Month: July 2008

Non Prescription Viagra Fax Spam

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I mentioned to some friends that I received my first Viagra (non-prescription alternative) Spam message via my Fax machine. Apparently this was meant for Bret Z from Len. Len must have been talking to Bret on his cell phone when his battery died, hence the need to fax this info (to me).


Clicking the image will load one much closer to the original doc which I scanned as a pdf. Gotta give the spammers some credit for handwriting messages and using some creativity. And yes, I deleted the website information. No spammer links here.

X Games 14 Shakes up Los Angeles

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The ground will be shaking this weekend in Los Angeles, at least around the Staples Center in downtown LA. On the heels of a 5.4 magnitude earthquake which took place earlier this week in Chino Hills, is X Games 14. The X Games is a high adrenaline action-packed weekend filled with dirt, Moto X, BMX, Skate, Surf, and more. The Staples Center opens live to the public today at 4 p.m.

chiropractor Michael Dorausch with BMX I’ve had my share of dirt and sweat thanks to contact in providing chiropractic care to a number of amateur and professional BMX riders during the past 8 years. Anyone that thinks for a moment that these athletes aren’t serious about what they do has got another thing coming. These guys are hard-core and they are super high energy and totally focused on giving every run their all.

EXPN will have the bulk of details and coverage for this weekend’s event, so check out the site for schedules, videos, highlights, blog entries and more. Events taking place this evening include BMX Freestyle Street Final at 4:30 p.m. (Event Deck at LA Live), Skateboard Big Air Final at 5:45 p.m. (Staples Center), Moto X Best Trick Final at 7 p.m. (Staples Center), and Moto X Best Whip at 9:15 p.m. (Staples Center). Moto X Best Whip is an exhibition event but well worth checking out.

I’ve got my favorites in BMX but I’m biased to those I’ve worked with over the past eight years or so. X Games 13 was also at the Staples Center (and Home Depot Center) and the popularity of the megaevent continues to grow each year. Last year Carlsbad Skater Jake Brown became famous for a 40+ foot fall he took during a Big Air event last year. Jake is expected to be the first skater scheduled to drop in on the monster 292 foot skate ramp in tonight’s X Games opening events.

Here is to all those participating in this years X Games 14 in Los Angeles, California. Looking forward to another weekend full of insane stunts and jaw-dropping performances.

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Some planet chiropractic archives related to BMX events include: Core Tour 2002, LA Getting Spicy Hot with X Games 13, and X Games 13 Hits Los Angeles. @ 11:55 am | Article ID: 1217530539

Free Couples Massage Workshop

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

This came to me by mail sent from the offices of Dr. Visentin, D.C., 1411 Krameria Street., Denver, CO 80220. Thought it was a great idea and wanted to share.

couples massage workshop

Free Couples Massage Workshop

Every day people say they wish they could get their spouse to rub their backs, so Dr. Visentin, D.C. decided to give a free couples massage workshop. It will take place at his clinic in east Denver, Thursday the 31st of July from 6-6:30pm.

Put on a t-shirt and shorts, bring your partner and learn simple strokes that feel great. This is going to be very popular; so it’s limited to the first 10 couples that preregister by calling 303-394-CARE (2273).

Massage is getting very popular, people realize it’s relaxing and can offer significant health benefits, like lowering blood pressure and relieving pain. What folks don’t know yet, is how easy and fun it is to do. In just a half an hour, you’ll learn a basic massage and each couple will have the opportunity to practice getting and giving a therapeutic treatment.

Who couldn’t use a relaxing massage? The feeling of soft hands on tight shoulders is always so welcome. In minutes, one can enjoy a physical vacation.

For details call (303) 394-CARE and reserve Thursday evening for you and your sweetie. Learn to give and receive a relaxing, shared moment of genuine bliss.

