Month: May 2002

The Positive Power of Failure

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

(The Sure Road To Success)

I sat one evening in his office chatting with Dr. Joe (the wise old DC from Chicago with 50+ years of practice experience) when he turned and asked me “How many times have you failed at something this month”? This totally caught me by surprise and, finally, I muttered something about “none that I know of.”

“Too bad”, he answered, “that means you’re just staying within your comfort zone and not growing…too bad.” Then he turned and pointed to a poster on his wall that said in big bold letters “You’ll Never Know How Far You Can Go Until You’re Willing To Risk Going Too Far.” Dr. Joe, a born teacher, then instructed me “If you are not failing at something every week, you’re not doing enough. You’re not trying new things in your life; you’re not growing into the full potential that you came to this planet to express. If you don’t fail at something on a regular basis, you’re not really testing your true potential and abilities… and that is sad! None of us know how much we can accomplish in this life until we try enough new things to find out just how far we can go… and if we do that, we’re going to fail at some of the things we attempt to do. Of course, that doesn’t mean we should stop when we fail, it simply means that we need to learn more and then try again This is how we grow in life Eventually we may find a point beyond which we can’t go but that will generally be incredibly far beyond anything we could imagine… our individual potential is enormously greater than we can possibly realize!”

We’ve all been taught that failure is a bad thing and is something to be avoided at all costs, when the real truth is just the opposite. Failure is often our best teacher. Thomas Edison experienced thousands of “failures” before he succeeded in inventing the electric light bulb. A reporter once spoke with Edison while he was in the midst of working on one of his newest projects. He asked him “How does it feel, Mr. Edison, a man of your stature, to have failed so many times in this latest project?” Edison turned to this obviously novice reporter and snapped “I don’t know what you’re talking about, failed. I now know 1,346 things that won’t work which means that I’m 1,346 times closer to success!” Edison viewed failure as what it actually is, simply a good teacher.

Dr. Joe went on to give me an example from the world of marketing. A friend of his was considered to be one of the top direct marketing experts in this country… he sold more insurance over the phone than anyone else in the US. He found that he would receive 28 “Nos” for every “Yes” he received when calling potential customers. So he figured out that every time he got a “No” from a customer it meant he was 1/28th of the way to a “Yes” …he therefore became very enthusiastic and upbeat when a customer told him “No”, which sometimes actually turned a “No” into a “Yes” and even further increased his sales. He simply realized that every “failure” he experienced meant he was that much closer to success, and so it is in our lives.

Dr. Joe continued, “We all know Babe Ruth as the greatest home run hitter of his day in baseball. What we may not realize is that he also holds the record for the most strike-outs by any player in baseball. He was willing to “swing for the fences” every time he came up to bat in spite of the possibility of failing (striking out) which he did, often. This is the thing I remember and appreciate most about him, not just his incredible home runs.”

Dr. Greg Cheatwood who taught excellent Chiropractic NLP seminars always said “If you can’t, you must… and if you must, you can.” Often, to succeed we need the help of failure to give us feedback about what won’t work at that time in our lives. Greg told us that failure means nothing more than that we don’t have enough resources or knowledge to accomplish the task at this time so we need to “go back to school” and learn what we need to know in order to succeed the next time we make the attempt.

The most successful people in all areas of life are the ones who had the courage to go out and fail over and over and over again in order to learn how to succeed. The word “Failure” is simply another concept that we all have to figure out for ourselves. How well we learn to accept it and how creatively we use it in our lives will determine how much of our enormous individual potential we’ll express in our short time on Earth.

“Happy Failing” in your life, and “Happy Success!”

– – – – – – – – – –
Sid L. Mouk, DC practices in Baton Rouge, LA
He can be reached via email at: [email protected] @ 10:15 am | Article ID: 1022865304

Children Die After Receiving Measles Vaccine

According to this mornings news reports, three children in Cuba have died and forty two others are ill as a result of a “rare accident” involving a measles vaccine manufactured in India.

The vaccines, according to the press, had been certified by and acquired through the World Health Organization. Cuban authorities have halted their annual measles vaccination campaign while the causes of the deaths are investigated.

