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Yahoo pulling the plug on GeoCities

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Yahoo Inc. (YHOO) announced that they are shutting down GeoCities, a service that provided people with a free web site, along with all the tools needed to build that site. Yahoo had acquired GeoCities, for more than $4 billion 10 years ago, during the 1999 gold rush of the dot com boom.

Notice to Customers(photo: a message on the GeoCities homepage)

The Yahoo GeoCities home page has been changed to reflect a message that reads “Sorry, new GeoCities accounts are no longer available.” That is followed by a message for existing customers which reads… “After careful consideration, we have decided to close GeoCities later this year. We’ll share more details this summer. For now, please sign in or visit the help center for more information.”

The Yahoo acquisition of GeoCities in 1999 involved a stock deal valued at around $4.6 billion. GeoCities was one of the first commercial domains to host online homepages, and there were more than 3.5 million sites hosted on its service, by the time Yahoo made the acquisition. The popularity of GeoCities dropped during the last few years, as social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, and blogs grew in popularity.

DMOZ and other Stats for GeoCities April 2009 Putting on my domainer and SEO hat, I can’t help but look at the numbers associated with the GeoCities domain.

The stats may not be as massive as those seen for 2009 social network or blog hosting domains, but they are still impressive (but maybe not $4.6 Billion impressive).

Checking, the following stats on the GeoCities domain (which is 301 redirected to a Yahoo subdomain), would make many an SEOs and link builders mouths water.
1.8 million listings in DMOZ.
39,000 listings in Yahoo directory.
Ranked #73 (of all web sites) according to Compete, with over 12 million visitors per month.
Domain registered in December of 1995, and has been active ever since.

With 12 million plus visitors every month, surely someone was still using the website. Do you remember 1998ish GeoCities pages? If you were on the web in the late 1990s, you may remember the flashy and oftentimes horribly designed graphics, animated gif files of dancing babies, and lots of pages displaying shovels and signs reading under construction. Many of those pages were hosted on GeoCities.

For those that host their homepages inside online communities, there’s a lesson to be learned here. The closing down of GeoCities is one example of the importance in having your own domain name that features at least your basic information (especially if you run a business).

Communities like GeoCities may have served a purpose for you, and then you moved on to MySpace and/or Facebook, or some other Social Network Hosting Platform, but who’s to say that those sites, which include the pages you created on them, won’t someday disappear as well?

In the case of GeoCities, Yahoo is providing ways for people to save their data before the service is shut down, but web sites will lose all the links they had going to them, and along with that, any traffic that was coming from search.

I wish I had the foresight to recognize this when I created my first web site in 1994. Rather than registering a domain, I hosted it on one of the many free services that were available at the time.

The web site existed as a subdomain on a hosting companies primary domain. I believe that company went out of business in 1997 or 1998. Unfortunately for me, I also created the first version of planetchiropractic as a subdomain of free web site hosting provided by my (at that time) dial-up Internet provider.

That service was discontinued in the late 1990s, basically rendering all the webwork useless. Fortunately in 1998 I registered a handful of chiropractic related domains, and have been using the domain as our primary domain ever since.

I’m not saying that any of the current social network free hosting, or even the free blog hosting web sites, are going away anytime soon, but I’d say it’s a safe bet to have some sort of back up plan, in case any of them do. @ 8:27 pm | Article ID: 1240543654

Combating Fraud Associated With Selling Online

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Selling stuff online always involves some level of risk. There are steps to take which can help minimize those risks, but individuals seeking to unfairly profit are constantly applying new methods to old techniques, in hopes of defrauding people out of their items and money. Having operated a popular chiropractic classified advertising web site for more than 10 years, we’ve seen our fair share of those attempting to defraud people when items are for sale. Fortunately, the user community has grown more knowledgeable, developing an increased level of awareness, for what is potentially fraudulent activity, or an online cyber scam. The cyber neighborhood watch group has done an impressive job in rooting out the worms and bad apples.

On Planet Chiropractic, we’ve written about classified advertising and the risks involved when dealing with foreign inquiries regarding items for sale, numerous times. For many readers, it’s probably reached the point of annoyance, likely leaving them wondering why we bother to continue addressing this topic. Honestly, I feel that way myself at times, since it’s become fairly easy for me to spot what is an attempt at fraud, and what is not. But what about a person using the Web to sell their used x-ray equipment for the first time? Or as I discovered last year, the case of a military veteran seeking to sell their motorcycle, in order to pay off some bills and other debt.

In our experience, and what I’ve found to be the case for many other classified advertising web sites, there’s one type of fraudulent activity that is prevalent on the Internet. It’s a scam, which typically involves someone in a faraway place, offering to purchase items and have them shipped to their location. The scammer gladly offers more money than the items are worth, and generously offers to mail payment that exceeds any related shipping costs. In this situation, the scammer asks that the seller electronically wires a balance of funds (usually via Western Union) be sent back to the buyer. There are several variations on this scam, and the practice is prevalent in more than one part of the planet (a reputation has gone to Nigeria known as the 419 scam), so anyone selling items online anywhere, should always be on the lookout for these or similar activities.

