Pembroke Pines Local Reminder

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m in Florida attending a continuing education conference. I don’t know much about the South Florida area and I’ve found myself doing quite a bit of searching while sitting inside the conference center. I published a post showing localized ppc chiropractic advertising for Florida and I’ve continued to check local content for surrounding areas.


I came across the above local Circuit City photo while browsing Flickr. I talk endlessly about locations and local search, and there’s a reason for it. It’s important to pay attention to search in one’s local area. Check results regularly and improve your rankings (if that’s something important for you). Here’s a summary of related local search topics.

Don’t Forget the Location – Why including granular content in your posts is important. The post itself is a summary of local related topics.

Potential Keyphrase Ranking with Twitter – A test conducted with the help of some friends on potential rankings after tweets are sent to specific accounts.

Chiropractic Morrisville – There’s more than one Morrisville in the US, a reason to include other local info (like zip codes) when creating content.

Broomfield Chiropractor and Colorado Local – There’s only one Broomfield that I’m aware of, but it’s still important to include specific location information when creating content for the area. Surrounding cities, postal codes, and other localized info is beneficial.

Westside Manhattan Chiropractic College – It’s doubtful there’s many searches for chiropractic colleges in the New York Westside area but there was once a chiropractic school located in Manhattan. When creating local content, consider including historical information as well.

Getting to Know Your Local DCs – A series of Meeting Chiropractors posts where local DCs are featured in news articles. Nearly all chiropractors benefit from adding location based information, not only their primary site, but on additional sites as well.

Southern California College of Chiropractic – Like the school in NYC, there was once a chiropractic college in the Pasadena area. There’s more than one Pasadena in the US, so once again, it’s a good move when including additional information to the content being created.

Chicagoland Chiropractors – I like this example as I had not previously known about variations used to describe the city of Chicago. ChiTown is another I’ve seen used in the past. Find out what terms locals use to describe the region, and incorporate those terms.

West Valley Chiropractic – As far as I can recall, the west valley area post is the most general I’ve seen for a city or town localized search example. There are west valley locations in Utah, Washington, California, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, and other areas. There’s got to be other locations like these throughout the USA, differentiate your locations.

Conferences near Airports – The only reason I’m including this in the summary is that I’m at a conference and it’s not taking place near an airport. Attendees have told me cabs ranged from $60 – $70 for a one-way taxi from the FLL airport. Those putting on conferences should consider these attendee hidden costs when planning events and seminars.

That’s it from Pembroke Pines, FL 33028. Get granular and localize!