Chiropractors at “Ground Zero” in News

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Within days of Dr. Michael O’Halleran’s email letting us know that he and others had been adjusting down at ground zero, DC’s nationwide began calling and emailing to let us know they had seen them on their local evening news.

On September 19th, CNN reported on rescue workers that were still searching for survivors. The online version included the following…

“Across the street from the World Trade Center, a Burger King with its windows blown out is a break area where food is served. The space next door — which used to be a shop — is now a rest area where volunteers give massages and chiropractic adjustments to weary workers.”

The Beacon News, an Illinois newspaper, also published an article on the 19th bringing attention to those who are providing good will among the ruins of the World Trade Center. The bylines read, “Men salute others: Local crew praises support groups at scene, brethren at home” and the first three sentences read…

“Children handed out letters of thanks. Chiropractors offered adjustments. The American Red Cross gave away hugs.”

The article is a wonderful example of service, love, and unity in America. A link to the complete article is available below.

On a sadder note, the Miami Herald reported that Dr. Stuart Ezrin of Ezrin Family Chiropractic in Newton, Massachusetts (a Boston suburb) lost a patient on each of the two planes that struck the trade towers. Dr. Ezrin declined naming the patients but local news reports identified them as the two best friends that were traveling in tandem to California planning to visit a spa there.

And finally, sometimes missing your appointment can be a good thing. The Home News Tribune, a New Jersey newspaper, reported on a chiropractic patient that innately knew not to make his 9am appointment on the morning of September 11th. An excerpt from the article reads…

“Charles Aniton, an Academy Bus driver from Long Branch, said he heard a voice telling him not to go into the World Trade Center. Aniton normally takes a subway from beneath the center to go to his chiropractor. But on Tuesday he decided to work out at a gym around the corner from the World Trade Center instead of keeping his 9 a.m. appointment.”

“I feel blessed,” he said.

May we all be blessed, and God Bless America.

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