Last year we stepped up our aggressiveness on the fraudsters and scammers (Classifieds Now Equipped with reCAPTCHA) and began posting internet address (IP) information (Daniel Monday Scam Alert), e-mail addresses they used in their scams (Smith Matt 419 Scams and Fraud), the names they used when e-mailing potential marks (Mark Nicholas mark_nicho95 Fraud Alert), and copies of the letters they sent (Actual Email Attempt – Chiropractic Classifieds Scam) to those selling equipment X-Ray Equipment For Sale Attempted Fraud. I was surprised at first by the chiropractors (even though it was only a few) who contacted me, innocently not knowing that these letters of intent to purchase products and have them shipped overseas, were attempts of illegal fraudulent activity. I felt satisfied that we took the time to make the information we had public. Then the real surprise came.

Weeks later, I began receiving e-mails from people that weren’t using our chiropractic site for classified advertising, but were conducting searches to find out if people contacting them to purchase their items, were legitimate or not. One case involved an individual who had his motorcycle for sale on a cars classified website. He was preparing to wire somebody in the United Kingdom nearly $3000 in overcharges from shipping fees when he decided to perform a search for the individuals name. A post we had written about the practice of fraud, included the persons name, e-mail address, and letter sent to potential targets. The seller of the motorcycle backed out one the sale and sent us a copy of the e-mail he had received. It was exactly the same form e-mail that was being sent to individuals selling used chiropractic equipment on our site. For me, that was the added motivation to continue the practice of posting such information.

Yesterday, chiropractors utilizing the classified advertising community, stepped up and e-mailed us a first sign of fraud. I had 2 e-mails from two different chiropractors, within a half an hour of each being contacted. Both e-mails included the exact same inquiry into selling their items and shipping them overseas, with a request for them to wire funds electronically, to cover excess payment that would be included in a mailed check or international money order.

I personally e-mailed the two individuals and thanked them for their alertness and quick response to the situation. Honestly, forwarding us questionable e-mails in the first place, is a critical step. Community participation is greatly appreciated. After responding to the e-mails we went through our checklist of cybersecurity measures, and made a list of information we had on the individual/s attempting to pull off this scam. A blog post, which included the fraudsters cover name and e-mail address, and a copy of the text used in the e-mail sent, went online almost immediately. Also, every active user of the classified ad network, was notified in a brief e-mail summary, in case the activities had continued.

I don’t know what the webmasters of other classified advertising and forum web sites do to combat scams of this nature, but as I mentioned in the e-mail sent to those listed classified ads, the community buying and selling chiropractic related items, is kicking butt when it comes to keeping the neighborhood clean. Again, the efforts of those that step up to provide notification and feedback, are greatly appreciated.

Below is a list of 15 related articles on this topic. It may seem like overkill, but I still advise anyone that’s planning on selling items online (whether you using our web site or not) at least scan through some of the articles, to get an idea of what sort of activity one should be on the lookout for. You may already be well aware of these practices, but then again maybe you’ll discover something new.

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Thursday Thoughts and Thank You’s
Instructions to post an ad on planet chiropractic
Chiropractor Email Account Hacked (Not related to classifieds but good example of other scams and importance of community involvement) @ 10:25 am | Article ID: 1240507580

Mark Nicholas mark_nicho95 Fraud Alert

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Add another name to your list of Scammers and Fraudsters, Mark Nicholas of the UK is emailing people in hopes of separating them from their money.

Thankfully, the very active (love the emails sent our way) chiropractic classified advertising community came through this morning with multiple reports on suspected fraud and scams talking place.

This morning 2 arrived from a Mark Nicholas ([email protected]) in the UK.

mark-nicholas-fraud-scamThis email differs from ones we’ve seen previously but it still comes from the same region (see Daniel Monday Scam Alert).

It’s a form email sent to those posting Equipment For Sale classified ads. It’s a very common scam approach, and fortunately chiropractors using classifieds have been keeping an eye open and reporting suspicious activity as soon as they see it.

The IP address used in this case was which is registered to RETN Ltd. in London, England. They have been notified of the activity.

The form letter reads as follows (which includes spelling errors left unchanged)…


I am Mark Nicholas.How are you doing today and also your family,Well hope everybody is fine.Meanwhile,I came across your advert on the web for sale and will like you to know that i have someone(my boss) who is interested in buying something of this type  but dont have the time to search around,He deals in used item but i do the searches.So please get back to me if it is still for sale and with the following.

The last asking price.
The present condition..
The current Pictures.
Please i want you to get back to me once you finish reading this mail so that
i know what next to do.
Mark Nicholas
[email protected]


AFTER RESPONDING (something not recommended) to the email, the seller of items will receive the following…

Hello xxxxx,
Thanks for your mail response.
I want you to know one thing that he will pay with BANK CERTIFY CHEQUE OR INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER.He will like you to know that he will be responsible for the shipping and changing of ownership informations.Some  additional charges will be added to your last asking price which is for me and you will send it to me  via WESTERN UNION as soon as your bank has confirmed that the money has been credited into your account,the information that you will send it too will be given to you later on.If you are okay with this, i will like you to get back to me with the below informations;
Your Full Contact Name:
Your Full Contact Address:
Your Home Phone Number:
Your Mobile Phone Number:
Your Least least Price:
As soon as this is given to me, i will forward it to him so that he can issue your payment and send it to your address and also forward it to his lawyer for further preparation and for record purpose.Hope to read from you soonest.
Best Regards.