Dr. Visentin, D.C.
1411 Krameria Street
Denver, CO 80220
(303) 394-2273

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Hot and Sticky August Chiropractix

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Hot and sticky is one way to describe what kind of weather chiropractors can expect when arriving at travel destinations this August. Amazing that Friday is the first of August and the last day of July is tomorrow. It’s gone so fast. Well, chiropractors love to travel and there’s a smattering of events taking place throughout the hot summer month, giving them reason to grab their swimming attire for some pool time between education sessions.

Harry-Engel-Batman(photo: Harry Engel as Batman) What to wear? I was packing my backpack a half-hour ago and thinking about what to bring to Scottsdale, Arizona (event this weekend at the Arizona Biltmore) so I checked the Interwebz for weather conditions. Yikes, estimated weekend temperature is 112 degrees F during the day and 86 degrees F in the nighttime. Tell me all you want about it being a “dry heat”, it’s still hot, and I am bringing swim trunks, flip-flops, and T-shirts. The nicely pressed slacks and dress shirts (and even Batman suits) will remain in the closet and ready for the office on Monday morning.

Hot Arizona is not the only place for chiropractic events in August. There is a list here of seminars taking place August and September and don’t forget that chiropractic Dynamic Essentials is in August as well.

One of the reasons we chiropractors attend these events is the requirement of Postgraduate Continuing Education but it’s also really nice to get out of the office and enjoy some good times with friends and colleagues. If you’re looking for seminars that are inclusive for continuing education credits, make sure you check in advance, since not all chiropractic events offer them.

Weather for Phoenix, AZ this weekend is estimated around 112 degrees Fahrenheit and I noticed whether in Davenport, Iowa is currently around 92 degrees Fahrenheit. The difference is Davenport is showing 48% humidity. What were the Palmer’s thinking when they decided to do homecomings in August? Still, it’s a must do event for chiropractors worldwide (everybody should visit Palmer at least once).

The Southern California University of Health Sciences 2008 Extravaganza is hosting their event in Long Beach, California. For the list of chiropractic events I checked across the United States, Long Beach looks like it’s shaping up to deliver the best weather. Not that anyone’s going to go swimming in Long Beach Harbor. Conditions and forecast for the area show highs of 86 degrees (that’s Fahrenheit) with humidity around 50% (I think that’s kind of high for SoCal). Evenings shouldn’t get too cold and will likely offer temps around 70 degrees.

The folks from Parker are hosting a conference in Dallas during August as well. See the seminars link above for dates and times regarding all of these events and seminars. My check on weather for Dallas is showing 97 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity at 41%. That’s not as hot as Phoenix, Arizona but one can expect to get pretty hot and sticky during the cab ride from Dallas airport to the convention center.

The gang in Eatontown, New Jersey doesn’t host a New Beginnings for a New Future seminar until late September, allowing temperatures to calm down a bit in the Jersey beach area. I originally thought the four-day event was scheduled for August so I checked temperatures. Weather for Eatontown, NJ was showing 86 on the Fahrenheit scale and humidity of around 49%.

I’ve got my sunglasses, two pair of shorts, swim trunks, footgear, T-shirts and other essentials (laptop, power charger, digital camera, USB sticks, camera SD cards, mini tripod, and cell phone) and that’s about all I’ll be needing for my weekend Chiropractix Fix.

Wishing everyone safe summer travels. Get your event details here. @ 1:42 pm | Article ID: 1217450555

7 Chiropractors Gathered for Photo

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I have not had a chance to post much information regarding this past weekend’s trip through Santa Clarita, Canyon Country, Palmdale, and Lancaster. I did get this post up regarding strip malls, but that was all. It’s looking like a busy week and I am in Phoenix at the Arizona Biltmore this weekend. I expect nearly every one shown in the photo below will be there as well.

7 California Chiropractors

These are some of my chiropractor friends, that’s me all the way on the bottom right wearing my San Diego barcamp T-shirt. All of the DCs pictured in the photo practice in the state of California. Bakersfield chiropractor Dr. Jim Ryan didn’t make it for the photo, but that’s his daughter Kayli on the bottom left. She was the kid featured in the video we showed in February.