BBC News: Cuba children die after measles vaccine
Guardian Unlimited: Cuba Suspends Measles Vaccination

Other Vaccine News in Todays Press…

BBC News: Smallpox vaccine ‘could kill hundreds’ – Giving millions of people a vaccine against smallpox bioterrorism would end up killing hundreds and making thousands seriously ill, says a report.

Nando News: Civilians to get supply of anthrax vaccine– Much of the Pentagon’s supply of anthrax vaccine, originally intended exclusively for military personnel, is likely to be reserved for civilian use, a senior Pentagon official said Thursday. @ 7:29 am | Article ID: 1022855357

Powerful Bones, Powerful Girls – Powerful Message

By Madeline Behrendt, D.C.

A recent feature on MSNBC profiled the “Powerful Bones, Powerful Girls” campaign which is promoted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The campaign aims to educate girls that what they do now makes a difference later for their bones, and gives special attention to recommendations regarding calcium intake and exercise. The MSNBC article also includes recommendations for specific age groups, for women over 30, this includes a special emphasis on medications.

For those paying attention, there is a powerful message here, and 2 points to consider:
1) What’s missing from this information?
2) Kids are being marketed to directly regarding health issues.

What harm could come out of a campaign teaching girls to take care of their bones? The harm can come from what is missing. The information from the MSNBC article is no surprise, we have been told the best source of calcium is dairy products and that Hormone Replacement Therapy “prevents” osteoporosis so many times, that these responses are almost a reflex for many. Yet what’s missing is the information that:

  • after generations of milk promotion, osteoporosis has now reached epidemic proportions in the West, while in countries where milk is not consumed, osteoporosis barely exists. Milk is the most common food allergen in the Western world.
  • studies show a link between juvenille diabetes and cows milk
  • concerns that hormones, steroids, and antibiotics present in the milk interfere with hormonal balance, digestion, and immune system, and increase antibiotic resistance
  • What’s missing is that:

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has failed in scientific studies that evaluated over time the benefits it was suggested for (i.e. heart disease), in fact it has been shown to cause harm, including causing cancer, and in June a major report will be published that challenges it’s widespread recommendation.
  • Estrogen benefit to bone is minimal, it is reported to be beneficial in maintaining bone mass (not building), however to receive this effect, the medication must be taken regularly, it has no long term benefits, and the risks of taking estrogen long term can be severe, and deadly.
  • What’s missing is that:

  • There is no mention of the benefits of subluxation correction.
  • Has any chiropractor ever seen the spine of a woman with osteoporosis that was not subluxated?
  • How many women under chiropractic care have improved the health of their spine, improved the integrity of their thoracic curve?
  • How many girls are under chiropractic care now, who are growing, and growing up without chronic subluxations, and enjoying the benefits of a healthy spine?
  • The website of the campaign ( is designed for girls and has a variety of games and information as well as links. Everything is marketed to kids directly, and the links include other kid sites, i.e. FDA kids, where a variety of vaccines are introduced and promoted. The vaccine site simply promotes, there is no info on side effects, or informed consent, pretty one sided, they sounded like the best things ever created – even TV commericals as lopsided as they are, do list the side effects while people are running, jumping or dancing across the screen. I was just amazed at how many sites there are directly for kids, and I know kids can find them, my neices and nephews are the ones I run to when I need any high tech help (and they are all under 12).

    There’s power in this message – and that is to go and tell the chiropractic story. Especially to kids, if they are expected to understand about vaccines, they can understand the power of a chiropractic adjustment. For any chiropractor who has been hesitant, or sluggish about including caring for all kids in their practice, let this be a wake up call, cause we all know, to be really powerful, girls gotta have a clear spine.

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    A time to work and a time to play?

    By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

    Do you know what you like or are you totally lost in service all of the time. I can get real lost. I have a tendency to want to put chiropractic before everything else. It feels good. Success is more predictable. When I contribute through my work I know that I am making a difference in people’s lives. I know how to share chiropractic and chiropractic is truth. Sharing the truth is very predictable. I put energy out and it comes back.