The above SCAM is similar to the Smith Matt 419 Scams and Fraud which has been mentioned a 1000 times. It’s important to keep a Constant Watch on Fraud and Scams because scammers know that someway, somehow, someone will eventually fall for them, and profits will be made.

If you’re going to sell items online (ON ANY WEBSITE) use caution and do your homework on who you are dealing with. I simple googling of someones email address or name can be an easy 1st step.

Chiropractors selling online should read these posts as well…

Watch out for Scams

Actual Email Attempt – Chiropractic Classifieds Scam

Use Common Sense When Buying and Selling Online

OK, have a great day!

Classifieds Plus Asheville NC Practice For Sale


Entering the end of April with advertisements posted to the chiropractic classifieds section of Planet Chiropractic. There’s an Activator IV EZ Grip, a Dynatron Solaris, Gonstead Equipment, and more. There’s also practices for sale in San Jose, Kansas, Ireland and other US/International locations.

disassembled flexion distraction unit(photo: Hill Flexion Table w/Coverings Removed)

Asheville NC Practice For Sale — Practice for sale in Asheville, NC. 1500 SF, 3 year diversified practice located in medical community across the street from the main hospital and sits beside another hospital. Practice is all-inclusive and includes a Cox flexion/distraction table, zenith 440 adjusting table fully loaded, hydro ther-massage bed, mechanical traction table and 2 Dynatron 525 E-stim units as well as a new (06) high frequency x-ray system, new processor and Quixote documentation/ billing software system.

Computer software includes 2-3 desktop computers and a medical tablet for the doctors notes, no travel cards. The building is owned and included in the all-inclusive purchase price. The building is a standalone quadraplex with 3 doctors on the other 3 sides, 2 dentists and a psychologist. The office has a very large size waiting room, reception area, storage room with built-ins, kitchen w/ mini fridge, exam/x-ray room, 4 treatment rooms with equipment mentioned above, an extra bonus room large size, that is currently storing files/x-rays/freezer, but could be used as additional adjusting room or therapy/exercise room. The doctor has their own private office equipped with small closet and personal bathroom and entrance from the parking lot.

The purchaser will own the building, but will belong to an association that manages the exterior of the building, landscaping, parking lot, picks up trash daily and manages the heating and cooling, as well as plumbing, and all utilities. The amount monthly is $541.00,however this also covers trash pick up, water, gas and your electric bill. All you pay is the mortgage of the practice and phone bills everything else is all inclusive in this upscale doctors park in downtown Asheville, NC (rated in the top 10 places to live in the past 7 years in fortune and money magazine). The practice is located down the street from the very well-known Biltmore Estate. All insurance plans are currently open in NC and one company controls many insurance groups, so transition will be smooth for new owner.

Columbus, Ohio — Chiropractor relocating to Columbus, Ohio in May/June to be closer to family. Looking for PT or FT position.

San Jose/Silicon Valley 16 YO Practice — Beautiful high end, 1,200 sq.ft., subluxation based, corrective & wellness practice. Loyal educated practice members, high PVA. Solid net revenue/ low overhead. Good lease in a Professional building. Excellent location, great demographics. Over $60,000 invested in build-out. Turn-Key. High frequency X-ray. Family relocating. Serious inquires only. Bank Financing with 10% down OAC.

Dynatron Solaris 706 for sale — Dynatron Solaris 706 for sale. Barely used in the last 8 mos. Just doesn’t fit into our practice like we thought. Most of it is in new packaging yet. Retails for $5800 new. I’m asking for $4200 or best offer. Has cold laser, micro, interferential, russian stim, and more. 4 channels.

Very Light Use X-Ray Unit And Processor — Universal Unimatic 300MA/125KV x-ray excellent condition with eggshell powder coat, chromed and birch mounts. Tilting bucky for upper cervical use. Custom brown upholstered x-ray wheelchair. 2005 AGFA CP 1000 self contained processor with custom stand- requires no plumbing! Calipers, lead apron, dark room equipment, 4 8×10 medium speed cassettes, 7 foot tall locking file cabinet all included. Custom (birch matches x-ray unit mounts)angled x-ray view box marking desk with drawers for tools. $2250 complete.

Overland Park, KS practice for sale — 2-1/2 year growing practice collecting $268,415.00. Dr take home pay before taxes $189,226.00. 273 new patients. 5,921 total visits. Closed early on Fridays for extended weekends. This is a low overhead clinic – easy to put away money for early retirement. Clinic located in the heart of Johnson County – one of the most desirable communities in the heartland. Ideal place to raise family. Doctor must move – priced to sell quick! Pix on web. 100% financing O.A.C.

Beautiful Hilton Head Chiropractic office for sale — Excellent location on Beautiful Hilton Head Island is where you find this wonderful turnkey practice. The office features a 3 table therapy suite an intersegmental traction room, 2 adjustment rooms, x-ray room and developing room. Great turnkey opportunity at an outstanding practice. Last year profit was $60,000. This wonderful practice on a beautiful resort island can be yours.

