Lighten Up

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

About now we all could use a little “light.” Sometimes the circumstances of life feel so heavy and if I’m not careful I become part of the circumstances. In these times of turmoil in the world I need to be responsible to be in a good spiritual condition. I need to get my “light” from my God and I need to observe the condition of the planet and realize that the only thing that I can change is myself.

I guard against too much outside “news.” I choose to busy myself in “service.” Only when I get out of my head can I get into the game of life and make a difference because I am in the “light” and I can spread my “light.”

The best way I know to “serve” the world is through chiropractic. The more stressed out the people are the more they need us. Some “businesses” are suffering through these times while we are flourishing. More than ever they need us. We need to be responsible to rise to the occasion and be ready to be there for the people.

Celebrate. They need us more than ever and we are ready. Lighten up. Get out and do more outreach programs where you adjust people at fairs, block parties, running races, civic groups, churches and anywhere else you can bring your table and turn on life. People need to be touched and loved. People need to feel safe. Make your office a safe haven for people to come and get their life turned on and leave with a warm feeling inside. Let your connectedness help them feel connected. Lighten their load with your presence.

Realize that their needs are greater and so is your ability to serve as their need arises. Put some fresh flowers in your office, light a candle, share pictures of your family with them. Make them feel loved and with the more you love them the more you will feel love by doing the act of loving and by them loving you back. How about putting out a little coffee, maybe baking a little treat (if that’s your thing) or putting out a little candy or fruit. They will appreciate your lightness. They will feel your love. Don’t buy into the heaviness of the planet. CHOOSE to stay centered on your purpose and LIGHTEN UP!

I love and appreciate you, Sharon @ 7:17 am | Article ID: 1001341041