Month: September 2001

California FOCUS a Success

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Los Angeles, CA – This weekend was a weekend that I will remember for the rest of my life. I will remember it as the weekend when a chiropractic movement took hold in Southern California. For the past two days, nearly 100 DC’s, staff, students from four chiropractic colleges, and others, gathered together to embrace and celebrate the principles of chiropractic.

This weekend was special to me for many reasons and as the days go on perhaps I will write about them. I want to say thank you to all of those that attended this weekends event and I want to thank all of those that came out to speak. It was an incredibly blessed weekend indeed, an enlarging of our territory so to speak.

Candlelight Closing

There were many moments captured on film but I wanted to share this image with you. The lighting of candles is a reminder to all of us that it is far better to light one candle than it is to curse the darkness. @ 8:24 pm | Article ID: 1001906641

My Time at Ground Zero

By Paul Roses, D.C.

On Saturday, I was able to be credentialed in order to adjust personnel at the Javits center, a mile or two away from the World Trade Center. I’m sorry, but being crowded out by the massage volunteers in a small space on the second floor was not my idea of serving humanity. Innate heard. Before I even opened my table I overheard a Dr. John Pagano say “I’m going downtown” Hot Damn! Me too I thought. Seems Dr John befriended a high ranking national guard officer the day before. Within minutes we were cramped into a camouflaged hummer driven by two new patients …I mean soldiers, on our way to Ground Zero.

While on the way, citizens lined the west side highway, cheering and waving flags as we went by. Within 1/2 mile I smelled it. The acrid stench of burning wire or insulation. The closer we got the more hazy it became. Once there we were escorted and fitted with hard hats and masks and further credentialed with a red card allowing access to wherever and whenever we chose.

By now the anxiety was paramount. Once through the final checkpoint we walked towards the smoke, passing by a lot of completely crushed and mangled cars. Some were evidently pried opened by the “Jaws of Life.” Thousands of partly burned papers littered the now dirt covered streets, with an off white layer of dust covering everything else in sight.

And then we were there.

At first it looked as though godzilla walked through and decided to take quite a few gouges out of the sides of the buildings that were standing. Literally every window was blown out of nearly every skyscraper that bordered the quadrangle. Finally there beyond the smoke was “the pile.”

By now, two weeks later, crews used heavy equipment while many exhausted men on break just stood attentively, wishing, praying.

I stared in disbelief. The only evidence I was not looking at a construction site was the facade. The burned shell that once adorned the mightiest tower in NYC. I watched them being built for years from the Jersey turnpike on my way to high school. The tall cranes poised, rising with each growing floor.

We found a place in the shade near the “Spirit of New York.” This is a yacht where all volunteers could relax and have a hot meal. Some even slept on the upper floor as sleeping bags replaced the wall to wall carpeting.

I was proud to be a chiropractor. A DE chiropractor. All of the other 3 DC’s there were obviously caring for aches and pains. I had a much bigger mission. It was great to adjust ATF agents, maintenance workers, elevator men. However, one group was slow in responding to my offer of care.

The fireman. They walked from the site, dragging themselves, masks, boots and overalls dangling. It seemed as though they were all in a fog. It was these brave men and women who bore the weight of the souls of three hundred fallen comrades on their shoulders.

It still tears at me that I could not reach them that day. Yes a few had innate reconnected. But so many more were in a state of depression. I will not give up. I will adjust on the boat. Near the dining tables. I’ll hand out a short note, explaining my concern for them. I’ll tell them that during this difficult time, is when they most deserve to avail themselves of the most powerful gift on earth for the mentally and physically stressed. The chiropractic adjustment.

It’s great to know what I can give. It’s even greater to not hesitate when the chance arises.

With Love + Respect, Paul Roses

Update: Good news – once the fireman sat down all was well and lots got adjusted! @ 11:02 am | Article ID: 1001613766

Will Chiropractic Survive?

By Shawn Powers, D.C.

“Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as if everything depended on you.” – St. Augustine

In a recent conversation, one of our greats and a personal mentor made the shocking statement that he does not believe chiropractic will survive. My thoughts turned to all of my dear brothers and sisters adjusting, loving, and educating day in and day out. I thought of the years I have spent in chiropractic and all the families I have had the privilege to serve, and of our booming practice, I thought of all the successes my clients are having and all the dreams I have for our profession. I thought of all the lives around the world affected by chiropractic and I had to outright disagree with him.

He contends that chiropractic will not survive because so many in our profession desire to do other things, to treat the effects of body dysfunction, to ignore or deny the chiropractic principles and call it chiropractic. He asserts that a lot of chiropractors do other things besides chiropractic because of financial challenges.