North Hollywood chiropractor Michael Blum barely got his head into the shot, he is way back in the right corner. Here’s another photo of him at an Anaheim conference. Dr. Suzanne Frye of Lancaster, California is just about in the middle of the photo leaning on her son Harry. Her daughter Camilla is also in the photograph, down in front. Very cool kids with very cool parents. If you go to visit their home in Palmdale, don’t expect to find a microwave.

Toward the top, folding the class with the green straw and drinking a lemonade, his chiropractor Carolyn Griffin. She was featured in the news last September. Can you spot the other chiropractors? Go ahead and post a comment and let’s see if you pick them right.

Enjoy a spectacular week!

Meet a Chiropractor – Jeri Anderson of Sacramento

By Daria Belov

The capital of the state of California, is the home and practice location of Sacramento born and raised chiropractor Jeri Anderson. An individual dedicated to serving her community, Dr. Jeri Anderson provides chiropractic care to residents and visitors to California’s fourth largest metropolitan area. She has a contagious enthusiasm about chiropractic and life that is sure to energize those she comes in contact with.

We contacted Dr. Anderson for a Planet Chiropractic interview to learn more about her introduction to chiropractic and her love for serving the Central Valley area of Sacramento. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Dr. Jeri Anderson.

Dr. Jeri Anderson of Capitol ChiropracticDr. Jeri Anderson, DC, CSCS, CCST, CCSP – Capitol Chiropractic
9500 Micron Ave., Suite 108, Sacramento, CA 95827
(916) 368-1600

PC: How did you get introduced to chiropractic?

JA: I was introduced to chiropractic at age 18, after experiencing neck and back injuries from years of equestrian sports. At the time, I was a skeptic of chiropractic that landed in a chiropractic office after nothing else worked. Not only did chiropractic work, the results of my care were so fantastic that they transformed my life.

PC: You grew up in a state that is home to four different chiropractic colleges, where did you attend?

JA: I received an excellent education at Life Chiropractic College-West, graduating cum laude with the Clinical Excellence Citation in 1986.

PC: I understand Life West teaches a variety of chiropractic adjusting techniques, what kind of methods did you take away from your education and apply to your practice?

JA: Each patient’s needs are unique, so as chiropractor I feel it is always important to have the right tool for the job. Therefore, I have diligently studied a variety of techniques in order to do my job well. I earned an Advanced Proficiency rating with the Activator technique, which is often described as a painless chiropractic technique that is effective for all ages and body types. I have a thorough understanding and skill set for the Gonstead technique, having taught Gonstead at Life Chiropractic College-West. Additionally, I often use SOT, diversified, NUCCA and Thompson methods to help my patients.

PC: Sound like you’re quite proficient in your delivery of chiropractic methods. Are there other services you provide in your practice?

JA: I have very advanced training and certifications in the care of auto injury patients and have testified in the Oregon and California courts as a expert on the subject. Additionally, I hold advanced credentials in the area of sports injuries and exercise training and have completed over 100 hours of postgraduate training in injury/neurologic rehabilitation. That being said, I am most proud of the families that I take care of; many of which span four generations. I really enjoy helping anybody who walks through our doors.

PC: For people living or visiting the Sacramento area that want to become patients in your office, what forms of payment does your practice accept?

JA: We bill individual and group health insurance, union health insurance, auto insurance and attorney liens. We have affordable care for those without insurance.

PC: Looks like everyone has access to chiropractic care in your place. With the state of health care today, that’s a great thing. When we step outside your chiropractic office what else is in the area?

JA: Our patients find it very convenient that 24 Hour Fitness, Wells Fargo, West Marine, Fireside Bank, Strings Restaurant and American General Finance are all situated in our office complex.

PC: Those sound like some great neighbors to have nearby your business. You grew up in the Sacramento area or did you move there after graduating from chiropractic college?