Gonstead Set for sale — Lightly used Gonstead set, Blue velvet covers it looks and feels new. request pictures. Asking $1350.00 buyer pays shipping.

Busy Wellness Practice in West of Ireland — Large 3 doctor wellness practice for sale in Galway on the West Coast of Ireland. Practice averaging 300+ patient visits per week. Owners relocating overseas in August. Sale includes all equipment, xray system, computers, office equipment, contracts with staff and associate chiropractors.

LPG SpineForce — We are selling a nearly new LPG SpineForce system. Please contact us for details.

Sidmar Dry Hydrotherapy Table — Massage Time Pro. Black, Professional Model, 2006, Excellent Condition, selling for $950 plus S/H, new tables are $3000.

Flexible Coverage — Complete professional in ethics and appearance. Not afraid to care for your patients the way you would with full spine techniques in diversified, F & D, activator, ART/myofacial release, and toggle/mobilization of extremities. Detailed documentation (SOAP) that satisfies Medicare standards. NCMIC covered. I keep up your patient numbers and decrease your worries. Past doctors were comfortable enough to extended their absence. Hire me and relax.

DRX 9000 spinal decompression unit for sale — 2005 DRX 9000. One owner. Has all harnesses, belts, videos. One tiny scratch. Works beautifully. $30,000. May assume lease if qualified.

The above content is of a time sensitive nature. Individual advertisements may no longer be available if ad has expired or user has deleted their post. Visitors can browse and view all active classifieds and/or subscribe to the classified RSS feed, which updates with the latest advertisement posted, several times per day. @ 8:10 pm | Article ID: 1240369879

Palmer Chiropractic Technologist Program Meets New Iowa Board of Chiropractic Requirements

Palmer College of Chiropractic News

Palmer College of Chiropractic’s Department of Undergraduate Studies announces that the Associate of Science in Chiropractic Technology (ASCT) degree program has been recognized as meeting new Iowa physiotherapy legislative requirements. Per the Iowa Board of Chiropractic state requirement 645-43.12(2), effective July 1, 2009, chiropractic assistants are required to show proof of completion of requirements in training of active and passive physiotherapy.

Palmer College of Chiropractic Palmer College alumni of the ASCT program and Chiropractic Clinical Assistant (CCA) certificate holders meet the new requirements in accordance with the guidelines stated below:

* Alumni who graduated from Spring 1997 to the present meet the full requirements of the Iowa Board for both passive and active instruction and passive and active clinical experience.

* Alumni graduating between Summer 1992 and Fall 1996 meet the requirements of the Iowa Board for only passive instruction and clinical experience. These CTs and CCAs are required to take a current 12-hour program for the active training if they perform active physiotherapy duties in the office.

* Alumni graduating prior to Summer 1992 are required to complete a current 12-24 hour program to fulfill the passive and/or active requirements if they perform passive and/or active physiotherapy duties in the office. For information on physiotherapy programs available from Palmer’s Continuing Education Department, CT and CCA graduates should go to

To obtain your certification letter, please contact Annette VenHorst, Undergraduate Registrar, at (563) 884-5867. Iowa doctors must keep this letter on file as proof that their staff has been properly trained per the new Iowa requirement.

For more information about the Palmer CT program, please contact Lisa Gisel, Undergraduate Studies, at (563) 884-5743 or [email protected] @ 8:33 pm | Article ID: 1240284842

2009 Boston Marathon Results and Photos

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s Marathon Monday in Boston. This morning, twenty five thousand runners took to the streets of Hopkinton, on a marathon course that ran through Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton, and Brighton, on a 26.2 mile route into Boston, with a finish line in Copley Square. Hundreds of thousands of cheering fans lined the streets as 2009 Boston Marathon participants passed by, making their way downhill and uphill (rinsed and repeated), through neighborhoods and business districts, enduring Heartbreak Hill, and relying on both internal and external motivation, as they reached the homestretch, and finally the finish.

It was the 113th Boston Marathon, and 2009 Live Boston Marathon coverage was broadcast locally via Channel 4 Boston CBS station WBZ (, while globally Boston Marathon Live Video was provided online via Universal Sports (

My next run will start in Hopkington US Runner Ryan Hall (Bib #2) Messages via Twitter Mid Sunday morning

The 2009 Boston Marathon had the best live coverage ever, thanks to TV Marathon broadcasts, Boston Marathon live video broadcasts online, and thousands of 140 character message updates coming from those using Twitter to give us all the latest Boston Marathon updates. For those that tweet, view Boston Marathon tweets using Boston+Marathon in the search field.

While the Boston Athletic Association ( had PDF and Gif format Course Maps for viewing online and downloading, Red Sox hats off to for creating the most awesome Marathon Map I’ve ever seen. The 2009 Interactive Boston Marathon Course Map is a must see, even if you didn’t run the race.

2008 Boston Marathon winner Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot(photo: 2008 Boston Marathon winner Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot – credit: jbandlow via Flickr)

2009 Boston Marathon Photos — thousands of cameras (ranging from amateur to pro) captured the activities of the day, and many of those photos will end up online. I’m including Boston Marathon news sources, since they’ll undoubtedly have high quality photos from the day’s race. However, previous marathon covering experience has taught me to always check photo sharing sites like Flickr for additional race day photos.