I am committed to not only the survival of chiropractic but that chiropractic will thrive and flourish. Now is the best time and the right time. I have no doubts or fears, I am certain. So many dedicated chiropractors agree on the principles and purpose of chiropractic. It doesn’t matter what others do, it matters what I do. I will lead by example and stay in close contact with those of like mind and purpose I will work as everything depends on me.

Success Tips
1) Visit a successful principled chiropractic office and see what you can model.
2) Go to a principled chiropractic seminar or philosophy meeting this month and bring another chiropractor with you. Then keep going to chiropractic events.
3) Evaluate if your practice is congruent with the purpose and principles of chiropractic. If not explore why not and get help.
4) Have lunch with a principled chiropractor.
5) Plan at least one effective monthly internal and external promotion.
6) Improve your procedures and communication to increase your ability to inspire, influence, motivate, and educate your practice members.
7) Encourage others to consider chiropractic as a career.
8) Join one of our chiropractic associations.
9) Donate to the chiropractic college of your choice.

Until we meet again, may angels guard and guide you, may beauty surround you, and love enfold you, and all God’s blessings be yours. I am yours in guarding the sacred trust,

Dr. Shawn Powers

Editors Note: Are you committed? Print this page and live it.

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Chiropractors Provide 24/7 Care to Recovery Workers at Pentagon Disaster Site

The International Chiropractors Association reports that a group of chiropractors are providing care to rescue and recovery workers at the disaster site of the Pentagon. On the day of the tragedy, the ICA began contacting local, state and federal agencies that would be responding to the crisis, as well as volunteer relief organizations such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army, offering chiropractic services to all who would be in need.

In Washington, D.C., the ICA was asked to provide chiropractic services to Pentagon rescue and security personnel. The ICA responded along with the help of many chiropractors volunteering their services and they have been providing chiropractic adjustments at “Camp Unity” ever since. According to reports, “Camp Unity” is the name given to the relief village that has been established next to the crash site. Chiropractors have been providing care twenty-four hours per day.

Tent space has been provided by the Public Safety chaplains of greater Washington and more than two dozen chiropractic volunteers have been working long shifts to adjust all who need chiropractic care at the Pentagon site.

According to Dr. Coralee Van Egmond, the ICA’s Professional Development Director, “The response has been tremendous and reflects the vital need for the unique services doctors of chiropractic provide. In sometimes harsh conditions, our DCs have given care to as many as 300 a day, and have worked ten and twelve hour shifts that last long into the night and early morning hours.”

The International Chiropractors Association has also been providing logistical and financial support to the New York Chiropractic Council who have been coordinating efforts for the care provided at the scene of the WTC in New York City.

Dr. D.D. Humber, President of the ICA expressed his support, “We continue to pray for the families of the victims and will work to do all we can as a profession and as an organization to provide needed care to those involved in every aspect of the recovery effort, both in Washington and in New York.”

Visit the ICA website at: @ 8:59 pm | Article ID: 1001563196

Potential and Simplicity

By Travis J. Robertson

I’m sure we all know what happened on the morning of September 11th and that it brought our country together. The sight of the Republicans and Democrats singing together, Unified, on the steps of the Capitol. What I thought immediately was this: I hope that a disaster like that doesn’t have to happen in order to get people in this profession to unite. The sad conclusion that I came to was that based on the attitude of some of the people in this profession a disaster is more than likely the only way to get unity in the profession.

Remember, I have my own philosophy and that’s just what it is, mine. I have my own philosophy but I try harder every day to accept more viewpoints as valid. I try to see if they are doing what we all should be doing but maybe in just a slightly different way. We all need to help each other. We need to find what is good in what someone says or does. There should always be something.

Sometimes it’s hard but you gotta look deep down and you’ll find it. And if they’re a little more off base then they should be help to bring them back to the Big Idea. I don’t care how a chiropractor does what he does as long as he is maximizing the performance of his own and his patients’ inborn potential for LIFE.

Maybe that makes me a mixer, I don’t care. I do what is consistent with the Big Idea and within that what makes sense to me. I was told once that if something didn’t make sense to you don’t do it. “Think Damn it, Think.” Well, that’s a quote from Reggie Gold. Oh no, now I’m a straight, I don’t care. OK you got me, so I’ll come right out and say it. I’m actually not a mixer. I’m a straight. Or was it a mixer and not a straight, I get so confused with all these damn labels we use.