JA: I am a local product having been born and raised in the Sacramento area. I never thought I would end up back here after graduating from chiropractic college in 1986 and setting up my first practice in Ashland, Oregon. However, upon learning that my Dad was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1991, I decided to come back to Sacramento. I am happy to report that my Dad is 83, full of life, still driving and in great spirits! I am also happy to report that I love being back in Sacramento with my friends, patients and family!

PC: You apparently love what you do. Anybody ever accuse you of being just a slight enthusiastic?

JA: Chiropractic is more than just a profession to me; it is just a great way of living life. I have enjoyed helping chiropractic patients from all walks of life: from Olympic and professional athletes, Grammy winners and business leaders to newborn babies, 101 year old seniors and four generation families.

I absolutely love what I do and have proudly celebrated a few milestones along the way. While in attendance at Life-West, I had the largest intern practice in the history of the college outpatient clinic at that time. Now that was fun! Here are a few of the highlights for me over the past 20 plus years in chiropractic:

Advanced Certifications:

  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, National Strength & Conditioning Association.
  • Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner, American Board of Chiropractic Sports Physicians
  • Chiropractic Certification in Whiplash & Spinal Trauma Care, International Chiropractors Association
  • Advanced Proficiency Rating, Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique
  • Advanced Program Graduate, Whiplash & Brain Traumatology – Spine Research Institute of San Diego


  • Botterman Scholarship, California Chiropractic Association
  • Clinical Excellence Citation, Life Chiropractic College-West
  • America’s Top Chiropractors
  • Best of U.S.
  • 2007 Alumna of the Year, Life Chiropractic College-West
  • Honored Lifetime Member, International Chiropractors Association

PC: You haven’t been lazying around, do you have a website with more information about your practice and the services?

JA: Due to the amount of educational information that we find important to share, we actually maintain 3 separate websites. Each website is dedicated to specific areas: – Our main chiropractic health education and information website. Enjoy over 400 pages of quality content. Research and learn about the chiropractic lifestyle. Find out how we have reduced or eliminated pain and improved the quality of health naturally for many, without the use of drugs and their often harmful side effects. We provide care that is safe, effective, affordable and gentle. Check out our monthly special! – For in depth information regarding auto accident injury. Watch Injury TV and learn about whiplash and auto safety. – Listen to our patients share their awesome chiropractic stories via their video testimonials and written testimonials. Learn how chiropractic care helps many specific conditions. Visit the links section for excellent references regarding chiropractic, nutrition, parenting, choices for family health, and children’s safety.

PC: Wow, no messing around at Capitol Chiropractic, your presence is all over the Internet. Tell us more about the inside of the office.

JA: When you enter our office you will be welcomed and greeted with a smile! Our office is very easy to get to as it is right off Highway 50 at the Bradshaw exit. We have plenty of excellent, well-lit parking. Inside of our office we have open, as well as, private patient adjusting rooms. We have a special room with simple equipment dedicated to spinal rehabilitation and a classroom for our educational classes that our patients LOVE. Additionally, we have “those wonderful hydromassage beds”, as our patients often tell us! We also have a dedicated kids room with educational toys, books and Disney & Pixar movies where children can enjoy themselves. Parents really appreciate our kids room.

PC: Are the any other members of your family that are chiropractors?

JA: No, but there are a number of chiropractors that are like family to me.

PC: If a patient asked, are there any particular chiropractic schools you would recommend they attend?

JA: Hands down I would recommend Life Chiropractic College-West in Hayward, CA. They have probably the best college president out there in Dr. Gerry Clum, and have state-of-the-art technology on the campus such as weight bearing MRI, digital x-ray and a range of diagnostic equipment for balance disorders.

PC: We’ve been hearing lots of great things about that school and the president, they have developed quite a reputation in the areas of education and leadership. Tell us more about the city you live in, what is Sacramento like?

