Month: September 2001

The Unconditional Adjustment

By Lynn Rivard, Principled CA

Have you ever noticed how we feel when a patient comes to our office for one or two adjustments and then never shows up again? How about when we walk with someone through two or three months of the healing process, watch them get well and then are disappointed when they drop off from the practice? I have heard some people say that those types of patients just don’t “get it”, or that perhaps the office or doctor is out of focus and that is why the person has chosen a different path.

It can be a very self-defeating cycle, when we start to take someone’s right to choose how they will utilize Chiropractic – and use it as a tool to measure our success.

Isn’t that kind of like getting someone an awesome Christmas gift, and then getting mad when they do not use it as often as you wish or the way you want them to? Sure Chiropractic is different than a power tool or an easy bake oven, but the point is that every person has a right to choose how they will live their life, or what they will do with the awesome life-changing information that they receive. I believe in the power of an adjustment – even if it is only one.

When a patient discontinues care it is easy to feel like it was something that we may have done or that we could have been lacking in our communication skills or that we were perhaps out of focus. But the truth of the matter is, each and every person that comes through our doors does so because that is what they are meant to do at that time. Maybe they came to receive info, and though they will never return, they will some day somewhere, repeat what they learned about Chiropractic to someone else who’s life will be saved by the power of an adjustment. Maybe that one adjustment will change their life so dramatically, that they become a better person overnight without even realizing it.

Though the adjustment may never get the recognition it deserves, it still will have served that person.

When we stop looking for that recognition to validate what we do and have faith that when a person is adjusted their life is in some way enhanced, then we release ourselves of the burden of guilt when someone does not reach their health potential. We then can feel proud and put that invaluable worth on all we did that day to change mankind.

It can be enough that someone’s life is changed a little. The adjustment makes them better than they were the day before – one step ahead, it may not be to their optimal health potential – but a little is better than nothing. After all, every human being is a work in progress. Try this – if your office has a tendency to get discouraged or if you personally take it on your shoulders when someone “bails” – try when someone calls to discontinue care to lovingly encourage them, tell them you respect their choice and wish them only the best and that you are just a phone call away should they need you.

Try not aggressively following up but keep positive thoughts about them in your mind, or keep their travel cards up front with you. Watch if the power of being positive and having a loving and gracious attitude about them not coming in, can be what makes the phone ring out of the blue and it is them telling you that they are ready to come back. Try it and see – you just might be amazed! @ 10:06 am | Article ID: 1001005607

Where would you like to go today?

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I left the office early this morning, taking a journey over to one of our chiropractic colleges in Southern California to get a viewpoint as to what today’s chiropractic students understand about the profession.

Today is the birthday of chiropractic. We are celebrating 106 years and the students (and myself) were privileged to a very special guest. Dr. Reggie Gold is in town this week and he has been speaking at the school daily.

For those of you that have heard me speak, I have been talking lately about how a handful of chiropractic practitioners during the past few decades have helped guide us in many of the ideas we have about chiropractic today, just as a handful of practitioners 30 years prior had helped guide the ideas of those we have or are currently learning from.

Reggie Gold When I watch someone like Reggie speak to students I can’t help but think back to the time I first heard him speak. How have my ideas, of not only chiropractic, but of the world changed since those days?

You probably would not be alarmed to know that students today have many of the same questions as they had when I was in school. (only 3 years ago) Reggie opened today with a question… What is life? That is a question we should all be able to understand and discuss.

He then went on to explain his idea of life and he discussed both universal and innate intelligence. He explained that universal intelligence organizes and innate intelligence re-organizes. During his explanation he made one thing very clear… “Do not be offended if we have a difference of opinion on this or anything we discuss today.”

After discussing innate and universal intelligence, Reggie spoke about the location, analysis, and correction of vertebral subluxation. He made several suggestions as to what chiropractors should be able to do and the primary one was to be able to locate subluxation.