Two sources to check are Boston Marathon Photos on the Universal Sports Photo Album Archive and the Sports Marathon Photo page for (site features some of the best photo coverage you’ll see).

Quite a few excellent photographers will post marathon photos to the Flickr photo sharing service. I’d suggest giving people a few days to upload photos (although some have already posted) and then perform searches for tags or terms like boston marathon 2009, boston marathon, boston marathon winners, and such.

Boston Marathon Results — The Leaderboard can be viewed directly on the Boston Athletic Association Marathon homepage (top 10 Mens and Womens) and overall winners can be viewed on the Top Finishers page. Boston Marathon Results via Bib Number can be performed here (on the site) or here (boston marathon results search form).

Who won the 2009 Boston Marathon? — Deriba Merga of Ethiopia won the Mens division with at time of 2:08:42, Daniel Rono of Kenya placed 2nd with a time of 2:09:32, and Ryan Hall of California placed 3rd with a time of 2:09:40.

Salina Kosgei of Kenya won the Womans division with at time of 2:32:16, with Dire Tune of Ethiopia timing 1 second behind at 2:32:17, and Kara Goucher of Oregon placing 3rd with a time of 2:32:25.

Here are 3 additional sources of Boston Marathon News Coverage…
Sports – Marathon CBS Boston News
bostonmarathon 2009 113th Boston Marathon LIVE 4/20 @ 9:07 am | Article ID: 1240243686

26 Mile Plus Sunday Running Marathons

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The 2009 Boston Marathon runs on Monday (420), April 20th, with some 25,000 plus people be taking to the streets, testing their will against Heartbreak Hill (mile 20ish), and racing to the finish line in historic Boston. It’s one of the few US marathons taking place on a Monday, instead of the traditional Sunday morning event.

silver-black-shoesIt’s not the only Marathon that runs on a Monday (in Boston the Marathon may as well be a holiday since schools and many places close for the day), the Los Angeles Marathon has decided to move their normal running date of mid March to Memorial Day in May (May 25th, 2009 is the next LA Marathon).

We’ve covered quite a few Marathons on Planet Chiropractic, and I cannot recall a single race that didn’t involve chiropractors as participants, as volunteers, or as biomechanical engineers for patients running in particular races. For whatever reason, Marathons and Chiropractors, go together well.

I’m not running Boston (I doubt I would qualify) and I’m not planning to run LA in May (at least not the 2009 race), but I hit the beach today for a run in the sun, and will likely hit up another half marathon or 10k before the year is out.

I provide chiropractic care to many runners who frequent the beach (we’re coastal so no surprise there) and I’ve expressed thoughts on running marathons in previous news posts. While the races have been run, I’ve put together a Sunday Summary of marathon coverage we’ve reported on in the past, from NYC to Honolulu.

New York City Marathon 2008 — On Sunday morning, November 2, an estimated 39,000 runners of every pace, ability and marathon experience level, will run 26.2 miles through the streets of 5 New York City boroughs. In addition, more than 2 million spectators are expected to turn out to cheer on family, friends, and fellow runners. The 2008 New York City Marathon, presented by ING, will start in Staten Island at the base of the Verrazano Bridge, and finish in Central Park.

Chiropractor Vincent Malba runs New York Marathon — After having covered news related to the 2008 NYC Marathon we were tipped off to the involvement of one chiropractor who was extremely excited about participating and promoting chiropractic. Dr. Vincent Malba ran the 26.2 mile journey through all five boroughs of New York City, with a chiropractic shirt on his back. We contacted Dr. Malba to ask him what the event was like.

2008 Pasadena Marathon — Despite Southern California fires burning in Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda, Sylmar, and surrounding areas, the city of Pasadena is expected to host its first marathon on Sunday morning, November 16, 2008. The race is expected to begin at 6:30 a.m. Event organizers are consulting with local air quality experts, as well as health and fire officials, to determine whether there should be last-minute adjustments, or even a cancellation of the Pasadena Marathon. Race related announcements will be made after 4 a.m. on Sunday morning (race day). The inaugural Pasadena Marathon was canceled due to smoke and ash in the air from local California wildfires.

December 7th is Marathon Sunday — This weekend was a time for marathons, half marathons, 10ks, and other foot races, all across the United States. From the Memphis marathon to the Las Vegas marathon, runners across America hit the asphalt for 26.2 miles, raising money for charities, and achieving personal health and fitness goals nationwide.

2008 Charlotte Rocket City Dallas & Honolulu Marathons — Marathons taking place this weekend across the United States include the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville Alabama, the Thunder Road Marathon in Charlotte North Carolina, the White Rock Marathon in Dallas Texas, and the 2008 Marathon in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Alabama Marathon and the North Carolina Marathon took place today, Saturday December 13, 2008. The 2008 Dallas Marathon and Honolulu marathon events are scheduled for Sunday morning, December 14th. For those running and volunteering, we put together a list of marathon sites, along with links for marathon results and photos. Here is to running and being healthy!

