Month: May 2000

Florida School Of Chiropractic Medicine

Article forwarded by Drs. Steven White and Michelle Whitney.

By Tom Klapp, D.C.

Florida State University has opened a “school of Chiropractic Medicine.”

NACA members, it’s official, there will be a school of chiropractic medicine in the College of Health and Human Sciences at the Florida State University with the first class beginning in the fall semester, 2001.

The Governor signed the appropriations bill on May 30 in which there is a $1 million appropriation for the Florida Board of Regents, which oversees the Florida university system, to prepare a plan outlining what needs to be done by FSU and what money needs to be appropriated to matriculated the first class in the fall, 2001.

The plan must be submitted to the legislature by December 15, 2000. The school will begin with the first year class of up to 100 students in 2001, followed by subsequent first year classes in the next three years with a capped enrollment of 500 students.

There is a $2 million endowment for a chiropractic & bio-mechanical research chair which was created by money raised by the Lincoln Chiropractic College Educational Foundation and the Florida Chiropractic Association in the FSU College of Health & Human Sciences. That research chair coupled with the classification of FSU as a category one research institution gives the FSU administration great hope that they will quickly get millions of dollars in federal grant money for chiropractic research. This will launch a new era of chiropractic research.

Representative Dennis Jones, a chiropractor and Speaker Pro Tem of the Florida House of Representatives has been working on this for years. This is his last year in the House, since term limits prevents him from running for reelection. He leaves quite a legacy.

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CREW Mission #7 to Panama – Estamos Listos?

Are you ready to serve the people of Panama?
The news is in and the next CREW mission to Panama is scheduled for the second and third weeks of October, 2000. Dates are October 14th – 25th!!!

What we do know is that the attending group is expected to be approximately 75 DCs. Staff and/or families are invited to come and share in the experience.

Actually, staff and family members often play a vital role in the success of the missions. There is a lot of work to be done and all help is greatly appreciated. As Dr.James Sigafoose has often said, “it’s going to be hot and there’s going to be a lot of work to do. If your mission is to buy a Panama hat, stay home.”

Doctors who have previously attended the missions to Panama will be given priority but all are welcome to apply.

Adjusting technique in Panama will be seated upper cervical just as in the past. Those that have attended previous Panama missions will be pleased to know that the Panamanian translation for a chiropractic adjustment is for one to tap their atlas with their index finger.

CREW headquarters while in Panama will be at the El Panama hotel in Panama city. Groups will head out from there to locations all across the country.

This is the perfect time to begin marking your calendars and making your preparations for this trip. Its also a great time to make sure your passport is up to date and to begin brushing up on your Spanish. “Mas Vida!”

Dates are in!!! October 14th – October 25th (that gives you time to fly home the day before DE!) @ 9:23 pm | Article ID: 959833422

To Give To Love To Serve

Today, May 31, 2000, marks the final day of the first CREW chiropractic mission to Costa Rica. Adjusting began on Monday May 22nd and the last day of adjusting was on Saturday May 27th.

Twenty chiropractors from across the United States closed their offices or brought in other DCs to cover their practices while they attended the population in Costa Rica. These individuals gave, loved and served out of their own abundance with no expectations. Along with the DCs were some of the worlds greatest chiropractic assistants that came to ensure that the chiropractors focused on what they do best.

The response from the chiropractic community in Costa Rica was absolutely incredible. Approximately one third of Costa Rica’s chiropractic profession turned out to assist and support the mission.

The local DCs assisted in adjusting, language translations, and patient education classes, which were held throughout the week. A local chiropractor reported seeing more than double the volume of her busiest day ever in her office on her first day back in the office, the day after she returned from the mission.

At last count, it was estimated that more than thirty thousand people came out to receive the magnificent gift of chiropractic. The energy in Costa Rica was strong and the folks were fantastic.

The group of DCs and CAs attending were a Chiropractic Dream Team. Spanish patient education classes of principled chiropractic were given to thousands. The chiropractors attending were incredible in their upper cervical technique with each DC averaging more than ten years adjusting experience and many having been on three or more missions to Panama.

I don’t recall ever seeing one chiropractor slowing down to watch another adjust but when you viewed the group from a distance, they appeared as a symphony orchestra that had been preparing for the worlds greatest musical performance. It was the music of life and everyone was perfectly in tune.

The people of Costa Rica that came out serve were equally incredible. The Lions Club International played a vital role as well as did the Universidad Interamericana. @ 9:02 pm | Article ID: 959832132

DC and MD Communications

Yahoo News: Family Physicians, Chiropractors Do Not Share Info

Based on a recent report in the Archives of Family Medicine, it was found that chiropractors and medical practitioners are not communicating when it comes to patient care.