JA: Sacramento is a city of rivers, trees and at times…traffic! We have an awesome bike, hiking, and horseback riding trail along the American River that spans over 30 miles one way. We are approximately 90 minutes from San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, or the Napa valley wine country. This makes day trips really easy to some awesome places.

PC: Are you actively involved in any Sacramento area community activities?

JA: Capitol Chiropractic is very dedicated to our community. Each year we host several events. We have gained national attention for our annual Buckle-Up Safe Day; an event dedicated to reducing injuries and deaths associated with auto accident injuries. We also host an annual Patient Appreciation Day in which we invite our patients to come enjoy chiropractic care, massage, food and refreshments, face painting and balloons for the kids, etc all for charity. In other words, all of our services performed on Patient Appreciation Day are performed for free or on a donation basis, with 100% of the proceeds donated to a local charity. We have supported many charities such as the Sacramento chapter of American Diabetes Association, Kiwanis Family House, Sacramento Food Bank, Sacramento Children’s Receiving Home, Stanford Children’s Home and Loves and Fishes.

PC: So beside you being Sacramento’s chiropractic superstar, what is your community’s claim to fame?

JA: We are the capitol city! You know, the place where Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger holds his day job.

PC: A local Sacramento TV news crew walks in your front door and you are live on television. The reporter asks “what is it that you do here?” You reply?

JA: Our goal for our patients is simple: To improve your health and improve your life!

PC: Thanks for being a part of our Planet Chiropractic interview series Dr. Anderson. This was a great interview that should provide people with lots of information about your practice and love for chiropractic. Anything you’d like to add?

JA: Chiropractic is my past, present and future and I look forward to celebrating many more milestones in the years ahead! @ 10:21 am | Article ID: 1217352137

Strip Mall Chiropractors

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

We can’t all be Strip Mall Chiropractors. My office is located amongst about six other businesses in what we call a “strip mall” or mini shopping center. This past weekend I visited with chiropractors from North Hollywood, Burbank, Santa Clarita, Lancaster, Palmdale, and Bakersfield. I took photos at Frye Chiropractic (which is on 10th Street in Lancaster, California) and at Ryan Chiropractic in Bakersfield. Dr. Ryan’s office was the one that scored local NBC news coverage with the kid video.

Ryan Chiropractic Bakersfield

The above is a photo taken outside of Dr. Jim Ryan’s chiropractic practice in Bakersfield. I don’t remember the name of the pizza place next door, but there were at least seven other businesses in the center. While the layout was different, there were some similarities to my chiropractic office in Los Angeles.

Lots of parking, large plate glass windows, and a big neon sign over the office are three things I’d say many strip mall chiropractic offices share. In the experience and our office, sometimes the parking can be a problem, but at least it’s free (unlike in a professional building or medical building).

santa clarita chiropractic works

The photo from above is of Dr. Carolyn Griffin’s office, a chiropractor practicing in Santa Clarita. The picture was taken back in October 2007 (having trouble uploading those recently taken) and it’s another chiropractic office that’s in a strip mall (also next to a pizza parlor).

Unlike most of the chiropractic offices I’ve seen that are in settings like this, this one had two doors instead of one (in the front). Lots of glass with information about chiropractic and the office is typical for those practices I checked out.

frye-chiropractic-lancaster-californiaThe office of Frye Chiropractic is different from any strip mall office I’ve seen before. I don’t think it classifies as a strip mall practice being that it’s over 7000 square feet and I think there’s only three businesses in the center. This is probably less common for most chiropractic businesses.

What I’m hoping to find out is if you (I’m speaking to chiropractors) have an office in a strip mall, and if so, what advantages vs. disadvantages have you experienced?

If you’re not a chiropractor but want to leave a comment about chiropractic office you go to, feel free to do so. I just want to know whether it’s a freestanding building, a business in a strip mall, business inside a professional medical building, what state it’s in, and do you have any issues with parking when go for an adjustment.

It’s easy to assume that many chiropractors opened their businesses in strip mall settings, but let’s get some data before I go publishing news articles regarding the subject.

