Where would you like to go today?

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I left the office early this morning, taking a journey over to one of our chiropractic colleges in Southern California to get a viewpoint as to what today’s chiropractic students understand about the profession.

Today is the birthday of chiropractic. We are celebrating 106 years and the students (and myself) were privileged to a very special guest. Dr. Reggie Gold is in town this week and he has been speaking at the school daily.

For those of you that have heard me speak, I have been talking lately about how a handful of chiropractic practitioners during the past few decades have helped guide us in many of the ideas we have about chiropractic today, just as a handful of practitioners 30 years prior had helped guide the ideas of those we have or are currently learning from.

Reggie Gold When I watch someone like Reggie speak to students I can’t help but think back to the time I first heard him speak. How have my ideas, of not only chiropractic, but of the world changed since those days?

You probably would not be alarmed to know that students today have many of the same questions as they had when I was in school. (only 3 years ago) Reggie opened today with a question… What is life? That is a question we should all be able to understand and discuss.

He then went on to explain his idea of life and he discussed both universal and innate intelligence. He explained that universal intelligence organizes and innate intelligence re-organizes. During his explanation he made one thing very clear… “Do not be offended if we have a difference of opinion on this or anything we discuss today.”

After discussing innate and universal intelligence, Reggie spoke about the location, analysis, and correction of vertebral subluxation. He made several suggestions as to what chiropractors should be able to do and the primary one was to be able to locate subluxation.

More clearly, he stated that one should be able to identify subluxation with reasonable certainty and then be able to use the best technique one can manage to address that subluxation. He did not state what technique to use, what technique not to use, which is better or worse, but instead, stressed that it be a technique that you can best manage and that you have acquired the skills of, enough to be good at it.

Reggie later made a statement that I think is important for all chiropractors to hear. Somebody has to change the chiropractic profession. “You have to have the courage” he stated. I believe he was speaking to you. (and me)

He then talked also about having the courage to talk to others about chiropractic. He stressed the importance of developing speaking and communication skills so that you can do this more effectively.

Stayed focused. “Keep your focus on real chiropractic. I am reminded of my graduation day when my girlfriend shouted, “practice real chiropractic” as I walked across the platform. Don’t get caught up in technique and don’t fight with your classmates were two other statements he made. “The only real thing you are fighting against is vertebral subluxation.”

He finished by letting the students know, “there is a big big job ahead of you.” I believe that is significant and we should all realize the magnitude of that statement. He followed by saying, “Don’t believe all the rumors, don’t believe all the things that have been passed to you as facts, don’t believe everything you hear, Think Dammit Think.”

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