According to the article and the report, it was found that “98% of chiropractors referred their patients to family physicians and 65% of family physicians referred their patients to chiropractors.”

The report notes that among those referrals, “family physicians received information from chiropractors on only 26.5% of patients, while chiropractors received information from family physicians on only 25% of cases.”

According to the article, it was also found that “family physicians were less inclined than chiropractors to feel comfortable sharing patient care, although neither group was particularly oriented towards sharing care.”

With chiropractic being a leadership profession and chiropractors being masters at doctor – patient communication, I think the greatest service the chiropractor could do when referring to a medical doctor would be to notify the doctor of patient concerns regarding unwanted medications.

Recent studies have shown patients in medical offices often do not express their fears about the side effects of medication, and concern about being given an unwanted prescription. Are patients expressing their concerns in your office?

Yahoo News: Family Physicians, Chiropractors Do Not Share Info

Archives of Family Medicine: Fragmentation of Patient Care Between Chiropractors and Family Physicians @ 8:08 am | Article ID: 958748890

Autism and Mercury Relationship

The following is testimony from a recent ACIP meeting.
Thank you to Dr. Rick Hodish for supplying this report.

My name is Sallie Bernard. I live in Summit, New Jersey. I am the president and CEO of a market research company and a board member of the Cure Autism Now Foundation, the largest private funder of biomedical research on autism. I am also the parent of a 12 year old son with autism, and I am speaking to you today as a parent.

Autism is a severe neurodevelopmental disorder which, according to the latest CDC figures, may now be affecting as many as one in 150 children. The incidence of autism appears to be rising and as such, represents a significant public health issue. Due to the high likelihood that many if not most cases of autism are caused by the mercury in childhood vaccines containing thimerosal, and due to the fact that every child today can be fully vaccinated using a thimerosal-free product, I am asking you to join me in urging the FDA to call for an immediate ban on thimerosal-containing childhood vaccines.

In July of 1999 when the FDA first released preliminary statements that the amount of mercury injected into infants and toddlers through childhood immunizations exceeded government safety levels, a few parents, including myself, began to investigate whether mercury toxicity might be a contributing factor in our children’s autism. Our review of the available medical literature, summarized in our report, “Autism, a Unique Type of Mercury Poisoning”, found that the symptoms and abnormalities which characterize autism are identical to those found in past cases of mercury poisoning. These similarities include the defining characteristics of autism – social withdrawal, OCD behaviors, and loss of or impairment in language – and they include traits strongly associated with autism and found in nearly all cases of the disorder – sensory disturbances such as numbness in the extremities and mouth, aversion to touch, and unusual response to noise; movement disorders like toe walking, hand flapping, clumsiness, and choreiform movements; and cognitive impairments in specific domains like short term, verbal and auditory memory and in understanding abstract ideas.

The biological abnormalities in autism and mercury poisoning are similar as well. These include damage to the same brain areas – the Purkinje cells, granule layer, amygdala, and hippocampus; autonomic system disturbances like abnormal sweating, increased heart rate, and poor circulation; immune system dysfunction including a shift in the Th2 lymphocyte subset, suppressed natural killer cell function, and increased interferon gamma; low sulfate, cysteine, and glutathione; brain mitochondrial dysfunction; altered neurochemistry in the areas of serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine, glutamate, and acetylcholine; and EEG abnormalities from subtle slow amplitude waves to epilepsy. These are just a fraction of the similarities which we have identified in the medical literature.

The population characteristics are consistent in both disorders. First, the prevalence rate of autism closely matches the introduction and spread of thimerosal-containing vaccines. Autism was first discovered in the early 1940s among children born in the 1930s; thimerosal was first introduced into vaccines in the 1930s. Prior to 1970, autism was estimated at 1 in 2000 children; studies after 1970 showed a higher prevalence of 1 in 1000. This was also a period of increased immunization of American children. In 1996, the NIH estimated the rate of autism to be 1 in 500, and just recently the CDC has found 1 in 150 children affected. This dramatic increase coincided with the introduction and spread of two thimerosal containing vaccines – the HIB and Hepatitis B.

Second, mercury is more toxic to males. Autism is more prevalent among boys, with the ratio estimated at 4 to 1.

Third, at low doses, mercury adversely affects only genetically susceptible individuals, which are defined in terms of high responders and those prone to autoimmune disease. Autism has been recognized as one of the most heritable of all neurological disorders and it is strongly associated with familial autoimmune disorders.

Fourth, exposure to mercury in vaccines occurs at the same time as autistic symptoms emerge, given the latent period common in mercury poisoning. Symptom emergence is similar in both diseases, starting with abnormal movement and sensation, and moving on to abnormalities in speech and hearing, and then the full-blown array of symptoms and signs.

