen article. We really scored on this one, because one, we’d gotten a quote from one of the players on the New York Giants. So we got a quote from a football player on the value of getting chiropractic care.

Andrew: You found that online or you got it?

Mike: We got that from his chiropractor. We started working on that on Thursday and we said, who’s working on him and can we get something? So we got a quote from a player. We also have been doing this for years, so we already had previous years. We had an article on Emmitt Smith on previous stuff. We had an article with LaDainian Tomlinson from the San Diego Chargers. So of course we’re going to link to all that.

So we built in those links at the end of our article and said hey, do you remember when we covered stories with Emmitt Smith? Do you remember when we covered stories with LT? Do you remember when we, you know, we have as far back, and this wasn’t the internet but we still wrote about chiropractors being seen during the super bowl, because chiropractors on the sidelines were adjusting players. So, you know, we have that history, so we mentioned that.

And the result of this was that this article was huge. It hit the top of Google News by Saturday morning, with the title Guide to 2008 NFL Super Bowl. And it was in national search, people searching anything schedule, location, commercials, and it was also hitting the top of the News Page. So we were sitting on top of Google News home page and providing a great resource for the weekend. You know, like a map that you could print out and go, man I got everything I need for the weekend right in this one article. So that one I was really proud of because that one was great.

Andrew: And that all originated because you looked at Google trends, and you saw this is what people were looking for, they’re not finding it, I’m going to put together a webpage that has all of the stuff that they’re looking for around the Super Bowl and I’m going to tie it in with my website Planet Chiropractic, am I right?

Mike: Right, because if you talk to a Google engineer, if you talk to somebody who works at Google, and they’re humans and they’re going to look at pages and they don’t want you being spammy. They don’t want you gaming search engines. So if I just made this obviously spammy, they would go man, this isn’t of any value. But they would look at this article and go “man this guy did research. He’s covered everything. He gave a lot of good information. Well, so what if he’s a chiropractor, give him credit.” I mean that’s what the internet is all about, it’s the great leveler. You know, it doesn’t matter that I’m not the New York Times.

Andrew: What about for your readers? Your readers aren’t coming to your site looking for football, they’re coming there looking for chiropractic care.

Mike: Exactly, our readers look at that, and they’re chiropractors. Who wins from this Andrew? If more consumers know about chiropractic care?

Andrew: I see, so they know that you’re doing this for the internet as a whole.

Mike: Our readers look at this and they go wow this guys getting traffic and at the end of the thing we link to chiropractors. So we said you know, if you’re looking for a chiropractor, we’ve got links to offices. And so we have a directory of chiropractors throughout the United States so we don’t get any chiropractors really complaining. And if they do that’s their personal issue. I’m more for marketing the industry. Part of my whole philosophy is to promote the industry as a whole. You want to promote the industry as a whole and put a strong presence and branding on the industry. So that everybody can grow. This isn’t about my personal office getting new clients. This is about can we get 5000 new clients this weekend as an industry?

This is the end of Part #4. Part #1 is here, Part #2, and Part #3