25 Dollar Chiropractor Exams

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m at the Las Vegas Airport and while doing some searches related to chiropractic I noticed a few chiropractor offices in the San Francisco area advertising fees for service in ads campaigns.

tshirt-chiropractic-black-leg-checkI found it interesting that not just one, but all three top ads were advertising rates. The offices are not that close to one another but it goes to show that entry level affordability is available for chiropractic services in areas considered to be costly for care.

Berkeley, CA 94710 – The 1st advertisement I noticed was for an office in Berkeley California and the chiropractor was advertising a $25 Consult & Exam Includes 1st Adjustment.

Wow, 25 bucks for not only the consult and exam (consults are often free in chiropractic offices), but an adjustment is tossed in as well. No idea how well this converts but I can imagine the question asked by most coming in for care… How much is the 2nd visit?

Milpitas, CA 95035 – The next office is located in Milpitas, which is about 42 miles from Berkeley. This Bay Area chiropractor advertises Chiropractic Care $49 1st Visit We can Help.

The difference from this ad and the one above it is the Milpitas chiropractor doesn’t mention what’s included for $49. Will an adjustment be given? What about xrays? Is there an extra fee for the exam? Can one still come in for a consult? Is that $49 or is it free?

Dublin, CA 94568 – The 3rd office on the list has the following in their ad… Call for FREE CONSULTATION and EXAM ($150 value)

No mention if xrays are included with the exam or if an adjustment is included with the exam. Is the exam free if a cash patient? Is there a different fee if using insurance or the claim is going to be handled by an auto injury attorney?

All in all, the first ad was the most clear in describing what services are included for $25. That’s a pretty good deal, especially when compared to the 3rd ad. Even though #3 says it’s free, I have a suspicion that other charges will be due for xrays and/or adjustment.

The 3 offices surveyed are not too far from each other, Berkeley to Milpitas  is about 42.0 miles, Milpitas 95035 to Dublin 94568 is about 24 miles and Berkeley 94710 to Dublin 94568 is about 35 miles.

Back in May of 2008 we covered Chiropractor Accepts PayPal For Visits and showed a screenshot of the offices out of office billing plans. Also, while here in Las Vegas i noticed a local advertisement for chiropractic services at $47. $47 Consult / Exam & Xrays. North Las Vegas was in the ad copy. Unlike 2 of the ads above, this one was clear that xrays would be included in the 47 dollar fee. One thing I’m left wondering is how many xrays are included. My gut says it’s a 2 view series in area of complaint (cervical, thoracic, or lumbar spine).

So, both in California and Nevada, we see chiropractors advertising introductory services for $50 or less, that’s affordable healthcare.