More clearly, he stated that one should be able to identify subluxation with reasonable certainty and then be able to use the best technique one can manage to address that subluxation. He did not state what technique to use, what technique not to use, which is better or worse, but instead, stressed that it be a technique that you can best manage and that you have acquired the skills of, enough to be good at it.

Reggie later made a statement that I think is important for all chiropractors to hear. Somebody has to change the chiropractic profession. “You have to have the courage” he stated. I believe he was speaking to you. (and me)

He then talked also about having the courage to talk to others about chiropractic. He stressed the importance of developing speaking and communication skills so that you can do this more effectively.

Stayed focused. “Keep your focus on real chiropractic. I am reminded of my graduation day when my girlfriend shouted, “practice real chiropractic” as I walked across the platform. Don’t get caught up in technique and don’t fight with your classmates were two other statements he made. “The only real thing you are fighting against is vertebral subluxation.”

He finished by letting the students know, “there is a big big job ahead of you.” I believe that is significant and we should all realize the magnitude of that statement. He followed by saying, “Don’t believe all the rumors, don’t believe all the things that have been passed to you as facts, don’t believe everything you hear, Think Dammit Think.” @ 2:11 pm | Article ID: 1000847505

Core Tour Wrap-Up

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The 2001 Panasonic Shockwave Core Tour came to a close today in Santa Monica, California. The tour featured the world’s best core sport athletes in BMX Dirt Jumping, In-Line, Scooter, Mountain Boarding and Skateboarding. While I was not adjusting, (nearly all of the worlds top BMX riders and mountianboarders were cared for) I had the chance to snap some photos for myself.

Below is a photo of Eric Lawson performing a superman seat grab (about 14 feet above the crowd). A complete article with photos to come later in the week. @ 8:53 pm | Article ID: 1000698788

Healing At “Ground-Zero”

Michael O’Halleran, D.C.

Let me first start by stating that I am honored to be a Chiropractor serving God’s people. I was joined Saturday morning by Pennie Schwartz, Gary Stewart and Nick Virgilio to go on mission two to “Ground-Zero” at the World Trade buildings. We met just before dawn to be transported to the sight of Tuesday’s tragic attack.

There was an awkward, nervous quietness as we approached our destination. We were within yards of “Ground-Zero.” We weren’t sure where to set up camp so we wandered up and down the blocks looking for a location until we found our spot. It was in full view of tower seven and a pathway of rescue personal. I am sure authorities would have preferred us in there “Triage area” with the other medical staff but our vision was bigger.

We opened our portable tables, asked God to “send us all the people we could handle” and he did. Hundreds of rescue personal from New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Chicago, Florida and just about every other state you could name were there to help. The look of pain, fear and disbelief on there faces was slowly erased as they received there adjustments. Some smiled, some hugged, and others didn’t say a word, but that was alright because our purpose was to serve God by serving man. There was a bond that you can’t put in words, when people from all walks of life come together for one cause.

As our day progressed you began to feel a peace settle in our “little-camp,” a safe-haven where rescue personal could come be adjusted, feel love, smile and know that things were going to be alright. Chiropractic is so much bigger than we could ever imagine, it brought healing to the most tragic event in U.S. history. As we quietly packed up our tables and reflected on the days events, I was reminded of what a rescue worker from Connecticut said, “today you guys are my heroes”. THANKS CHIROPRACTIC! God Bless! @ 8:14 pm | Article ID: 1000696498

News From Around The World

Pass these on to as many people as you know.

God Bless America

Tomorrow, (Friday) Europe will hold a 3 minute silence at 12.00 pm (noon) European time. That is around 6 in the morning east coast and 3 am west coast. We would like to pray all together that moment around the world. If you are awake at that time please join us? We have to keep faith: don’t let the negative few overrule the positive many!

Tomorrow is U.S. Pride Day. Everyone should wear U.S. colors. Try to be wearing as much red white and blue as you can. Send this message to as many other people as you know. Let’s get the whole world into it. People are also asked to drive with their headlights ON in a show of solidarity and in remembrance of those who lost their lives.