    For me life is a little more tricky. It’s real comfortable to hang out in my work. It seems as long as I can remember just about everything I think about or do is run through a filter called what will be good for the practices, what will be good for chiropractic. That is what I talk about all the time when I talk about Focus. I eat, drink and sleep chiropractic and so does my family and so do my friends. What else is there? Life. I need to be accomplished at my career so that I can be fulfilled professionally and financially. But there is more to life than that. If I don’t put energy in other areas of my life than that is exactly what I will get back.

    This principle can be masked by not being successful enough too. Many of us are driven because we feel it is justified because we are not successful enough. The financial lack motivates us to keep trying harder and this takes us away from our life too. We feel justified because we “have to do what we have to do” in order to get our financial footing back. Some of us don’t even realize that we create this situation so that we can be distracted and not pay attention to the rest of our lives happening around us. If you are a student you might be creating a lot of struggle pertaining to passing your classes. In either respect you are distracted and not paying attention to something else.

    There has to be some payoff or you wouldn’t be doing it. Maybe you don’t have to deal with “problems” with your marriage, kids, parents, friends etc. If there wasn’t a payoff you wouldn’t choose to disappear into your work. I know I might not be talking to all of you today yet I still feel it is worth mentioning because it is a common trap. It is another addiction. Another way to get numb. I know you are thinking maybe you just like work.

    Well sometimes it is appropriate to put every ounce of energy you have into work. Sometimes it is not. Remember there is only one you. You might be very fulfilled in your achievements but if you are balanced and fulfilled in other areas than you won’t be able to keep going. If you are in “it” for the long run like I am than you have to make sure you are taking good care of yourself. When I feel that I am depriving myself in some area in my life I usually end up punishing myself or creating a crisis so that I have to re-evaluate my life and look at what is important and how important it really is to me. I need to stop occasionally and take a look if my actions are creating the results that I intend them to create. Am I lost in service?

    It’s OK to be lost in service when it is time to be of service yet that is not all the time. If I give all I got all of the time than eventually (days, weeks, months or years later) there won’t be nothing left for me to give. So I got a few questions for you to think about. For those of you are married and have children. Is your marriage the kind of marriage you want your child to have when they grow up? Are you putting the energy into your relationships that is necessary in order to maintain an intimate relationship? Do you put your work before your family? Do you take enough vacations? Do you take time for yourself? Do you have time to do the things you want to do or do you always use your work as a good excuse? Do you also use work as an excuse to not do the things that would be good for you like praying, meditating or exercising? Do you feel the relationships in your life nurture you? Do you allow yourself to receive love from other people, or do you always have to be the giver? Do you laugh enough? Do you have people in your life who you can feel like you can be yourself around or are you always putting on a show? Do you have to have a drink or take something in order to relax? Do you always feel like you are wound a little too tight? Do you feel like you are not doing enough? Work enough? Play enough? Spend enough time with your significant other? Spend enough time with your kids? Spend enough time organizing your “stuff” and your schedule? HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? If this article just irritated you chances are it applies. Hope I got you thinking. @ 8:44 am | Article ID: 1022687084

    Our Duty to Educate

    Adam R. Tanase
    (Tri-5 Student, Logan College of Chiropractic)

    Undoubtedly, the discussion of Chiropractic with some individuals is notorious for being a bit complicated. Many people can cling to its concept as if it were a life-preserver. The Titanic medical model they innocently boarded when entering this life is sinking, forcing them to jump ship and float helplessly through a sea of exhaustive suffering. So when they discover this blessing we call Chiropractic, they grab on tight and never let go.

    God bless those who discover us and truly appreciate the gift in which they are receiving.

    Others are not so easily enlightened. For some, they are so deeply rooted in their traditional ways that nothing can challenge them or persuade them to even give Chiropractic a chance. This type of person can really frustrate us at times. Remember though, we cannot force someone to see through our eyes.

    God bless these types of people as well, for it’s many of their attitudes that ironically urge others to oppose them and seek out Chiropractic instead.

