Hot and Sticky August Chiropractix

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Hot and sticky is one way to describe what kind of weather chiropractors can expect when arriving at travel destinations this August. Amazing that Friday is the first of August and the last day of July is tomorrow. It’s gone so fast. Well, chiropractors love to travel and there’s a smattering of events taking place throughout the hot summer month, giving them reason to grab their swimming attire for some pool time between education sessions.

Harry-Engel-Batman(photo: Harry Engel as Batman) What to wear? I was packing my backpack a half-hour ago and thinking about what to bring to Scottsdale, Arizona (event this weekend at the Arizona Biltmore) so I checked the Interwebz for weather conditions. Yikes, estimated weekend temperature is 112 degrees F during the day and 86 degrees F in the nighttime. Tell me all you want about it being a “dry heat”, it’s still hot, and I am bringing swim trunks, flip-flops, and T-shirts. The nicely pressed slacks and dress shirts (and even Batman suits) will remain in the closet and ready for the office on Monday morning.

Hot Arizona is not the only place for chiropractic events in August. There is a list here of seminars taking place August and September and don’t forget that chiropractic Dynamic Essentials is in August as well.

One of the reasons we chiropractors attend these events is the requirement of Postgraduate Continuing Education but it’s also really nice to get out of the office and enjoy some good times with friends and colleagues. If you’re looking for seminars that are inclusive for continuing education credits, make sure you check in advance, since not all chiropractic events offer them.

Weather for Phoenix, AZ this weekend is estimated around 112 degrees Fahrenheit and I noticed whether in Davenport, Iowa is currently around 92 degrees Fahrenheit. The difference is Davenport is showing 48% humidity. What were the Palmer’s thinking when they decided to do homecomings in August? Still, it’s a must do event for chiropractors worldwide (everybody should visit Palmer at least once).

The Southern California University of Health Sciences 2008 Extravaganza is hosting their event in Long Beach, California. For the list of chiropractic events I checked across the United States, Long Beach looks like it’s shaping up to deliver the best weather. Not that anyone’s going to go swimming in Long Beach Harbor. Conditions and forecast for the area show highs of 86 degrees (that’s Fahrenheit) with humidity around 50% (I think that’s kind of high for SoCal). Evenings shouldn’t get too cold and will likely offer temps around 70 degrees.

The folks from Parker are hosting a conference in Dallas during August as well. See the seminars link above for dates and times regarding all of these events and seminars. My check on weather for Dallas is showing 97 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity at 41%. That’s not as hot as Phoenix, Arizona but one can expect to get pretty hot and sticky during the cab ride from Dallas airport to the convention center.

The gang in Eatontown, New Jersey doesn’t host a New Beginnings for a New Future seminar until late September, allowing temperatures to calm down a bit in the Jersey beach area. I originally thought the four-day event was scheduled for August so I checked temperatures. Weather for Eatontown, NJ was showing 86 on the Fahrenheit scale and humidity of around 49%.

I’ve got my sunglasses, two pair of shorts, swim trunks, footgear, T-shirts and other essentials (laptop, power charger, digital camera, USB sticks, camera SD cards, mini tripod, and cell phone) and that’s about all I’ll be needing for my weekend Chiropractix Fix.

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