Thanks and have a spectacular week!

Getting to Know Your Local DCs

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Whether you’re a consumer seeking your first chiropractor, a seasoned patient seeking a new place to get your adjustments, or a chiropractor that’s looking for someone to refer a practice member to, the latest Meet a Chiropractor series from Planet Chiropractic is proving to be a great resource for learning more about individual chiropractors and how they practice.

Back in May of this year I created a post simply titled… Chiropractors. The idea was to motivate some practitioners to help themselves by being able to participate in interviews (conducted via e-mail) about the chiropractic schooling, the local community they practiced in, and miscellaneous thoughts on them being providers of natural health care.

To date there has been more than 90 responses that resulted from the weekend idea, with more than two dozen graduates of schools throughout the United States and Canada completing interviews. Our office was a bit slow in getting the first interviews published but it appears they’re now coming along more regularly.

There’s been five interviews published since June 30 and it’s our intent to deliver at least one new interview weekly for as long as we have participants. Questions in the interviews are fairly basic, as chiropractors have been asked how they went about choosing a school, where they decided to practice, what their community is like, and how would they respond to reporters when asked what it is that they do?

I find the last question an important one (regarding the reporters) as its been my experience a top story can evolve, and someone may even have a camera, or video recorder. So it’s a good idea to be prepared for interviews, and I think in a way this series is helping chiropractors become more acquainted with the process.

So far we’ve featured chiropractors from Modesto, San Clemente, Winnipeg, West Hollywood, and San Francisco. There are interviews on deck featuring chiropractors from Santa Clarita, Denver, Cincinnati, and a dozen+ other cities and locations throughout Canada, United States, and South America.

There’s been no interviews conducted with chiropractors practicing in places like Spain or Japan, but I anticipate we’ll be featuring at least a few by mid-2009. Congratulations to those that have already had their interviews published, you’ve been doing a great job!

The Price of Greatness

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

“What is the price of greatness in your world? Or, worse than that, are you willing to live without greatness? Will you acquess to mediocrity? No one will know whether you have been here or not. The worse thing in the world – to accept defeat and be consumed by the wave of negativity that rules this world. You don’t need to live in the dark side. What is the price of greatness in your world?” – Ian Grassam, D.C.

This is the 8th and final installment of a historically motivational lecture delivered by the late Ian Grassam in February of 1997. Grassam was a major chiropractic mover and shaker and was one of the professions finest speakers of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Readers may want to acquaint themselves with the earlier parts of this series which include Focus with Ian Grassam, Health is that Condition, Dealing With Mass Ignorance, How You Create Insanity in a Society, Greatness is that Place You Dream About, When you get right on the inside, and Knowing This Principle before continuing on to read the information presented here. The complete 1997 presentation in mp3 audio format is also available.

Here is Ian Grassam…

Does it mean not getting along with your mother and your father? Does it mean not getting along with the chiropractor down the street? Does it mean not getting along with the profession that you’ve joined? Do you have to be a David Kennedy – if so, why not?

What is the price of greatness in your world? Or, worse than that, are you willing to live without greatness? Will you acquess to mediocrity? No one will know whether you have been here or not. The worse thing in the world – to accept defeat and be consumed by the wave of negativity that rules this world. You don’t need to live on the dark side. What is the price of greatness in your world?

When you’re sitting there quiet at night and everyone else in the house is asleep, what is your price of greatness? It should come up out of the middle of you and burst you out of your chair and make you walk for hours, never being able to stop – energized by the possibility of greatness. You should be energized by the possibility of total freedom. You should be willing to go to the wall and be gutted as William Wallace was for his freedom – for he freed a nation with his beliefs. What was his price of greatness?

Remember this innate directive – the spiritual wall of life the dwells within you. It exists on both sides of this planet, the live side and the dead side it makes no difference. Jesus went to the cross to prove that didn’t he? Did he not push it all the way? What was the price of greatness?