    Then there is the type of patient that led to my thoughts on this whole matter… the patient who reluctantly agrees that chiropractic might work for some people, but could never work for themselves. However, for one reason or another, they resort to trying Chiropractic “just once,” assuming they can disprove its efficacy, then gloat and say “I told you so.” Yet, that’s not what happens, is it? A magical change occurs while we discuss chiropractic with them. Their facial expressions and body gestures change. Their head is no longer cocked to one side with impatience and skepticism. Their eyes become a little less defensive, and a little more intrigued. They slide a bit closer to the edge of their seat. Suddenly they’re eager to ask questions about the body… why can’t I do this or that, what does an adjustment feel like? Then, in the midst of this magical transition, the light bulb comes on. Suddenly a lot of things make sense, and they’re anxiously awaiting to have their spine adjusted and their subluxations corrected.

    God bless these patients as well, for they often end up being a great asset to the success of our practice and our profession.

    The same brilliant mind that invented the light bulb once said “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame and in the cause and prevention of dis-ease.” Education is an amazing gift. As Chiropractors, it is our duty to educate. We must go out and help flip the switch for those individuals who are still in the dark. Much like his invention, Edison’s renowned quote is another kind of necessity. In a sense, his mentality on this matter is a second type of light bulb… One that helps us to see, and another that shows us the light. @ 7:09 am | Article ID: 1022594958

    No Me Duele Nada (En Espanol)

    Por El Dr. Edwin Cordero

    En muchisimas ocasiones he escuchado este comentario de personas que han entrado a mi oficina ( Doctor, No me duele nada) Casi siempre es de una persona que no tiene entendimiento sobre lo que hace el Doctor en Quiropractica. Existe un mito en la Medicina convencional que dice que si no te duele algo usted esta bien de salud y si te duele entonces necesitas a un Medico. Esto no es cierto, el cuerpo humano es un organismo sumamente inteligente y tiene una inteligencia innata que sabe exactamente como permitir que ese cuerpo funcione adecuadamente internamente sin ayuda externa.

    La filosofia Quiropractica dice que el cuerpo humano es un organismo que esta controlado por el sistema nervioso y la columna vertebral. Cuando estos dos sistemas están funcionando correctamente sin interferencias se dice que ese cuerpo esta Saludable pero cuando existen interferencias el cuerpo pierde la capacidad de funcionar adecuadamente y comienza las enfermedades.

    Por tal razón es sumamente importante que usted visite a un Quiropractico para hacerse una evaluación Quiropractica. Esta evaluación permitirá que el Quiropractico analice su columna vertebral y su sistema nervioso. Si existen interferencias el Quiropractico es el único Doctor adiestrado en localizar y remover estas interferencias a través de un ajuste Quiropractico.

    Todos los medicamentos tienen efectos secundarios y secuelas que tapan los síntomas de dolor y no corrigen la causa del problema. Cuando usted se toma los medicamentos el cuerpo tiene que trabajar doble, una vez para filtrar los químicos injeridos y la otra vez es para ayudarse a sí mismo a sanar y corregir el problema. Seria mucho mejor asistir al cuerpo normalmente ayudando a re-establecer el balance y la harmonia interna a través de los ajustes Quiropractico y usando sentido común.

    Miles de pacientes mundialmente están reconociendo el valor de lo que la Quiropractica esta ofreciéndole. Pero muchísimos continúan con miedo y temor y no están buscando las alternativas naturales para aumentar la capacidad curativa que tiene el cuerpo humano cuando esta funcionando libre de interferencias a la columna vertebral y el sistema nervioso. Es tiempo de que usted tome responsabilidad de su propia salud y la de su familia buscando la Quiropractica como un vehículo viable para aumentar y mantener su cuerpo funcionando a un nivel optimo. Usted no tiene nada que perder y si tiene muchísimo que ganar. Visite a un Quiropractico filosófico hoy mismo.

