Blessed with Chiropractic Care

By Super CA Jackie Pepe-Tardalo
Chiropractic Patient Diana

I started Chiropractic care at Dr. Mike’s office in July, 2002. At that time, I had many health concerns and hoped that Chiropractic would help me. My cousin Denise was forever telling me how Chiropractic changed her and her family’s life. Denise planted the seed, and then Jackie educated me tremendously on how I would benefit from Chiropractic care. At that point, I knew it was time to meet Dr. Mike. When I entered his office, I already knew that he would help me.

In June 2002, at the age of 20, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. Since I was 13 years old, I had pain in my stomach and right leg and had loss of appetite. Two weeks after I started care, I was already scheduled for a laparoscopy to remove the Endometriosis which was spread throughout my abdomen and behind my colon. I also suffered from migraine headaches, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome (“IBS”) and chronic fatigue. Before I was led to Chiropractic care, my health was on a steady decline.

Dr. Mike and Dr. Bob explained to me the importance of keeping my care schedule. At this time, I was not working. I drove from Howard Beach 4 times a week for my adjustments until I was advised that my care schedule could be reduced.

Soon after I started getting adjusted, my headaches disappeared, and my allergies didn’t bother me anymore. My IBS has greatly improved, my appetite is back and so is my high energy level. At this time, I do not have anymore pain in my stomach or right leg. When I returned to the specialist for my first follow-up visit, I felt blessed when he told me the Endometriosis was very minimal. He was very surprised at my results. I informed him that I chose Chiropractic as my primary health care method. He supported my decision to keep getting adjusted. He also told me that Endometriosis normally returns within 6 months. I am happy to report that I have been clean for more than a year. My specialist was amazed and very pleased. It was nice to have someone in the medical field support my decision.

I have returned to work and my job requires much responsibility. Although I work late many nights, I manage to arrive home in Howard Beach, and then drive to get adjusted. Chiropractic care became my health priority and a way of life for me.

I am thankful that I am not filling my body with antibiotics anymore which hurt my immune system. Chiropractic care is wonderful! It’s a great feeling to know that my body is now functioning at 100% rather than 50% which it used to be. I know in my heart of hearts that I don’t have Endometriosis anymore because I am well adjusted!

I am very blessed that I have been led to Chiropractic care by Denise and Jackie. I trusted them when they explained to me how Chiropractic would change my life. Dr. Mike and Dr. Bob are wonderful Chiropractors! I love the care which I receive from them. They are warm, caring and effective. They make a great team! I wish there were more Chiropractors like them around. This world would be a much healthier place. @ 10:23 am | Article ID: 1074277431