Somebody said to me the other day, “Ian, I’m in school I’ve got to put in an extra year, and I hate to miss that year because you know I’ll get into practice and I’ll be thirty five and I’ll have missed a couple of years.”

I said, “A couple of years? Do you know what happened? Did you ever figure it out that Jesus only practiced for thirty-six months? And for two thousand years the planet is still changing based on the spiritual adjustment he made on this planet? He brought people to an understanding of one god, one cause, one cure, one correction. Don’t you understand that you and I have brought the missing link of man physically and spiritually together? That you can literally reunite man? That that house divided that we’ve lived with all our life does not have to be anymore.

That when you make that thrust and that adjustment man physically and spiritually become one again for the first time in the history of this planet? Do you understand this is what you do? Or are you living in this little finite world of making an adjustment to get a fee, to get a buck, to make a payment? Good god what limitations we force ourselves into.

Seek first the kingdom – the chiropractor has the key to the kingdom. The kingdom of absolute freedom and absolute health. The ability to atone a planet. Bring it back into alignment with its universe. Oh…but you will pay a price.

You’ll have to give up all the things that fail in order to achieve success. You’ll have to stop doing the things that don’t work, in order to achieve success. Somebody asked me once, I did practice seminars for the ICA in the mid 80’s, and they said, “Ian, how do you see four hundred people a day?” And I said, “One at a time. You start early and you finish late. When you leave the office you leave three tracks, your heels and your ass. Because you are physically bushed. You’re beat. You’re tired.

But I’ve seen myself get in the car and drive the forty five minute ride home that I used to take and the tears would run down my face for forty five minutes. Because I was gone. I was gone. I didn’t even know I had an ass. I was up in the spirit somewhere just grooving…man I used to sing all the way home, I had a spiritual awakening going home every night.

That’s what it’s all about. It’s called living in the zone. The zone of spiritual freedom. Unlimited physical being. When you make that adjustment, boy let me tell you they get well quick when you’re gone. If you adjust with a limited mind, you get limited results. If you know that you’re restoring the physical body with the spirit that created it, you get unlimited results. Faster results, happier patients, greater impact. And all of a sudden the planet starts to come to your door. They want to know what it is you got. What makes you so happy? Why are you so joyous and the rest of us are in fear and anxiety? For we live a life without power. We live a life with fear.

And you walk through your life and you say, “Why are these people suffering so much?” They’re suffering because you haven’t told them. They’re suffering because you haven’t adjusted them. They’re suffering because you haven’t set them free.

Having been through this weekend, you can never go back. For those of you who go back to your old comfort zone, you will feel a pain like you’ve never felt it before. You will know your potential and you will not reach. You will suffer the agony of a tortured spirit. A human spirit and a human mind having been expanded as you have been over this weekend, can never go back. Your life is different because of this moment. You chose to be here. Nobody forced you. There are no victims in this world, only volunteers. And if your life is not working the way you want it to then stop volunteering for failure. Choose to pay the price. See the difference in the world we live in.

William Wallace said that some people never find a reason for living, or let alone a reason for dying. Through your efforts, through your understanding, through your spirit the world can once again choose freedom and life.

Thank you very much – love ya.

Free at last, free at last, Thank God Almighty – I am free at last. @ 7:16 am | Article ID: 1216995419

Public Auction Chiropractic Medical Office

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

This postcard appeared at my chiropractic office and I thought it provided a good opportunity to share some information about auctions as they relate to furnishing new practices on a recent graduate start up budget.

Public Auction Chiropractic Medical Office

First off, I’m not acquainted with the business hosting this auction, and I’m not familiar with the chiropractic medical office that is being liquidated. According to the other side of the postcard, it appears that the office was abandoned (card reads: Abandoned Personal Property Ordered Sold By Landlord) and the landlord is seeking to recoup costs.

I’m listing details related to this auction (since it’s real and doesn’t take place until July 30) and then I will add some points from my experiences of attending many auctions in the past (although I haven’t been to one in quite a few years now).