    – – – – – – – – – –
    El Dr. Edwin Cordero es un graduado de la Universidad de LIFE en Atlanta Georgia en el 1993. El nacio en Fajardo Puerto Rico y tiene licencias en Puerto Rico y la Florida. Su oficina esta ubicada en Lantana, Florida. Visite su website en: @ 7:03 am | Article ID: 1022594609

    Who is God’s Doctor?

    By Sal Hendrix, Nurse and future DC

    While some of us still wonder how and why we’re here on this planet, many of us have definite ideas. Personally, a strong belief in God and Universal energy helps me maintain a positive outlook on life. Some of us believe that we are “called” into certain paths in this journey we call life. Calling life a journey helps me to remember that we’re here to learn and grow. The only alternative would be to accept life as it is and not to continually reach for a goal or to challenge ourselves to strive to get better. While for some this may be comfortable, for many of us (especially Future DCs), it would be death.

    In my career paths of the past, the medical field has always drawn me. It was not that I wanted to become an MD but that I had hopes of making a difference in the lives of many, impacting each in a positive healing way. I chose Nursing so I could help and heal sick people (so I thought).

    When I became a nurse, after many challenges along the way, I felt my destination had been reached. So you can imagine my surprise when I found that I was more confused than ever. Something in medicine was missing. Something in medicine was lacking. The feeling was so strong that it drove me to investigate further. Most people living in the United States today, as well as in many other areas of the world, are led to believe from an early age, that when you are “ill”, you go to the Doctor to get well (meaning an MD). With this belief firmly in mind, and armed with a positive attitude and a new nursing license, I went out into the medical field… only to be met with more confusion than answers. People complaining of illnesses, taking one chemical mixture after another, pouring money into the medical profession in an attempt to purchase, not health, but only relief from the pain and other symptoms that continually drained their once able bodies. It was (and is) most depressing to work in this field. I began to ask “Why” more and more. I started investigating the patient’s health problems more closely and the “answers” the medical profession gave the patients. What I found was that medicine could offer little more than pain relief to sick people (if even that) and little or nothing in the way of actual Healing. In emergencies they were great and, in emergency situations, most of them knew what they were doing… but that was the extent of their ability to truly help the patient.

    So, I knelt and prayed… “Who is your doctor, God?” What a silly question, you may say. Why would God need a Doctor? He is the Doctor. He created the Universe. He made us in his own likeness and He certainly needs no Doctor. He is perfect (as we were at creation). So, why would we need a Doctor? Because at times, on this planet, we put ourselves through such trials that we become subluxated (in spine and in mind). Because at times, outside forces traumatize our bodies and we all need help. God knew this. He knew that at such times we would need medicinals of some type so he made available to us in our environment all that we would ever need to help ourselves.

    God did not invent laboratory chemicals, instead, he gave us the wonderful things in nature that work with our perfect bodies to aid the body in healing itself. He gave us the knowledge that our Brain is the Control Booth for all our body systems and that the Spine is the Master Switch. If the master switch is only half way engaged, the healing energies may still flow but not at maximum capacity. When the Control Booth attendant is asleep or drowsy, the wrong buttons may be “pushed” or some “not pushed at all”…in other words chaos is not only possible but highly probable in the body. This can be manifested in the body as gallbladder attacks, migraine headaches, seizures, bladder problems, breathing difficulties, digestive problems… you name it, and it can so often be caused by the lack of normal nerve energy (which, I feel, also leads to improper blood flow to the body’s organs and muscles).

    God’s perfect machine, our body, is run on a complex master plan involving (among other things) blood sugar, oxygen, and electrolytes. Isn’t it interesting that electrolytes would be called that? That all of the wonderful things in our bodies are happening because of nerve impulses, a form of electricity? Isn’t it fascinating that this electrical energy comes from the Brain and travels to the various systems of the body through the Spine?

    How can a chemical given “from outside in” possibly do anything but interfere with this perfect plan? Powerful chemicals given from the outside in force the body to adapt to their presence and, in the process, body systems that were normal will now be heavily stressed from the forced change.