I’m not a straight or a mixer I’m a new breed of doctor, a breed that I call by one simple word with no labels, no confusion… A Chiropractor, plain and simple. (I know that I have no DC after my name but I’m still a Chiropractor just not in the officially recognized form) I know that I still have a great deal to learn but don’t we all, even those that have that title?

We all, through whatever means possible, do our best to promote LIFE in all of its avenues of expression and, after all that’s what Chiropractic is all about. We promote the ability of the body to maximize its expression of life in ALL regards. We all need to live up to our potentials like we help our patients to do. If we did there will be fewer fights, wars and the like. I’m not saying that we would not have any but we would have far fewer and those that we had would be resolved in the appropriate manner.

In closing I pose this question to you; Are you living up to your potential?

Promoting life through Chiropractic,

Travis J. Robertson
Third Trimester Student
Palmer College of Chiropractic @ 11:25 am | Article ID: 1001528721

Palmer Chiropractic University System Approved to Open Florida Campus

Media Relations; Palmer Chiropractic University System

Davenport, Iowa: On Sept. 20, the Palmer Chiropractic University System Board of Trustees held a special teleconference meeting and gave final approval to a Palmer college in Port Orange, Florida.

Following that meeting and an appearance September 25th before the Florida State Commission for Independent Education, the Palmer Chiropractic University System was awarded Level 1 provisional licensure. The licensure is granted for a period of up to 12 months and means Palmer may begin advertising, recruiting, enrolling students, collecting tuition and fees and holding classes at its Port Orange campus.

“This level of licensure is a green light for us to proceed with recruitment and accelerate our facilities plans for Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida in Port Orange,” said Palmer Chiropractic University System Chancellor Michael E. Crawford. “We are gratified by this vote of confidence by the Florida Commission, and we are proceeding full speed ahead with plans to begin matriculating students as early as October 2002.”

Level 1 provisional licensure is the second step in the Florida licensure progression, with the next step being Level 2 and then finally Regular licensure. “Palmer will work with the Florida Commission to achieve subsequent licensure levels on a timely basis,” added Douglas Hoyle, Ph.D., executive assistant to the Chancellor. “We will also be providing regular progress reports to the commission and expect site visits. This is all part of the normal licensure process in Florida.”

While building the permanent campus in Port Orange, which is well along in planning, Palmer officials have plans in place to house the new college in temporary facilities on or near the land designated by the city of Port Orange for the permanent campus for the first nine to 12 months of operation.

According to the current plan, permanent campus facilities will be available for use by the summer of 2003. “We are tremendously excited to have achieved this licensure milestone,” said Palmer President Guy F. Riekeman, D.C. “We are pleased to be well on our way to opening our doors in Port Orange by October 2002 and building a chiropractic campus from the ground up. We’re also proud of the fact that this college will be intensely educating students in the latest science, technique, clinical, business management principles, and of course the core principles of chiropractic.”

Prospective students should go the Palmer Chiropractic Web site at for information on enrolling at Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida, or call Admissions at 800-722-3648. @ 11:54 am | Article ID: 1001444051

Chiropractors at “Ground Zero” in News

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Within days of Dr. Michael O’Halleran’s email letting us know that he and others had been adjusting down at ground zero, DC’s nationwide began calling and emailing to let us know they had seen them on their local evening news.

On September 19th, CNN reported on rescue workers that were still searching for survivors. The online version included the following…

“Across the street from the World Trade Center, a Burger King with its windows blown out is a break area where food is served. The space next door — which used to be a shop — is now a rest area where volunteers give massages and chiropractic adjustments to weary workers.”

The Beacon News, an Illinois newspaper, also published an article on the 19th bringing attention to those who are providing good will among the ruins of the World Trade Center. The bylines read, “Men salute others: Local crew praises support groups at scene, brethren at home” and the first three sentences read…

“Children handed out letters of thanks. Chiropractors offered adjustments. The American Red Cross gave away hugs.”

The article is a wonderful example of service, love, and unity in America. A link to the complete article is available below.

On a sadder note, the Miami Herald reported that Dr. Stuart Ezrin of Ezrin Family Chiropractic in Newton, Massachusetts (a Boston suburb) lost a patient on each of the two planes that struck the trade towers. Dr. Ezrin declined naming the patients but local news reports identified them as the two best friends that were traveling in tandem to California planning to visit a spa there.

And finally, sometimes missing your appointment can be a good thing. The Home News Tribune, a New Jersey newspaper, reported on a chiropractic patient that innately knew not to make his 9am appointment on the morning of September 11th. An excerpt from the article reads…

“Charles Aniton, an Academy Bus driver from Long Branch, said he heard a voice telling him not to go into the World Trade Center. Aniton normally takes a subway from beneath the center to go to his chiropractor. But on Tuesday he decided to work out at a gym around the corner from the World Trade Center instead of keeping his 9 a.m. appointment.”