Following information is from the postcard…

—Public Auction Chiropractic Medical Office—

Abandoned Personal Properly
Ordered Sold By Landlord

Wed July 30 1:00pm
21150 Hawthorne Blvd. #200, Torrance, CA 90503

Inspect: Noon Sale Day

X-RAY MACHINE – Eureka Linear MC-150, Toshiba Rotanode, Bucky Stand & Tingle Transformer
ACUSON 128 COMPUTED SONOGRAPHY ULTRASOUND – Sony Video Printer, Sony Video Graphic Printer & VCR

Conference Table & Chairs * Water Dispenser * Tables * Fax * Printer * Carts
Credit Card Machine * Office Chairs * File Cabinet * Office Supplies * Towels
Canon Copier * Computer * Bookcase * Wheelchairs * Canes * Braces * Walkers

Absentee Bids accepted prior to sale * CASH ONLY * “As Is” * 10% Buyers Premium
$60 Cash Refalldable Deposit to Bid * FOR FUTURE SALE NOTICES allstates [at]

—Public Auction Chiropractic Medical Office—

OK, all the stuff listed above is what was on the postcard. If you are in the Torrance, California area and are seeking this kind of equipment you may want to check it out on Wednesday, July 30, 2008. I don’t know if tables really means adjusting tables or traditional office tables.

From the type of equipment listed, we can see this is not what one would expect from a traditional chiropractic office. There is lots of medical and rehab equipment being offered as well. My thoughts are that this Southern California auction could be a great opportunity for chiropractors, manual therapists (pain management medical doctors), physical therapists, work comp clinics, some massage therapists, and maybe even orthopedic doctors.

There is no guarantee on the x-ray equipment (or anything else) but my experience of going to auctions like this in the past has shown that offices don’t typically have broken equipment (important to have a working x-ray unit).

One won’t know until they get to the location if things like calipers, film cassettes, x-ray storage containers, ID printers, lead shielding, and other related equipment is available for purchase or bidding. I once went to view an x-ray unit at a closed down medical rehab facility in Long Beach only to discover that most of these items were on the premises and left behind by the previous owner. The landlord was happy for me to take the equipment off his hands. When we pulled around the back of the building to load some of the equipment we discovered 4′ x 8′ sheets of lead attached to wall panels. It was going to be thrown out. Anyone want to guess how much a 4′ x 8′ sheet of 6mm leaded wall panel costs?

In the 1990s and at the end of the first .com boom (I believe we are in Web 2.0 boom now) I attended more auctions than I can remember. Almost all were for computer equipment (much of which helped raise funds for Planet Chiropractic). I learned a lot about what to buy (and not to buy) when attending auctions like these.

If I were a chiropractic student about to graduate (or a new doctor in practice or about to begin) I’d make efforts to attend auctions like this (they probably exist nationwide). Looking at the list of items being sold, the most basic stuff I can see most chiropractors using include: x-ray machine, bucky stand, micromax auto processor (for developing x-rays), water dispenser, fax machine, printer, credit card machine, office chairs, file cabinet, office supplies, copier, and the computer. That is for a non-mixing chiropractic office that doesn’t offer massage, physical therapy, or rehabilitation services.

A new doctor could save a lot of money going this route. Biggest problem is it requires cash (sometimes a lot of it), an understanding of what’s of value, a big enough vehicle to haul away equipment that day (and a strong back), and the ability to invest nearly half your day at the auction.

One way I would make this work (assuming I have the cash) would be to purchase things I knew could sell quickly (and likely for a profit) if not used in my office. Small items can be listed on any number of online auction and classified sites, and nearly every item could be listed for sale through chiropracticclassifieds.

Personally, the less I was really sure I could move an item quickly, I wouldn’t pick up bulky items, as you’ve got to load them into your vehicle, transport them, and store them until used or sold.

Who knows, you may just see me there on the auction date, this one’s only 15 miles from my practice.