    God gave us the knowledge that when we interfere with the normal flow of energy, we become dis-eased. He went even further and gave us positive warning signs in our body that would cause us to search out the things in nature that can give us relief. And, in his great benevolence, he gave us CHIROPRACTIC to remove the interference that is the basic cause of all dis-ease… and Nature to remove the symptoms and help the body repair itself to correct the damage the nerve interference has caused, and to supplement our diets to prevent further damage.

    love Chiropractic because it is NON-INVASIVE, NON-CHEMICAL, and is accomplished with natural things that GOD created, Our Hands. As I understand Chiropractic, we remove our egos from the equation so God can work through us to remove the interference and allow the body (the patient’s body and our body) to do what it can do so well if given no interference… HEAL itself.

    Next time you pray, talk to God, meditate, or whatever you do to communicate with God as you know him…. Ask God, “Who is your Doctor?” @ 3:24 pm | Article ID: 1022192651

    Your Kids and Computer Use

    By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

    According to an article in the Houston Chronicle, repetitive motion injuries and stiff and aching muscles are being seen more in children. This is reportedly a result of spending too much time at computers and using chairs, desks and other equipment that is not properly adjusted for their use.

    Some researchers believe that this is a huge problem and that we are just beginning to see the tip of the iceberg. According to Benjamin Amick of the University of Texas School of Public Health, these kids may not be developing full-fledged musculoskeletal injuries, but they’re already developing the symptoms related to such injuries.

    Researchers found that as many as one in five college students is showing signs of musculoskeletal problems after just one hour of computer use.

    Research on younger children such as those in elementary and middle school is just beginning to come in. Researchers would like to see more evidence before stating that repetitive motion injuries are resulting in young kids.

    But one study has found that more than 40 percent of six and seventh graders complained of musculoskeletal pain after working on a computer. Kids are often seen hunched over computers displaying improper posture and using improper techniques.

    It was found that kids who used furniture designed for computer use were less likely to have problems. Also, kids who practiced typing skills such as “touch typing”, a technique that allows people to type without looking at the keyboard, were also less likely to have problems. Some schools still have children using folding chairs and working at folding tables for computer use rather than using economically correct equipment.

    Computer lab teachers emphasize proper economics, you want to know how to place your head, and how to place your hands on the keyboard.

    The study that found that from 10 to 20 percent of college students had shown symptoms of musculoskeletal injuries after an hour of working on the computer also found that students often spend far longer than one hour in front of their computers.

    Researchers have found that the highest risk comes after four hours of computer use or more. One researcher used the term “binge computing” to describe six or more hours at a computer without a break. Some researchers feel this is an emerging problem in college kids.

    Interestingly, researchers also found that people who engage in some form of athletics are at less risk although researchers are not sure why.

    According to the research findings, 85 percent of students positioned their wrists up or down when typing. Keeping wrists in a neutral position is a safeguard against repetitive strains of the wrists and elbow. Ninety two percent of students reportedly had the keyboard improperly positioned, and 45 percent had the monitor improperly positioned.

    Something I have found of particular concern is the mouse (or trackball). In my experience I have found it may be beneficial to purchase more than one type of pointing device, such as a 3 button mouse, and a two-button trackball. Switch between using the mouse and trackball every other month or so. This helps to prevent the same repetitive movements month after month. Fortunately most operating systems will recognize a new mouse install on boot up.

    Also, for those active “cut and paste” typists, I recommend the Microsoft Office Keyboard. It has built in Cut, Copy, and Paste buttons, a left sided scroll bar, as well as several programmable keys.

    Above all, in my experience I have found it is most important to be comfortable. Get up and take breaks regularly, and don’t forget to get adjusted. Spinal stress on top of uncorrected subluxation patterns is a no-no.

    YourHealthDaily: Keyed to Ergonomics: Awareness of Kids’ Injuries from Computer Use Grows @ 11:30 am | Article ID: 1022178611

    A Mercury/Vaccine & Autism Connection?

    Todays channel 8 news in Dallas Texas, reports on an investigation that suggests there is a link between the mercury compound (Thimerosal) in vaccines and increased rates of autism in the U.S.

    The report (which can be watched on the internet with a RealPlayer) discusses the findings of three months of investigating claims that government regulators and some pharmaceutical companies knew of the dangers associated with the mercury compound, but never told the public.