“I feel blessed,” he said.

May we all be blessed, and God Bless America.

CNN: Rescue workers still search for survivors
The Beacon News: Rescuers find good will amid ruins
The Miami Herald: For best friends on separate planes, a shared fate
Home Town News: Prayer service offers hope in tragedy’s aftermath @ 5:57 am | Article ID: 1001422673

Chiropractic Care in the Wake of the New York City Tragedy

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

A disaster of the scope and magnitude of the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington leave people throughout the world in varying states of emotional upheaval and physical stress. The emotional turmoil of such a happening remains with a person long after the actual event has taken place and it can then become an unending source of mental and physical dis-ease in the future, unless something is done to remove the “emotional charge” from the event in the patient’s memory.

Psychologists tell us that our memories are simply images of past events in our lives and our environment. They are in our memory bank and they cause no distress to the body unless there is an “emotional charge” attached to the memory. And, after what we all witnessed in New York City two weeks ago, we can bet the memory of the two aircraft crashing into the Trade Center towers will definitely have strong emotions attached to it, thus paving the way for dis-ease every time the event is brought to mind, either consciously or on other levels of our mind.

To adjust the spine under such circumstances will allow the body to stop the dis-ease process, but any “triggering” of the emotion-charged memory will once again start the dis-ease in the body. In NLP this is known as “anchoring” and it can set off the original problems the person was having as a result of the incident, no matter how well the person seems to be doing at this time.

Dr. Greg Cheatwood tells of a time when he was seeing a patient for injuries received in an automobile accident. After several weeks of care, she was healing well and was essentially asymptomatic. Then while driving one day, she heard the screech of brakes and the crunch of metal as an accident took place 2 blocks down the street. Immediately, her dis-ease returned and it required several more weeks of care to get these renewed problems cleared. The mind is incredibly powerful and can cause subluxations in the spine (what Dr. Jim Parker called “Quality Interference”). Dr. Jim proved this over a 40 year period in his own practice and those of hundreds of other DCs throughout the world.

Since all that happens to us is mediated by and through the spine and nervous system, we in Chiropractic are in the perfect position to both find and fix this type of problem. The question is “How can we best accomplish this greatly needed task?” Certainly others such as Psychologists, Social workers, and Counselors can help with this enormous and vital need but most of these care givers, dedicated though they may be, cannot actually erase the emotional charge that we all surely carry on the traumatic events of the past few days, while we in Chiropractic are in a position to do so very effectively.

In Chiropractic, we have several techniques that directly or indirectly work with the clearing of the emotional part of the “Triangle of Health.” These include Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), Total Body Modification (TBM), and Applied Kinesiology (AK). However, it requires specialized and extensive training to become proficient in these techniques, time that most of these people who need our immediate help can’t afford.

So let’s try a simple technique that may be helpful for these distraught patients and that doesn’t require a great deal of learning since it will likely work with the adjusting technique we already know and use. I’m an Activator practitioner and it works well with this technique but I believe this method of clearing the emotional debris that people carry around can be effectively utilized by most Chiropractors using many of the effective adjusting techniques taught in our profession.

First, adjust your patient and clear their spine, pelvis, ribs, etc. of all subluxations. Then, while they are still lying on the adjusting table, have your patient go back to the events of September 11th. Have them not only think about them, but actually re-live the events… see it happen again through their own eyes, hear the sounds associated with the events as they unfolded, and feel the feelings they felt as they saw the aircraft actually fly into the tower (in NLP, this is known as being associated with an event).

Then, while the patient relives the tragedy in their mind, recheck them for subluxations. Be sure to check the major stress areas such as the ribs, the occiput, the TMJ, plus their major subluxation areas. What you find may surprise you. Everything is mediated through the nervous system and affects the nervous system for better or for worse. Very often, you’ll find the subluxations you so skillfully corrected have re-occurred… with a vengeance.

Strong emotions can cause subluxations (Quality Interference). This would mean that every time your patient thought intensely of the September 11th events, (and aren’t we all doing that a lot) they would, in effect, renew the subluxations in their nervous system. This is a losing situation all around. Our patients continue to suffer the severe consequences of the subluxations and the Chiropractic profession gets a reputation of never really fixing anything but only providing temporary relief (which can just as easily be done with drugs).