To show the rest of the world that we Americans stick together, Friday, September 14 is “Flags Across America” day. All Americans are asked to display the American flag either in their homes or cars. Let’s keep the meaning of UNITED in “United States.”

Friday Night at 7:00 p.m. step out of your door, stop your car, or step out of your establishment and light a candle. We will show the world that Americans are strong and united together against terrorism. The message: WE STAND UNITED – WE WILL NOT TOLERATE TERRORISM.

(From Rick Wren)
Dear Colleagues and Friends, I just got off a conference call with Dr. Erick Plasker, Dr. Tedd Koren and many others. We are declaring Wednesday September 19th National Stress Relief Day to support the Red Cross Financially. We hope to get no less than 5,000 Chiropractors to donate all their services for a minimum donation of 10$, that includes x-rays.

We need you to call, fax, or email as many Chiropractors as possible to inform them of this special day. You can go to Click Here where you will find a Press release, that you can insert your personal information and fax it to all News media in your area.

Have all checks made out to the Red Cross and collect cash and make check from your company to Red Cross. You can send the checks to Red Cross yourself or send them to Dr. Erick Plasker’s office and he will box them all together and make one huge donation of thousands of checks from Chiropractic patients all over the world. His address is: 1000 Johnson Ferry Road, Suite F120, Marietta, GA 30068

We need you to really “bust your butt” on this one, just like you see the firemen “busting their butts” on TV in New York and Washington DC. Do what ever it takes to make this work. This is not about you, this is about serving the people.

You can get the Press Release by Clicking here.

God Bless America,
LLL, Dr. Rick Wren.

New York Chiropractor Serves Volunteers
(forwarded by Dr. James Sigafoose / The chiropractor is Dr. Michael O’Halleran)

I had an incredible experience today! I jumped in my car, portable table in hand and drove into NYC. I can’t begin to tell you how God guided me, first the stench of death that permeates the city was horrible. There were 8 police and army roadblocks that tried to hold me back, but like “Jabez” says I expanded my territory and was within 2 blocks of “Ground-Zero”. I was finally stopped by 4 Army personal with M-16 machine guns and all I had was a portable table, so they won! Didn’t stop me! I doubled back thru some other barricades and finally set up next to the American Red Cross and acted like I belonged! Had the opportunity to adjust 45-50 volunteers and jumped back into my car and to my office to serve God’s people! Next trip is Saturday morning, I am rounding up some DC’s to assist! Keep us in your prayers! Love ya! Peace!
—– @ 9:25 pm | Article ID: 1000441534

An Outpouring of Love

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

In spite of the tragic events of the week we have been reminded over and over again of one thing… love. I was in my downtown Los Angeles office Tuesday morning when the first call came in. Chiropractors called from the east coast to inform me of the news and to suggest I get out of the building. We exchanged words of love and I immediately began thinking of those I know in the New York area.

My mother, who I still have not been able to reach, was less than two miles from the site in NYC. I called continuously yet all I heard on the line was a “all circuits are busy” message each time. My sister in Long Island finally reached me later in the day via email to let me know our mom was shaken up but OK. I love you mom.

My thoughts went out to the chiropractors I know that practice in the surrounding areas of NYC and the rest of the east coast. I could not reach any of you by phone until late in the day and still have difficulty getting through to some. It is an eerie feeling knowing that I just saw several of you Sunday before I boarded a flight for Los Angeles International Airport and I want you to know that I love you all.

Friends, families, practice members, patients, and many others have been lost. It is difficult for me still to grasp the magnitude of this weeks events. We serve so many people and so many of our lives are so deeply interconnected. Emails have continued to stream in bringing news of those that practice in the NY and surrounding areas. Several DCs in our chiropractic family have lost members of their families and our hearts go out to you. Many more have lost practice members and friends and family members of patients. Our hearts go out to you as well. Emails have also come in from those to let us know they are o.k. We love and appreciate you.

I was most touched by the emails that came in from across the globe from those expressing their love to all of us, all chiropractors in the U.S. and all of their families and friends. (that is everyone in this country) I believe their emails to me were meant for all of us.