2009 Pasadena Marathon — A crowd of over 8,000 runners, walkers and cyclists will hit the streets of Pasadena, California, Sunday morning to compete in the 2009 inaugural Pasadena marathon, half marathon, bike tour, 5K and fun run/walk. The 26.2 mile full marathon and 13.1 mile half marathon will begin at 6:30 a.m. in Pasadena, CA. Weather forecasts show a 70% chance of precipitation and possible thunderstorms, but race events will continue rain or shine.

Los Angeles Marathon & Chiropractic — (2006) I have been running for years, so it is only natural that Los Angeles runners continue to show up in our chiropractic office. Most of those that are referred by fellow runners already have an idea of my philosophy towards the sport. I still get new people coming through the front door that don’t know about my excitement for running.

Twitter Search Brings Local Marathon Online — There’s been much discussion the past few weeks regarding the micro blogging service Twitter as a real time search engine. While the debate continues (I say it’s a human powered search help tool) I’ll keep “searching” the real-time events I’m interested in. For me, Twitter has become the first place I go to find the latest up to date information, and a runners marathon in Pasadena, CA, provides an excellent localized example, of why I love it so much.

Nike Women’s Marathon San Francisco — San Francisco: Massive crowds gathered today in San Francisco’s Union Square district in preparation for Sundays October 21st Nike Women’s Marathon. Thousands of women were getting registered, receiving foot massages, back rubs, pedicures, and getting treated to beverages such as Jamba Juice smoothies.

2008 Philadelphia Marathon — An estimated 18000 runners are expected to participate in today’s 2008 Philadelphia Marathon, which starts at 7am at 22nd & Benjamin Franklin Parkway in the city of Philadelphia, PA. The event is sold out and weather is looking perfect for the race. Current morning temps are expected to be in the low 40’s with around 50% humidity. Skies are expected to be mostly cloudy throughout race day. The Philadelphia Marathon is considered a Boston Qualifier, and it’s likely a number of qualifiers from Philly will head to the 2009 Boston Marathon.

Chiropractic Non-Profit in 2009 Chicago Marathon — This year’s Chicago Marathon will feature its’ first Chiropractic running team. Non-Profit Chiropractic Organization (NPCO) is excited to announce its’ participation in the 2009 Bank of America Chicago Marathon being held on Sunday, October 11, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. As a Contributing Charity, NPCO has committed to recruiting a team of 70 runners to “run with a vision.”

For those of you in SoCal, watch for 2009 OC Marathon race info (May 3), LA Marathon 2009 (May 25), and San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon (May 31), all taking place during the month of May.

2009 Boston Marathon Start Time and Guide

By Daria Belov

The 113th Boston Marathon takes place Monday, April 20, 2009. Like many marathons we’ve covered in the past, we’ve researched what runners and spectators most commonly seek, and have organized a basic guide to start times, maps & routes, live TV & Internet coverage, and other details related to the Boston Marathon 2009 race.

Boston Marathon Mile 17 Marker(photo: Boston Marathon Mile 17 – credit: Paul Keleher)

113th Boston Marathon – Monday, April 20, 2009 The Boston Marathon race distance is 26 miles, 385 yards (42.195 Kilometers). Most importantly, registration for the 2009 Boston Marathon is closed, and an estimated 25,000 runners are entered. The 114th Boston Marathon is scheduled to be run on Monday, April 19, 2010. Watch for application information near dates around September 2009.

Boston Marathon Start Time — Boston Marathon start for Elite Women is scheduled at 9:32 a.m. After Elite women start, the race will feature 2 waves, with Wave 1 starting at 10:00 a.m. (blue bibs numbered 1,000 – 13,999), and Wave 2 starting at 10:30 a.m. (yellow bibs numbered 14,000+).

2009 Boston Marathon Qualifying Times — This is not your ordinary “I think I’ll go out and exercise” type of marathon. To qualify to run the Boston Marathon, entrants must run a qualifying time at a certified marathon. Qualifying times are determined by a persons age on the date of the Boston Marathon in which you will be participating. Visit the Official Boston Marathon Website to view a list of times related to qualifying standards. Boston Marathon participants must be 18 years or older on race day.

Boston Marathon Map — Like events we’ve seen in the past, the marathon site will likely get a lot of traffic on race day so try and download a course map in case the website is not accessible at times during race day. Here is a down-loadable map in pdf format (includes information regarding elevation, has the detailed marathon course, and includes broken heart at mile 20 – 21 aka Heartbreak Hill). If the map does not load in your browser, try right clicking the link to save file as or try this Gif Image Version of the 2009 Boston Marathon Course Map. Logan International Airport is located about 5 miles from the finish line (as you’ll see on the map) making it easier to return home after the race is complete.

Boston Marathon Route — The 2009 marathon course starts on Main Street in the town of Hopkinton and follows Route 135 through Ashland, Framingham, Natick, and Wellesley to where Route 16 joins Route 135. The Boston Marathon course continues on Route 16 through Newton Lower Falls to Commonwealth Avenue, turning right onto Route 30. The course continues on Commonwealth through the Newton Hills, bearing right at the reservoir onto Chestnut Hill Avenue to Cleveland Circle. The route turns left onto Beacon Street continuing to Kenmore Square, and follows Commonwealth Avenue. The course turns right onto Hereford Street (against normal vehicle traffic flow) then left onto Boylston Street, finishing near the John Hancock Tower (the tallest building in Boston) in Copley Square, Boston.

