Death Connected To Anthrax Vaccine

Today’s Nando Times headlines read “Michigan death connected to anthrax vaccine.” (you may have to read that twice, I thought it said someone died as a result of getting vaccinated)

According to the article, a county medical examiner has linked a mans death to the “11 doses of the anthrax vaccine he received while working at the company that makes it.”

The article states that the death occurred last July. The man was required to take the same vaccine that was “given to hundreds of thousands of U.S. military personnel”, according to the report.

Spokesmen for the military and the FDA say that the anthrax vaccine is “safe”, in fact the article states that they say it has “no more side effects than many common vaccines.” That may be true, since other vaccines have also caused death.

This is an interesting article since this weeks issue of TIME magazine is running a pro-vaccination article. News on that tomorrow.

Nando Media: Michigan death connected to anthrax vaccine

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