Chiropractic Care in the Wake of the New York City Tragedy

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

A disaster of the scope and magnitude of the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington leave people throughout the world in varying states of emotional upheaval and physical stress. The emotional turmoil of such a happening remains with a person long after the actual event has taken place and it can then become an unending source of mental and physical dis-ease in the future, unless something is done to remove the “emotional charge” from the event in the patient’s memory.

Psychologists tell us that our memories are simply images of past events in our lives and our environment. They are in our memory bank and they cause no distress to the body unless there is an “emotional charge” attached to the memory. And, after what we all witnessed in New York City two weeks ago, we can bet the memory of the two aircraft crashing into the Trade Center towers will definitely have strong emotions attached to it, thus paving the way for dis-ease every time the event is brought to mind, either consciously or on other levels of our mind.

To adjust the spine under such circumstances will allow the body to stop the dis-ease process, but any “triggering” of the emotion-charged memory will once again start the dis-ease in the body. In NLP this is known as “anchoring” and it can set off the original problems the person was having as a result of the incident, no matter how well the person seems to be doing at this time.

Dr. Greg Cheatwood tells of a time when he was seeing a patient for injuries received in an automobile accident. After several weeks of care, she was healing well and was essentially asymptomatic. Then while driving one day, she heard the screech of brakes and the crunch of metal as an accident took place 2 blocks down the street. Immediately, her dis-ease returned and it required several more weeks of care to get these renewed problems cleared. The mind is incredibly powerful and can cause subluxations in the spine (what Dr. Jim Parker called “Quality Interference”). Dr. Jim proved this over a 40 year period in his own practice and those of hundreds of other DCs throughout the world.

Since all that happens to us is mediated by and through the spine and nervous system, we in Chiropractic are in the perfect position to both find and fix this type of problem. The question is “How can we best accomplish this greatly needed task?” Certainly others such as Psychologists, Social workers, and Counselors can help with this enormous and vital need but most of these care givers, dedicated though they may be, cannot actually erase the emotional charge that we all surely carry on the traumatic events of the past few days, while we in Chiropractic are in a position to do so very effectively.

In Chiropractic, we have several techniques that directly or indirectly work with the clearing of the emotional part of the “Triangle of Health.” These include Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), Total Body Modification (TBM), and Applied Kinesiology (AK). However, it requires specialized and extensive training to become proficient in these techniques, time that most of these people who need our immediate help can’t afford.

So let’s try a simple technique that may be helpful for these distraught patients and that doesn’t require a great deal of learning since it will likely work with the adjusting technique we already know and use. I’m an Activator practitioner and it works well with this technique but I believe this method of clearing the emotional debris that people carry around can be effectively utilized by most Chiropractors using many of the effective adjusting techniques taught in our profession.

First, adjust your patient and clear their spine, pelvis, ribs, etc. of all subluxations. Then, while they are still lying on the adjusting table, have your patient go back to the events of September 11th. Have them not only think about them, but actually re-live the events… see it happen again through their own eyes, hear the sounds associated with the events as they unfolded, and feel the feelings they felt as they saw the aircraft actually fly into the tower (in NLP, this is known as being associated with an event).

Then, while the patient relives the tragedy in their mind, recheck them for subluxations. Be sure to check the major stress areas such as the ribs, the occiput, the TMJ, plus their major subluxation areas. What you find may surprise you. Everything is mediated through the nervous system and affects the nervous system for better or for worse. Very often, you’ll find the subluxations you so skillfully corrected have re-occurred… with a vengeance.

Strong emotions can cause subluxations (Quality Interference). This would mean that every time your patient thought intensely of the September 11th events, (and aren’t we all doing that a lot) they would, in effect, renew the subluxations in their nervous system. This is a losing situation all around. Our patients continue to suffer the severe consequences of the subluxations and the Chiropractic profession gets a reputation of never really fixing anything but only providing temporary relief (which can just as easily be done with drugs).

What seems to correct this mind/body dis-harmony is to then adjust the patient’s spine, ribs, occiput, etc. while they hold the intense associated image in their mind. The stronger they can stay associated while you are adjusting them, the better the result. You should find after adjusting them this way that they can then associate with the event without the severe consequences to the physical body. Two or three adjustments are usually required to “clear” most emotion-causing events such as auto accidents, falls, etc… however, with the intensity of this situation, it might require more adjustments of this type to correct the problem.

Patients report they feel much more at ease with and calm about the emotional situation. They may still feel strongly about it and they don’t like it any better but they can now handle the situation without the enormous added stress of the induced subluxations.

Drs. George Goodheart, Scott Walker, Victor Frank, and others have repeatedly said that we in Chiropractic need to address all 3 sides of the “Triangle of Health.” The structural, the nutritional, and the emotional in order to provide total care and service to our patients. Let’s help the people of this country overcome the potentially devastating effects of this traumatic situation, and thus make a major contribution in preventing the terrorists from achieving their goal of instilling fear and panic into the American people and all the inhabitants of this planet. We have a vital part to play in this situation.

Dr. Sid Mouk practices in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. @ 5:56 am | Article ID: 1001422575