Our group has also documented a number of cases of autistic children with toxic levels of mercury in hair, urine, and blood. The breadth and specificity of these similarities, from defining and associated traits to biological abnormalities and population characteristics, as well as the timing of onset with exposure and the case studies of autistic children with toxic mercury levels, strongly suggest a causal relationship rather than one arising from mere chance.

Despite the fact that there have been no published studies on the effect of bolus doses of injected ethylmercury on susceptible infants and toddlers, some individuals have nevertheless concluded that the amount of mercury in vaccines is too low to cause any real impairment. On the contrary, we have outlined four rationales describing how the mercury levels in vaccines would lead to significant harm in a small number of children.

First, the cumulative amount of mercury which a 6 month old infant can receive exceeds the acceptable dose levels set by government agencies including the EPA, as outlined by Dr. Egan and Neal Halsey. Some have countered that since the EPA added a safety factor of ten, the risk of harm is insignificant. However, if you actually read the EPA report, it clearly states that the safety factor was added (a) to account for uncertainties and possible inaccuracies in the calculation (of which there are several significant ones) and (b) to protect sensitive groups. By exceeding the guidelines, these sensitive groups are at real risk, and arbitrarily ignoring the safety guidelines merely because it is inconvenient to follow them violates sound medical practice.

Second, the EPA equation, which uses data of fetal toxicity from 81 mother/infant pairs poisoned by methylmercury in seed grain, is based on factors which would result in a lower relative risk than those involved in an infant vaccine exposure scenario. Higher risk factors include bolus doses vs chronic daily doses, injected vs ingested delivery, ethylmercury toxicity vs methylmercury toxicity, direct exposure to the infant vs indirect to the fetus through the mother, lack of adequate excretion by infants resulting in high brain mercury accumulation vs adequate maternal excretion and relatively low brain accumulations in mother and fetus, more rapid metabolism in infants resulting in greater conversion of ethylmercury to its toxic inorganic form vs slower metabolism in the mothers, and the involvement of mercury sensitive individuals rather than the average person.

Third, the population distribution for mercury sensitivity, like that for nearly all toxins, is log normal; thus, statistically, a small percentage of the exposed population, if large enough, will be impaired at the lowest doses. The fact that some small percentage will be impaired at a very low dose is not just theoretical. It has been found true for certain strains of mice and rats, and it was also true for the form of mercury poisoning called acrodynia, which impaired approximately 1 in 500 children early in this century even at low doses. Clarkson describes acrodynia as being independent of dose and arising more from age and individual sensitivity.

And finally, the risk assessment for vaccines does not take into consideration that infants may receive mercury from maternal sources, including maternal dental fillings and Rhogam shots which Rh negative women receive multiple times during pregnancy, each of which contains 30 micrograms of ethylmercury.

Thimerosal is not a necessary component of vaccines. Immense harm has been caused by thimerosal in childhood vaccines. Do not risk permanent neurological damage to another child by allowing the continued use of thimerosal-containing vaccines. Official policy should err on the side of safety. Rather than waiting for formal studies to determine whether thimerosal should be taken out, the FDA should require that thimerosal be banned entirely from childhood vaccines immediately. @ 7:30 am | Article ID: 958746622

X-Ray Results Delivered Via E-Mail

An article from Yahoo News titled “E-Mail System Delivers X-Ray Results” introduces a new e-mail based delivery system for radiology reports.

According to the article, “a new electronic mail-based notification system ensures that doctors learn x-ray findings fast.” A report of the new system was recently presented at a radiology society meeting.

While the system was designed for medical purposes it is important to note the article stated that “the source code for the notification system is not proprietary, and it should be available from the federal government.”

There is a very good possibility that a system like this could be modified to serve the chiropractic profession. With so many changes in imaging occurring and with the speed and connections the internet offers, the process of taking and reporting on x-rays is sure to change dramatically.

Yahoo News: E-Mail System Delivers X-Ray Results @ 7:10 am | Article ID: 958745436

Giving Untested Drugs to Children

From Fox News comes an article titled “Drug firms urged to act over untested child medicines”

According the article, Britain’s Consumers’ Association has urged the pharmaceutical industry “to take immediate action against children being prescribed medicines which have only been tested for adult use.”

It was stated in the article that “between 40 and 60 percent of medicines given to children have been licensed only for adults.”

According to the article, a communications director for the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry said that “no medicine can be used with a guarantee of 100 percent safety whether in children or adults.”