All of us across the U.S. and probably the world have been experiencing the silence since and on Tuesday I had a very frustrating thought, “what happened to emptying the prisons and hospitals, and filling up our offices, schools and churches?”

A message of hope, love, and light came from so many of you on Wednesday. On Sunday, I heard many chiropractors say (while at gathering) that they intended to speak less and serve more. In talking to many (and I mean many) of you I discovered we are on the same mission… To serve God by serving humanity through chiropractic. What greater gift can we give than that? How much verbal communication is required in order to do that? We certainly were speaking less and serving more and we shall continue to do so.

Countless numbers of Americans laid on tables across the country while chiropractors adjusted in near silence, and continue to adjust as you read this. We must not lose sight of that vision, we must not lose site of the love, life, and light that we bring to the world.

Thank you for your love, your friendship, your support, your smiles, and everything good you bring to the lives of others. God bless you and God Bless America. @ 9:04 am | Article ID: 1000397060

We Are One

Pat Gayman, D.C.

Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence. My Innate is connected to yours through the Universal…

Today, we are living a dark moment in history.

This is a time when it is more important than ever to stand steady, to be the leaders in our offices and our communities that we are meant to be. This is a time to be totally clear that everyone benefits from having a chiropractic adjustment that affects body, mind and spirit. It is a time to not be afraid to get out and tell people the truth about chiropractic. It is not about aches and pains, it is about the POWER that made the body, organizes and maintains it! It is told that Sirhan Sirhan, the man who shot President-elect Robert Kennedy was a perfectly happy and normal person until he was 17 years old and fell off a horse onto his neck. How history might have been changed if he had been adjusted! How about the people who are involved in today’s disaster?

I have learned through the Chiropractic Principles that we are all interconnected. That what happens to one of us, affects all of us. This disaster has been likened to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. At that time we were taught to hate and fear the people of a nation that we did not understand. Hopefully we have learned that hate and fear serve no one. Let us instead, turn our attention to prayer and meditation for peace and love and gratitude for the multitudes of good people. Let the lesson from this diabolical event be to remember the higher values that guide humankind to great achievements.

Let us hold all people in a One Mind consciousness of love and healing. @ 2:25 pm | Article ID: 1000243558

Save a Life Today

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I was flying home from Florida, after a weekend at the Gathering and attending a chiropractic wedding, and a thought kept coming to mind… “be proactive, be proactive, be proactive”

For more than two years I have been reporting on stories of needless death, injury, drug use, vaccine reactions, etc… and I realized I needed a reminder and thought perhaps you did too.

We hear continuous news from the media about prescription drugs, the cost of those drugs, the war on illicit drugs, and how it has failed miserably. We also hear many proclaim that if the desire for illicit drugs (the cause) was removed, we would have less drug problems than we do today.

It becomes easy to get caught up in the whole mix of media, commercials, news reports, etc… and among all this noise we may have forgotten something… you will save someone’s life today.

Whether you are a chiropractor, a CA, a chiropractic advocate, practice member, patient, whatever, if you are telling others then this applies to you.

How many did not get cancer today because of you? How many did not develop diabetes? How many babies were born from mothers that could not conceive? How many bad hearts began to heal? How many dogs did not get put down? How many flushed their old drugs down the toilet? How many former asthmatics made the football team? How many enrolled in chiropractic college? How many did not get a pill or shot or potion or lotion because, thanks to you, they now live a chiropractic lifestyle that is free from needless drugs and surgeries? How many?

Yes, the news reports tell us about medical error deaths equivalent to 3 jumbo jets crashing every day (that’s only in the US) and that is a tragedy. But have you looked down the runway lately? What about the hundreds of other jets waiting to take off? The jets that are packed with your people, free from subluxation and expressing life to it’s fullest. Those are the jets you pilot.

You will save someone’s life today. Don’t minimize that, don’t trivialize it, don’t take it for granted, and most of all – don’t forget it. @ 12:24 pm | Article ID: 1000149848