    According to the report, “Before the 1990s, 1 in 10,000 children were diagnosed with autism. But in the past decade, as the government has increased the number of mandatory vaccines, some recent studies suggest the rate of autism has risen to 1 in about 250 children.”

    According to some, children receiving the regular schedule of recommended vaccinations have been injected with levels of mercury that are thirty to forty times what’s considered safe for an adult. Vaccine preservative’s effects may have been known

    Watch the Video (must have RealPlayer installed): For decades, half of all childhood vaccines contained a chemical preservative called “Thimerosal”. It is made from mercury, one of the most poisonous substances on earth. @ 4:34 pm | Article ID: 1022024060

    Hombre Espiritual – Hombre Fisico (En Espanol)

    Por el Dr. Edwin Cordero

    Desde el comienzo de la Quiropractica el primer paciente Quiropractico no se quejo de dolor de espalda sino de problema de audición. En el 1895 el Dr. DD Palmer ajusto a Harvey Lillard por que este paciente indico que 17 anos atrás él escucho un ruido muy contundente cuando volteo su cuello para un lado y desde ese momento perdió su audición. Cuando el Dr. Palmer examino su cuello se dio de cuenta que una de las vértebras se había movido de su posición y estaba creando interferencia al sistema nervioso, lo que comúnmente se llama una ( Subluxacion Vertebral)
    El Dr. Palmer ajusto el cuello de este paciente y re-estabilizo la posición correcta de esa vértebra, el paciente volvió a escuchar nuevamente luego de 17 anos. Esto fue el comienzo de lo que hoy se llama la Quiropractica.

    En la Quiropractica existe una Ciencia, un Arte y una filosofia. Muchas personas no entienden el aspecto filosófico. Sin embargo para mí es él más importante de los tres ya que la parte Científica y la parte del arte son muy sencillas para entender. No todos los Quiropracticos entienden esta parte filosófica. Por tal razón existen dos grupos de Quiropracticos, aquellos que solamente creen en la parte científica y creen que son Médicos y aquellos que quieren mantener la Quiropractica como originalmente comenzó. Este grupo tiene una base filosófica muy sencilla. Ellos piensan que “El Poder Que Creo El Cuerpo Es El único Poder Que Puede Sanar El Cuerpo” ¿Cual es el poder que creo al cuerpo? Obviamente fue DIOS, por tal razón si DIOS creo el cuerpo tiene que existir un componente espiritual, mental y físico. Cuando estos componentes están funcionando en harmonia sin interferencia se dice que el ser humano esta en Balance, y que el poder curativo esta fluyendo desde arriba hacia abajo y de adentro hacia fuera del cuerpo creando salud optima.

    La labor del Quiropractico filosófico no es de quitar el dolor sino es de liberar el potencial curativo que tiene el cuerpo cuando removemos las Subluxaciones Vertebrales. Cuando esto sucede re-conectamos al Hombre Espiritual con el Hombre Físico permitiendo que la Inteligencia Innata del cuerpo comienze a crear ese balance, esa harmonia interna, esa Paz que va a aumentar la salud de ese paciente. Pero tiene que existir un componente de FE y de entendimiento de parte del paciente que el cuerpo humano tiene la capacidad y la habilidad de sanarse a sí mismo cuando no existe interferencia al sistema nervioso y a la columna vertebral. El Quiropractico es el único profesional adiestrado en localizar y remover estas interferencias.

    Ha llegado el momento en que usted tiene que comenzar a creer que nuestra salud solamente se puede obtener internamente y no externamente. La Medicina Convencional solamente tapa los síntomas de dolor, no curan y no permite que usted aumente la salud, sin embargo la Quiropractica si puede ayudar a que su cuerpo internamente aumente su salud y luego su cuerpo comienza a encargarse de mantener ese balance tan necesario para el funcionamiento de nuestros cuerpos. Por Favor no espere mas y busque los servicios de un Quiropractico Filosófico hoy mismo para el bienestar de usted y de toda su familia.

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