The article further states that “pharmaceutical companies do not routinely test drugs for use on children.” The reasons behind this were that “it is simply unethical to carry out experimental studies on babies unless we are convinced that it is safe to do so” according to a statement made in the article.

What are we doing when we give millions of children untested drugs?

It is interesting to see where this will go. Chances are that agencies are looking for ways to get pharmaceutical companies to begin testing drugs on children. There is money to be made here for someone.

Testing drugs on babies is unethical. Giving untested drugs to babies is unethical. What do we do? If you come from a paradigm that health comes from the inside out, things look much differently.

Health does not come from pills, potions, and lotions. Health comes from within. It is our responsibility as chiropractors and parents to see that all children are free to express their health to the best of their natural ability.

Fox News: Drug firms urged to act over untested child medicines

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Vaccines a Smoking Gun in Gulf War Syndrome

From Nando Media and Fox News come the following headlines: “New research blames vaccines, stress for Gulf War Syndrome” – “Vaccines during deployment linked to Gulf War syndrome”

The articles are based on a British research study that was released today. According to the report, “illnesses known as Gulf War Syndrome may have been triggered by multiple vaccinations given to servicemen during their deployment in the Gulf.”

The study will reportedly be published in the British Medical Journal, we will include a link to the study when it becomes available.

According to the articles, there have been more than two dozen peer-reviewed attempts to pinpoint the cause of Gulf War Syndrome. The public wants answers.

The Nando article states that, “Despite spending more than $133 million in research, the United States has drawn a blank in identifying a clinical source” of Gulf War Syndrome and that “the failure has bred Internet-driven rumors of cover-ups, secret data withheld by the Pentagon or the even use of the troops as guinea pigs for experimental vaccines.”

Whether or not any of this is true, how does the Pentagon now look? How much credibility does it lend them when making statements such as the anthrax vaccine program is perfectly safe? At the same time courts of law have found the anthrax vaccine to be unsafe and many have been demanding the program be ended. Something does not add up.

What vaccines did the servicemen receive?
According to the article, they were given vaccines for “tetanus, cholera, hepatitis A and B, polio, yellow fever and typhoid, which are routinely given to infants or travelers heading for hot climates.” Vaccines were also given for anthrax, plague, and whooping cough, according to the report.

Nando Media: New research blames vaccines, stress for Gulf War Syndrome

FOX NEWS: Vaccines during deployment linked to Gulf War syndrome

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Victims of a Vaccine?

The ABC headlines say it all: “Vaccine Victims? – The Controversy Surrounding SmithKline Beecham’s LYMErix”

The article questions the safety of the LYMErix vaccine. According to the article, a gardener reported that “his doctor said the vaccine carried little or no risk.” Yet, “six weeks after he received his second shot … he layed paralyzed on his bedroom floor, desperately in need of help.”

According to the article, the gardener stated that, “I would just like to know what the heck I have because I have always been very healthy.” It was reported that the gardener “continues to suffer from arthritis, numbness and widespread tingling.”

The gardener in question is one of 70+ plaintiffs in a lawsuit against SmithKline Beecham alleging that “SmithKline Beecham failed to warn doctors and the public that nearly a third of the general population is genetically predisposed to a non-treatable degenerative disease, known as autoimmune arthritis” which is reportedly triggered by the vaccine.

Not surprisingly, the article states that the “drugmaker and the Food and Drug Administration allege the vaccine does not present enough adverse effects” to create concern.

That’s the same FDA that says the Anthrax vaccine is safe as well. It seems as though the FDA’s credibility is just decreasing day by day.

By injecting people with these vaccines, an Attorney had this to say in the article: “we are taking people amongst our healthiest population and putting them at risk.”

Visit ABC for several related articles. Vaccine Victims? @ 4:44 pm | Article ID: 958520673

End of U.S. Anthrax Program Urged

From Nando Media comes an article titled: “House members urge ‘immediate halt’ to anthrax program”

The May 16th report from Nando Media states that “Defense Secretary William Cohen should bring an ‘immediate halt’ to the anthrax vaccination program, according to a letter signed by more than two dozen House members.”

According to the article, the letter comes from Rep. Jack Metcalf and it primarily points out the “recent findings and criticisms” regarding the anthrax vaccine program in the U.S.

According to the article, the letter states that the vaccine program “is a flawed policy that should be immediately stopped.”

Also mentioned in the article was information from an Institute of Medicine report that said, “There is a paucity of published peer-reviewed literature on the safety of anthrax vaccine.”

And just to be fair, according to the article, “Pentagon and Food and Drug Administration officials have said repeatedly the vaccine is safe and effective.”

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Nando Media: House members urge ‘immediate halt’ to anthrax program @ 4:01 pm | Article ID: 958518104