When you get right on the inside

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

“They’re not going to measure you based on what they think of you, they’re going to measure you based on what you think of you. Do you understand that? This is not about you worrying about what they think about you.” – Ian Grassam, Chiropractor

This is the 6th installment of a historically motivational lecture given by chiropractor Ian Grassam in February of 1997. Readers may want to acquaint themselves with part one, part two, part three, part four, and part five before continuing on to read the information presented here. The complete 1997 presentation in mp3 format is also available.

Ian Grassam -You are bigger than you think!A young chiropractor said, “But Ian what procedure should I use, how do I get a practice going, how do I do this?” I said, “You change you.” When you get right on the inside, the world gets right on the outside. Your universe gets better when you get right on the inside, that’s the law. That’s the process.

Like the young father who came home bushed and tired. He just wanted to lay down. He’d just had a 15 hour day, and his four year old son came up and said “Daddy let’s play, let’s play, let’s play.” And he didn’t want to play. He was tired and he needed just a half an hour. “Just give me some time son.” “No daddy – let’s play, let’s play, let’s play.”

The father was reading the newspaper, and he saw this entire picture of the world on the newspaper, and he tore it up in about ten pieces, and gave it to his son. He said go put that back together and bring it back to daddy, it’ll be a game. And the son said, “Okay great daddy!” and he ran off and in five minutes he was back and the whole world was all taped together. And the father said, my god I thought I’d at least have an hour and he said “Son you’re a genius, how did you do this?” and he said “It was easy dad, turn it over.” On the other side of the page was a face of a man. He said, “I just put the man together, and when the man was togther the world was together.”

And the father said, “Thank you son.”

The key is to get you together. This is not about you elbowing the kid next to you or the guy next to you or the girl next to you or your wife or your husband or your CA or whoever else – and say “I hope to hell you’re listening! Because you need this shit.” Pompous ass that I am. How many of you are sitting there, “Oh god if my husband was just here! If he could just here this shit that I’ve been trying to tell him this for two years.”

I’m not talking to who’s not here, you understand? I’m talking to you. You, individually, sitting my yourself. With all of your warts and your problems. With all of your inefficiences and your improprieties, all of the things you’ve done and all of the memories and the screws up you’ve had – that’s who I’m talking to. You, individually, nobody else – there isn’t anybody to the right of you, to the left of you, above or below you. Just you, right where you are. This is your weekend of decision. You are at a decision point in life. You’re recognizing the medical paradigm and its failures. The difference is, you have an answer.

Imagine the fear that must be in the hearts and the minds of the medical world. Because as their paradigm caves in and collapses, where do they go? They don’t have an idea. And what have they done with the continued lie of sickness and disease coming from the outside in. They’re perpetuating it, they’re making it worse. It will get worse. We were told that bacteria and viruses were the cause of disease. Well as BJ says, if that were true there’d be nobody alive to believe it.

They continue to try to create an outside in principle so they can continue to sell outside in drugs, don’t they? If, for one fleeting moment, all of a sudden the hearts and minds of people understood what we understand, how would you sell drugs? You couldn’t. So ignorance must be part of the medical paradigm. Darkness must be part of the medical paradigm. Lies must be part of the medical paradigm. And in the information age, those three things will not last. They can’t.

The situation is that the new game in town is that they’re not buying the bacteria crap anymore, they’re not buying the virus crap anymore, let’s blame their grandmother. Genes. It’s in your genes honey. Which means what? Oh hell – there’s nothing I can do about that – my grandma had it, I got it, oh Jesus. You understand? This is the next extension of the medical lie to keep the lie going.

We must, in order to practice medicine, every few decades come up with a new lie to perpetuate the program. We must always have a cause for which the human being can do nothing about. We must constantly let them know that it’s a roll of the dice, that it’s God’s decision. That they’re sick, and infirmed, and ill. Because if they ever bloody well get the idea that inherent within them is the power – we’re finished in medicine.

If they ever understand that built into this system is the most unlimited power in the universe, then medicine is finished. If the human experience ever finds out just one-tenth of what your potential is, all of medicine is out the door. And chiropractic is the new game in town.

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