What seems to correct this mind/body dis-harmony is to then adjust the patient’s spine, ribs, occiput, etc. while they hold the intense associated image in their mind. The stronger they can stay associated while you are adjusting them, the better the result. You should find after adjusting them this way that they can then associate with the event without the severe consequences to the physical body. Two or three adjustments are usually required to “clear” most emotion-causing events such as auto accidents, falls, etc… however, with the intensity of this situation, it might require more adjustments of this type to correct the problem.

Patients report they feel much more at ease with and calm about the emotional situation. They may still feel strongly about it and they don’t like it any better but they can now handle the situation without the enormous added stress of the induced subluxations.

Drs. George Goodheart, Scott Walker, Victor Frank, and others have repeatedly said that we in Chiropractic need to address all 3 sides of the “Triangle of Health.” The structural, the nutritional, and the emotional in order to provide total care and service to our patients. Let’s help the people of this country overcome the potentially devastating effects of this traumatic situation, and thus make a major contribution in preventing the terrorists from achieving their goal of instilling fear and panic into the American people and all the inhabitants of this planet. We have a vital part to play in this situation.

Dr. Sid Mouk practices in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. @ 5:56 am | Article ID: 1001422575

Lighten Up

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

About now we all could use a little “light.” Sometimes the circumstances of life feel so heavy and if I’m not careful I become part of the circumstances. In these times of turmoil in the world I need to be responsible to be in a good spiritual condition. I need to get my “light” from my God and I need to observe the condition of the planet and realize that the only thing that I can change is myself.

I guard against too much outside “news.” I choose to busy myself in “service.” Only when I get out of my head can I get into the game of life and make a difference because I am in the “light” and I can spread my “light.”

The best way I know to “serve” the world is through chiropractic. The more stressed out the people are the more they need us. Some “businesses” are suffering through these times while we are flourishing. More than ever they need us. We need to be responsible to rise to the occasion and be ready to be there for the people.

Celebrate. They need us more than ever and we are ready. Lighten up. Get out and do more outreach programs where you adjust people at fairs, block parties, running races, civic groups, churches and anywhere else you can bring your table and turn on life. People need to be touched and loved. People need to feel safe. Make your office a safe haven for people to come and get their life turned on and leave with a warm feeling inside. Let your connectedness help them feel connected. Lighten their load with your presence.

Realize that their needs are greater and so is your ability to serve as their need arises. Put some fresh flowers in your office, light a candle, share pictures of your family with them. Make them feel loved and with the more you love them the more you will feel love by doing the act of loving and by them loving you back. How about putting out a little coffee, maybe baking a little treat (if that’s your thing) or putting out a little candy or fruit. They will appreciate your lightness. They will feel your love. Don’t buy into the heaviness of the planet. CHOOSE to stay centered on your purpose and LIGHTEN UP!

I love and appreciate you, Sharon @ 7:17 am | Article ID: 1001341041

Emmitt Smith Gives Good Advice

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

On January 24, 2000 in Dallas Texas, a young football player from Texas Christian named LaDainian Tomlinson received the Doak Walker Award for being the top college running back of the year.

That day, the TCU running back (now pro with the San Diego Chargers) spoke to Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys. Smith gave Tomlinson his phone number while at the award ceremony in case Tomlinson ever needed any advice. He recently made that call.

Emmitt Smith
No. 22, Smith is a running back for the Dallas Cowboys. (in case you did not know) Emmitt Smith is to football what Lance Armstrong is to cycling, Tiger Woods is to golf, and Dan O’Brien is to the Decathlon. A few of Emmitt’s NFL achievements include…

  • Dallas’ all-time leader in rushing yards, attempts, rushing touchdowns and total touchdowns
  • Has been named to 8 Pro Bowls (1990-95, 1998-99)
  • NFL rushing leader four times (1991-93, 1995)
  • NFL touchdown leader three times (1992, 1994-95)
  • Holds NFL single-season record for rushing touchdowns with 25 in 1995

And just yesterday (against San Diego) Smith came closer to realizing just how close he is to becoming the NFL’s career rushing leader. On Sunday, Emmitt Smith took over the No. 2 spot from Barry Sanders after rushing for 85 yards in Dallas’ 32-21 loss to San Diego.

The Phone Call
LaDainian Tomlinson called to ask Smith about his longevity, how he’d rushed for 1,000 yards for 10 straight seasons. Smith’s advice? Massages on Monday and Friday and “find a good chiropractor.”

That’s good advice from one of the world’s top athletes. Give Dan O’Brien, Lance Armstrong, or Tiger Woods a call and ask them if regular chiropractic care is an important factor to being at the top of their sport. Don’t have their numbers? I’ll tell you the answers are Yes, Yes, and Yes. @ 5:52 am | Article ID: 1001335924