Boston Marathon Live Coverage — Local CBS station WBZ (channel 4 in Boston) has Boston Marathon live televised coverage, Boston Marathon updates on the news website, and even a Twiiter feed for the race. Visit for live local online coverage and watch channel 4 (WBZ) for Mile by Mile live race updates.

Boston Marathon on Twitter — Follow the bostonmarathon for Boston Marathon News tweeted via WBZ in Boston. For those of you familiar with Twitter, use #bostonmarathon hashtags and search bostonmarathon OR Boston Marathon for continuous live online updates (and likely many posted Boston Marathon Photos).

Boston Marathon Live Online — Besides the WBZ news website, visit Universal Sports live race day coverage to watch the 2009 Boston Marathon Live Online. Live online marathon coverage begins at 9am locally and is not restricted to New England web viewers, as the coverage from Universal is available globally.

Who to Watch — From the USA in Elite women watch Kara Goucher wearing bib #8. Also from the USA watch Ryan Hall in bib #2. Check out the coverage on Universal Sports for more details on top runners in this years race.

Chiropractors, massage therapists, and medical personnel have been working hard keeping runners healthy and in top performance shape, here’s to you running your personal best in this years Boston Marathon 2009!

Boston, New York, Los Angeles and more, check out more marathon news coverage from Planet Chiropractic. @ 9:51 am | Article ID: 1240159915

Twitter Blog Mentions To Date

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Now that Oprah and Ashton Kutcher are talking about Twitter, I guess more people are going to be increasingly getting in on the conversation. I wasn’t sure when I first started mentioning the microblogging service on Chiropractic Blogs so I did some searching through the archives.

Looks like I first made mention of the service on November 4th of 2007, in a post about the 1 Second Film Project. I’d been using Twitter for a few months before that time, but I wasn’t too active in posting tweets. It was the BarCamp 4 Los Angeles event in November where I came face to face with 100+ other Twitter users, that weekend changed my perspective and attitude regarding 140 character potentials.


I had another twitter account (created sometime in 2006) but sometime around November 07  I switched to the @chiropractic account. That’s been my primary account since. There’s a Twitter account for this blog but I’d have to search for it since I’ve not checked it in a while.

OK, not that you care, but after those dates of Nov 07 I found the following posts in my Twitter search…

Cell Phone Use in the Office – Wow, back in 2007 people were using Twitter in my office, we’ve got a bunch of tech nerds in Los Angeles (that is for sure). Funny enough, we have totally abandoned the Cell Phone Policy in our practice, mostly because almost nobody talks on their phone while in the office (they know better). Today, I’ll walk into an adjusting room and someone will be tweeting away, checking email on their Blackberry Storm, of playing with some iPhone App. I’d say they should be relaxing but I’d likely be doing the same if the situation were reversed.

Blogging SOAP Note Taking Laptop Stations – SOAP notes are notes chiropractors make on charts (or computer screens) when seeing patients. Back in December of 2007 I mentioned I don’t include subluxation information in my tweets, and that’s still the case (mostly). Twitter for me has 1) been a way to communicate with friends in search and social media 2) been a way to share meaningless stuff 3) follow what’s going on around the globe.

Chicago Airport WiFi not Free – Who knew that wifi at Midway Airport in Chicago wasn’t free? I don’t think it is still, since I recently got a meesage from someone saying thanks for the post, since they couldn’t locate Free WiFi in the airport either.

Running to Blow That Writer’s Block – A brief mention of Twitter in that post but it mostly talks about what a few of us do for clearing out writers block when it sets in. I did go running today and came home with great ideas for new posts. I love that feeling.

Following Twitter Tweets Beyond 10 Pages – The tutorial and information in that post from January 2008 is basically useless since Twitter has updated page design which includes a “more” button at the bottom of the page. A much better user experience thanks to the change.

Marketing after 30 Seconds of Superbowl Fame – This Feb 2008 post was a great example of twitter in use for me. I got help from several respected SEO experts on the topic of personal brand marketing related to the superbowl.

Nerds Are Taking over Hollywood and Santa Monica – There was a news reporter in Los Angeles that predicted Santa Monica would grow as a tech community, he was dead on in his prediction and timing. Not too much Twitter discussion in the post, merely a brief mention, along with other tech tools I’ve used over the years.

Blogging is the way to get traffic to my site – Don’t read that post if you’re an Internet Marketer, it’s stuff that’s way basic and you already know it. Only mentioned Twitter once while doing an interview with Andrew Warner, the post is a transcribed portion of the interview.

Going to be more press in upcoming weeks – Anyone that thinks Twitter is a waste of time is going to fail on trying to get that message through to me. A single simple tweet made in early 2008 resulted in a full page USA Today story for my ADIO Chiropractic office in Los Angeles. That was a MONEY day for sure.

