A Chiropractic Wedding

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

On Saturday, September 8th, two of my very dear friends were married. However, I did not just attend as a guest since the duty of Planet Chiropractic news called and I believed this was a story not to be missed.

You see, both are chiropractors. Not only are they both chiropractors but they were married by a chiropractor, who happens to also be a minister. The friends are Danella Maxwell and Jason Whittaker. Jason and Danella met while attending CMCC in Toronto. (chiropractic college)

I met Jason at an ICA convention as we were both student ICA presidents of our schools during the same time. Danella was also a SICA president at CMCC. I met Danella in Panama during one of several chiropractic missions we each participated in.

The minister was Dr. Stew Bittman (no stranger to Planet Chiropractic) and the ceremony was a spiritual and joyful event. The room was filled with chiropractors, chiropractic staff and families as the wedding was held in the same hotel as a the Sigafoose Chiropractic Gathering.

The ceremony was to be held on the beach but weather conditions did not allow so it was instead performed inside the Four Seasons Resort hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. If all goes well, I will have photos from the wedding posted tomorrow and will eventually have a video clip.

We all wish Danella and Jason many years of happiness and joy.

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