Business Card Karma May 2008 – Almost zero business cards in my home office now since everything that comes through the door gets scanned and saved digitally. Mention of twitter only because I wanted my next business card to include a twitter chiropractic profile on it.

Realtime results for Chiropractic on Twitter – By May 2008 we we’re getting a bit more involved in Twitter activity for blog posts. I began doing some address based testing about that time and a related post was made. Most information like what’s in the post has more value when it’s discovered than it does a year later, mostly due to algorith changes and changes in how Twitter functions.

first chiropractic appt ever was awesome – I love this about twitter (I loved it then and I love it now) since I get a glimpse into realworld discussions taking place worldwide. Whether the conversation be positive (in this case it is) or negative (amazingly rare) I get to see what’s going on globally. Very cool.

Blogging from the LA Auto Show – Again, brief mentions of twitter, but I don’t think I’d have been invited to the Auto Show in Los Angeles had it not been for the 140 character platform.

FLU SHOT Survey: Getting one? Got one? No plans to get shot? – A very interesting tweet for sure. I didn’t ask a group of chiropractors (very few chiropractors were active on twitter at this time), I asked in general and got back some interesting results. Notice we heard hardly anything about the flu this year? It barely made the news amongst all the fear discussion of our nations economy. When the markets get good again, we can go back to pushing the poisons.

Potential Keyphrase Ranking with Twitter – This one was very interesting as I had some SEO ppl say it was worhtless to try and gain local knowledge regarding twitter. What? Worthless to test and see what kind of results come back? I don’t nearly talk about chiropractic as much as I could and I’ve had a number of conversions for chiropractors (either myself or others) via twitter. Interesting indeed, and some of the resulting pages ranked high on page #1 for months. Hmmmmmm, I likes it.

Ultimate Man Purse for Valentine’s Day – No twitter discussion here, just a mention regarding the service and spending our days using it. I’ve got one more post to link and then I’m out, I’m seeing a timeline of mentions but less posts that go into microblogging detail.

Constant Content Creation Drives Traffic – Several mentions of twitter in this post, Friday nigth and preparing for week of content creation ahead (did that again this weekend and it feels good). Create fresh content, use Twitter to get feedback from others, sprinkle your posts with love and good information, rinse and repeat.

I skipped a few posts but I honestly thought there would only be 5 or 6 tweet related posts made since 2007, I was mistaken.

Twitter Mentions in News

By Daria Belov

So all of a sudden Twitter is everywhere. Not really, but with Oprah now on Twitter and Ashton Kutcher battling CNN for followers, it seems as though it’s only a matter of time before my parents appear with accounts of their own. Earlier today Dr. Michael Dorausch posted on Twitter Blog Mentions and I thought there was a lot more tweet related posts than I had recalled. Since it’s the weekend, and I only have one other news report due before Monday, I figured I’d investigate Twitter Mentions in the news. Here’s what I found.

I performed the most simple of searches, limiting myself to articles that included the term Twitter in them. More than 21 articles were returned, more than I would have expected for a Chiropractic News site. But heh, we cover the tech stuff in news too, or at least use the tools of tech to deliver the message of chiropractic to all that will read, listen, or scrape.

DP Chiropractic - Twitter T-Shirt(photo: someone wearing a twitter profile on t-shirt)

I’m not going to summarize all 21+ articles, rather I’ll the ones I found significant and highlight them here. 2009 Best Super Bowl Commercials was a good example of twitter being used during the Superbowl, since chiropractors used the service to DM messages with their picks for favorite commercials airing during the game.

The 2009 Pasadena Marathon & Bike Tour was another good example, since it was the first marathon we covered that showed significant tweeting coming from the race location. Dr. Dorausch covered that topic in greater detail with news from the race in Pasadena. Twitter Search Brings Local Marathon Online included TweetDeck screenshots featuring many tweets from the 26.2 mile race. We got to see that some loved the race, some didn’t, and some felt it was a pain in the rear.

Chiropractor Thoughts Across the Universe is old news now but still worth a visit. It’s missing screenshots and fancy graphics but in it I captured 15 random messages people had posted that day regarding chiropractic care and visiting their chiropractors.

Twitter Ice Advice for Ankle Sprains is a much more recent twitter related article, which features images of peoples responses to a question regarding using ice vs. heat for ankle sprains. It’s a great example of unique content creation utilizing twitter as a source for gathered information.

Random Chiropractor Twitter Thoughts is fairly recent as well, with thoughts from a chiropractor regarding the use of twitter, and several of the associated topics that have been covered to date (sort of what I’m doing now I suppose).

Life University Live on Twitter is the social media chiropractic post that I absolutely love most. There’s no spam, no junk in the stream, nothing but passionate chiropractors and students (and faculty as well) messaging up a storm while a vitalism conference took place at Life University in Atlanta Georgia. It was referred to as history in the making and I have to agree. It’s the first chiropractic conference I can recall where a significant group of individuals consistently tweeted valuable messages from the conference floor. An activity not at all uncommon at social media and seo conferences, but having the events take place during a chiropractic seminar, says something about the people attending the event at Life University in Marietta.

I’m looking forward to more chiropractic tweets! @ 8:41 pm | Article ID: 1240112529